Bruno is the owner of the La Fleur de Paris flower shop, next to St. George's Books. He is "bitchy" gay, who likes to observe Gabriel Knight's shop from his window, then show up every couple of days to comment on their lack of cutomers. Gabriel Knight didn't like him much. As he decorates his flower shop in a gothic style, for years he loathed Philip Knight's painting, Three Snakes and a Skull. Being in desperate need for money, Gabe gave it to him for 100 dollars. Template:References [1]

  1. GK1 Novel, Chapter 3 Vruno, their next-door neighbor. Bruno owned a flower shop (La Fleur de Paris) and was one of Gabriel's least favorite people on the planet. Bruno was gay, which was fine, but he was also a flaming bitch, which was not. His favorite pas- time was to observe St. George's from his window, then show up every couple of days to comment on their lack of patronage, ad nauseam. "Well, the man of the house returns," Bruno said with dripping sarcasm. "Guess that never happens at your place, huh?" Gabriel replied dryly. He headed for the coffeepot. Grace spoke up firmly. "Bruno was just leaving." "Of course, darling," Bruno purred cattily. "But before I go I must ask your master once again about that painting." Bruno turned to Gabriel. "Someday you're going to be broke enough to sell it to me." Gabriel took a sip of coffee and looked at the skull and snakes. Bruno had been after that piece for years. His shop had a gothic decor. "How much?" Gabriel asked. "Gabriel!" Grace protested. Bruno was tongue-tied for a moment. Gabriel watched with amusement while surprise and greed for the painting fought cheapness on his face. "Eighty dollars," Bruno finally stuttered. "One hundred," Gabriel said firmly. "Gabriel!" Grace voiced again in utter disbelief. "I'll take it," Bruno said quickly. He whipped out his billfold and counted out the money. Grace's face reddened and she watched, stunned, as Bruno took the painting from the wall and hurriedly exited the shop.
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