"Cabrit sans cor" is a phrase used by Willy Walker in Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, although Willy immediately denies ever saying it. It translates from French as "goat without horns". It is used as a term for human sacrifice.

Trivia Edit

"Goat without horns" in French is actually "chèvre sans cornes".

Compare the subtle difference in the explanation of the term from Hartridge, in the English and French versions of the game:

English - "It's French, and literally translates as 'goat without horns."

French - "C'est Français, et ça veut dire littéralement 'chèvre sans cornes'."

Translation - "It's French, and it literally means 'goat without horns'."

In the French version, Hartridge is not giving Gabriel a translation, he is leading to an explanation of the term's meaning.

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