The Gedde Drummes or the Rada Drummers are characters that appear at various areas in French Quarter.


The Rada Drummers serve as agents of the Gedde Cartel. According to Crash (GK1HD) on Day 4, they transmit Rada codes through the use of their drums, which is the way the cartel knows anything that's going on around the city. Af first, Gabriel thought that they were simple street musicians (and even threw them money back then), but after witnessing Crash talking to the one at the Jackson Square (GK1HD) and questioning him about it, he finds out that they've actually been working for the cartel. There are four Rada drummers located in French Quarter; One at the Jackson Square, one outside the New Orleans Police Department (GK1HD) (appears on Day 3 when Crash was taken into custody), one outside the Voodoo Museum (GK1HD) and one outside the Napolean House (GK1HD). At Day 6, after acquiring the Rada code book from Grace, Gabriel listens to the drummer at the Jackson Square, who says that there's going to be a conclave meeting at the Bayou St. John (GK1HD) that night.

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