The Beignet Vendor is a man who sells beignets in New Orleans.


He first appears outside of the police station on Day 1. Officer Franks notices him and goes outside to get some beignets, and then is followed by Fricks who goes to the door, he stops turns around and tells Gabriel not to go anywhere, and asks Franks to order three for him. Franks returns with a bag, which she hands to Fricks, who quickly puts it under his desk.

He later appears in Jackson Square on Day 4.

On Day 6,

Behind the scenesEdit

This character only appears in original GK1 game.

His appearance on Day 1 is somewhat random and requires the player to wait around without doing anything. The player might also see other random police officers walking around the station before he shows up, if he shows up. His appearance may depend on when the player enters the station, and where else he has visited on the day before hand.

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