On Day 3,

On Day 4, Gabriel spots Crash wandering around Jackson Squore, but avoids Gabriel whenever he sees him in the park.

Gabriel spies on Crash from Jackson Square Overlook (GK1HD), and sees him speak to a Rada Drummer, and then head into St. Louis Cathedral (GK1HD). Gabriel follows him inside. Crash is sitting down in a pew praying. Gabriel is not able to get any information out of him.

Luckily, Gabriel had learned about a local Jeweler; Sam Springleton in the local paper, earlier that morning, whom he had him to make Madame Cazaunoux (GK1HD)'s Snake Bracelet. After showing the bracelet to Crash, Crash shows him his snake tattoo, and is convinced to answer questions. But it isn't until Gabriel brings up Rada Drummers that Crash spills everything he knows. But upon discussing the secret Voodoo Hounfour (GK1HD) Crash dies in a painful and cruel away. Looking as if he had been strangled from afar.

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Crash's scenes are almost the same as in the original games. Although characters and events related to him are moved to other days. Sam and Markus for example which become useful on Day 3 in the now, now only show up on Day 4 after Gabriel reads a newspaper ad that morning. Previous to that the Napolean House is not a location to visit.

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