Sergeant Frick is an officer and Desk Sergeant at the New Orleans Police Department.


He is a Catholic and has no intereted in discussing the Voodoo Murders, especially divulging police confidential information to outsiders. He seems to enjoy a sitting, unhealthy life, and what loves most about New Orleans is the food (Muffaletta sandwiches, Beignets, Cajun coffee). What he hates most is the Mardi Gras.

Sins of the FathersEdit

On Day 1 he is given by Franklin Mosely an envelope with pictures for Gabriel Knight. He also asks Franks from the police station entrance to order him three beignets from the Beignet Vendor.

On Day 6 Mosely pretends to take a leave in order to investigate secretly the Voodoo Murders, and Frick doesn't allow Gabe to enter his office. However the Beignet Vendor shows up and Gabe sneaks there easily. After eating Frick falls asleep on his desk, allowing Gabe to enter Mosely's office easily.

Personality and traitsEdit

Sergeant Frick has had better weeks. The muggy weather maked him feel all sticky and everyone went crazy over the Voodoo Murders in town. It made for a bad day behind the front desk at the New Orcleans Police Department. Perhaps that's why he's so cranky towards the young hoodlum Gabriel Knight who kept showing up at his desk asking for Detective Mosely.. He's seen the type, oh yes, and it will be a pretty cold day in hell before a slick customer like that gets something past old Frick![1]

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