The Dixieland Drug Store is a shop in the French Square on Burgundy Street (on the block between Barracks Street and Esplanade Avenue)


It is owned by Willy Walker. Perhaps for legal reasons, Walker claim that the shop is dedicated to folkloric novelties and curiosities without any magical properites (and guarantees), but Gabriel Knight suspected there is more than that.

Grace Nakimura discovered the shop and gave the address to Gabriel while he was researching for Voodoo.

  • Voodoo & Hoodoo: The Craft as Revealed by Traditional Practitioners by Jim Haskins
  • Papa Legba's Power Drawing Incense and Master Power Oil
  • Cloth dolls
  • Super Concentrating Fixing Oils
  • Flowers, grasses, black cat bones
  • Power Items and Potion Ingredients
  • Ropes of garlic and bags of felt and flannel
  • Root bags, curio boxes and magic candles
  • For St. John's Eve, the shop offered Lover Come Back To Me Oil or Master Gamblin' Oil with ever purchase over $50
  • Magnetic Sand and herbal oils for good luck and prosperity

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Behind the scenesEdit

The icon for Dixieland Drug Store is a voodoo doll. When the game starts Grace automatically gives Gabriel his tape recorder he ordered, and directions to drug store and the voodoo museum in the introductory conversation. Thus they automatically show up on the map.

In the remake there is the extra step where she decides not to help him unless he really wants the help. This requires having to open up the interrogation menu and ask about "Voodoo Research" to get the same directions. This means Gabriel can leave the shop before even learning directions to the locations, and they will not be on the map if he does.

In the novels, the store is located on Dauphine.[1] Dauphine is actually the street that forms the fourth side of the block where the drug store is located in the game. So in relation it would pass behind the shop. The Drug Store is said to be on Bergundy in the game when examining the store's front door.

In the remake the location of the shop is not specific, and never mentioned.


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