Dr. John (a.k.a. DJ or Brother Eagle), is the curator of the Historical Voodoo Museum (GK1HD) and the secondary antagonist of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers - 20th Anniversary Edition.


On Day 1, he has closed up the museum, and will not be back until the following day.

On Day 2, Gabriel can interview Dr. John and learn more about Voodoo its history, and modern practices local and elsewhere. He is told he can learn more by looking at the exhibits in the museum. Gabriel finds a flier near one of the displays advertising a local Voodoienne Magentia Moonbeam (GK1HD). Gabriel takes the flyer (deciding she might be worth meeting to learn more), and can show the flyer to Dr. John who recommends her further.

On Day 5, Gabriel enters the museum, he notices that the lights were out but the door was left unlocked. As Gabriel tries to leave, the museum's snake dangles from the ceiling and attacks Gabriel. Gabriel manages to turn on the ventilator which drives the snake away. At that point, Dr. John comes in and tells Gabriel that the museum was closed today, while Gabriel questions why the door was left unlocked and the snake out of its cage in first place.

On Day 6, Gabriel enters the museum to rig the Sekey Madoulé with the tracker device he acquired from Mosely's office. During this day, Dr. John will not want to speak with Gabriel and, after rigging the coffin with the tracker device, he tells him to leave and closes the shop for the preparations of St. John's Eve.

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In the remake the museum is cutoff on some days removing access to it, for those days. Certain conversations or parts of conversations have been cut from Dr. John's interrogation list. Some of Dr. John's comments have been moved and accessed in an alternative method, such as showing a relevant connected item.

Due to certain characters not showing up early on, certain conversation choices or follow up conversations are inaccessible on the first day, and some are not accessible at all by the time you get a chance to speak to those characters, as Dr. John is inaccessible (museum closed).

Certain conversation choices are no longer relevant in the remake (as in no points given for discussing them), as you learn the important part of the information from an alternative source. This has caused the puzzle points to have been shifted around a bit. This largely affects the Magentia Moonbeam side plot.

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