A alpha werewolf is the original werewolf in the species lineage brought about by being given the ability to shapeshift through sorcery,having a curse placed on them from someone they have wronged or by being born of another alpha werewolf.Like their progeny "beta werewolves" who are the result of them adding another to the curse by biting they are not dammned until they consume human flesh.They can add more werewolves to their lineage or "pack" by biting another werewolf or have their progeny or beta werewolves bite the victim.Like beta werewolves once they reach aduthood they remain youthful in appearence for the rest of their lives.In order for a beta werewolf a person must kill only the alpha werewolve in order to free them of the curse and also all other beta werewolves from any action of their own,though this will only work if the beta themselves have not tasted human flesh.This means that a person who is bitten and converted by a beta werewolf can only be freed by killing the alpha werewolf and not the beta wolf that turned them.However an alpha werewolf cannot kill or physically harm any beta werewolves that belong to its pack

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