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Dr. John (aka DJ or Brother Eagle) is a Voodoo scholar, curator of the Historical Voodoo Museum in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana, right-hand man of Tetelo, high priest of the New Orleans hounfour and secondary antagonist of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers.


Originally born in Haiti, left his homeland and came to New Orleans for "personal reasons". Feeling that the Voodoo culture is in his blood and heritage, he is eager to preserve this culture by opening this museum. He believes that "historical Voodoo" has no relation to the "current Voodoo" of the New Orleans, nor that it is linked to the Voodoo Murders. He also performs public speeches to those who can't visit his museum.

He is happy for the opportunity to impart his extensive knowledge to Gabriel, but reveals little of his personal life. He redirects him to Magentia Moonbeam. He owns a boa constrictor which Gabriel comes to suspect is the snake present at the crime scene of Lake Pontchartrain.

On Day 1, he is off work, Gabriel met the Girl he had hired to oversee the museum.

On Day 2, Gabriel meets Dr. John for the first time, and has a long conversation about Voodoo historical, African, and local. He learns is referred to Magentia Moonbeam to learn more about the modern practices.

On Days 3-4, Gabriel can bring various bits of evidence from his research and the Voodoo Murders he has discovered to Dr. John getting often angry replies and outbursts of denial from the Dr. in return.

On Day 5 there is a new message on the tomb of Widow Paris, that "DJ" must keeps an eye on "GK" but should not harm him. On that Gabe finds the museum open, and enters, the lights are out and the snake attacks him. Dr. John shows up right after Gabe saves himself, to tell him that the museum is closed, and that he needs to leave. If Gabriel returns he finds a note attacked to the door discussing that it is closed.

On Day 6 he participates to the St. John's Eve at St. John Bayou. Gabe arranges so that he brings a tracking device with him. Following this, he later finds a note on the door saying that the museum is closed, and that Dr. John is celebrating St. John's Eve. If Gabe is not prepared correctly, he strangles Gabe.

When his suspicion turns out to be correct, Gabriel discovers that Dr. John is more than a Voodoo historian, but Malia Gedde's right hand man and high priest of the Voodoo cult. After Grace is kidnapped, he attempts to kill her as per Tetelo's demands, but is stopped by Mosely, who shoots him the heart dead. Dr. John's blood is enough sacrifice to open the ritual pedestal in the hounfour, exposing the Gedde idol.

Personality and traits[]

Doctor John is an expert on Voodoo and the owner of the Voodoo Museum. He is a huge man, with powerful large hands. He take great care of himself physically, believing the body to be temple. Doctor John is happy to discuss the history of Voodoo, and even modern Voodoo with Gabriel. He seems so gentle and polite for a man the size of a Giant Sequoia. And yet, once in a while, Gabriel gets a glimpse of something else...[1]

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers[]

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers - 20th Anniversary Edition[]

Dr. John's appearance in GK1HD

On Day 1, he has closed up the museum, and will not be back until the following day.

On Day 2, Gabriel can interview Dr. John and learn more about Voodoo its history, and modern practices local and elsewhere. He is told he can learn more by looking at the exhibits in the museum. Gabriel finds a flier near one of the displays advertising a local Voodoienne Magentia Moonbeam (GK1HD). Gabriel takes the flyer (deciding she might be worth meeting to learn more), and can show the flyer to Dr. John who recommends her further.

On Day 5, Gabriel enters the museum, he notices that the lights were out but the door was left unlocked. As Gabriel tries to leave, the museum's snake dangles from the ceiling and attacks Gabriel. Gabriel manages to turn on the ventilator which drives the snake away. At that point, Dr. John comes in and tells Gabriel that the museum was closed today, while Gabriel questions why the door was left unlocked and the snake out of its cage in first place.

On Day 6, Gabriel enters the museum to rig the Sekey Madoulé with the tracker device he acquired from Mosely's office. During this day, Dr. John will not want to speak with Gabriel and, after rigging the coffin with the tracker device, he tells him to leave and closes the shop for the preparations of St. John's Eve.

Sins of the Fathers: a Gabriel Knight Novel[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the remake the museum is cutoff on some days removing access to it, for those days. Certain conversations or parts of conversations have been cut from Dr. John's interrogation list. Some of Dr. John's comments have been moved and accessed in an alternative method, such as showing a relevant connected item.
  • Due to certain characters not showing up early on, certain conversation choices or follow up conversations are inaccessible on the first day, and some are not accessible at all by the time you get a chance to speak to those characters, as Dr. John is inaccessible (museum closed).
  • Certain conversation choices are no longer relevant in the remake (as in no points given for discussing them), as you learn the important part of the information from an alternative source. This has caused the puzzle points to have been shifted around a bit. This largely affects the Magentia Moonbeam side plot.
  • Dr. John is possibly inspired by several historical figures:
    • John T. Martin who was a voodoo priest/snake enthusiast at the real New Orleans Historical Voodoo Museum[2]
    • A Dr. John Montanee, a Haitian Voodoo medicine man who had fascination with reptiles. The musician Wikipedia:Dr. John, took his name from that person.


Asked about "modern voodoo" opens the icon for Magentia Moonbeam opens as a new visitable location

Asked about "historical voodoo" opens the new option for "Marie Laveau"; asked about her, the St. Louis Cemetery 1 icon opens.