Bayou EntranceEdit

  • Parking Area
  • Sign
  • Bayou

Ritual Clearing (Voodoo Ceremony)Edit


  • Voodoo Ceremony


Voodoo CeremonyEdit

The Ceremony itself is shown only in bits and pieces of the comic-style cutscene.

Voodoo Ceremony (deaths)Edit

There are a few ways to die related to the ceremony. Either by going to the events without the mask, or without the tattoo, or answering the questions wrong. This leads to some alternate scenes in the graphic novel style cutscene leading to death scene.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the remake the ritual screen is completely removed, instead the ritual is portrayed through graphic novel style animated cutscene. In the original there are flashbacks to the intro cutscene, and bits of animated graphic novel, but its mainly portrays fully animated clearing scene.

The 'live oak' tree icon being on the right side of the bayou in this version is less forgivable as there plenty of room just north east of the Grandmother's house icon where the tree could have been placed west of the Bayou, where City Park/Couterie Forest is located. The icon much smaller than the icon in the original version of the game is still located in an area that is a residential areas in real life.

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