The Gabriel Knight Timeline is based on the given dats and references to time mentioned in the various official Gabriel Knight material including the games, SIDNEY, and the official hintbooks, and the novels by Jane Jensen. The various sources are not always consistent, and so some events may show up with alternate dates.

It contains information relevant to both the Game timeline, the Novel timeline, and the 20th Anniversary Timeline.





Elizabeth of Austria thanks Bishop Frank.
Neuschswanstein finished.[69] Ludwig II dies.
Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde is written by Robert Louis Stevenson.[70]
Voodoo cult fragmented and other voodoo queens surfaced.[72] Rudolph von Glower left germany.[73]
William II brings the end to Bismark's power.[74]
Algernon Blackwood emigrates to Canada.
  • 1891 - Sauniere discovers a secret in the altar while renovating Rennes.
  • 1893 - Abigail Cherisey dies.[75] Trees planted near Garden District.[76]
  • 1895 - Ubergrau, Höffen, and Schnell's offices are founded on Marienplatz.[77]
  • 1898 - Elizabeth is assasinated in Geneva by an Italian anarchist.[78]Bismark dies.[79]
  • 1899 - Pierre Francard dies.
  • 1900 - Algernon Blackwood joined the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
  • 1901 - Villa Bethania begins construction.
  • 1905 - Villa Bethania finishes construction.
  • 1908 - Georg von Hauberisser
  • 1910 - A voodoo murder occurs.[80]
  • 1912 - Stephen Bonsal witnesses a Zombie.
  • 1914
  • 1917 - Heinz Ritter is born.[81] Sauniere dies.
  • 1919 - Maxine Lafete is born.
  • 1920 - Louise Hoffet is born.
  • 1921 - Wolfgang Ritter is born (GK1 Novel)[82].
  • 1923 - Wolfgang Ritter is born.[83] Grandma Knight is born.[84]
  • 1924 - The theory of ley lines is created.
  • 1925 - Heinz Ritter in Schloss Ritter.
  • 1927 - Endro von Glower returns to claim family lands.
  • 1929 - Ali is in San Franscisco, California.
  • 1930 - Cosima Wagner dies.[85]
  • 1938 - Heinz Ritter imigrates to the United States, and renames himself Harrison Knight.[86]
  • 1939 - Last wolf seen near the Kirchen.[87]
  • 1942 - Endro goes abroad.
  • 1943 - Sam Lebowitz uses voodoo on a girl.[88] Heffel Grossberg is born.[89]
  • 1945 - Philip Knight is born.[90] Sacrificial killing at the Rollright Stones.[91]The year that 'Residenz Theature in Germany was bombed during the war.[92]
  • 1949 - Witches were told to meet elsewhere, they could no longer worship at the Rollright Stones.
  • 1950 - Stone of Scone stolen by Scottish nationalists.
  • 1952 - Stone of Scone returned.
  • 1953 - Harrison Knight/Heinz Ritter dies at 36.[93] Marie Denarnaud dies.[94]
  • 1957 - Duvalliar becomes dictator of Haiti.
  • 1958 -
Hartridge is born.[95]
Gerde Hull is born.
Ludwig's biography by Sir Richmond Chaphill is written.[96]</ref>
  • 1959 - Franklin Mosely is born.[97]
Phillip Knight and Margarite Templeton marry (GK1 Novel)[98]
  • 1960 - Gabriel Knight is born (GK1 Novel).[99][100]
  • 1961 - Phillip and Margarite are killed (GK1 NOvel).
  • 1963 - Gabriel Knight is born (GK3)[101]. Dr. Wen discovers a catch of artifacts near Renne Le Chateau.
Gabriel Knight's parents die (GK1 Novel)[102]Louis Hoffet dies.
Grace moves to the United States from Japan.[109] Friedrich von Glower shows up in Germany.
The hunting club is founded.[110] Xavier begins work at the hunting lodge.[111]
  • 1971 -
Gerde Hull is born.[112] Grace Nakimura begins school.[113]
Phillip Knight and Margarite Knight are killed in a car accident when Gabriel is eight years old (GK1).[114]
Duvallier's reign in Haiti ends.[115]
  • 1972 - Baron von Glower hires Xavier (GK2).[116]
  • 1973 - Maxine Lafete dies.[117] Willy Walker opens his voodoo and curio shop.[118] Sam Lebowitzbegins playing chess with Markus.[119]
  • 1976 - Gabriel begins having the dreams about Gunter Ritter when he is thirteen.[120]tigh[121]</ref>
  • 1978 - Dr. Wen discovers egyptian artifacts near Rennes-le-Chateau[122]
  • 1979 - Gabriel moves out of his gran's house when he was sixteen.[123]
  • 1983 - Gabriel starts visiting the Napolean House.[124] Grace begins studying Tai Chi[125] Preiss nabs a big game animal[126] Muggings on the rise in New Orleans.[127] Wolfgang Ritter began receiving free services from Ubergrau, Höffen and Schnell.[128] Sam Lebowitz begins playing chess with Marcus at Napolean House.[129]
  • 1985 - Kirchl murder.[130] Earliest date in black ledger[131] Papers receovered [132] Leber becomes a kommisar.[133] Von Glower nabs a lion[134].
  • 1987 - Von Glower nabs a big game animal.[135] Von Zell nabs a coupleof big game animals.[136]
  • 1988 - Wolfgang remains in Schloss Ritter without leaving for five years.
  • 1989 - Gerde moves into Schloss Ritter.[137] A missings person's case, a teenager, a women witnesses a black wolf.[138]
  • 1990 - 10 to 12 missing persons disappearances between 1970 and 1990.[139]
  • 1991 - Gabriel barely carries any money in his pocket.[140] Von Zell bags a big game animal.[141] Seventeen disappearances in Germany.[142]
  • 1992 - Gabriel a slob, leaves bills lieing on his floor during Christmas, never picks the up.[143] 12 disappearances in German.[144] There were rumors of John Kennedy Jr. and Malia Gedde being together.[145]


Gabriel Knights reoccuring dream begins to pick up when he turned thirty.[146]
June 18
(Day 1) Seventh voodoo murder at Lake Pontchartrain. Gabriel meets Malia Gedde there.
June 19
(Day 2) Posing as a detective, Gabriel enters Gedde Mansion to meet Malia. At Jackson Square Gabriel gives to an artist the patterns from voodoo murders. He meets Madame Cazaunoux at the Dixieland Drug Store and tells Grace to research her.
June 20
(Day 3) Gabriel meets Malia at the St. Louis Cemetery 1. Crash is interrogated in New Orleans Police Department. Prof. Hartridge gives a lecture at Tulane University. Gabriel shows the voodoo pattern (veve) to him. Gabriel buys Willie Jr.. Posing as a priest, he visits Mme. Cazaunoux and makes a mold of the snake bracelet which he gives to Sam, who finally wins in chess. Magentia Moonbeam provides Gabriel with a translation of the voodoo code.
June 21
(Day 4) Sam gives to Gabriel the snake bracelet. Crash dies. Gabriel tells Grace to research the veve pattern. He shows the pattern to Prof. Hartridge (if he hasn't the previous day). Magentia Moonbeam provides Gabriel with a translation of the voodoo code (if she hasn't the previous 2 days). Gabriel calls his uncle Wolfgang Ritter for a first time (if he hasn't done the previous day). He tells Grace to research on Rada Drums.
June 22
(Day 5) Gabriel provides Mosely with evidence to reopen the Murders case. He asks Grace to research on Rada Drums (if he hasn't the previous day)
June 23
(Day 6) Interpreting the Rada Drums messages, Gabriel attends the ritual ceremony at Bayou St. John.
June 24
(Day 7) Gabriel communicates with Wolfgang, then arrives to Schloss Ritter and performs to Schattenjäger initiation ceremony.
June 25
(Day 8) After his research in the Schattenjäger Library, Gabriel arranges with Gerde to leave for the People's Republic of Benin, using Mosely's credit card.
June 26
(Day 9) Gabriel visits the Snake Mound and meets Wolfgang Ritter. With his help he opens the stone table and recovers the Talisman. On his way back to the US, Grace is kidnapped.
June 27
(Day 10) Gabriel discovers that Mosely has faked his death. With his help they infiltrate the Voodoo Hounfour to rescue Grace. Gabriel destroys Tetelo's idol. Malia dies.
July 28[147]


February 12 - A hunting license is issued to Klingmann.
March 17
March 18
March 19
June 30


- Gabriel Knight Interlude
- Schloss Ritter is tranferred over to Gabriel Knight.
12 - Stephen Klingmann's hunting license expires. Schloss Ritter finally is registered under Gabriel's name.


July 1
July 3
July 7
  • 1999 - Temptation

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Assorted miscellaneous datesEdit

  • Harrison Knight (Heinz Ritter) was 21 when he immigrated to America.
  • Grandma Knight is said to be seventy in the GK1 Novel, this would place her birth in 1923. However, in GK1, there is a 1920's hat in the attic that suggests she might have been older during the twenties (perhaps in her eighties).
  • Philip Knight was born when his mother Rebecca/Ester Wright was 22. If this was tied to information in GK1 Novel, it would make philip's birth about 1945.
  • Harrison Knight died at 36. Philip Knight was eight at the time. It took Gran nearly a year to believe he was really gone.
  • If philip's birth was in 1945, this would make Harrison's birth about 1917. His immigration to america would be about 1938, and his death about 1953.
  • In GK1 there is 1925 photograph of Wolfgang, his brother, and his father, in which they are already men. In GK1 he is said to be 72, which would make him having been born in 1921 (or only 4 in 1925). According to GK2, Wolfgang was born in 1923 (or 2 in 1925).
  • Gabriel's parents Margerate Knight (Margaret Templeton) and Phillip died when Gabriel was eight in GK1. In the novel, he was a year old when they died[148]). According to the novel they were were married two years before their death.[149]
  • Doing the math from information from the GK1 novel and game, Gabriel would have been born, when Philip was eighteen. Depending on the source Philip died either when he was about 16 (when gabriel was one year old), or 26 (when Gabriel was eight).
  • In GK1 Novel, it is said that Gabriel is over 30 years old. It talks about his reoccuring dream started going up when he hit thirty, and that it really had picked up in the last month. It later states that he is thirty-three years old. This means that in the novel he was born in 1960, and in GK3 he was born in 1963.
  • However the novel and games timelines are not directly connected and have some major differences, these would have an alternate effect on the timeline. Assuming that Gabriel is 30 in 1993 in GK1, and working backwards, Gabriel would have been born in 1963, his father would have died about 1971 (at age 36 like his father?), so perhaps having been born about 1935. Philips father (age 36) died when he was eight, so perhaps about 1943. Which would have placed his birth about 1907. He immigrated to America when he was 21, or about 1928. He married Rebecca perhaps one year after coming to America (1929?), she was 22 at the time (which would have placed her birthday about 1907 as well). This would make her about 86 in 1993.
  • In the GK1 novel, Magentia Moonbeam is in hear early forties (but still thinks she's twenty-three). In the game she mentions that she began studying magic over twenty years before.
  • Stephan Horning received a ring from Ludwig II when he was eighteen.[150]
  • 12th century, Cathars in Languedoc. Rittersberg case files go back to the 12th century.[151]
  • 13th century. According to Wolfgang records of the Schattenjägers go back that far, though in GK3, its said that they go back to 900 AD. Minstrel competitions in the Singer's Hall of Wartburg castle.
  • 17th century, tetelo's tribe is decimated. The Ritters go into decline.
  • Eleventh century, earliest Schattenjäger journals in the library.[152]
  • Madame Cazeuneaux is at least 70.
  • 1950's hammer films
  • It took 4 1/2 years for wood carvers to make the panels in Ludwig's bedroom.[153]
  • Grace is said to be 26 in Sins of the Fathers in 1993 (she also claims to be twenty-five), and 27 in 1995 in The Beast Within.[154] Her birthdate according to GK3 is may 18, or about a month before GK1 (which occurs in June).
  • Grace's birthdate is either 1967 as suggested by GK1 in formation, or 1968 as stated in her passport in GK3.
  • Depending on dates in GK2 it takes place ither in 1995 (Ubergrau letter), or 1994 (in Grace's letters), the dates are not consistent. In the novel it takes place in 1995 (it also states that GK1 occured in 1993).
  • Gabriel had spent a year in the castle between GK1 and GK2 according to the novel.[155]
  • Kurt Cobaine 1969-1995
  • In some cases in GK3, Gabriel states that GK2 took place "last year" which would place it in 1997, yet in GK2 the events took place in 1995 (or 1994).
  • Most of the people at the hunting lodge joined between 1980 and 1985.[156]
  • Von Glower went through the change when he was twelve.[157]
  • In GK1, Gerde says no one knows how long Schloss Ritter has been standing, however Habermas states that it was built in 1238 by Martin Ritter.
  • GK1 novel states that Harrison Knight was fresh off the boat, when he met Ester Wright. In the game, it seems to be implied that they met much later, after Harrison had payed his way through school in the U.S.
  • During a conversation between Mosely and Gabriel in GK3, its suggested that Mosely is older than Gabriel.
  • Friedrich von Glower is about 248-249 years old in GK2.
  • In the novels Gerde is said to be about 35.


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