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Spymaster Cosades Spymaster Cosades 8 March 2021

On the "Controversies" page...

Looking over the article titled Controversies, I believe it's contents should be moved to the pages that discusses the games specifically, what little is applicable. I stress that last part because as it stands, the current article is riddled with poorly sourced claims and bad-faith stretches of the imagination. Some particularly bad examples include:

  • "Some have apparently found the ending sequence with the fight with Dr. John disturbing and possibly reminiscent of police brutality against black people." This is sourced with "Facebook discussions" - with no link.
  • "asians often of accused of being part of 'model minority myth' and taking part in the 'white privilige'." is confusing and completely irrelevant to the content of the games.
  • "Jane J…
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