Elizabeth Báthory was a women who was interested in maintaining her beauty.


In Transylvania, Elizabeth Báthory, part of an important family of nobles, was reputed to be a werewolf who slaughtered some 600 virgins and bathed in their blood to renew her youth before she was arrested in 1610.[1]

Elizabeth of Bathory is a historical figure that has been compared to Jack the Ripper and Dracula (no small feat). Obsessed with remaining beautiful, Elizabeth invented a unique anti-aging formula: bathing in the blood of young virgins. She killed and tortured something like 600 girls (according to trial records) before she was finally arrested for her crimes. Her servants were burnt at the stake for their part in the dire deeds, but Elizabeth was walled up alive in Bathory castle[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

There is an article entitled "Bathory, Elizabeth" inside the SIDNEY database in GK3. It is connected to the vampires information.


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