Ancient Digs of Africa is a book by Professor Seymore Shards. It is from the Achaeology section of the Schattenjager library.

Ancient Digs of AfricaEdit

The most fascinating archaeological site in Africa is the snake mound in the People's Republic of Benin, located 50 miles south of the capital, in the Red Basin.

Like the snake mounds of North America, the origin and meaning of these great mounds remain a mystery, though, clearly, they were the result of profound and urgent spiritual belief.

Unlike other snake mounds, the African example is a double snake mound--a small snake ring within a larger snake ring. The mound is thought to have housed an ancient temple.

Although archaeologists have explored the mound site, the interior remains largely unchanged from ancient times.

This is partially due to stringent Government regulations, and partially to local superstition. The local people regard the mound with fear, and won't go near it.

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