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Introduction: A2FL5S44.3L1 Knight. Gabriel Knight.

Click something in inventory on you A2FL5S51.3L1 I'm already carryin' it.

Universal That Doesn't Work Like That line A10L3A76.PF1 Nope, those don't work together.

A048F332.PF1 (R23 take letter) A0Y83032.PF1 (kitchen note) I don't need to take it with me.

Why? A2FL8S27.AS1 Why would I wanna do that?

Universal Closed line A0HLDL44.411 They're closed.

Universal Sit Down Line A2FL8S27.U61 Not right now, thanks.

Universal No Clue line A2KLVE44.Q81 No clues in there. Universal Nothing In There line (Emilio's Room) A0KL9V20.PF1 There's nothin' in there.

Universal Front Door Detection (Larry) A0QL4K44.3L1 It's the front door.

Universal Window Detection (Larry) A0QL6G44.FZ1 It's a window.

Universal Lock Detection (R25) A1LLAN44.PF1 There's a lock on the door.

Look tire tracks (Armchair) A11LDN44.QR1 There're some tire tracks in the dirt.

Think at dumbwaiter lock (R21) A0A8AN0L.PF1 I guess the lock prevents anyone from comin' in that way.

Think at dumbwaiter lock (R21) A0A8AN0L.PF2 Assuming, of course, that the lock is thrown.

Use binocs in wrong place. A2FL5S2C.X01 It wouldn't do much good to use 'em *here*. I need to go someplace with a view.


A0A89N05.2H1 Yeah. There's a print!

Taking the print: A0A89N05.2H2 Got it!

Fail to find fingerprint lines: A0D8A605.E51 I don't see anything.

A2BJBK59.0B1 Got one!

A2FL3A05.5X1 Nothin'.

A2FL3A05.5X2 I don't see any prints.

A2FL3A05.5X3 Huh-uh.

A2FL3A05.5X4 I don't see anythin'.

A2FL3A05.5X5 No prints.

Listening at nothing... (snooping at cemetery) A0CNEI40.D61 I don't hear anythin'.

What's that? (R29) A0J8DA44.PF1 What's that?

Attempting to take something: (R21) A0A89P32.PF1 I *don't* think I'll be needin' it.

A2FL8S32.U61 Don't need it.

Attempting to take something A2FL8S32.QR1 And what exactly would I do with that?

Looking at tourist sign (Homme Mort) A0EL8L44.411 It's a sign about the area.

Out of stuff to say A2FL8S27.U11 I don't have anythin' else to say to her A2FL8S27.U01 I don't have anythin' else to say to him.

A2FL8X51.JE1 I don't wanna show that to her. A2FL8X51.JO1 I don't think I wanna show that to him.

Talking to someone busy: (Emilio @ Poussin's Tomb) A0G6A21B.PF1 He looks preoccupied.

Follow someone while bike is away (Blanchfort) A28FB07W.571 I *would*, but my bike's not here.

Spot Emilio: (Poussin) A0GN5U44.B71 Emilio's here.

Spot Madeline (Coume Sourde) A252C244.PF1 Madeline's here.

Think at fingerprint/license plate A10LTK0L.PF1 I should probably put this in our suspect database.

A10LXW7X.P21 I have to go into SIDNEY and do an ADD DATA if I wanna scan this.

A10LXW7X.PG1 I don't think I need to scan that into SIDNEY.


Look manuscript after regaining it A10J7H44.QR1 Larry has quite a fan base. He sure had enough people dyin' to read this. A1037H58.QR1 I'd rather give it to my speed-readin' partner.

Look manuscript at 2AM A10L7H44.QR1 This must be the book Larry's workin' on. He lied about the topic -- *and* his name.

Check manuscript for fingerprints A10J7H59.BJ1 Not much point in that now. I've got it back. That's what matters.

Look wallet A10L2Y44.PF1 My wallet.

Look bike keys A10L7U44.PF1 Keys to the Harley.

Look Mosely's passport A1099344.MW1 Mosely's passport. Unfortunately, I don't look a thing like him. A1099344.MW2 That is, it's fortunate *most* of the time, but it's less than ideal at the moment. A10L930L.3L1 And some people think *I* give America a bad name. A109934N.CB1 I'd give him more hair, too, but I don't think that would help. A109934N.MW1 That's better! A1099344.CJ1 The moustaches should help disguise the obvious disparity between *his* face and *mine*. A1099344.CJ2 Unfortunately for Mose, thing's aren't quite that simple in real life.

A10L930P.3L1 I don't need to put that *with* the passport.

Think tape A10LD90L.9R1 I wonder if I could get this translated? A10L9444.PF1 It's a tape of Buchelli talkin' on the phone. In *Italian*.

Think Suppuration H A10L620L.PF1 Reduces *swelling*. I wonder if it would work on Mosely's head? A2O86244.PF1 It's a tube of . . . yup, Suppuration H. Great.

Look glass A10L1044.PF1 A water glass.

Fingerprint kit A10LCH0L.PF1 I never took fingerprints before, but I s'pose it couldn't hurt. A1L8CH44.PF1 That's the fingerprint kit Grace ordered. Supposedly she's got it all hooked up to SIDNEY.

A10LT744.PF1 Prince James' callin' card.

A1EGAM44.PF1 It's a black magic marker. A10LT851.PF1 Why would I want to draw on that?

Look notepad A10LT944.PF1 A good writer never goes *anywhere* without his notepad.

Binocs A10LTB0L.PF1 Well ya see, they make things that are far away look real close-like. A10LTB44.PF1 The binocs came with the Harley.

A10LTC44.PF1 Your basic wire hanger. Good thing Joan Crawford ain't around.

Ticket stub A10LTE0L.ID1 Buchelli came here from Rome -- the Vatican, in fact, unless I'm very much mistaken. A10LTE0L.PF1 I wonder if Buchelli has a reason for lyin', or if he's just evasive by nature? A10LTE44.PF1 I found it in Buchelli's room. It's definitely *not* a ticket from Naples.

A10LTF44.PF1 A fake ID. That SIDNEY's kinda useful after all.

Recording A10LTG0L.PF1 Grace has been working on our 'procedure' for cases. She wants us to take fingerprints, use this new program called SIDNEY, and do all this sort of . . . you know . . . 'official' crap. A10LTG0L.PF2 So I don't think I'll record my conversations this time around. But I might be able to find some more . . . creative uses for my tape recorder. A10LTG44.PF1 I went back to my old tape recorder. That dual-mount was a pain to lug around.

A10LTJ44.PF1 Madeline's fingerprint. Nice curves. A10LTK44.PF1 Buchelli's fingerprint. A10LTL44.PF1 Wilkes' fingerprint. Proof that we really are descended from apes. A10LTM44.PF1 Le Grande Dame's fingerprint. A10LTN44.PF1 Estelle's fingerprint. A10LTO44.PF1 It's Larry Chester . . . er . . . Sinclair's fingerprint. A10LWH44.PF1 It's a little souvenir of the Abbé.

Look talisman A10LTP44.PF1 The Schattenjäger talisman. It's kinda like a lucky rabbit's foot, only big and heavy.

A10LTQ44.PF1 My Schattenjäger dagger.

A10LTR44.PF1 The license plate number for Mosely's piece-o-crap. A10LTS44.PF1 It's the license plate number from Buchelli's moped. A10LTT44.PF1 The terrible twosome's license plate number. A10LTU44.PF1 Wilkes' license plate number. A10LTV44.PF1 The plate number from Emilio's rental.

Look costume A10LTX0L.PF1 If anybody sees me in this thing, I'll have to leave town immediately. A10LTX44.PF1 Tacky, touristy, moronic -- it's perfect!

Make outfit A109877B.PF1 Now *that's* a Mosely outfit.

A109A944.PF1 I think that'll pass for a black moustache. But it's not gonna stay on my lip without help -- despite my intense animal magnetism. Add fur to costume before syrup A109183Z.PF1 Hmmm. Possibly. But that fur isn't gonna add a darn thing the way it is.

A1093C44.PF1 It's a black moustache . . . sort of. A1093C0L.PF1 It's crude, but it just might work.

Look hat A1091Q44.PF1 It's the hat from the museum's lost and found. A1091Q44.PF2 I know what you're thinkin', but I *might* need it. Think hat A1091Q0L.PF1 I'm not really a hat person myself. That's more like somethin' Mosely would wear.

A109180L.PF1 The coat's a start, but if I really want to do a 'Mosely look' I'm gonna have to put some stuff with it. A1091844.PF1 It's Mosely's gold 'Coldwell Banker' style blazer. He's had this since the "Saturday Night Fever" premiere.

Hat + Moustache A109540L.PF1 It's real close, but it's not quite enough. I need somethin' that says 'Mosely' all over. A1095444.PF1 Cap and 'moustache'.

Blazer + Moustache A109870L.PF1 It's close, but I've got to do somethin' about the 'do. A1098744.PF1 Coldwell Banker meets Cheech Marin.

Hat + Blazer A109AL0L.PF1 That outfit looks pathetically Mosely-like, but my face is still *way* too good-lookin'. A109AL44.PF1 It's startin' to come together.

Use passport before costume is complete A109544G.PF1 I'll use the passport when the time comes, but first I need to work some more on my 'outfit'.

A109EE44.PF1 Maple syrup. A109EE51.PF1 Why would I want to put syrup on that?

A109WY44.411 Lookin' at my passport picture, it's a wonder the U.S. ever let me go. A109WY4N.411 Why would I want to draw on *my* passport?

A105VX44.PF1 It ain't Godiva chocolates, but sugar is sugar. Eat candy A105VX3X.PF1 (CHEWING) Eat candy 10 times A105VX3X.6Q1 What're ya tryin' to do -- kill me?

A10LTY0L.PF1 I'll need to put this back before the tour group returns. A10LTY44.PF1 I found this parchment hidden in Lady Howard's bed. Talk about dedication to a case! A108OQ44.PF1 Rennes-le-Château and its surroundin's, complements of Madeline.

Look tiretracks A10LU20L.PF1 I sure would like to know what Mallory and MacDougall did last night. Maybe I'll see some tire tracks out in the valley. A10LU244.PF1 It's the tire tread from Mallory and MacDougall's car.

A10LW444.PF1 It's the stone from the basin.

A10LX144.PF1 It's a long piece of masking tape. Still sticky, too.

R25 key A10LY044.QR1 That key really comes in handy when I wanna get into my room.

Cross of Lorraine poem A10O3U0L.Q81 There's an awful lot of blood imagery in this thing. Arteries, veins . . . It oughtta be relevant, but I'm not sure how. A10O3U44.SW1 Sheesh! The woman's already in hyper drive and we just started this thing. A10O3U44.SW2 Weird poem, too. A10O3U44.SX1 It's the weird poem Gracie found in the "Secrets of the Holy Grail" book.

Wilkes' note A10Q480L.PF1 Looks like Wilkes might have been on to somethin' after all. A10Q480L.PF2 I wonder if that's what made him a target? Then again, maybe he just stumbled into the wrong neck of the woods. A10Q4844.PF1 It's the letter I found in Wilkes' pocket.

Room 25

Look closet contents A1L5H044.Q81 I don't have a damn thing with me!

Look bed A1L57Y44.UC1 Kinda of a big bed for little ol' me.

Look dumbwaiter platform A1LL0K44.EI1 The platform's downstairs -- probably in the kitchen. A1LL4X44.PF1 That platform looks sturdy.

Look picture A1LL4444.QR1 That's the Tibetan lama Grace's been talkin' too. He runs a trainin' camp for shadow hunters.

Crawl on platform A1LL4X1L.9P1 Shah! Yeah! That sounds like fun.

Open a locked dumbwaiter from the outside A1LL461A.QC1 That wouldn't do much good. The door's locked.

Click something on platform A1LL4X51.PF1 Why would I wanna send that downstairs?

Reach other platform door A1LL8F20.PF1 I can't reach it too well from here.

Look other dumbwaiter door A1LL8F44.PF1 That door must lead to the adjoinin' room.

Look window A1LL9644.QR1 Nice view. If there was anything to look at, that is.

Look suitcases A1LL9N44.QR1 Those are the suitcases we took with us to Prince James' house.

Enter bathroom with Grace in there / Use laptop while Grace is working on it A1LLBJ20.U91 It's occupied.

Look bathroom door A1LLBJ44.QR1 That's the door to the bathroom.

Look pulley A1LLBZ44.291 A pulley. When was this thing built, the dark ages?

Think at lock A1LLCO0L.581 I think the door locks automatically unless I turn that dial.

Exit with lock off A1LLCO1A.2G1 I'd prefer to leave the lock on.

Look lock A1LLCO1A.081 ,It keeps the door from lockin' automatically when I close it.

Put lock off A1LLCO44.GG1 I've set the lock to 'off.' Don't think I wanna leave it that way, though.

Look couch A1LLGV44.QR1 Well. It ain't Ethan Allen.

Look plant A1LLGW44.QR1 Kind of a bushy thing, innit?

Look dresser A1LLGX44.QR1 Good thing I have all this stuff in my room. You never know when you'll need a dresser.

Look desk A1LLGY44.QR1 Nice of them to provide a little office space.

Look bedside table A1LLGZ44.QR1 Furniture. Gee. How 'bout that.

Look in bedside table A1LLWK44.QR1 There's nothin' in there but dust bunnies.

Look closet once Grace has arrived A1LLH144.QR1 Looks like Gracie's unpacked.

Look trashcan A1LLJ544.QR1 Trash cans. The mark of a really fine hotel.

Look Caillebotte's Périssoires A1LLJ644.QR1 That looks like fun. Except for the rowin' part.

Look Manet's Monet peignant dans son bateau-atelier A1LLJ744.QR1 Who would wear a white suit in a boat? Who would wear a white suit period?

Look Fantin-Latour Still Life With Flowers And Fruits A1LLJ844.QR1 Looks like an ad for wine.

Look Renoir's Gabrielle aux Bijoux A1LLJ944.QR1 I may not know art, but I *like* it.

Look coat hanger A1LLWJ44.QR1 Your basic wire hanger.

Look sticky tape A1LLX044.QR1 Somebody must have had a note in here or somethin'.

Get in bed on day 3 A1LQ7Y25.QR1 No thanks. I've done enough damage already.

Look bed on day 3 A1LQ7Y44.QR1 The scene of the crime. I shouldda known better than to get into that bed last night. A1LQ7Y44.QR2 Goddamn dream!

Ride dumbwaiter again A1LO4X1L.781 I think the kitchen staff would object. Besides, I already did that.

Get back in bed on day 1 or 2 A1LS7Y25.QR1 No thanks. I'm *wide* awake.

A07FUE44.411 That's our luggage.

A1LL0920.WG1 It won't open -- it's locked.

A1LL0920.291 It's an old-fashioned dumb waiter.

A1LL0944.181 It's a dumb waiter.

A1LL0944.KQ1 What is that?

A1LLDC20.GG1 I should make sure the door will lock before I go.


A02O1E2Z.QR1 Grace is the only one who gets e-mail.

A02O4Z2Z.Z81 I can't think of anything to do with that file. I'll let Gracie deal with it.

A02O6I2Z.QR1 I'll let Grace do the research stuff. She *loves* it.

A02O7A2Z.QR1 That analyze stuff is Gracie's thing. You know how women get when you tread on their turf.

Print fake ID A02O8G5F.VU1 I could print it, but I don't have any use for a fake ID at the moment.

Translate into wrong language A02OC02Z.FH1 I won't be able to understand it if I translate it to *that*.

Link map/parchment to suspect A02TX54D.PF1 I actually scanned this so that Gracie can mess with it later, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to link it to a suspect.

R25 Bathroom

Look shelf before Grace arrives A2JRVF44.411 I don't even have my toothbrush with me! Good thing I drink coffee. It'll disintegrate just about anythin'.

Use toothbrush A2J8VJ25.Q81 My teeth are perfectly clean, thanks.

Look toothbrush A2JLVJ44.Q81 Now, if I find any long black hairs in my toothbrush, someone is gonna hear about it.

Look towels A2JLO544.411 A daily supply of clean towels. Reason #1 for stayin' at a hotel.

Smell towels A2JLO556.411 Uh . . . that's a bit anal, innit?

Use sink A2JLVA25.411 My hands are clean, Ma.

Look sink A2JLVA44.411 Font of cleanliness.

Use toilet A2JLVB19.411 I could let you see me doin' that, but then I'd have to kill you.

Open toilet seat A2JLVB20.411 I've been livin' with two women for the past year. I couldn't get myself to leave it open now even under pain of death.

Look toilet A2JLVB44.411 Temple of the porcelein god.

Use bath A2JLVC25.411 What, is this Saturday already?

Look bath A2JLVC44.411 Funny. I'd always heard the French didn't have those things.

Take toilet paper A2FL8S32.U61 Don't need it.

Look toilet paper A2JLVD44.411 Greatest invention since fire.

Look in Grace´s cosmetic bag A2JLVG20.Q81 I don't know what women keep in those things, and I don't *wanna* know.

Look Grace´s bag A2JLVG44.Q81 A woman's cosmetic bag in my bathroom. That scares me.

Use hair styling material A2JLVH25.Q81 The 'do is just fine, thanks.

Look hair styling bag A2JLVH44.Q81 Grace made me buy one of those before we went to Prince James' place. I prefer the plastic bag method myself.

Look door lock A1LLCO44.QR1 Well, the door locks. That's a good thing.

Hotel Hallway

Look 27 after reading register but before meeting them A1A4BW44.WR1 The register says a couple is in that room: some lady and a guy named Stiles.

Look 27 after reading register and meeting them A1A4BW44.WS1 That's where Lady Howard and *Estelle* Stiles are stayin'. A1AL9J44.PF1 Estelle and the 'great white hope' are in that room.

Room 21 A1A5DR44.WV1 The register shows an Italian named Buchelli in this room.

A1A5DR44.WW1 Buchelli's in room 21.

Knock Buchelli's door A1AJ204H.1T1 I don't have anythin' to say to Father Buchelli at the moment.

Listening Emilio's door A1A9BW23.PF1 Sounds like Emilio's in his room.

Look Room 29 after reading register but before meeting Madeline A1A42P44.N51 The register says 'M. Buthane' is in this room.

After meeting her A1A52P44.411 Room 29 -- Madeline's room. I'll have to remember that. A1AO2P44.411 It's Madeline's room.

Look room door A1A49I44.5T1 It's a hotel room door. Not mine, by the way.

Look room 33 after reading register but before meeting Mosely A1A49C44.WL1 Someone's in that room, but I couldn't make out the name in the register.

Look room 33 after meeting Mosely A1AH9C44.WI1 Mosely said his room number was 33, so I guess this one's his. A1AL9C44.PF1 That's the Mose-meister's room.

Listen to Mosely's door A1AF9C23.MP1 Sound likes he's takin' a nap before dinner. A1AK9C44.DX1 As far as I know, Mose is in his room.

Knock his door A1AK9C4H.DX1 GABE,Hey, Mostly! A1AK9C4H.DX2 MOSELY I'll be out later, Knight.

Universal Knock Replies A1AL9I4H.MY1 I'm not sure what I'd say if they came to the door. A1AL9I4H.MY2 I'm not sure what I'd say if she came to the door. A1AL9I4H.MY3 I'm not sure what I'd say if he came to the door. A1AL9I4H.HS1 There's no one in there.

Knock door before reading register A1A49I4H.PF1 I don't even know who's in that room yet.

Look room 31 after reading register but before meeting Emilio A1A49J44.WM1 Someone called 'Baza' is checked into this one. And after meeting Emilio A1A49J44.WN1 Accordin' to the register, Emilio is in this room. A1AC9J44.3N1 This *was* Emilio's room, now those two British women have it.

Look room 23 A1A53S44.WJ1 The register says someone named Wilkes is in that room. I haven't met him yet. A1AL3S44.PF1 It's Wilkes' room.

Listen door 31 A1AC9J4H.3N1 They're in there alright, but they're probably unpackin'.

Knock room 27 A1ACBW4H.3N1 I could ask him why he changed rooms, but I'm not sure I'd get a straight answer.

Look room 27 A1ACBW44.3N1 Baza's in that room now. He switched with the gals from England . . . for some reason. A1ALBW44.PF1 Baza's room.

Look room 21 A1A5DR44.WW1 Buchelli's in room 21.

A1AN9C23.411 Oh, he's in there all right.

Open closet A1AL1420.PF1 It's locked. Good thing I don't need any toilet paper.

Look closet sign A1ALJB44.QR1 'Hotel blah blah. Staff only.'

Look closet A1AQ1444.PF1 It's a supply closet.

Use glass on room 25 A1AL8223.PF1 I don't wanna spy on *my* door.

Knock room 25 A1AR824H.PF1 Should I see if I'm in?

Look room 25 A1AL8244.411 This is my room.

Look room numbers A1ALJA44.PF1 Room numbers. That's handy.

Look Zandomeneghi's Senora nel Prato A1ALJC44.PF1 See, now there's an artist who knows how sexy red umbrellas are.

Look Caillebotte's Brume Matinale A1ALJD44.PF1 They need to get some of my Dad's paintin's in here. These are a bit too 'happy' for my taste.

Look Merse's family picknick A1ALJE44.PF1 'Little family in the grass'. How domestic.

Look table A1ALWV44.QR1 Cool table! Check out those lions.

Room 33

Talk to Mose without topic A09L121B.P61 I can't think of anythin' to talk to Mose about at the moment.

Look blazer A09ICM44.MM1 God! Is he still wearin' that gold blazer? I can't believe it hasn't fallen to shreds by now! A09ICM44.MM2 Must be all those tough polyester fibers.

Look desk A09L3K44.QR1 Mosely's 'executive suite'.

Look bed A09L7Y44.QR1 "Hi, I'm Mosely, wanna . . . um . . . come back to my room?" (MISSING LINE: SEE BONUS)

Search briefcase A09L9N20.QR1 Please don't make me.

Look briefcase A09L9N44.QR1 JC Penney special. From high school.

Enter bathroom A09LBJ20.QR1 I don't think Mose would appreciate me pokin' around his bathroom. Even if I *could* stomach it.

Look bathroom A09LBJ44.QR1 That's probably the bathroom in there.

Look clothes on floor A09LBL44.QR1 Now *that's* what I miss about livin' alone. Pure, unrepentant sloth.

Search closet A09LD120.QR1 From the look of the floor, I seriously doubt there's anythin' in the closet.

Look closet A09LD144.QR1 Mosely's obviously not usin' that closet. If it was shorter, he could set his beer on it.

Pick up beer can A09LDU32.QR1 That's what maids are for.

Look beer can A09LDU44.QR1 The man's a pig -- what can I say?

Look trash can A09LJ544.QR1 Cleanest spot in the room.

Look air vent A09LL844.QR1 They probably heard he was comin' and had that installed.

Take shoes A09LL932.QR1 They're not in my size, color, or decade.

Look shoes A09LL944.QR1 I thought I smelled somethin'.

Look Schuffenecker's Beach at Concarneau A09LLJ44.QR1 Some *wet* rustic scene.

Look Werenskiold's Autumn A09LLK44.QR1 Ah, some rustic scene.

Look Morisot's In the Grass A09LLM44.QR1 You've heard of 'girl movies'? That's a 'girl painting'.

Look Cabanel's Birth of Venus A09LLO44.QR1 Looks like somethin' Mosley would put up at home, too.

Look coatrack A09LLL44.QR1 Is it just me, or is there somethin' vaguely obscene about that thing?

Open briefcase A09LLN20.QR1 I don't wanna see Mosely's briefs.

Look briefcase A09LLN44.QR1 Mosely must be up to somethin' if he's carryin' around his briefcase.

Look lightbulb A09LLZ44.QR1 Mose is 'economizin'.

Look trunk A091CD20.QR1 It's probably empty. I think the hotel's storin' it here to get it out of the way. A091CD20.QR2 Besides, it doesn't look like the one on the train. A091CD44.QR1 What is it with me and trunks lately?

Looking at Mosely's door lock: A0A8CO44.411 It's a lock -- just like the one in my room.

Hotel Lobby

Look Jean A1ELCU44.PF1 It's Jean, the receptionist.

Look buzzers A1EL5044.QR1 Buzzers for the hotel rooms. Talk about high-tech.

Buzz room 25 A1ERUC1J.411 Uh -- that's my room. And it's empty at the moment.

Buzz room 25 when Grace is in A1ELUC1J.UD1 I *could* buzz Grace, but she'd probably come down and break my fingers.

Buzz room 33 A1ELE21J.411 I don't need Mr. Muffin Butt at the moment.

Buzz a room A1EL501J.PF1 I don't need to buzz anybody at the moment.

Look book on desk A1E49G44.5T1 There's some kinda book on the desk.

It's the hotel registry! A1EL9G44.751 It's the hotel registry.

Take the hotel registry A1EL9G32.QR1 I *don't* think they'd appreciate that.

Take the pen A1ELXB32.PF1 Uh . . . it's chained to the desk.

Look pen A1ELXB44.PF1 It goes with the register.

Snipe marker/Use buzzer while Jean is at the desk A1EL401I.D71 JEAN,Oui, Monsieur Knight? A1E9E21J.A31 I could . . . but maybe I should wait until Jean's elsewhere.

Use bell while Jean is walking about A1EL841Y.A31 I think that would annoy him.

Use bell when Simone is right there A1EL841Y.YA1 She's sittin' right there.

Look bell A1EL8444.QR1 It's a bell for gettin' someone's attention. A1EL8444.QR2 'Course *I* get attention without havin' to ask for it.

Read register A1E49144.F41 Accordin' to the register, Mr. Baza arrived before me and Buchelli sometime after. I think I got in around eleven. A1E59144.LW1 Buchelli admits he came in late. Says he took a train from Naples. A1E49144.5Z1 Looks like these guests have all signed in within the last twenty-four hours. A1E49144.GX1 Hmm . . . These must be the people on the tour group. A1EL9144.G61 Buchelli arrived after me all right, but not on a train from Naples. I have no way of verifyin' what Emilio said.

Take second sweet A1EGVW32.Q81 Wouldn't wanna get greedy about it.

Look candy again A1ELVW44.6R1 Cheap candy. I can dig it.

Look Simone A1EL1Y44.PF1 She's the night receptionist.

Look window A1EL9644.QR1 The window overlooks the parkin' lot. That's pleasant.

Chat with Jean A1ELCU39.FP1 GABE,I just want you to know, you're doin' a *great* job. A1ELCU39.FP2 JEAN,Oh! So many people forget to say the little words of kindness! Monsieur is *too* thoughtful. A1ELCU39.FP3 GABE,Don't mention it.

A1ELCU39.0Z1 GABE,How's life, Jean? A1ELCU39.0Z2 JEAN,Monsieur does *not* wish to know.

Use phone on desk A1ELED25.PF1 I'd rather use a pay phone, thanks.

Look phone A1ELED44.PF1 The hotel's one link to the outside world.

Look Cézanne's Still Life with Skull and Candlestick A1ELID44.QR1

  • That's* cheerful. Makes me feel right at home.

Look Daubigny's Pond of Gylieu A1ELIE44.QR1 'Pastoral du swamp'. Oh, lovely.

Look Monet's Still Life with Pears and Grapes A1ELIF44.QR1 Shouldn't that paintin' be in the dining room? No, that would make too much sense.

Look Manet's portrait of Irma Brunner A1ELIG44.QR1 Talk about your big hair!

Sit in lounge A1ELIO19.QR1 Don't feel like sittin' down.

Look lounge A1ELIO44.QR1 A *lounge*. How sophisticated.

Take candy A1ELVW32.GH1 I've had enough of those -- and so has Mosely.

Look candy A1ELVW44.291 Hey, free food!

Take flowers A1ELWC32.PF1 I'm not the type to give flowers. Or take them, for that matter.

Look flowers A1ELWC44.PF1 Flowers. Nice.

Look lamp A1ELWD44.QR1 Light. This place could use it.

Phone Booth

Opening curtain A01KDW20.411 That would be kinda rude.

Look phonebooth A01KDW44.411 Someone's on the phone.

Use phone A01LED1R.QR1 I'm not sure who to call.

Use James's calling card at bad time A01LED3S.BC1 I don't need to call Prince James right now.

Look phone A01LED44.QR1 It's a telephone. They work the same way here in France.

Sit on stool A014II19.QR1 No thanks. It's too much like a confessional.

Look telephone sign A014IT44.QR1 Guess they're tryin' to avoid any confusion.

Look Renoir's Nude A01LIG44.QR1 She has a certain naive, barnyard charm.

Close curtain A01LIL1V.W91 I'd rather not. I'm claustraphobic.

Look curtain A01LIL44.QR1 For privacy, I expect.

Dining Room

Look syrup A17C2G44.PF1 Packages of maple syrup.

Eat syrup A17L2G3X.PF1 Um . . . no thanks.

Take more syrup A17L2G32.KX1 I don't need any more syrup.

Look table outside food hours A17L7R44.QR1 Nothin' much on the buffet at the moment.

Enter kitchen on day 1 A17L2920.QR1 Why would I wanna go in there?

Enter kitchen after burgling spree A17L2920.U61 I don't need to go back in the kitchen.

Look kitchen door A17L2944.QR1 That goes into the kitchen.

(alternate coffee line) A174AY44.971 Coffee. *Good* stuff, too.

Take pottery A17LIM32.QR1 What would I want with pottery?

Look pottery A17LIM44.QR1 Pottery. What's up with that?

Look fireplace A17LIN44.QR1 I hope they don't actually *cook* in that.

Look Degas' Frieze Of Dancers pieces A17LIU44.QR1 Nothin' like tutus to help ya work up an appetite.

Look Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party A17LIV44.QR1 Hey! A paintin' of *diners* for a *dinin' room*. Clever.

Look Raffaëli's Absinthe Drinkers A17LIW44.QR1 Two lonely guys. In hats.

Look other dancer painting A17LIX44.QR1 Nice legs.

Look Renoir's Le Loge A17LIY44.QR1 She's kinda cute but . . . whaddya suppose *he's* doin' . . . exactly?

Take coffee cup A17LIZ32.QR1 It's useless without actual coffee in it.

Look coffee cup A17LIZ44.QR1 Are those coffee cups or thimbles? I shoulda brought my stein.

Eat A17LJ219.QR1 I'm not hungry yet.

Look chairs A17LJ244.QR1 Those look comfy.

Look tables A17LJ344.QR1 Tables in a dinin' room. Lordy, imagine that.

Open food crate A17LUF20.Q81 I make it a rule never to look at French food. It sometimes looks back.

Look food crate A17LUF44.Q81 Real propane cookin'. Yu-um!

Look cutlery A17LUG0L.Q81 Beats the heck out of eatin' with your hands.

Take cutlery A2FL8S32.U61 Don't need it.

Look plates A17LUG44.Q81 Plates 'n stuff.

Use cream and sugar A17LUI3X.PF1 Real men drink it black.

Take cream and sugar A17LUI32.PF1 I *could* take the cream and sugar, but it would get a bit messy.

Look cream and sugar A17LUI44.PF1 White stuff.

At the cemetery

Look at parsonage A0CHNL44.PF1 Looks like the parsonage maybe, or whatever they call 'em in France.

Entering parsonage before meeting Arnaud A0CHB44H.411 I don't even know who lives there.

Looking at parsonage A0CLNL44.171 Arnaud lives there. He sure has a taste for the morbid.

Knocking Arnaud's door A0CLB44H.YN1 Yeah, I *could* bug him, but maybe I'll wait until he's out and about.

Looking at empty parsonage A0CLB44H.Z31 I don't think there's anybody home.

Looking at parsonage door A0CLB444.QR1 It's the parsonage door.

Closing window while Arnaud is in A0CLEI1V.8I1 I don't wanna close it *now*. He might hear me.

Entering window while he's in A0CLEI20.OY1 Um . . . I think he'd notice.

Entering window early in the game A0CLEI20.NE1 Maybe I should try walking in the *door* first.

Look into office from cemetery A0CLEI44.EJ1 Looks like a church office in there.

Looking at full parsonage A0CLEI44.OY1 Arnaud's in there.

Look at office window after meeting Arnaud A0CLEI44.5C1 That window is in the Abbé's office.

A0CLNG44.QR1 They're dead serious about keepin' people out of there, aren't they?

A0CLNH44.411 Damn! They really piled the cement on top of this one.

A0FLDS44.Z81 That must be where the guy's buried.

Look at large tomb A0CLG544.QR1 That's a big tomb.

Look at skull and bones on tomb A0CLN244.QR1 Gee a pirate must be buried here.

Look at plants A0CLN144.QR1 Minimalistic gardenin'. Kinda like my approach to relationships.

Trying to read worn tombstone A0CLN358.QR1 I can't read it. The letters have worn away.

Looking at Jewish tombstone A0CLN444.QR1 A few of these stones have a star on 'em.

Looking at 18th century tombstone A0CLN544.QR1 Here's a newer one. Relatively speaking.

Read tombstone A0CLN558.QR1 Duc de Razès, 1700's.

Look at tree A0CLN644.QR1 Shade for the dead. That *is* important.

Read tombstone A0CLN958.QR1 It says: "Jacques Gérard, 1792-1861." A0CLN958.QR2 Hey, I wonder if he could be the 'Jacques' of 'Frere Jacques'? Probably not.

Look 20th century tombstone A0CLNA44.QR1 This one's twentieth century.

Read tombstone A0CLNA58.QR1 Maxine Lafete. She died in the 70's. Can't say I blame her.

Read tombstone A0CLNB58.QR1 Louis Hoffet. Kicked it in 1964.

Read tombstone A0CLNC58.QR1 Abigail passed on in 1893.

Look tombstone A0CLND44.QR1 This one's from the turn of the century. LAST century.

Read tombstone A0CLND58.QR1 Poor Pierre, he was only 34. 'Course, that's 238 in dog years.

Look Sauniere cross A0CLNE44.QR1 It's a cross. Can't see any writin' on it or anythin'.

After reading Sauniere plaque A0CLNF44.2E1 That's the grave of Abbé Saunière.

After reading Marie plaque A0CLNH44.2F1 Marie Dénarnaud is buried here.

Looking at Marie's grave before reading plaque

Looking at Sauniere's grave A0CLNF44.231 It's Saunière's grave.

Looking at sign A0CLNJ44.QR1 There's a heart-shaped sign in the wall.

Reading Marie sign A0CLNJ58.QR1 "Ici repose Mademoiselle Marie Dénarnaud. Died January, 1953 at 85 years old."

Look at portrait after seeing it's Sauniere A0CLNK44.231 That must be Saunière himself. He's lookin' a little worse for wear.

Retrying to open window A0COEI20.DB1 It's swollen up again.

Look at office while Arnaud's in A0CPEI44.3L1 It looks like the Abbé's in his office.

Look office before meeting Arnaud A0CLEI44.EJ1 Looks like a church office in there.

Look at church windows from cemetery A0CLN044.QR1 It's the back of the church.

Closing the window while Arnaud is in A0CLEI1V.8I1 I don't wanna close it *now*. He might hear me.

Looking at parsonage after Arnaud/Prince James Men confrontation A0CFNL44.4Z1 I wonder how Prince James' men knew Arnaud lived here?

At the Church

Open office door A18ABC4H.221 I'm not even sure where that door leads. A18ABC4H.IE1 I don't have good excuse for buggin' the Abbé at the moment. A18ABC23.IV1 There's somebody in there. Probably the Abbé.

A18ABC23.061 Sounds like someone's in there with him. A18LBC4H.ZF1 I don't hear anythin'. I don't think he's in there.

A18ABC44.IE1 That must be the Abbé's office.

Use glass on door A18FBC23.PF1 If he's in there, I could hear him better from around back.

Look phrase A18HET44.1Y1 Par ce signe tu le vaincras. Whatever the hell *that* means.

A18LET44.KP1 Buchelli says it means 'By this sign you shall conquer it.' Wonder how *he* knows.

Look angel statue near entrance A18L1F44.QR1 What're *they* lookin' for? The last Virgin in France? A18L9M0M.Z81 Huh. Those hand positions can also make a tilted square. Never noticed that when I took Catechism classes. A18L9M0M.Z82 Uh . . . I'm gettin' confused. I'd better start over.

A18L1N44.QR1 St. Anthony of Padua. A18L1N44.QR2 And there's a kid comin' out of a book. Scary. Almost enough to make you never pick up a book again.

A18L1X44.QR1 St. Anthony the hermit. There's a fun lovin' guy.

Look Asmodeus A18L3W44.QR1 Nothin' like a like Satanic imagery to make a church feel cozy.

A18L6Z44.QR1 Mary Magdalen. A18L6Z44.QR2 What a babe, huh?

Angel pedestal A18L8C44.QR1 There're those four angels again.

A18L8P44.QR1 Sermon on the Mount, maybe?

A18L2144.QR1 Mary Magdalen in some kinda of cave. A skull, a book, and a cross made from a tree with livin' branches. A18L2144.QR2 Huh.

Stations of the Cross A18LKJ44.QR1 I remember these 'stations of the cross' from my catechism classes. This one shows Jesus with Pilate. A18LKK44.QR1 Jesus carryin' the cross. A18LKL44.QR1 Jesus falls for the first time. They didn't wear much in those days, did they? A18LKM44.QR1 Jesus and some women. Magdalen's probably one of 'em. A18LKN44.QR1 Still on the way to the crucifixion. A18LKO44.QR1 From the dark depths of my early religious trainin', I seem to remember somethin' about Veronica and a veil. A18LKP44.QR1 He falls again or . . . somethin'. Father O'Brian would be ashamed at my memory. A18LKQ44.QR1 Jesus with some more women. No, don't remember who. A18LKR44.QR1 I think this one is Jesus fallin' for the third time. A18LKS44.QR1 The soliders take Jesus' clothes and throw dice for 'em. I remember that one. A18LKS44.QR2 These really remind me of Gran. I should give her a call soon as we get back to Rittersberg. A18LKT44.QR1 He's bein' crucified. A18LKU44.QR1 I never did like these things, even way back when. Creeps me out. A18LKU44.QR2 Then again, I s'pose that's the point. A18LKV44.QR1 He's removed from the cross. A18LKW44.QR1 Jesus is taken to the tomb.

A18LKY44.YF1 It's a leaf and vine pattern.

A18LL044.QR1 St. Roch. Nice legs. A18LL044.QR2 Maybe he's the patron saint of Gillette. Nevermind.

Use wallet on donation basket A18LL73C.Q81 I have a policy with religious institutions: they don't bother me and I don't bother them.

Steal from basket A18LL732.Q81 I've got enough sins already, thanks.

Look basket A18LL744.Q81 Fuel for the flock. Trinkets for the trinity.

A18LL144.QR1 It's Jesus and John the Baptist. They look dusty.

Look floor by Baptist statue A18LCJ44.QR1 Nice tile floor. Real nihilistic.

Look at vase and cross image cleverly hidden on the ceiling A18LKZ44.QR1 Looks like a vase, a cross, and . . . hmmm, a couple of letters maybe?

A18LL244.QR1 It's Joseph holdin' the infant Jesus.

A18LL344.QR1 Madonna and child. It's kind of a Catholic thing.

A18LL444.QR1 It's a big pulpit kind of a thing.

A18LL644.Z31 Arnaud's not here at the moment.

Use confessional A18LLB6T.QR1 I don't think they're still takin' customers.

Look confessional A18LLB44.411 That's a confessional, but it looks like it hasn't been used since Vatican II.

A18LLE44.YN1 An information desk. All you ever wanted to know about a little church in the middle of nowhere.

A18LLF44.PF1 A communion cup. Geeze, the last time I took communion I didn't even have facial hair. A18LLF44.PF2 Not that I have much now.

A18LLG44.QR1 St. Germaine. Never heard of her. Maybe she's the saint of relativity. A18LLG44.QR2 Get it? Germaine? Relative? Oh, never mind.

A18LLH44.QR1 The Magdalen washin' Jesus' feet. They just don't *make* women like that anymore.

A1YLKG44.3L1 Stained glass. It's a bit too Victorian for my tastes, but Gracie loves the stuff.

Knock office door again A18NBC4H.6R1 Yeah, I *could* keep knockin', but no point in wearin' out my knuckles.

A18O7544.QR1 The English brochures came in. A18O7544.QR2 'Course now I've got more important things to worry about. Pick up A18O7532.QR1 Nah. I think Gracie's lookin' into it.

A185L544.QR1 They're called pews. You sit in them.

At the Museum

A0F5SY3C.QR1 I'm not really one for writin' letters. Besides, it's kind of a tourist thing to buy postcards.

Look postcard stand A0F5SY44.QR1 Hey, they actually have souveniors for sale. I'm sure Gracie'll be all over it -- if and when she gets here.

Take the hat A0FL1Q32.PF1 It's not really my style. Looks more like somethin' Mosely would wear.

Look hat A0FL1Q44.PF1 Somebody lost a hat.

Look box A0FL5N44.Q81 It looks like a lost and found box.

Look empty box A0FL5N44.WZ1 Nothin' lost at the moment.

Look sign A0FLJF44.3L1 Lost items. Wonder if my life is in there.

Look window A0FL9644.PF1 The architects weren't too crazy about light, were they?

Look harp tapestry (HINT: Check the bonus section to find out what line was supposed to come after this one) A0FLJG44.3L1 I'm not sure I'd want that thing between my legs. Looks dangerous.

Look Adam tapestry A0FLJH44.3L1 Adam and Eve. I never liked that story. Can you *imagine* there bein' only one woman on the entire planet?

Look orchard tapestry A0FLJI44.3L1 Hey, he kinda looks like me! Except for the dress part.

Look Sauniere portrait A0FLJJ44.3L1 I think he's the guy the museum's named after – Saunière.

Look letter A0FLJK44.3L1 It's a letter. In French.

Look bills A0FLJL44.3L1 A bunch of old documents in French. Be still my heart.

Look bookplate A0FLJM44.3L1 Looks like some kind of emblem or seal in Latin. Probably from the Church.

Look angel picture A0FLJN44.X11 Hey, that demon kinda looks like the one in the church.

Look angel picture before seeing demon statue in church A0FLJN44.X21 It's an angel holdin' a devil in chains. Odd. I've never seen Satan drawn quite like that.

Look postcards A0FLT344.QR1 Pictures of the town and stuff.

Look painting postcards A0FLSZ44.QR1 I'm not sure what those paintin's have to do with this area. Not that it really matters, I guess.

Look panels A0FLWE44.QR1 These panels tell the history of the Rennes-le-Château area.

Look panels A0FLWF44.QR1 This side tells the story of that abbé, Saunière.

At Tour Magdala

Look mountain A1FLD444.UT1 That's Mount Cardou over there -- it's near Larry's house. A1FLD444.QR1 There's a mountain over there. Not surprisin' since we're close to the Pyrennes.

Look post A1FLML44.QR1 It's just a decorative post, I guess.

Look tower A1FLMM44.QR1 This is like an old castle tower. Almost reminds me of somethin' Ludwig would have built.

Look Blanchefort A1FLYD44.UE1 That's Château de Blanchefort. It's just across from Mount Cardou.

Look tower curtains A03LMC44.QR1 Curtains in matchin' fabric. How suave.

Look books A03LMD44.QR1 The books are all old -- and French.

Look seats A03LME44.QR1 Seats. At the window. Hence the name 'window seats'.

Look window A03LMF44.QR1 Windows. Hey, I bet those come in handy.

A20LO144.411 We're really on the edge of town back here.

A20LO244.411 Tour Magdala.

Look rocks A20LO044.411 Sophisticated freeform scrulpture. Or rocks.

At moped rental shop

A1WH3N44.PF1 and A1W23N44.PF1 It's a moped rental shop. A1WH3N44.PF2 They're closed at the moment.

Look at a moped before shop is open A1WHEH44.PF1 I need to rent a bike.

Read sign A1WL0O44.PF1 Looks like they're open from two to five.

Think sign A1WH0O0L.PF1 I'll have to come back later.

Look Harley before talking to Bigout A1WH7C44.PF1 Check out that Harley! Wow. I'd love to drive that baby.

Look wreck before talking to Bigout A1WH7X44.PF1 What a pathetic excuse for a bike.

Knock on shop door A1WHJX4H.411 Hey! Anybody in there? A1WHJX4H.412 Guess not.

Knock on domestic door A1WHJZ4H.PF1 Anybody home? I wanna rent a bike! A1WHJZ4H.PF2 (SIGH)

Look Bigout after renting bike A1W99Y44.L61 I think I'd better avoid him for a while. He can't be *that* stupid.

Use wallet on Harley before store opens: A1WHK43C.U51 I can't rent one until they open.

Look mopeds at 1:2-4 or 1:4-6 A1W2EH44.L61 I've rented mine.

Look shop A1WL3N44.XF1 It's the shop where I got my Harley.

Look Sold Out sign A1WL5C44.411 Looks like we wiped out his inventory.

Copy unknown license plate number A1WL724X.5H1 I'm not sure who's drivin' that one.

Nick Howard/Stiles extra binocs A1WLG932.QR1 I already got a pair. Look binocs A1WLG944.QR1 Binoculars. I got some with my bike, too.

Knock door again A1WLJX4H.XF1 I got my bike. I don't need anythin' else.

Look garage door A1WLJY44.PF1 That must be where they repair the bikes.

Look house A1WLJZ44.PF1 Somebody lives there. Probably someone with a penchant for rusty barrels.

Look barrels A1WLK244.PF1 Nothin' like a bunch of rusty barrels to make you wanna rent a bike.

Look barrel and wooden beam construction A1WLK344.XH1 Looks like an accident waitin' to happen. Kind of like my life. (MISSING LINE: SEE BONUS)

Look trash A1WLK044.411 A trash heap. That's one way to draw a crowd -- of flies, anyway.

Look wooden beams A1WLK144.411 Maybe they're plannin' on holdin' a crucifixion later.-

Bike Identification

A1WL0U44.OW1 That's Buchelli's bike.

A1WL0W44.BL1 I believe that's Wilkes' bike.

A1WL1G44.J41 Yeah. Mosely's drivin' that thing.

A1WLA144.G11 That's the moped that Lady Howard and Estelle were drivin' around in. A1WL1I58.QG1 FKS427G. Lady Howard and Estelle's charmin' vehicle.

A1WL5U44.0J1 Emilio's rented that bike.

A1WLB744.3L1 That's m'Harley. What I went through to get that bike!

Look Wilkes bike A0XF0W44.BL1 and A2920W44.BV1 That's Wilkes' moped.

Look unknown moped A0XF0W44.5H1 That looks like one of the Rennes-le-Château mopeds.

Spot unknown moped A2920W0L.K81 I wonder who's here?

Noting moped number too early A28A8Q4X.EF1 I don't know who's drivin' it yet.

A1WL1I58.Q81 FKS427G. A28A8Q58.B71 HLK841J. A2926U58.K81 FED039A. A0XFTS58.Q81 VDG945F. A26A3J58.5Z1 ASD257K.

A2893D44.411 That's Wilkes. A28A8Q58.B72 That's Emilio's bike.

A2926U58.2C1 FED039A is Wilkes' moped. A2926U58.BV2 Guess I should make a note of it.

A2926U4X.K81 I *could* write down the license plate number, but I'd better find out who's *drivin'* it first.

Copy a known bike number again A1WL1I4X.QG1 I already have that one. A28A8Q4X.B71 I already have it.

A2920W44.K81 Somebody's here.

A2926U4X.2C1 I've already got that license plate number.

A2FL8S27.6M1 I already did that.

A0XF724X.BL1 A0XFTS4X.OW1 I already have it.

A0XF724X.5H1 I don't know who's rented that bike.

A1WOK444.YI1 I know who's rented all the other bikes, so I guess I can deduce who's rented this one.

A28A8Q58.EF1 HLK841J. I'd write it down if I knew who'd rented it.

1:2-4 Copy Hermitage license plate # A2926U4X.BV1 Got it.

Outside in Rennes-le-Château

A1XLFW20.ZZ1 The sign says 'do not enter'. I'd at least need a *reason* to ignore it.

Open window A07LJS20.3L1 Even if I *wanted* to open it, I couldn't reach it.

Read sign A1XLLR44.QR1 It says 'KEEP OUT', more or less.

Break in A1XLLS6P.X91 First of all, I'm not interested enough in this Saunière guy to break into the place. Second, I've got better things to do than sit in jail. A1XLLS6P.X92 Not that it wasn't a fine idea.

Look windows A1XLLS44.QR1 I can't see a thing through those.

A1XLLR44.ZY1 It's a private property sign. Interesting. It doesn't look like anybody's living here at the moment.

A1XLLQ44.X81 Villa Bethania, personal residence constructed by Saunière. A1XLLQ44.X82 Whoever that is.

A1XLLQ44.X81 Villa Bethania, personal residence constructed by Saunière. A1XLLQ44.X92 He's the one who got rich and started the rumors about a treasure.

Look windows with hearts A1XLLY44.QR1 I think those windows show the 'sacred heart of Jesus.' A1XLLY44.QR2 Ya gotta hand it to us Catholics, babe. We really know our anatomy.

Office right to Bethania A1XLLU44.QR1 Looks like an attached office or somethin'.

A1XLLW44.QR1 It says 'Tour Magdala'.

A1XLLX44.071 Wonder what that is?

Enter house A1YLJU3I.PF1 No problem! I'm sure the residents wouldn't mind.

Look museum A1Y4KA44.X81 That's a big building. I wonder what it is? A1YLKA44.X91 That's the museum over there.

A1YLKA44.Y51 There's another big building over there. I'll have to go check it out.

A1YHKI44.XX1 It's a big building, but I don't see any sign on it. It certainly isn't the church.

A1YL8L44.QR1 At least they put signs up. Everythin' around here looks the same.

A1YLJU44.3L1 I don't wanna look *too* hard, I might see somethin' embarassin' in there.

A1YLK54H.Q81 I have no idea who lives there, but they probably have no interest in meetin' me. A1YLK54H.Q82 I know it's hard to believe, but . . . you know. They're French.

A1YLK544.Q81 Yup. That house has a door all right.

A1YHK744.XX1 That must be the church. A1YLK744.XY1 St. Mary Magdelen church.

A1YLK944.QR1 There are some words written over the door. A1YLK958.QR1 Terribilis est locus iste. A1YLK958.QR2 Whatever. A1YLKB58.QR1 Don't look at me. They didn't teach Latin in the New Orleans school district.

A1YLKE44.3L1 There's some art above the door.

A1YLKD44.Q81 I *don't* think there's anythin' in there.

A1YLKC44.3L1 That's a small place.

A1YLKG44.3L1 Stained glass. It's a bit too Victorian for my tastes, but Gracie loves the stuff.

Look yellow decoration over church roof A1YLK844.QR1 That yellow tile certainly makes its presence felt.

Break into delapidated shed A1YLX46P.PF1 I don't think I need to bust my way into that shed. It's probably just full of spider webs.

Look shed A1YLX344.PF1 Now that's what I call "weatherin'." Some people pay a fortune to get their stuff to look like that.

Open shed A1YLX420.PF1 It's padlocked.

Look black cat A1YLX244.PF1 A black cat. How appropriate.

Look shed A1YLX444.PF1 That shed looks like it hasn't see the light of day in a couple of years. Reminds me of a garage I had once.

Use tape on shed A1YLX37Q.3L1 Hmmm. Not sure why I'd wanna do that.

A1Y4KA44.X81 That's a big building. I wonder what it is?

Think chicken A2FLVV0L.3L1 Reminds me of the 'present' the Voodoo group left me. Yuck. Take chicken A2FLVV32.3L1 Well, gee, I don't need a live chicken at the moment. Look chicken A2FLVV44.3L1 Must not be a lot of cats around here.

Sit on hotel bench A07LBP19.PF1 No thanks.

Look hotel bench or the Kitchen Easter Egg on 2:10-12 A07LBP44.PF1 Great place to sit and watch . . . Well, I'm sure somethin' happens here occassionally.

A07SAH44.H21 Looks like those front rooms have balconies.

Look R25 window A07RBF44.PF1 I believe that's my room. A07FBF44.I81 Gracie's up in the room.

Look rental shop sign A07LGT44.L61 That sign's for the moped rental shop.

Look room when hanging out window (or when standing on floor of the outside) A07LEB44.O01 That's Emilio's room. A07LEB44.IO1 I wonder whose room that is?

Look H/S balcony door from the outside A078AU44.641 Entrée to the irrepressible Lady Howard and Ms. Stiles' room. (MISSING LINE: SEE BONUS)

Look parking lot sign A07LJQ44.3L1 Right. They obviously need to keep away the hordes of tourists.

A07LJS20.3L1 Even if I *wanted* to open it, I couldn't reach it.

A07LJT4H.3L1 I *could* check every house in the area, but they'd probably get a little pissed.

A07LJU20.3L1 Right. I'm sure they wouldn't mind.

Look bookstore A07LJO44.PF1 I think it's a bookstore.

A07LJP44.3L1 Looks like they're closed.

A07LJR20.PF1 They're closed.

Look San Gréal book A07L6344.491 San gréal. It's French for 'holy grail.' A07Q6344.XB1 What I heard on the train wasn't 'san gréal' at all, but 'sang *real* -- 'royal blood'.

A0750344.QR1 'Secrets of the Holy Grail'. I wonder if that book's got somethin' to do with this area? A0750344.QR2 Unfortunately, the store's closed.

Spot Madeline's van A07L8Z44.PF1 Looks like Madeline's here.

Look hotel name sign A07L8L44.QR1 L'Hôtel de Rennes-le-Château.

Look No Vacancy sign A07L1B44.PF1 Looks like they're booked up.

Look Moped Shop Sign A07GGT44.U51 Not sure what it says, but if it has to do with bikes, I'm *there*.

Look hotel A07L0H44.3L1 Le hotel.

Look house A07LJT44.3L1 That looks like a private home.

Look fountain A07LQG44.PF1 If I look at it for *too* long, I'll have to go back up to the room.

Walk out of town A07LXA22.U51 That's the way outta town. I wouldn't get far on foot.

A07LXA22.XS1 I'll go get the Harley.

A0748Z44.QN1 The parkin' lot is packed, innit?

A0754W44.Q81 Gee, that book looks interestin'. Too bad the store's closed.

A0782P44.641 That's Madeline's room in there.

A0785V44.PF1 It's the roof.

A13L0E44.QR1 Looks like the entrance to the museum.

A13LKA44.QR1 That's the museum.

A13L8L44.QR1 Tourist signs. Wouldn't want anybody gettin' lost.

A13LGR44.QR1 Don't ask me to pronounce that.

A13LGS44.QR1 They're open all day.

A13LGU20.QR1 I'd better not. It probably leads to private property.

A13LGU44.QR1 I'm not sure where that goes, but it's not marked or anythin'.

A13LJU20.3L1 I don't think the local law enforcement would appreciate my breakin' into houses.

A13LJU44.3L1 Quiet place. People don't even open their windows.

A13LJW4H.3L1 I don't think I'd find the baby by knockin' on doors. I *will* keep my ears open, though.

A134JW44.X81 There's a museum down here somewhere, but I don't think that's it.

A1348L44.PF1 Museum and church. This place is just jam-packed with culture, innit?

At Poussin's Tomb

Look tomb fence A0GL2H44.Q81 Good thing I have no *interest* in goin' over there.

Look tomb A0GL1344.QR1 That's the tomb the sign mentions. Must be some famous person named Poussin buried there.

A0GLPJ44.QR1 It's a tourist sign.

Copy SUM A0GLBB4X.PF1 Why would I want to write that down? It doesn't even make sense.

Look SUM A0GLBB44.PF1 Somebody wrote 'WUS'. Must have been lookin' at Mosely at the time.

Read sign A0GLPJ58.QR1 Poussin's tomb lookout.

Look fence A0GLPK0L.QR1 Good thing they have those up, 'cause there's nothin' more temptin' to vandalize than a tomb on a hill.

Look fence sign A0GLPK44.QR1 That looks just like 'private property'. I love it when it's that easy.

Think tomb A0GLPL44.QR1 Remind me to put it in my will -- I'd rather *not* be stuck in a sarcophagus at the side of the road.

Sit stone A0GLPM19.QR1 I was just *on* the bike. I'm not tired.

Look stick A0GLPN44.QR1 If there were two of those I could make a fire. Pick up stick A0GLPN6P.3F1 Uh -- I was just kiddin' about the fire thing.

At L'Homme Mort

Thinking at tourist sign before 3:2AM A0EL8L0L.411 I remember somethin' about those parchments from the museum, but I don't see how it could relate to the case.

Thinking at tourist sign after 3:2AM but before finding Wilkes A0EL8L0L.3D1 Maybe Mosely was tryin' to dig up the 'Dead Man'.

Thinking at tourist sign after finding Wilkes A0EJ8L0L.411 In this case, the dead man was Wilkes.

Read tourist sign A0EL8L58.411 This valley has been called "The Dead Man" on regional maps for centuries. Some authors have attempted to link it to the Rennes enigma because one of the parchment ciphers contains the phrase: "HE IS THERE DEAD."

Dig at dig A0ELP01O.411 I would if I thought I'd find anythin', but I don't.

Look at dig A0ELP044.3D1 Mosely must be in better shape than he looks.

At Larry Chester's house

Look house A0QL8H44.C31 It's Larry Chester's house.

Look house A0QL8H44.FZ1 This must be the place the Abbé told me about.

Knock door again A0Q24K4H.BE1 I've bugged him enough. Besides, I can't think of anythin' else I need to know at the moment.

Larry's not in A0QK4K4H.DR1 He's not in there.

Look clock A0QL2I44.LB1 It's a clock. An alarm clock.

Check tiretracks A0QLDN2T.411 These tracks are from the two Freemasons' car all right. Which makes sense, since I followed 'em here.

Open rear door A0QLOA4H.3L1 I'd rather use the front door. I dunno it's just more formal somehow.

Look rear door A0QLOA44.3L1 This house is hardly big enough for *one* door.

A0QLQK22.571 I have to go back for my bike.

Climb down well A0QLQO3H.PF1 No. Really. There's nothin' down there but water.

Look at the well A0QLQO44.PF1 Kind of big for a garden ornament.

Look car on day 3 A0QQY144.QR1 Now that I think about it, that car's a little too showy for a prep school teacher.

Look wood A0QLQP44.3L1 Crucifyin' rabbits, maybe?

Look window A0QL6G44.1S1 It's Larry's office window.

Look hole in window A0QLQR0L.DR1 Hmmm. There is a hole in the window, but it's not a very big one.

Use wrong thing on window A0QLQR51.DR1 I can't stick *that* in there.

Put finger in there A0QLQR72.DR1 Yeah, I *could* stick my finger in there. If I wasn't picky about scar tissue.

Look hole in window A0QLQR44.3L1 That's what I call the 'lived in' look.

Climb wall A0QLQS3H.3L1 And where exactly would I be goin' *to*?

Look wall A0QLQS44.3L1 It's not high enough to keep anybody out. Must be for markin' the property line.

Hide at wrong time A0QLQU1K.411 Uh . . . I don't think that's necessary at the moment.

Look tree A0QLQV44.411 That tree must come in handy. It gets damn hot around here.

Use notebook on Larry's car after taking tire tread A0QLY14X.4K1 I don't need to write down Larry's license plate number or his tire tread. He's been sneakin' around at night, but I don't think it's been in his car.

Use notebook onLarry's car before taking tire tread A0QLY14X.QR1 I won't be forgettin' *that* color soon. I don't need to write down Larry's license plate number.

Look Larry's car A0QSY144.QR1 That must be Chester's car.

At Larry Chester

After conversation A0QN4K4H.7N1 I don't have anythin' else to say to Mr. Sinclair.

Leaving dialogue early A05K6J13.NW1 I have to step out for a moment. But we're not quite finished here. A05K6J13.NW2 Don't let me keep you.

Come back: A05K6L3W.6R1 What else did you have to say, Mr. Knight?

Look Larry A05K7G44.4U1 He's not lookin' too happy today. A05K7G44.881 He looks nervous enough to crawl out of his own skin.

Look desk A05Q3K44.411 Birthplace of Larry's secret manuscript.

Look books A05LMD44.411 Yup, he's a writer all right. Only writers have this many books.

Look maps A05LOQ44.411 The guy's into maps.

Look computer A05LQX44.411 I prefer an old manual myself.

Try to read book on table A05LQZ58.411 I can't make it out from here, and he'd probably get upset if I took it with me.

Take book A05LR06P.411 I think he'd mind.

Look Bazille´s Portrait of Manet A05LR244.411 That paintin's about as colorful as Larry himself.

Look alarm clock A0QL2I44.LB1 It's a clock. An alarm clock. A05NXD44.411 Looks like he's unplugged the thing. Or maybe I was a bit over aggressive with that hanger.

Look file cabinet A05OR044.411 Larry might have some interestin' tidbits in those files after all -- but he's not likely to let me look. A055R044.411 Boy, can you imagine the excitin' stuff in this guy's files?

At Coume Sourde

Tourist sign A12L8L0L.Q81 So they found this stone slab, that *coulda* been the key to the mystery, and then they lost it? Figures. A0EL8L44.411 It's a sign about the area. A12L8L58.Q81 A stone slab called the "Dalle de Coume Sourde" was discovered at this spot. This slab allegedly contained encoded messages related to the Rennes enigma, but it has since vanished. Coume Sourde still draws curious seekers hoping for more clues.

A12LPI44.PF1 There were buildings here -- once. There's not a lot of growth goin' on in this area, is there?

Look sign on parking lot A25L8L44.411 'Coume-Sourde?' Well, whatever it is, it's down that path.

At Blanchfort Parking Lot (and intersection with Larry's residence)

A0LLW144.3L1 That's Château de Blanchefort up there.

A0LL4F2C.3L1 I can't get a good view from here.

A28L5O44.QR1 Roque Nègre. "Black Rock?"

Walk on Mount Cardou A28LFJ22.QR1 I don't have my hikin' boots on.

A28LFJ44.QR1 Looks like that path goes up the mountain.

A28LQ544.QR1 There's a big black outcroppin' up there.

A28LR844.QR1 It's a large white rock.

A28LR944.QR1 Château de Blanchefort.

A28LRA44.QR1 They even label their mountains around here.

Look stream A28LRB44.QR1 There's a stream down there. I can't see it too well, but I can hear it. Drink from stream A28LRB3X.QR1 I'd get all muddy climbin' down. Bathe in stream A28LRB25.QR1 There's a shower back at the hotel.

A28LRC44.QR1 Nice mountain. If you're into that nature stuff.

At Armchair parking lot A0NLN644.Q81 More trees than you can shake a stick at.

Look sign A11L8L44.Q81 Something du Diable.

Compare tracks A11LDN2T.Q81 Same tracks. The car was driven off the road here. A11LDN4X.411 I can't get enough detail from the tracks in the dirt. A11LDN44.761 Mallory and MacDougall's car was driven off the road here.

At Armchair

Look chair A0NQIB44.QR1 It looks a lot less threatenin' now that it's *empty*.

Use chair A0NQIB19.QR1 Yeah, right!

Think chair A0NQIB0L.QR1 It does kinda look like a chair. Then again, I once saw Madonna in a plate of spaghetti.

Look blood A0NQAK44.QR1 The police left this for the tourists -- innin' that sweet?

Think blood after finding Wilkes A0NQAK0L.3Y1 These pools of blood are startin' to get to me.

Think blood before finding Wilkes A0NNAK0L.6I1 Well, it doesn't look any bigger than it did yesterday, and it's gettin' old. I don't think our friend Wilkes' has been lettin' any blood loose around here.

Look kneeprints A0NQ2K44.QR1 Those prints are from Mallory and MacDougall's knees -- they were held here as their throats were bein' cut.

Think kneeprints before finding Wilkes A0NQ2K0L.6I1 I don't see any fresh marks here -- good thing for Wilkes.

Think kneeprints after finding Wilkes A0NQ2K0L.3Y1 Just like the knee prints at Wilkes' blood pool.

Look scratches on chair A0NLSG44.QR1 There're scratches on the rock. They're old, though. Probably not related to the murder.

Copy symbols on Armchair A0NLSG4X.QR1 I don't need to write that down.

At Armchair Car Stash

Think car A1ILEP0L.PF1 Mallory and MacDougall could have parked the car here, but I don't know why they'd bother to hide it. A1ILEP0L.PF2 It's more likely that the killers stashed it here. Maybe they grabbed Mallory and MacDougall somewhere else and brought 'em here to be . . . executed.

Open car A1ILEP20.PF1 I don't see any signs of a struggle in there. Don't think I need to search it.

Look car A1ILEP44.PF1 That's the car Prince James' men arrived in.

Use fingerprint kit on car A1ILEP59.PF1 It'd take an army to search *that* thing for fingerprints. I *probably* have more productive uses for my time. A1ILEP59.PF2 In other words -- it's too much work.

A1IT410L.QR1 I'd like to know where all Mallory and MacDougall went last night. Maybe tire tracks like these would help -- if I could compare the tread.

Look tracks A1ILDN44.PF1 Those tracks were definitely made by this car.

Take tread from dirt A11LDN4X.411 I can't get enough detail from the tracks in the dirt.

Look tires A1IL4144.761 Those tires match the tracks out there on the shoulder all right.

Compare tires to track A1IL4144.QR1 Those're the tires that made those prints out by the road.

Re-take tread A1IL414X.6R1 I already took down the tread.

Look tree A1ILSL44.QR1 I don't see any dings on the tree. The car must have been driven in here nice and slow.

Look other tree A1ILN644.QR1 GABE,Yeah, more trees. What do these people have against lampposts and telephone poles?

At Couiza

Look at the board A0OLDI0L.PF1 Buchelli lied about comin' in from Naples.

A0OLDI44.PF1 It's a list of arrivals.

Look benches A0OLL544.PF1 At least you can stretch out while you're waitin'.

Look ashtrays A0OLOZ44.PF1 Ashtrays are to the French what carseats are to Americans.

Look ashtray sand A0OLP144.PF1 Yum. Nothin' like a little grit mixed with ash and used butts.

Look knocked over ashtray A0OLP244.PF1 Looks like someone was a bit too eager to 'flick'.

Go through door to trains A0OLP820.PF1 Uh . . . that way leads to the trains. I'm not takin' one that I know of.

Look Acces aux Quais sign A0OLP944.PF1 I'm guessin' it says the trains are that-a-way.

Look ticket booth A0OLPA44.PF1 That's where they sell tickets.

Look ticket booth sign A0OLPB44.PF1 Either that means 'tickets' in French, or they've got a side business goin' in munitions.

Pick up paper in ashtray A0OLPD32.PF1 "Why are you pokin' around in ashtray sand?" A0OLPD32.PF2 Oh, ha ha.

Look paper in ashtray A0OLPD44.PF1 There's a piece of paper in the sand.

Look watchtower A1JL9E44.Q81 They must watch the tracks from up there. A1JL9E44.Q82

  • Why* is another matter.

Enter watchtower A1JLBG20.Q81 The view of the tracks is just as good from down here.

Look station sign A1JLP944.Q81 Good thing that sign's there, or I'd swear this was a garage.

Knock door of house A0XLPP4H.QR1 I doubt there's anybody in there that can help with the case.

Look buildings A1JLPY44.Q81 I'm not sure what all these buildings are, but I don't think they're connected to the station.

Copy details of taxi A1JLPS4X.Q81 I don't need to write down anythin' about the taxi.

Steal taxi A1JLPS42.Q81 The owner wouldn't like it. Besides, I prefer the bike.

Look taxi A1JLPS44.Q81 Wow. Classic chassis!

Look station A1JLPT44.Q81 The great and magnificent Couiza train station.

Look rails A1JLPU44.Q81 Proof that the 'great iron way' really does go *everywhere*.

Look platform A1JLPV44.Q81 I vaguely remember this platfrom from my arrival. I was pretty out of it.

Look telephone poles A1JLPW44.Q81 My, how progressive. Telephone poles.

Look barrels A1JLPX44.Q81 The French really enjoy their barrels, don't they? Cheap seating *and* storage facilities in one.

At Rennes-les-Bains

Look barstools A0TL0D44.411 They're for sittin'.

Look curtains A0TL9644.411 They're opaque from all the cigarette smoke.

Talk to bartender again A0TLBA39.6R1 We have a communications gap.

Talk to bartender A0TLBA39.291 GABE,Hey. How's business? A0TLBA39.292 BARTENDER,Désolé, je ne parle pas anglais. A0TLBA39.293 GABE,Okay!

Look bartender A0TLBA44.411 Call me crazy but . . . my *guess* is he's the bartender.

Take weapons A0J8ES32.PF1 I might have to use one of these eventually, but for now I'll stick with my tape recorder and notebook, thanks.

Look guns A0TLC444.411 Reminds me of the hunt club.

Look fireplace A0TLO844.411 How romantic. A guy could do well in a place like this.

Look tables A0TLOB44.Z81 Cozy. But if I'm gonna be *in* a bar, I prefer to sit as close to the poison as possible.

Look bar A0TLOI44.411 The local waterin' trough.

Look dartboard A0TLOM44.411 Either they have really big darts here in France or that thing's been played to death.

Take sword A0TLON32.411 I've already got my knife.

Look sword A0TLON44.411 It's a big ol' sword. Cool.

Look map A0TLOQ44.411 They've got a travel theme happenin' here.

Look Leo Belgicus A0TLOR44.411 A lion-shaped map. Weird.

At Rennes-les-Bains parking lot

Look window A0XL9644.QR1 I can't see in. The curtains are closed.

Look wooden beams A0XLK144.QR1 It's a makeshift parkin' lot.

Look bar A0XLOI44.QR1 Reminds me of the Goldener Löwe in Rittersberg.

Look Grail sign A0XLOJ44.QR1 Must be tryin' to cash in on the treasure huntin' crowd.

Look houses A0XLOK44.QR1 Deader than a Bob Dole rally.

Knock door A0XLPP4H.QR1 I doubt there's anybody in there that can help with the case.

Enter closed gates A0X1OL20.411 I can't. They're closed.

Lady Howard/Estelle site

Chat with Estelle A0VJ5M39.6R1 Estelle's too far gone to listen. See, what happens when you *love* someone?

Look trees A0VLN644.QR1 There's nothin' here but trees.

Think dirt A0VLQ10L.Q81 I'd pay good money to see Estelle throw that dirt at Lady Howard.

Take prints off bottle A0VLYC59.Z81 Estelle may not be the brightest bulb on the planet, but she's not *blind*.

Look bottle in parking lot A2BJBK44.411 It looks like an empty plastic water bottle to me. A2BJBK44.412 It's gotta be Estelle's. Lady Howard's lips have probably never touched plastic in her life. Take bottle A2BJBK32.411 I don't wanna *take* it.

Think at bike A2BKA10L.411 Why would they stop here? This place isn't even interestin' enough to have a tourist sign. Look bike A2BKA144.411 I think that's Lady Howard and Estelle's moped. Take bike fingerprints A2BKA159.411 I don't see anything. These textured handles aren't great for prints.

At Serres parking lot

Look fence A0WKFZ44.3L1 Those leaves -- or whatever they are -- look *sharp*.

Walk away A0WKQD22.411 And leave my Harley? No way!

Look wall A0WL2H44.Q81 They've got a regular fortress here. Must be to keep out maraudin' peasants . . . or winos.

A0WL8H44.QR1 Pretty nice digs. It's in a lot better shape than Schloss Ritter.

Think at matched tire tracks A0WLDN0L.7T1 Now why would Prince James' men be snoopin' around Château de Serres? A0WLDN0L.7T2 I doubt they came here for the wine.

Look matched tread A0WLDN2T.Q81 These tracks match Mallory and MacDougall's car.

Look sign A0WLS944.QR1 Classy sign. Snooty, even.

Look vines A0WLXV44.QR1 Horticulture. It's kinda fun except for the fact that you actually have to take care of stuff after you plant it.

Climb fence A0WNFZ3H.411 I s'pose I *could* climb over, but I'm not quite that desperate. Yet.

Climb wall A0WQ2H3H.Q81 It's too smooth . . . nothin' to hold onto.

Look closed gates A0WQFZ44.3L1 Now that's downright rude.

At Blanchfort

Look platform A0ZL9E44.QR1 There was a tower here.

Look sign A0ZL7844.PF1 It's a diagram of the château that used to be here.

Look orange rock A0ZLFF44.3L1 There's a big orange rock off the road over there.

Look black rock A0ZLQ544.QR1 There's that big black rock you can see from the road.

Look mountain A0ZLQ644.QR1 That's a nice lookin' mountain. If you're into that nature stuff.

Look L'Homme Mort A0ZLY844.VK1 There's a little valley over there.

Look chateau A0ZLQ844.QR1 Not much left of the place, is there?

Look Cardou sign A0ZLU744.411 Mt. Cardou must be that big mountain across the road.

Look Rennes-le-Chateau A0ZLY944.PF1 That's Rennes-le-Château over there. Not what you might call your 'major metropolis' is it?

A0ZLY844.PF1 I think that's L'Homme Mort.

Look Roque Negre A1CLQ544.411 That's one heck of a big black rock.

A0ZLQ544.4Q1 That's Roc Nègre over there.

At L'Hermitage

Look at the cross Grace wrote in the sand (if she didn't dig) A1BLAV44.QR1 Looks like a very short game of 'tic-tac-toe'.

Look sign A1BLE744.QR1 This is obviously some sort of tourist site.

Read sign A1BLE758.QR1 This little cave has been identified as L'Ermitage on regional maps for centuries, but the origins of its ownership and usage remain obscure. A1BLE758.QR2 Wow. That's fascinatin'. I'll have to write home about that one.

Look dig A1BLG844.QR1 Who's been diggin' out here? Wilkes was thumpin' here earlier . . . coulda been him.

Dig dig A1BLG81O.QR1

That hole's already deeper than I woulda bothered diggin' it.

Look pillars A1BLRY44.QR1 Pillars outside a cave? Maybe Ler-mit-tage means "weird-ass architecture."

Enter cave A1BLSN22.QR1 No thanks. The last time I went pokin' around in a cave I ended up with hair on my palms.

Look cave A1BL3V44.411 Looks like a cave to me.

Look tire tracks in parking lot A29KDN44.4K1 There're more tire tracks here. A29LDN0L.7L1 Why would Mallory and MacDougall stop here? Huh. They were probably drivin' around checkin' out the valley. A29LDN0L.7L2 . . . Maybe they stopped once too often -- and that's why they were killed. A29LDN2T.Q81 Looks like the same tread to me. Prince James' men must have stopped here.

Look parking lot sign A29LE744.QR1 Ler-mit-tage. Wonder what that means?

A29LE744.7J1 Ler-mit-tage.


Introduction A2FL1744.3L1 That's me. The trusty sidekick.

Pushing something heavy A0B7O02D.411 Yeah! Me and what army?

Use binocs at wrong place A2FL172C.X01 I need to use these at a lookout point.

Digging somewhere A0B7791O.5E1 I should go get the shovel.

Look shovel A1BLFL44.PF1 That's our shovel.

Take shovel A1BLFL32.PF1 I'll take it when I go back to the bike.

Trying to take something A2FL8S32.QS1 No, I don't think I'll be needing that.

Not again! A2FL8S27.SG1 I've *done* that already.

Not sitting there A2FL8S27.U71 Um. . . Nah.

A2FL1751.3L1 I've already got it.

Look Harley: A1WLB744.QS1 Gabriel rented it. I wonder how he managed to get the only Harley?

He's Not In A1A7DR23.5M1 No one's in there.

A10LSZ0L.CN1 I should see if SIDNEY can do anything with it.

Look unknown person (Tour Magdala 2:7-10) A1F61A44.6D1 I wonder who that is?

Need not bother: A2BL1I3E.411 I'll let Gabriel worry about that.

Use locator at wrong place A10L5A33.F71 I don't need to use it here.

Use locator again A2F71775.6R1 I've already found the location of the coordinates here.

A1075A33.RF1 Here we go!

A2FL8X51.JP1 I don't need to show her that.

A2FL8X51.K01 Why would I want to show that to him?

A10L3A76.UE1 I don't think that would accomplish anything.

A091123T.411 (Talk to Mosely at 3:7-10) Why would I want to do *that* . . . exactly?

A10LTN0L.UE1 I should scan this into SIDNEY.

Go to Couiza A21LP362.PF1 Gabriel's already investigated there, and I don't think it's relevant to the sacred geometry.

Fingerprints Find fingerprint A1EP0259.3L1 I got one.

A1077H59.291 Aha!

A2BLA159.QS1 Hmmm. I don't see any sign of prints.

A10L3A05.QS1 No prints that I can see.

A10LTK0L.Z51 I should scan this into SIDNEY.

A10LXW7X.DG1 I can't scan that into SIDNEY.

A10LXW7X.P71 To scan that, I'd have to get onto SIDNEY and do an ADD DATA.


Look list with latitude/longitude numbers:

A02O1C0L.B51 These grid numbers give the exact latitude and longitude of any given point on the map. A02O1C0L.B52 It would be great if I could coordinate them with the exact latitude and longitude out in the valley itself. But how? A02O1C0L.AW1 I should be able to locate any point on this map out in the valley by using these grid numbers and the coordinate fixing device I got from Mosely.

A10LXF44.3L1 I wrote these coordinates down from the map in SIDNEY. A10OXF0L.B51 These numbers give the exact latitude and longitude of any given point on the map. A10OXF0L.B52 It would be great if I could coordinate them with the exact latitude and longitude out in the valley itself. But how?

A10L5A33.5E1 I've already marked the location of the coordinates. A1015A44.DC1 It's a coordinate fixing device. A1015A0L.871 Maybe I can pinpoint locations out in the valley with this -- using coordinates from SIDNEY. A1015A33.NX1 This device might help me locate the exact center of the circle. A1015A44.871 Gabriel was telling me about this device he saw Mosely using a few days ago. I hope this is it, and I hope it does what I *think* it does.

Read Holy Grail book A106CQ58.PF1 I want to read it in the van. A10LCQ0L.BW1 I wonder if the person leaving the notes for me is the same person who left this book? A10LCQ0L.PF1 I wonder who could have left this for us. And why? A10LCQ58.SV1 I've *read* it. Very interesting. A10LCQ59.6R1 There weren't any prints on it. A10LCQ59.291 No prints! That's a bummer. A109CQ44.PF1 I found it in the hall. It's called 'Secrets of the Holy Grail.'

Look handkerchief A0B71P32.411 It's a red handkerchief. Didn't Wilkes have one like that? Think handkerchief A10L1P0L.PF1 Maybe Wilkes was getting too close.

A10LXC44.411 I got some Deutschmarks converted to Francs at the airport. Not much to spend it on around here, though.

A105X944.PF1 I copied these symbols down from the robes at Château de Serres. A105X90L.PF1 Maybe I should see if SIDNEY can do anything with these.

Look manuscript A10L7H44.UE1 Larry Sinclair's Bloodline manuscript.

Look fingerprint kit A10L4Q44.PF1 I got us *both* a fingerprint kit so we can *both* work on the case.

A10LXX44.PF1 I got this fingerprint from the envelope that 'Le Serpent Rouge' came in. Maybe I can figure out who left it at the museum. A10LXX0L.PF1 I should scan this into SIDNEY and see if it matches any of the prints in our suspect database. A10LTK44.Z51 The print is from Buchelli's wine glass. A10LTN44.UE1 It's Estelle Stiles' fingerprint. A10LY344.PF1 I'm sure this fingerprint belongs to Montreaux, the owner of the Château de Serres vineyards. A10LXZ44.PF1 This print is from the plastic cover of Larry's manuscript.

Look Harley keys A10L7U44.UE1 I'm surprised I could get those keys from Gabriel without having to pry them from his cold, dead hand.

Look Mosely´s key A1018M44.PF1 Yeah. Mose gave me his key last night. 'In case I changed my mind'.

Look Hermitage note A10L6958.PF1 Where did the bloodline of the Pharaohs go? Look to he who is legendary for his wisdom to find the answer. A10L6944.PF1 This note was left at L'Ermitage.

Look SW note A0B77Z44.411 Not another one! A10LFP32.PF1 A10LFP58.PF1 Where was Osiris when the star shone over Bethlehem? A10LFP32.PF2 Who could know *exactly* where I'm going? Not even *Gabriel* knows what I'm doing. Or *cares*, for that matter. A10LFP44.PF1 Someone left this for me at the southwest arm of the hexagram.

Look NE note A10LHZ0L.PF1 Who's *leaving* these things? A10LHZ32.PF1 Who were the Magi? A10LHZ44.PF1 I found this at the back of Mount Cardou, at the Northeast arm of the hexagram.

Look Site note A10LI00L.PF1 I think it's talking about the vampires. A10LI044.PF1 I found this one at Mount Cardou. A10LI058.PF1 The ones who wove the vine in the Pharaoh's days weave it still. The ones who would steal the sacred wine long ago, seek it still.

Look SUM note A10LBB0L.PF1 It's either 'sum' or maybe 'sum', Latin. Neither one makes any sense to me at the moment. A10LBB0L.RR1 It's 'SUM', Latin. A10LBB44.PF1 Emilio wrote that in the dirt at Poussin's Tomb.

Look LSR Envelope A10LEM0L.H91 I'm not sure who left this envelope at the musem, but I *do* know that Estelle Stiles touched it at some point. A10LEM0L.PF1 I wonder who could have left this at the museum? A10LEM44.PF1 That's the envelope 'Le Serpent Rouge' came in. *Someone* taped it to the door of the museum. A10LEM59.6R1 There aren't anymore prints on the folder *or* the pages. A10LEM59.291 There *is* a fingerprint on it!

Look photo A10LF60L.QZ1 I have my doubts about Dr. Wen's 'seed', but this looks Egyptian all right. It *also* looks like something a vampire might use! A10LF644.3L1 It's the artifact photo I got from Estelle. (MISSING LINE: CHECK BONUS)

Look shovel A10LFL44.PF1 I have that shovel on the bike if I decide to use it. A10LFL44.UE1 There's a shovel on the bike if I need one.

Look postcard A10LSZ44.PF1 I bought it at the museum. It's Poussin's 'Les Bergeres d'Arcadie'.

Teniers_2 A10LT10L.6C1 St. Paul is pointing up in this painting. Since the cave is L'Ermitage, that means he'd be pointing towards . . . the north. Towards Mount Cardou. A10LT10L.LQ1 Virgo mentions St. Paul - 'I look to St. Paul for direction and he answers with a simple gesture'. A10LT10L.LQ2 St. Paul is pointing UP in this painting. I wonder what he's pointing to in the actual landscape? A10LT10L.YM1 The cave in this painting is located at L'Ermitage. A10LT144.PF1 'St. Anthony and St. Paul' by David Tenier.

Teniers_1 A10LT044.PF1 It's David Tenier's 'The Temptation of St. Anthony'.

Look sketch-pad A10LTA44.PF1 I always carry my sketchpad. Well, you never know when you'll get an urge to do a 'Gabe-as-chimp' doodle.

Look cipher A10LXE0L.3L1 I'm not sure *what* to make of it at the moment, but I have a feeling I'll be coming back to it eventually. A10LXE44.3L1 That's the 'blue apples' cipher that SIDNEY found in one of the Saunière parchments.

Look binocs A10LTB0L.QS1 These seem to be all the rage in Rennes-le-Château. A10LTB44.UE1 I *borrowed* those binoculars from Lady Howard and Estelle.

Look glass A10L1044.UE1 Looks like a glass to me.

Location fixing device A10OXF0L.AW1 I should be able to locate any point on this map out in the valley by using these grid numbers and the coordinate fixing device I got from Mosely.

R25 key A10LY044.QS1 Key to the commune.

Church pamphlet A10P1M0L.PI1 That bit about the sunrise line is interesting. A10P5I0L.PF1 All this stuff is interesting, but I'm not sure how to use it. A10P7544.PF1 It's a pamphlet from St. Mary Magdalen's.

Passport A109WZ44.UE1 That's me alright. Nothing like Kinkos to do a girl justice.

Le Serpent Rouge: A10LT644.AX1 I've solved 'Le Serpent Rouge!' A10LT61A.FS1 That's the last page. A10LT67X.411 There's no point in scanning Le Serpent Rouge. I'll have to interpret the verses myself. SIDNEY isn't *that* smart. A10LT644.411 This riddle is *fascinating* -- you can *almost* see what it's hinting at. I really want to solve it.

A2HL0M0L.521 I think I've solved that one. A2HL7I0L.IS1 I'd better concentrate on a piece of this at a time. A2HL7I0L.LG1 I'd better take this thing a piece at a time, or I'll *really* get confused. I'll concentrate on the first two stanzas. A2HL8L0L.Q81 I sure could use some clues, but I *don't* think I'll find 'em out here.

      • AQUARIUS***

A10L0M0L.L31 'I lay down the path of RA and was illuminated.' What's 'the path of RA'? A10L0M0L.L32 Maybe I should try a search and see what SIDNEY has to say about RA. A10L0M0L.791 'I lay down the path of RA'. RA is god of the sun -- the path of the sun? The path of light, perhaps? A2HO2T0L.AU1 I'm not sure *what* that means. Perhaps the connection is to the sun or even just 'light'. A10P1M0L.JT1 Sunrise line! On the feast day of St. Mary Magdalen. I wonder if that's the 'path of RA'? A10P1M0L.521 I'm sure that's the path of RA in 'Le Serpent Rouge!'

      • PISCES***

A10L0S0L.891 I was further aided by the *parchments* of my friend. I wonder if they're referring to *the* parchments -- the one Saunière found? A10L0S0L.GY1 There are *four* statues of Magdalen with the skull and *four* names for Magdalen given in Pisces: Isis, Magdalen, Lady of the Lake, and Notre Dame des Cross. A10L0S0L.GY2 And the part about the *circle* -- 'the circle forms the ring'. It must be talking about locating the treasure geographically. Maybe there's some circle around here. A10P2Q0L.8S1 There are four statues and four names for Magdalen in Pisces. A10P2Q0L.8S2

I have a feeling those statues are important!  But is it the statues themselves or their *location* that matters?

A10P2Q0L.IS1 Those Magdalen statues mark the points on the circle! A10P2Q0L.PI1 Four Magdalen statues with skulls. I wonder what that could mean? Maybe the town names are significant?

      • ARIES***

A2HO2C0L.1F1 Okay, the quaternity is the *square* and it represents the four points of the compass. A10L7I0L.8J1 Okay. The queen is the circle, I think. Her guard is the 'quaternity'. 'North, west, south, then east' . . . those are directions, so something is surrounding her. 'St. Michael and his brothers' . . . Hmmm. A10L7I0L.8M1 'They surround the I.S. -- Isis? -- that none may harm her, and stand pressed against her in a way that Pythagoras would have approved'. *Something's* around the circle.

      • TAURUS***

A2GLSV62.8Q1 Taurus says . . . 'By this Sign shall you conquer it.' Where did I just see that? A10LCS0L.8R1 How do I tilt the square? It says 'my friend' knows the secret but wisely hides the FRUIT among the chaff.' Who's 'my friend'? Is it talking about the parchments again? A10LCS0L.8V1 If I'm right about that FRUIT reference, the square should align somehow with the Serres-Meridian line. A10OXE0L.6W1 Taurus says 'my friend hides the FRUIT among the chaff.' If the 'blue apples' bit is the FRUIT, perhaps the 'peace, 681, by the cross and this horse of God' part is the chaff. In other words, a red herring. So . . A10OXE0L.6W2 'I complete this spirit guardian' . . . that must be the square . . .' at midday, or to the meridian, blue apples'. A10OXE0L.6W3 Blue apples! That's what the old lady at Château de Serres said to me. She meant 'grapes'. Could 'blue apples' be referring to vineyards? Serres itself?

      • GEMINI/CANCER***

A10L2D0L.A71 The tiles alternate black and white . . . where have I seen that? 64 squares of the perfect cube. *64* squares. A10L2D0L.A72 Well, it mentions 'knights' several times. Perhaps I should look it up. A2HL2D0L.931 The 64 stones are the chessboard grid. A10L9U0L.A71 'Reassemble the scattered stones and working with square and compass' . . . I think we're supposed to put the 64 stones on the map somehow. A18PCJ0L.YQ1 The church floor is made up of black and white tiles -- that's what Gemini is talking about. But I can't rearrange the *floor*. It must be symbolic of something.

      • LEO***

A10LCI0L.8B1 Those two paintings are mentioned again. I really need to get a hold of them! A10LCI0L.B91 I've got the paintings, and I've figured out where they are on the map. But Leo says, 'Surely there is a path between the two'. A10LCI0L.JM1 I need the Poussin and Teniers, but *which* Teniers? 'Here is the sign that was given in his INNOCENT recluse'? A10LCI0L.JM2 That reminds me of the parchment riddle -- 'Shepherdess no temptation that Poussin Teniers holds the key'. 'Shepherdess' is in the Poussin painting title. Could 'no temptation' be indicating which Teniers? A10LCI0L.NH1 'Teniers, too, has dipped his brush in the earth'. Poussin's painting is based on a real location around here. Could the Teniers be also?

      • VIRGO***

A10L0V0L.9O1 'Here is the reconstruction to which so many noble minds were dedicated! I look to the book of the hermit for reassurance.' They must be talking about the book in the Tenier's painting. In other words, II Chronicles 3, which is about the Temple of Solomon. A10L0V0L.9O2 I think I'm supposed to be marking off the walls of a 'new temple', built by heretics! A10L0V0L.C71 Virgo describes the walls of the Temple. A10L7M0L.R71 I wonder if the Temple of Solomon was what the Templars were building underground?

      • LIBRA***

A10L810L.9V1 'Still my task has not ended.' It looks like there's one more feature -- something which gives entry to the abyss? An entrance marker? A10L810L.9V2 'It is the number of our patron sky-traveler' . . . that must be RA again . . . 'and that of a famous seal.' A2GLSV62.7H1 Libra is *definitely* talking about a hexagram. The 'battle of truth and falsehood' is the Cathar black and white hexagram. Plus it represents the SOUL, and it's the seal of solomon. A10L810L.7H2 'At the intersection of the many I lay down one rigid arm . . .' Hmmm. A2HOBT0L.BD1 The point of that arm falls in the Le Bec mountain range. A2HOCG0L.BD1 Two of the hexagram's arms fall within the boundaries of the temple. A2HOCG0L.BD2 I wonder what they signify? Maybe I should go check them out. A2HOE10L.BD1 The point of that arm falls on the back of Mt. Cardou.

      • SCORPIO***

A2HOFC0L.R41 The temple is a long rectangle broken into fourths, but they make up only three sections. Could that be 'the three which are the four' in Scorpio? A2HOFC0L.R51 The diagram shows the three divisions of the temple. I marked them on the map. A10L7M0L.R61 'The three which are the four are the divisions of the temple'. A10L7M0L.R71 I wonder if the Temple of Solomon was what the Templars were building underground? A10L7M0L.R72 The rectanglar shape on my map seems to match the temple diagram, but Scorpio says the *divisions* are important. I should try to mark them out. A10L7M0L.R91 Let's see . . . 'I had marked the Site at last -- there in the center of the most sacred space . . . ' We're ready to mark The Site!

      • OPHIUCHUS***

A107DX0L.AG1 I think the 'windows of the ruined house' and the 'presence' are Blanchefort and Cardou. A107DX0L.AG2 In other words - the 'site' and its lookout. But *what* is buried there? I need to solve that anagram to find out. A107CI0L.RL1 Leo says 'puzzled by the enigma of ET IN ARCADIA EGO blank blank blank'. It implies there's a missing *word*. A107DX0L.RM1 'ET IN ARCADIA EGO blank blank blank'. It implies there's a missing *word*. A word with three letters, maybe?

      • CAPRICORN***

A10L7F0L.AO1 'Turning to the north' -- that must be north of The Site -- 'I see the red serpent, rigid and bitter.' It must be talking about some kind of landmark feature.

Le Serpent Rouge Aquarius A10L0M58.411 In my arduous search, I was trying to hack a way with my sword through the dense vegetation of the woods like some pawn of destiny. I wanted to reach the place of the Sleeping Beauty in which some poets can see the Queen of a lost kingdom. A10L0M58.412 Desperate to find the way, I laid down the path of RA and was illuminated.

Pisces A10L0S58.Q81 I was further aided by the parchments of my friend. They murmur of the Lady. Long ago her name was Isis, Queen of the benevolent springs. Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. A10L0S58.Q82 Others knew her as Magdalen with the celebrated vase of healing balm. The initiated knew her to be the Lady of the Lake and Notre Dame des Cross. The circle is the ring and the crown forms the diadem of the Queen of the castle.

Aries A10L7I58.411 The Queen's guard is the quaternity: They who stand watch over the guardian. I look to the north and the west, then the south and the east, and everywhere I see them, their shining swords held out to meet each other. A10L7I58.412 St. Michael and his brothers, with their feet rooted in the earth. They surround the I.S. that none might harm her, and stand pressed against her in a way that Pythagoras would have approved.

Taurus A10LCS58.411 In the sanctuary is the font, fountain of love, of those who believe reminding us of these words 'By this sign you will conquer'. I understand this now -- the four are the stuff of the alchemist's laboratory, and their cant reflects the light in harmony with their Queen. A10LCS58.412 And yet, the angels hold tight the secret of the angle that is the key to the kingdom. A10LCS58.413 My friend knows the secret, but wisely he hides the FRUIT among the chaff that the treasure not be lost to the infidels.

Gemini A10L2D58.411 The Mosaic tiles of the sacred place alternate black or white and Jesus, like Asmodeus, observes their alignment. A10L2D58.412 I can find 64 stones of the perfect cube which the Knights of the beauty of the black wood had scattered when they fled from the white fort while they were being pursued by the usurpers.

Cancer A10L9U58.411 "Reassemble the scattered stones and, working with square and compass, put them into ranks. The Knightly Order of the Perfect Cube fits within and gives structure to our Lady's protector, the Heavenly quartet."

Leo A10LCI58.411 I visit the tomb of the celebrated painter Poussin and, like the SHEPHERDS, puzzle at the enigma of the tomb. My brain pounds, the light burns my eyes. It is all too mixed up to tell. A10LCI58.412 Teniers, too, has dipped his brush in the earth, and his at the *innermost places* of the queen. A10LCI58.413 Here is the sign that Teniers has given in his innocent recluse. Surely there is a path between the two.

Virgo A10L0V58.411 Sixteen form the center and the center forms sixteen. I pray to St. Paul for direction and he answers with a simple gesture. A10L0V58.412 Here is the reconstruction to which so many noble minds were dedicated! I look to the book of the hermit for reassurance. The numbers they give me confirm the truth. A10L0V58.413 What strange mystery is concealed in the new Temple of Solomon, built by the children of St. Vincent?

Libra A10L8158.411 And still, my task has not ended; still a bit of curtain blocks the light. Something must complete the message, something which will give us entry into the abyss. A10L8158.412 Truth and falsehood battle in my head until I hear their message: it is the number of our patron sky-traveler and that of a famous seal. A10L8158.413 The soul of the matter is evident to me now. At the intersection of the many I lay down one rigid arm and the others scatter around the crown like jewels. At last the Queen is adorned for her coronation!

Scorpio A10L7M58.411 Three is the trinity and the separation of the spheres. The three which are the four are the divisions of the temple. I began my journey in the shadows and completed it in the light. A10L7M58.412 I had marked the Site at last - there, in the center of the most sacred space. At the summit of the mountain, the place stood out in the brilliance of the midday sun. It was guarded by the three knight's towers, the ROOKS, on the circuit of the divine horseman of the abyss.

Ophiuchus A10LDX58.411 At the window of the ruined house I looked across the trees denuded by Autumn. Close to me a presence, its feet in the water, like one who has just received the mark of baptism. A10LDX58.412 I recalled the inscription: 'Et In Arcadia Ego _ _ _'. Through some selfish inspiration I found the missing three. The dust settled and I saw at last! Curses, I know the truth, HE IS THERE DEAD. The broken bread lies forgotten beneath the altar.

Sagittarius A10L7F58.411 But the worst is yet to come. How many have pillaged the House, using the most sacred for purposes most foul? A10L7F58.412 I turn north. Facing me I see unwinding, endless by its coils, the enormous Red Serpent mentioned in the documents, rigid and bitter. A10L7F58.413 The huge unleashed beast at the foot of the white mountain becomes scarlet with greed and drunk with stolen and profaned communion. DELIVER ME OUT OF THE MIRE.

Capricorn A10L2W58.411 I am aware of the scent of the perfume which impregnates the sepulchre of the one I must release. Cursing the profane in their ashes and those who follow their ways; returning from the darkness while making the gesture of horror at the abyss into which I had plunged. A10L2W58.412 Here is the proof that I knew the secret Seal of Solomon, and I had visited the secret places of the Queen who watches over the King. A10L2W58.413 Take Heed my friend, do not add or take away one iota; think and think again. The base lead of my words may contain the purest gold. LET HE WHO HAS THE UNDERSTANDING USE IT WITH WISDOM.

Room 25

Look laptop A1LL3Y44.QS1 I'm sure glad I got that laptop.

Look picture A1LL4444.QS1 Chadrel Gyatso runs a monastery for training schattenjäger monks. His mind is *amazing*. A1LL4444.QS2 I would *love* to go spend a few months there.

Look dumbwaiter A1LL461A.291 It's an old-fashioned dumb waiter. A1LL4X44.QS1 Yup. It's a dumb waiter all right.

Open dumbwaiter while locked A1LL461A.WG1 It won't open -- it's locked.

Get on platform A1LL4X1L.QS1 You *can't* be serious.

A1LL0944.QS1 That's a dumb waiter. Some of the old hotels in New York have them.

Open other dumbwaiter door A1LL8F20.Z51 It's probably locked.

Look other dumbwaiter door A1LL8F44.QS1 I think that goes to Mr. Baza's room.

Look dumbwaiter pulley A1LLBZ44.6R1 It's an old-fashioned rope pulley.

Look suitcases A1LL9N44.QS1 Our suitcases. I've already unpacked them.

Look dumbwaiter lock A1LLAN44.QS1 The dumb waiter locks. It must open onto another room.

Look bathroom A1LLBJ44.QS1 That's the bathroom.

Look lock A1LLCO44.QS1 There's a lock on the door. Most hotel's have them.

Look plant A1LLGW44.QS1 Looks like something you'd see in Palm Springs.

Look dresser A1LLGX44.QS1 I like all these old French antiques.

Look desk A1LLGY44.QS1 At least there's somewhere I can work in private. A1LLGY44.QS2 Or *mostly* private, anyway.

Look bedside table A1LLGZ44.QS1 Those are great for reading in bed.

Search bedside table A1LLWK44.QS1 It's empty. That would make sense since I haven't put anything in there.

Look clothes A1LLH144.QS1 Our stuff. I brought it down from Prince James' house.

Look trash can A1LLJ544.QS1 If this were Schloss Ritter, that would be filled with Gabriel's aborted writing attempts. And letters from my mother.

Look Caillebotte's Périssoires A1LLJ644.QS1 It looks like two Englishmen exploring the Amazon. A1LLJ644.QS2 Which begs the question -- what exactly is it doing in a French hotel?

Look Manet's Monet peignant dans son bateau-atelier A1LLJ744.QS1 That looks like a Casset reproduction.

Look Fantin-Latour's Still Life With Flowers And Fruits A1LLJ844.QS1 I've done so many still lifes for painting class, I'm sick of them. This one isn't bad, though.

Look Renoir's Gabrielle aux Bijoux A1LLJ944.QS1 That *would* be right over Gabriel's bed.


Look window A1LQ9644.QS1 It overlooks the street. At least I can keep an eye on people while I'm working in here.

Look couch on day 3 A1LQGV44.QS1 That's where Gabriel *was* sleeping.

Look couch on day 2 A1LTGV44.QS1 It's comfortable enough. I'm sure he's fine sleeping there. A1LTGV44.QS2 Anyway, better him than me.

Use bed on day 2 A1LT7Y25.QS1 No way I could sleep!

Look bed on day 2 A1LT7Y44.QS1 The bed's pretty comfortable.

Look window A1LT9644.QS1 Good thing we have a window. I have the feeling we'll be needing *lots* of fresh air.


Read a mail again A02O0L2Z.QS1 I already read those.

E-mail: Grace: Your Father had a wonderful idea. We're going to send you an early birthday present -- tickets to fly home. How does next month sound? I met the nicest boy at the Japanese Cultural Center. His name is Ryan Mikoshi. I gave him your e-mail. Hope you don't mind. Before you start, he's *very* nice-looking and he's an Electrical Engineer. He works for IBM in Manhattan. I'm telling you, the girls at the Center are *quite* interested, but I showed him your picture and told him all about you. You know I can make you sound good. Mrs. Willis' daughter is traveling in Europe for a year, too. She's pretty but spoiled (her parents are paying for this trip because she got accepted at Harvard law school). But at least she's a good daughter. Maybe spoiling is what it takes. So now that we pay for this new e-mail account every month you can't *write* to your Mother? Let me know right away about the trip. The second week of July works best because we have theater tickets before and after. We can drive over to Yale and look up some of your school friends, maybe talk to that nice Professor Barclay. Love, Mom Reply: A02O1V0O.PF1 No *thank* you.

E-mail: Hi Grace, my name's Ryan Mikoshi. Your mother gave me your e-mail address. She says you're taking a European sabbatical? Sounds great -- I wish I could get away. I graduated with my MSEE two years ago and went to work for IBM two weeks later -- you know how school loans can be. Anyway, your mother says that you're coming home in a few weeks, so maybe we can get together? She made you sound pretty interesting. People think I'm interesting too! ;-) Talk to you soon. Ryan Reply: A02O240O.PF1 I *really* don't want to get the guy's hopes up.

E-mail: Dear Grace: Of course you are welcome to join us anytime, even if your partner does not choose to do so. But I sense that you feel tied to your current situation, perhaps without a clear understanding why. Love and loyalty are precious gifts, but they must be free and open, not sources of resentment or restraint. Destiny can also be a heavy weight -- and I sense your destiny is a deep one. Sometimes we must wait for the event in which we are to participate before we can move on. Let this thought give you patience. If you feel the path blocked beyond your ability to influence, you may need for Fate to find a detour! Remember, we cannot control others. Our choices belong to each of us alone. I can feel you clearly and sweetly across the long miles. I know you will find your way. I only hope that our paths cross before we are both too old and wise to learn from each other. Your friend, Chadrel. Reply: A02O570O.PF1 I want to write back, but . . . I need to think about what I'm going to say.

Reply to SIDNEY A02OXR0O.PF1 I don't need to reply to SIDNEY.

Print e-mail A02OXJ2Z.Z51 I don't need to print it.

Compose e-mail A02OXI2Z.Z51 Nah, I don't want to write anybody right now.

Translate into wrong language A02OC02Z.Q91 I'm good, but I'm not that good. I'd rather see it in English.

Print ID A02O8G5F.Z51 I don't need to print it. I can't think of anywhere I'd use it.

Map shapes A02O0I27.NG1 I don't think I'm ready for that shape yet.

A02O1K2Z.IM1 I don't think I'm quite ready for the hexagram yet.

A02O0I27.731 I don't think there'll be another one of *those* on the map.

A02O0I27.LN1 I think that's right. I don't want to erase it.

A02OD32Z.931 I think I've got the grid part right. I don't want to erase it.

A02OD32Z.GW1 I'm not sure about the size of this grid.

A02OD32Z.NF1 I don't think a grid is going to help me right now.

Match LSR print unsuccessfully A02OX660.SL1 Shoot! Whoever's print that is, we don't have them in the data base yet. I guess I'll try again later, when we've got more prints.

A0264G2Z.PF1 I don't have anything to scan yet, but SIDNEY can handle fingerprints, license plates, Gabriel's tapes, text and visual images. A0264G2Z.PF2 Pretty cool.

Use same shape again A02O0I27.731 I don't think there'll be another one of *those* on the map.

A02O4G71.6R1 I already scanned that.

Room 25 bathroom

Look towels A2JLO544.QS1 I wish they'd left more of those. From what Gerde tells me, Gabriel can go through three a day all by himself.

Think sink A2JLVA0L.QS1 This is the first time Gabriel and I have shared a sink. Good thing I had my shots last year.

Look sink A2JLVA44.QS1 There's one sink I don't have to clean.

Use toilet A2JLVB25.QS1 That is disgusting.

Look toilet A2JLVB44.QS1 The odious commodious.

Shower/Brush teeth A2JLVC25.QS1 I already did that this morning.

Think shower A2JLVC44.QS1 Gabriel will just have to live without his special 'hair washing' nozzle for a while.

Unroll TP A2JLVD1A.QS1

  • That* would make a mess.

Look TP A2JLVD44.QS1 Interesting. They have square toilet paper here in France.

Look trash can A2JLVE44.QS1 Not even toe-nail clippings in there.

Use make/up A2JLVG25.QS1 I already have my face on, believe it or not.

Look make-up bag A2JLVG44.QS1 That's mine.

Open Gabe's bag A2JLVH20.QS1 I'm afraid of what I might find.

Look Gabe's bag A2JLVH44.QS1 I can't see how he fits his hair products in there. His hairspray alone is twice that size.

Look toothbrushes A2JLVJ44.QS1 They look kinda cute side by side like that.

Hotel Hallway

A1ALJA44.QS1 All the room numbers are odd. Oh, well. So are the guests.

Look Wilkes door A1AT3S44.QS1 The Austrailian is in that room. A1A13S44.QS1 Wilkes' den of iniquity. And desperation. A1AW3S44.QS1 That *was* Wilkes' room. I can't believe he's dead!

Look Room 29 before meeting Madeline A1A62P44.WC1 Gabriel said the tour group leader is in that room. Funny. He almost seemed to be drooling at the time.

Look room 29 A1AL2P44.411

  • Buthane's* room.

Look room 33 A1AL9C44.QS1 It's Mosely's room.

Knock on door A1AL9I4H.UE1 I don't know what I'd say to them if they answered. A1AL9I4H.UE2 I don't know what I'd say to her if she answered. A1AL9I4H.UE3 I don't know what I'd say to him if he answered.

Look room 31 A1AL9J44.QS1 Lady Howard and Estelle share that one.

Listening door with no result A1A13S23.QS1 I don't hear anything.

Open closet A1AL1420.QS1 It's locked. I'm not surprised.

Look closet A1AQ1444.QS1 'Hotel staff only'. Must be the maid's closet.

Look closet sign A1ALJB44.QS1 It says 'staff only'.

Use glass on room 25 A1AL8223.Z51 Uh . . . I could always just go in.

Look room 25 A1AL8244.QS1 That's our room.

Look room 27 A1ALBW44.QS1 Mr. Baza's next door to us.

Look room 21 A1ALDR44.QS1 Signore Buchelli's room.

A1AL9I23.F91 I don't think anybody's in there.

Look Zandomeneghi's Senora nel Prata A1ALJC44.QS1 I think Gabriel has a thing for red umbrellas.

Look Caillebotte's Brume Maternelle A1ALJD44.QS1 I expect Mark Twain to come around that corner any minute.

Look Merse's family picknick A1ALJE44.QS1 They don't make families like that anymore. Too much work!

Look table A1ALWX44.Z51 Pretty table, but a bit too 'antiquey' for my tastes. Bet Gabriel likes it.

Hotel Lobby

Buzz Gabriel at 2:7-10AM or 3:7-10AM A1E1UC1J.UE1 Uh-huh. It would be funny to buzz Gabriel if I could be there to see him jump, but I can't so I won't.

Buzz Room 25 at another time A1ELUC1J.UE1 That's our room. I suppose I could buzz it, but there's not much point.

Buzz room 33 A1ELE21J.UE1 I don't need to bug Mosely right now.

Use a buzzer A1EL501J.UE1 I don't want to buzz anyone.

Look buzzers A1EL5044.QS1 Old fashioned room buzzers. How quaint!

Look Jean A1ELCU44.Z51 I think Jean's a little over-involved with his guests. Can't say I blame him. There's not much goin' on with the locals.

Chat with Jean A1ELCU39.7W1 GRACE,Have you noticed anythin' peculiar goin' on with the guests? A1ELCU39.7W2 JEAN,Besides the Mademoiselle Buthane, the guests are all of the foreign persuasion. 'Peculiar' is not a word Jean allows himself.

A1EOCU39.3M1 GRACE,How's everything? A1EOCU39.3M2 JEAN,Very well, Mademoiselle. Thank you.

A1EOCU39.6N1 GRACE,Anything new, Jean? A1EOCU39.6N2 JEAN,No. We have the full hotel, but it seems to be smoothly running.

A1EOCU39.981 GRACE,This may sound weird, but have you noticed anything . . . unusual lately? A1EOCU39.982 JEAN,How I wish! The days, they make up the life monotonous in a town so small as this.

A1EQCU4W.291 GRACE,Jean, I've been working on the location of the treasure. Do you have any insight? A1EQCU4W.292 JEAN,Oui, Mademoiselle. Get a life. A1EQCU4W.293 GRACE,Okay! Thanks.

Look Simone A1EL1Y44.UE1 Simone works nights. Can't imagine what Jean does in the evening. In fact, I'd rather not try.

Take hotel register A1EL9G32.QS1 The hotel register wouldn't help me much.

Look hotel register A1ES9G44.821 It's the hotel registry. Of course, *I'm* not in there because I have to share a room with the great white detective. A1EQ9G44.DK1 It's the hotel register.

Use bell when Simone is there A1EL841Y.Y81 There's someone at the desk already.

Use bell when Jean is there (even when he isn't at the desk, SEE BONUS) A1EL841Y.B41 He's already at the desk.

Look bell A1EL8444.QS1 They don't really need a bell. Jean and Simone guard their post like members of the French resistance.

Look Cézanne's Still Life With Skull And Candlestick A1ELID44.QS1 Guess that's what happens to guests who give Jean a hard time.

Look Daubigny's Pond At Gylieu A1ELIE44.QS1 That's soothing. If you really like green.

Look Monet's Still Life With Pears And Grapes A1ELIF44.QS1 Fruit. Don't suppose there are any hidden messages in that one.

Look Manet's Portrait of Irma Brunner A1ELIG44.QS1 What a great profile! Reminds me of Barbara Streisand in 'Hello Dolly'.

Take candy A1ELVW3X.QS1 I have to watch my girlish figure. Not that anybody *notices*.

Look candy A1ELVW44.QS1 That stuff rots your teeth. Fat free, though.

Look flowers A1ELWC44.Z51 Um, nice. They brighten the place up a bit.

Take flowers A1ELWC32.Z51 I could take them with me, but the staff would probably get upset about it.

Look lamp A1ELWD44.Z51 It's just a lamp.

Use phone A1ELED25.QS1 There's a phone room for the guests if I need to make a call.

Look phone A1ELED44.QS1 A rotary phone! I haven't seen one of those since the 70's.

Use lounge A1ELIO19.QS1 I really don't have time.

Look lounge A1ELIO44.QS1 There's a good spot for people watching. Not that there's many people here to watch.

Look window A1EL9644.QS1 The view's better from the window in our room.

Take pen A1ELXB32.QS1 Nice! I suppose I'll be stealing towels next.

Look pen A1ELXB44.QS1 It's for writing in the register.

Telephone Booth

Use phone A01LED1R.UE1 I don't need to call anyone.

Look phones A01LED44.QS1 Phones. No, I'm *not* calling my mother.

Look Renoirs Nude A01LIG44.QS1 Women could actually *eat* back then.

Close curtains A01LIL1V.QS1 Why? I'm not even using the phone.

Look curtains A01LIL44.QS1 I love these big heavy curtains. They're right out of an old Bogie film.

Sit on stool A014II19.QS1 Why would I want to sit in there?

Read sign A014IT44.QS1 Even *Gabriel* could read that.

Dining Room

Look syrup A17C2G44.UE1 They're syrup packages.

Look empty buffet A17L7R44.QS1 Nice tablecloth.

Enter kitchen A17L2920.QS1 I'm on vacation. I don't *do* kitchens.

Look kitchen A17L2944.QS1 I think that's the kitchen back there.

Drink coffee A17LAY0W.QS1 If I wanted something that bitter and unpleasant I'd go talk to Gabe. A17LAY0W.QS2 (laughs)

Look coffee A17LAY44.QS1 Coffee. Can't stand the stuff.

Take pottery A17LIM32.QS1 I don't think that pottery is supposed to be used. It's probably expensive.

Look pottery A17LIM44.QS1 Hmmm. That must be local stoneware. Probably antique!

Look fireplace A17LIN44.QS1 That fireplace makes me miss my bedroom at Schloss Ritter.

Look Degas' Frieze of Dancers A17LIU44.QS1 Funny. I never looked like that when *I* took dance classes.

Look Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party A17LIV44.QS1 Somebody really likes Impressionist art.

Look Raffaëli's Absinthe Drinkers A17LIW44.QS1 Male bonding.

Look other ballet paining A17LIX44.QS1 Am I nuts or does that look like a man in drag? A17LIX44.QS2 Alright. So I've seen 'La Cage aux folles' *way* too many times.

Look Renoir's Le Loge before talking to Madeline... A17LIY44.WC1 Nice use of color in this one! Love that red. ...and after talking to Madeline A17LIY44.0Y1 Nice but . . . I'm not too keen on red hair at the moment.

Take coffee cup A17LIZ32.QS1 I . . . don't think I need one. But I'll know where to find one if I do.

Look coffee cup A17LIZ44.QS1 Cups. They're for coffee.

Eat A17LJ219.QS1 I've got too much to do to waste time eating! A17LUF3X.UE1 Ah . . . maybe later.

Look chairs A17LJ244.QS1 Oh, it's so cozy how they have these little tables set up. Not that I have time to sit down and enjoy it.

Look tables A17LJ344.QS1 Yuck! They *really* need to clean these tableclothes.

Open food crates A17LUF20.UE1 If I opened it, I'd probably want to eat some, and I've got other things to do.

Look food crates A17LUF44.UE1 It's not exactly full service, but the food smells good.

Look plates A17LUG44.UE1 Reminds me of the Yale cafeteria.

Eat sugar A17LUI3X.UE1 No thanks. But if I get a yen for pointless calories, I'll let you know.

Take sugar A2FL8S32.QS1 No, I don't think I'll be needing that. (DELETED LINE: SEE BONUS)

Look sugar A17LUI44.UE1 That stuff is an attempt to make an undrinkable substance less than nauseating. A17LUI44.UE2 But that's just my opinion.

At the cemetery

Trying to talk to Abbé at bad time A0C7B44H.411 I don't need to talk to the Abbé right now.

Look at the large tomb A0CLG544.QS1 It's a stone sarcophagus. Old, by the looks of it.

Look at tomb's skull and bones A0CLN244.QS1 A skull and bones. I wonder if it has some special meaning. Beside the obvious, that is.

Look at pot plants A0CLN144.QS1 Someone's trying to cheer the place up.

Trying to read a worn tombstone A0CLN358.QS1 I can't make out anything.

Looking at Jewish tombstone A0CLN444.QS1 This one has a Star of David. I wonder if these are from a local Jewish population? Or maybe the star means something else? A0CLN444.QS2 Or maybe both.

Looking at 18th century tombstone A0CLN544.QS1 This one is from the eighteenth century.

Read tombstone A0CLN558.QS1 Duc de Razès, 1703-1751.

Looking at tree A0CLN644.QS1 Well, they *tried* to create a park-like setting.

Looking at 19th century tombstone A0CLN944.QS1 This one is from the nineteeth century.

Read tombstone A0CLN958.QS1 "Jacques Gérard, died 1861."

Look 20th century tombstone A0CLNA44.QS1 Here's a modern gravestone.

Read tombstone A0CLNA58.QS1 Maxine Lafete died in 1973.

Read tombstone A0CLNB58.QS1 Monsieur Hoffet lived from 1920 to 1964.

Read tombstone A0CLNC58.QS1 Abigail Chérisey, 1865 to 1893. She was only twenty-eight when she died.

Read tombstone A0CLND58.QS1 "Pierre Françard, 1865-1899"

Look Sauniere cross A0CLNE44.QS1 It's a plain cement cross.

Look Sauniere graves A0CLNF44.QS1 I wonder who's buried in those graves?

After reading Sauniere plaque A0CLNF44.231 It's Saunière's grave.

Look at double grave A0CLNF44.QS1 I wonder who's buried in those graves?

Reading Sauniere's stone A0CLNI58.QS1 The stone has been defaced. All I can make out is the name 'Saunière'.

Look Saunière portrait A0CLNK44.411 I wonder who that is?

A0CLNG44.QS1 I wonder if the fence is suppose to prevent vandalism? It didn't work, did it?

A0CLNF44.411 These two graves have cement slabs poured over them.

A0FLDS44.UE1 That's Saunière's grave.

Look at Sauniere portrait A0CLNK44.2E1 That's a likeness of Saunière. Strange -- someone's gouged out his eyes, ears, and mouth. A0CLNK44.2E2 Hear no evil, see no evil? Maybe a warning to others.

Looking at plaque A0CLNJ44.QS1 There's a little plaque above the grave.

Read Marie sign A0CLNJ58.QS1 Here lies Marie Dénarnaud. Died January 19th, 1953 at the age of 85 years." A0CLNJ58.QS2 Wow.

A0CLNH44.1J1 That's the grave of Marie Dénarnaud.

A0CLNL44.QS1 That's where Gabriel saw Prince James' men attack the abbé.

Look at church windows from the back of the church A0CLN044.QS1 You can see the church windows from here.

Climb through office window A0CLEI20.NE1 Maybe I should try walking in the *door* first

Looking at parsonage after meeting Arnaud A0CLB444.QS1 That's the door to the abbé's house. Nice -- you have to walk through the cemetery to get to it.

Looking at Jewish tombstone A0CLN344.QS1 Some of the headstones are *really* old. They're practically worn smooth.

Look at grave image A0CLNK44.QS1 It's a carved head. Probably a grave portrait.

Look at window into church A0CLEI44.QS1 It's a window into the church.

Looking at a dark parsonage A0CL5G44.QS1 I don't think anyone's home.

The Church

Look angels near entrance before pamphlet A18L1F44.YZ1 Looks like something you'd see in a California incense shop. After LSR A18L1F44.Z21 I think these four angels are mentioned in 'Le Serpent Rouge'.

Look St Anthony of Padua statue before pamphlet A18L1N44.YH1 St. Anthony of Padua. I've never heard of him. Then again, I'm not really up on my Catholic saints. Later on A18L1N44.YJ1 The pamphlet says he's the patron saint of lost items. *That's* interesting. He certainly has a place of honor in the church -- *he's* the one being held up by the four angels, not the Magdalen. Unknown A18L1X0L.YL1 'Here is the sign that Teniers has given in his innocent recluse.' Recluse is the same as hermit. I wonder if 'Le Serpent Rouge' is talking about St. Anthony? A18L1X0L.YL2 And what does it mean by 'innocent recluse'? The Tenier's painting of St. Anthony WITHOUT TEMPTATION! In other words, 'St. Anthony and St. Paul'! A18L1X44.LQ1 Virgo mentions the 'book of the hermit', and this statue is holding a book. Wasn't there a book in the Teniers painting as well?

Before pamphlet... A18L1X44.YK1 St. Anthony the hermit. A18L1X44.711 St. Anthony the hermit. Isn't he mentioned in 'Le Serpent Rouge?' A18L1X44.YM1 Saunière *must* have been leaving hints about St. Anthony. The Tenier's painting is a *major* clue in the treasure map.

Asmodeus before pamphlet A18L3W44.YH1 That's *weird*. They've got a devil holding up the holy water bowl. At least I *think* it's a holy water bowl. After... A18L3W44.YP1 According to the pamphlet that's Rex Mundi aka Asmodeus. A18L3W44.YS1 That's Asmodeus, demon guardian of lost treasure.

Mary Magdalen statue A18L6Z44.Y31 Mary Magdalen obviously figures into this mystery in a *big* way. A18P6Z0L.ZP1 Magdalen is the QUEEN in 'Le Serpent Rouge'.

4 angels pedestal A18L8C44.YH1 That's an elaborate pedestal. Someone must have really liked this saint. Or *owed* him. A18L8C44.ZK1 Here's another quaternity of angels, and this time they're holding up a *circle*. Very interesting. A18L8C44.ZM1 This statue, along with the 'par ce signe' statue, represents the square on the map. This one shows it guarding the circle.

Sermon on the mount A18L8P44.YH1 That's a bit strange looking, isn't it? Like everyone's about to fall off that hill. A18L8P44.YJ1 The pamphlet points out the roses and the bag of gold. I wonder if the roses could be a reference to Rosacrucian beliefs and the gold to the treasure? A18L8P44.YJ2 Okay. Probably not.

Madeline altar A18L2144.QS1 This Magdalen imagery is really interesting. It's got to be related to the local mystery somehow.

Look at the cross and vase image on the ceiling A18LKZ44.QS1 GRACE,There's a pair of intertwined initials up there -- 'M' and 'S,' and a vase and a cross. The 'M' probably stands for Magdalen. Not sure what the 'S' stands for. A18VKZ0L.QS1 GRACE,You know, that pattern of initials reminds me of the way the kings and queens used to intertwine their initials after marriage. A18VKZ0L.QS2 GRACE,Could Saunière have been referring to the bloodline of Jesus heresy? The whole Jesus/Magdalen thing?

Door to Arnaud's office A18LBC4H.ZE1 I don't care to see Arnaud right now. A18LBC4H.ZH1 I don't need to talk to the Abbe right now. A18LBC44.ZJ1 That's the Abbé's office. A18RBC44.221 I wonder where this door goes? A186BC44.411 That probably goes back to the Abbé's office. Use glass on door A18LBC23.QS1 I'd really rather not do that in a church. A18LBC4H.ZG1 No one's in there.

A18LET44.YH1 'Par ce signe tu le vaincras'. I have *no* idea what that means. A18LET44.YJ1 The pamphlet says it means 'by this sign shall you win him or it'. I wonder if it could be referring to the treasure?

A18LKY44.QS1 It looks like a grapevine motif.

A18LL044.YH1 St. Roch. Never heard of him.

A18LL044.YJ1 It's St. Roch. I'm not sure how he relates to the mystery. Maybe he's just here because he was a local.

Use wallet on donation basket A18LL76S.QS1 Well, I could . . . but I'm not sure I've figured out this church's agenda yet. Take money from basket A18LL732.QS1 Ha! Even Gabriel isn't *that* low. Look basket A18LL744.QS1 Donations for the church.

A18LL144.YX1 Jesus being baptised.

Look floor around Baptist statue A0DPDK0L.6R1 I think the church floor is supposed to represent a chessboard. A18LCJ44.BR1 Curious floor for a church. (MISSING LINE: SEE BONUS)

A18LL244.YH1 Hmmm. I *think* that's Jesus and his father, Joseph. A18LL244.YJ1 That's Joseph and baby Jesus . . . . Or is it?

A18LL344.YH1 Mary and Jesus. A18LL344.YJ1 It's the Virgin Mary and Jesus. The question is, who's *Joseph* holding then?

A18LL444.QS1 I believe that's where they give sermons.

A185L544.QS1 Those don't look very comfortable. I'd rather sit on the floor, like they do in Buddhist temples.

A18LL644.Z41 The Abbé's not around. A184L644.Q81 Apparently someone sits there, but they're not around at the moment. A184LE44.PF1 Looks like an information table, but no one's around. A186L644.Q81 Looks like there's usually an attendant. It must be the Abbé that Gabriel told me about.

A18LLB6T.QS1 Oh, no. No thanks. I was raised Buddhist. We believe in Karma -- getting rid of your guilt isn't quite so easy. A18LLB44.QS1 Huh. That must be one of those confessional things. I wonder if Gabriel's ever done that? He's Catholic.

A18LLF44.QS1 Wow, that cup . . . it reminds me of the holy grail. A18LLF44.QS2 Now that I think about it, the whole idea of communion is kind of related to the grail. I wonder which one this is referring to? Maybe it's referring to both?

A18LLE44.QS1 That table has been here a while. They probably don't even hold services anymore.

A18LLG44.YH1 St. Germaine. No. Doesn't ring a bell. A18LLG44.YJ1 I'm not sure how she ties into the mystery. Maybe she's just a local saint. A18LLG44.YJ2 Then again, Saunière did overcome his *poverty* -- big time. Perhaps he prayed to her about it.

A18LLH44.QS1 It *looks* like she's washing his feet. I'm not that familiar with Christian tradition, but it *doesn't* surprise me.

Glass-in-lead window A1YLKG44.QS1 Wow. Aren't those beautiful?

Madeline statue A1866Z44.QS1 It's Mary Magdalen, patron saint of the church.

Trace angels A18P1F0M.021 Hmmm. Those angel's gestures might not be what they appear. Let me see if I can figure it out. Connect the hands of the angels A18P9M0M.CE1 It's a tilted square! Mess up A18P9M0M.TB1 Oh! This isn't working! Look traced angels A18P1F44.YY1 The four angels make a tilted square.

A18O7544.411 Pamphlets about the church. A18O7532.YJ1 I've already got one.

Extra lines after working on the specific verse of LSR: A18P1F0L.Z01 The 'quarternity' means four. I wonder if this statue could be related to Aries? . . . 'They who stand watch over the guardian'. A18P1F0L.Z11 I bet this is the statue Taurus mentions! A18P6Z0L.ZO1 Pisces mentions Magdalen -- even her vase of healing balm. Then it also calls her by three other names: Isis, Lady of the Lake, and Notre Dame des Cross. A18P6Z0L.ZO2 I wonder if it's *her* crown they're talking about as the circle? There's got to be a clue in here somewhere. A18P6Z0L.ZP1 Magdalen is the QUEEN in 'Le Serpent Rouge'. A18PCJ0L.YQ1 The church floor is made up of black and white tiles -- that's what Gemini is talking about. But I can't rearrange the *floor*. It must be symbolic of something. A18PCJ0L.YQ2 Gemini and Cancer both mention Knights . . . could it be . . . a chessboard? A1816Z0L.ZQ1 If Magdalen is the queen, I wonder what is meant by her 'innermost places'. The cave, maybe?

Stations from the cross A18LKJ44.QS1 Pilate washing his hands of Jesus' death. A18LKJ0L.YC1 Hmmm. Pilate's servant is black, that seems odd. Not sure what that could mean, though. A18LKK44.QS1 He's carrying the cross in this one. A18LKK0L.YC1 I don't see anything that might be a clue in this one. A18LKL44.QS1 Jesus falling. A18LKL0L.YC1 Hmmm. That guy with the skirt looks like *Hermes*. That's probably just my imagination, though. A18LKM44.QS1 That must be Jesus with his mother. A18LKM0L.YC1 What is that kite-shaped thing in the background? A flag, or something related to the riddle? A18LKM0L.YD1 I bet that kite shape represents the tilted square! A18LKN44.QS1 That's the guy who helped carry the cross. I vaguely remember it from an Easter service Grandma Knight drug me to. A18LKO0L.YC1 That *shield* has a distinctive shape -- a circle. Relevant? Maybe, maybe not. A18LKO44.QS1 I don't recognize this one. A18LKP44.QS1 Is it just me, or do all these faces look alike? A18LKV0L.YC1 There's almost a pattern there, but I'm not sure what it is. A18LKQ0L.YE1 It *looks* like the positioning of the cross and the women *might* relate to the geometry, but it's hard to tell. A18LKQ44.QS1 Jesus speaking with some women -- probably follwers of his. A18LKR44.QS1 Just looks like another scene on the way to the cross. A18LKS0L.YC1 Well . . . that figure in the back left is a little odd, but I don't know what to make of him. A18LKS44.QS1 They're taking his clothes. A18LKT0L.YC1 I might be imagining things, but isn't there a hint of a star shape in this one -- particularly at Jesus' legs? Huh. A18LKT44.QS1 Jesus being nailed to the cross. A18LKU0L.YC1 That must be Mary Magdalen at his feet. The Virgin is to the left . . . I wonder who that figure on the right is? A18LKU44.QS1 The death of Jesus. A18LKV0L.YC1 There's almost a pattern there, but I'm not sure what it is. A18LKV0L.YE1 There might be some hidden geometry in this one -- a kind of triangle shape. A18LKV44.QS1 Jesus is taken down from the cross. A18LKW0L.YC1 That's weird -- doesn't the guy who's carrying the body look just like St. Anthony the Hermit? A18LKW0L.YC2 Nah. It must be a coincidence. A18LKW44.QS1 Jesus being taken for burial.

Church Pamphlet

A18L1F6R.YJ1 The Latin on the four angels, 'par ce signe tu le vaincras', can be translated as 'by this sign shall you conquer him or it' or 'by this sign shall you win him or it'. A18L1F6R.YJ2 The four angels themselves are a classic Catholic motif, showing the positions of the hands during genuflection, though some have argued that *these* angels are not referring to the genuflection at all.

A18L1N6R.YJ1 'St. Anthony of Padua was a Franciscan monk who converted many heretics. He is most famous for a vision he had of the baby Jesus. The lily in his hand represents purity. He is the patron saint of lost items.'

A18L1X6R.YJ1 St. Anthony with book and staff. St. Anthony, circa 468 A.D., longed for a life of quiet meditation. But he was forced to move to ever more remote locales to escape his growing followers. A18L1X6R.YJ2 He finally fled to Lerins, Gaul (also in the Languedoc) and it was here that he died.

A18L3W6R.YJ1 The devil in the church draws as much attention as all the other elements combined. What was the Abbé Saunière's purpose? A18L3W6R.YJ2 Some have linked the devil to the demon Asmodeus, others to the Cathar idea of Rex Mundi, King of the World. A18L3W6R.YJ3 Some link him to the 'armchair of the devil' nearby, still others to Satan himself as the sign above proclaims 'by this sign shall you conquer him'.

A18L6Z6R.YJ1 The Magdalen statue in the church is depicted with a cross of branches, the silver vase of healing balm, and a skull at the saint's feet. A18L6Z6R.YJ2 The oddity of this statue lies in its unusual juxtaposition of the Magdalen and the skull, a relationship uncommon in religious art. A18L6Z6R.YJ3 There are three similar 'Magdalen with skull' statues in three other churches in the immediate area: St. Just et le Bezu, Bugarach, and Coustaussa.

A18L8P6R.YJ1 Crowning the apse is the large bas relief of the Beatitudes sermon, the sermon on the mount. Notice the incongruity of the bag of gold and the rose-strewn hill.

A18L216R.YJ1 The altar represents the elements found in the Magdalen statue and adds new ones. The Magdalen appears to be in a cave. At her knees is a skull, and she gazes fixedly upon a slight cross made from branches. A18L216R.YJ2 But on this cross one can see a new, living twig growing forth. Could this refer to the living offshoot of Christianity or . . . ?

A18LCJ6R.YJ1 The black and white alternating squares of the church floor have been much debated. A18LCJ6R.YJ2 Some have linked the tiles to the heretical Cathar notion of duality. Though Saunière would have been familiar with Cathar beliefs, there is no reason to assume that he himself expounded them.

A18LL26R.YJ1 'Behind the altar can be seen the holy family.' A18LL26R.YJ2 'St. Joseph with infant and the Virgin with infant. Some have speculated on the oddity of there being *two* infants depicted.

A18LL06R.YJ1 St. Roch, along with St. Germaine, is one of two regional saints in the church. Roch was the son of a governor of Montpelier. A18LL06R.YJ2 He went to Rome and cared for plague victims, curing many miraculously. He is invoked against pestilence and plague and is the patron saint of invalids.

A18LLG6R.YJ1 Germaine is a local saint, from Pibrac, France. Her stepmother starved her, beat her, and forced her to live with the sheep. Despite this cruelty, Germaine remained loving and prayerful. A18LLG6R.YJ2 The statue depicts an incident in which Germaine was caught by her stepmother smuggling something in her apron. The mother grabbed at the apron and found it contained flowers though it was the dead of winter. A18LLG6R.YJ3 Germaine claimed they were from God. She is the patron saint of abused children and poverty.

A18LL16R.YJ1 Jesus, as he's being annointed by his cousin the Baptist, gazes placidly downward.

At the museum

Look box A0FL5N44.QS1 Nothing lost. That's good.

Talk to Girard A0FL5P1B.QS1 That might have been helpful *yesterday*, but I probably know more than she does at this point.

Look at Girard A0FL5P44.QS1 Madame Girard, the museum lady.

Look window A0FL9644.QS1 That's a *deep* window. You could set up housekeeping in there.

Look harp tapestry A0FLJG44.QS1 Looks like something from Ludwig's castles.

Look Adam tapestry A0FLJH44.QS1 Adam digging. That's appropriate for this region.

Look Orchard tapestry A0FLJI44.QS1 Cute guy. I'd love to see Gabriel in an outfit like that.

Look Sauniere painting A0FLJJ44.QS1 Saunière himself. Intense looking, isn't he?

Look letter A0FLJK44.QS1 It's one of Saunière's letters.

Read letter A0FLJK58.QS1 I wish. Not only don't I speak French, his handwriting was atrocious!

Look bills A0FLJL44.QS1 These are bills and work orders for the construction Saunière did. I'm sure there were *lots* of them.

Look bookplate A0FLJM44.X51 Look at that bookplate. It has a circle -- just like the one I found on the map. And inside are two triangle shapes superimposed -- one white, one black. A0FLJM44.X52 I wonder if something like that will appear on *my* map?

A0FLJM44.X61 Look at that. It's one of Saunière's bookplates. I wonder if those shapes mean anything? There's a circle and two triangles -- one white, one black.

Look bookplate after solving Le Serpent Rouge A0FLJM44.1N1 Saunière's bookplate shows geometry from the map -- a circle and a hexagram! And Asmodeus represents the square.

A0FLJF44.QS1 'Objets trouvés.' That's the translation of 'Lost and found'. Neat. Look postcards A0FLSZ44.QS1 It's a postcard of Poussin's painting, 'Les Bergeres d'Arcadie'.

Look postcard A0FLT00L.9Z1 The painting Saunière was interested in was the 'St. Anthony and St. Paul'.

Look postcards A0FLT36S.QS1 That postcard is just a scenic shot. It's not going to help me with the treasure map.

Look postcard A10LT044.PF1 It's David Tenier's 'The Temptation of St. Anthony'.

Look postcard A0FLT144.QS1 That's a postcard of Tenier's 'St. Anthony and St. Paul'.

Look postcards A0FLT344.QS1 They've got some nice postcards of the town and valley.

Look panels A0FLWE44.UE1 This side of the panels gives the history of the Languedoc.

Look panels A0FLWF44.UE1 These panels tell the Saunière story.

At Tour Magdala

Look Cardou A1FLD444.Z51 You get a nice view of Mount Cardou from here.

Look structure A1FLML44.Z51 That's an interesting structure. It almost looks like a um . . . I don't know what the heck it looks like.

A1FLYD44.Z81 That's Château de Blanchefort over there.

A1FOD444.Z81 I believe that's Cardou.

A1FPMM44.QS1 Saunière built this tower. I wonder if he just thought it was romantic, or if he used it for some *purpose*?

A1FQMM44.1Q1 This is one of the three towers -- the three rooks -- that 'Le Serpent Rouge' mentions! They're 'guarding' the site!

A1FQD444.1D1 This tower looks over 'the site' -- Mount Cardou!

A1FQMM44.1H1 I wonder if this could be one of the towers 'Le Serpent Rouge' mentions?

Look tower curtains A03LMC44.QS1 That fabric's gotten faded in the sunlight. It gets *hot* around here.

Lok books A03LMD44.QS1 This must have been Saunière's library.

Look window seats A03LME44.QS1 This place is nicely done. Obviously the project of someone with money. A03LME44.QS2 The question is, where did Saunière get it?

Look window A03LMF44.QS1 You can't see too much from the first floor.

A20LO244.Y31 It's Saunière's Tour Magdala.

A20L9E44.QS1 I think 'Tour Magdala' means 'Magdalen Tower'.

A20LO144.QS1 It's not a very big town, but it's still bigger than Rittersberg. (MISSING LINE: SEE BONUS)

Look at the rocks A20LO044.QS1 They probably dug these up during construction and decided just to leave them here.

A206O244.411 That must be the 'Tour Magdala' the signs were pointing out.

At moped rental shop

Look shop sign A1WL3N44.QS1 Moped rentals. Unfortunately, they're sold out.

Look sold out sign A1WL5C44.QS1 Damn! I wish I could get my own bike, but they're sold out. A1WL5C44.QS2 Next time *I* want to get there first.

Look Mosely's bike A1WL1G44.KL1 I wonder who ended up with the dog?

Look Mosely's bike A1WL1G44.XQ1 Certainly not a very *attractive* moped, is it? A1WL1G44.XQ2 Gabriel would have a fit if he had to drive something like that.

A1WL0U44.XJ1 It's one of the rentals. They're all taken.

Knock closed door A1WLJX4H.QS1 It wouldn't do any good. They've all been rented.

A1WLJX44.QS1 The moped shop is closed.

A1WLJY44.QS1 The garage is closed. I guess they're not exactly swamped with repair business around here.

Knock door of house A1WLJZ4H.QS1 There're no bikes left, so there's no point in bothering whoever lives there. A1WLJZ44.QS1 Probably the shop owner's house.

Look junk A1WLK044.QS1 The French obviously feel more . . . 'flexible' about their tidiness than German's do. Mayor Habermas would have a heart attack if he saw this in Rittersberg.

Wooden beams A1WLK144.QS1 I . . . guess those are for parking spaces. Not exactly working, are they?

Look barrels A1WLK244.QS1 This guy has a serious issue with storage containers.

Steal binocs A1WOG932.T61 They hardly need *two* pairs of binoculars. I'm sure they wouldn't mind. Steal other binocs A1WOG932.T71 I don't need another pair. A1WOG944.T61 That moped has *two* sets of binoculars. A1WOG944.T71 I've left them one pair. Big of me, isn't it?

Bike Identification

A1WDA144.3L1 That's Lady Howard and Estelle's bike.

A1WL0W44.XV1 According to Gabriel's notes, Wilkes is driving that one.

A1WN0W44.411 That's Wilkes' moped.

A1WL1G44.XP1 That's Mosely's bike. Gabriel wrote down the license plate number. (DELETED LINE: SEE BONUS)

A1WL0U44.XI1 That's Buchelli's bike. I recognize the license plate number from SIDNEY.

A1WLA144.XN1 That has *got* to be Lady Howard and Estelle's bike.

A1WL5U44.XM1 That's Emilio's moped.

A1WLB744.QS1 Gabriel rented it. I wonder how he managed to get the only Harley?

A1WLA144.ES1 I wonder who's rented that one?

A1WL0U44.XJ1 It's one of the rentals. They're all taken.

Make note of license plates A1WLK43E.QS1 I'll leave that up to Gabriel. I've got too much research to do to keep tabs on people.

A1WLWA44.QS1 Gabriel's keeping tabs on the license plate numbers.

Outside in Rennes-le-Château

A1XJY144.UE1 That's Larry Sinclair's car. He must be visiting Prince James.

A1XLFW20.051 I don't think I can go in there.

A1XLLQ44.QS1 'Villa Bethania, built by Saunière in 1901 through 1905.' I think it says he lived here until his death.

A1XLLS20.QS1 The museum probably has most of Saunière's possessions. There's no point in breaking into the house.

Look Sacred Heart windows A1XLLY44.QS1 Are those . . . burning *hearts*? Yuk!

Look Tour Magdala sign A1XLLW44.QS1 Tour Magdala is down that street.

A1XLLX44.0X1 I'd like to go check out that tower.

A1XLLX44.091 Tour Magdala's over there on the edge of the hill.

A1XVFW4H.QS1 I think I'll let *Gabriel* deal with Prince James.

A1XVLP44.QS1 It's Prince James' car. We sure didn't expect him to show up.

A1XVLR44.QS1 It's a private property sign. Prince James mentioned that some people were letting him stay here, but it didn't sound like they were friends of his. A1XVLR44.QS2 Maybe the Priory owns it, and they're anxious to help with the kidnapping -- or at least appear to be doing so.

Office right to Bethania A1XLLU44.QS1 That part looks like it was built later.

A1YLJU44.QS1 I wonder if anybody's at home around here? Maybe they all leave when there's a tour group in town.

A1YLKA44.Y61 That's the Saunière museum.

A1YL8L44.QS1 Villa Bethania to the left; church to the right.

A1YLKC44.QS1 Some of these buildings are so small. Surely they can't be houses. Maybe they were stables or barns at one point.

A1YLKI44.QS1 That's a nice big house. Most of them around here are so tiny.

A1YLK54H.QS1 Uh . . . no. I left my stack of Watchtowers at home.

Over the church door: A1YLKE44.QS1 It's a bas-relief frieze.

Look yellow decoration: A1YLK844.QS1 Looks like birthday cake frosting.

This place is in awe: A1YLK944.QS1 It's Latin. A1YLK958.XZ1 'Terribilis est locus iste'. Terrible is . . . something. A1YLKB58.QS1 Um . . . nope. I have no idea what it says.

A1YLK744.Y21 It's the local church, St. Mary Magdalen's. A1YLK744.Y31 St. Mary Magdalen's. To think that Saunière's story took place right here!

Look glass-in-lead A1YLKG44.QS1 Wow. Aren't those beautiful?

Look shed A1YLX344.Z51 Must get drafty in there.

A1YLX444.Z51 It's just an abandoned shed.

Look chicken A2FLVV44.UE1 A chicken! Talk to chicken A2FLVV1B.UE1 Gabe's the psychic one.

Look hotel A07L0H44.QS1 It's a pretty little place. It's too bad we're not on vacation.

Look sign A07L1B44.QS1 No vacancies. Yeah. I know.

Read hotel sign A07L8L44.QS1 L'Hôtel de Rennes-le-Château.

A07LBF44.Z51 That's our window . . . I think. A07OBF44.HK1 That's our room.

Look parking lot sign A07LJQ44.QS1 Guess *I* don't have to worry about parking.

Look balconies A07LAH44.QS1 Looks like the front rooms have balconies. Ours doesn't.

A07LJU44.QS1 I'm sure the locals prefer that we *don't* look in their windows.

Knock a door A07LJT4H.QS1 I doubt the locals would appreciate being disturbed -- even if they *did* know something, which they probably don't.

A07LJT44.QS1 I like the rustic flavor around here. It's very French.

Spot Madeline's car A07L8Z44.QS1 Oh, goodie. Madeline's around.

Look bookstore A07LJO44.QS1 Libraire -- it's a bookstore.

Look closed sign A07LJP44.QS1 Closed for repairs.

Enter bookstore A07LJR20.QS1 Unfortunately, they're closed.

Look Holy Grail book A07O0344.5J1 That's the book someone left outside our door. A0750344.QS1 That's the book I found outside our door! A0760344.MZ1 That book looks interesting. I wonder if it's about this area?

A0754W44.QS1 Looks like something Gabriel would write.

A0768Z44.3L1 I wonder who's driving the van?

Look San Gréal book A07L6344.XA1 "Secrets de la san gréal". A07L6344.XA2 'San gréal' is what Gabriel said he heard on the train. After reading manuscript A07L6344.XB1 If Sinclair is right, the idea of a holy grail is a misunderstanding. The original phrase was 'sang *real*' -- 'royal blood'. A07L6344.XB2 I wonder what a medieval scholar would make of that theory?

Look hotel bench A07LBP44.QS1 That looks like a nice place to read.

Sit hotel bench A07LBP19.QS1 I wish I could, but I've got too much to do.

Look room while hanging out window A07LEB44.QS1 I think Mr. Baza is in that room.

Look moped shop sign A07LGT44.QS1 The moped rental shop is back there.

Look fountain A07LQG44.QS1 I love these old courtyards in Europe. They always have fountains or statues . . . A07LQG44.QS2 In New York, on the other hand, you get dumpsters.

Walk out of town A07LXA22.UE1 I'm certainly not going to leave town on foot.

Leave town A07LXA22.W21 I'll go get the bike.

A07LJS20.QS1 I can't get up there.

A13LJW44.QS1 Some of these doors look like they haven't been opened in eons.

A13L0E44.U31 That goes into the museum.

A13L8L44.Z51 They certainly make it easy for you to find your way around.

A13LGR44.QS1 It's the Saunière museum.

A13L0E44.U41 The museum is closed.

A13LGS44.QS1 They close at five.

A13LGU20.QS1 I'd better not.

A13LGU44.QS1 I don't think that's part of the museum.

A13LJS20.QS1 I can't reach it.

A13LJS44.QS1 I can't see into it from here.

A13LJU20.QS1 If it were *mine* I'd open it, but I don't think I have much choice in the matter.

A13LJU44.QS1 There's something really . . . introverted about this town. You hardly see anyone out and about.

A13LJW20.QS1 Hmmm. I'd better not. Most of these buildings are private property.

A13P0E44.411 They're closed! Shoot!

Look windows A13LJS44.QS1 I can't see into it from here.

At Poussin's Tomb

Look fence A0GL2H44.QS1 The owners are certainly determined to keep the treasure hunters out.

Look rock A0GQPM44.QS1 Emilio was sitting there during the tour.

Pick up stick A0GQPN32.QS1 I'd rather not. It would hurt putting it down my pants.

Look stick A0GQPN44.QS1 Funny. That's the first stick I've seen since I've been here.

A0GL136Z.PF1 That tomb is definately the right shape to be the tomb in the Poussin painting. A0GLBB58.QS1 Emilio wrote 'Sum'. Huh.

A0GLBB44.QS1 Emilio wrote something in the dirt. A0GLPJ44.QS1 It's a tourist sign about the tomb. A0GLPJ58.QS1 Poussin's tomb lookout. A0GLPL44.QS1 That's a strange place for a tomb. I wonder who put it there in the first place? A0GLPK44.QS1 'Private property.' Not exactly subtle. A0GQ1344.QS1 It *does* look remarkably like the tomb in the Poussin painting.

At L'Homme Mort

Thinking at tourist sign A0EL8L0L.QS1 The parchment does talk about a dead man, but this location doesn't match any of the hidden geometry I've found so far.

Looking at tourist sign A0EL8L44.QS1 Information about L'Homme Mort.

Read tourist sign A0EL8L58.QS1 This valley has been called "The Dead Man" on regional maps for centuries. Some authors have attempted to link it to the Rennes enigma because one of the parchment ciphers contains the phrase: "HE IS THERE DEAD."

Dig at hole A0ELP01O.QS1 If there *was* something here, it's already gone.

Look at hole before seeing Madeline there A0ELP044.QS1

  • Someone* thinks the treasure is here at L'Homme Mort. I wonder who?

Look at dig after seeing Madeline there A0ELP044.3E1 Obviously 'Little Miss Tour Guide' has a theory of her own.

Look at Wilkes's footprints A0ELPF44.QS1 Huh. Big hikers in this area.

Look sign on parking lot A26L8L44.QS1 L'Homme Mort. "The Dead Man." How pleasant.

Leave while bike is at Coume Sourde A26LQD22.5F1 The bike's back at the Coume-Sourde parking lot.

At Larry Chester's house

A0QL8H44.QS1 Larry the Freemason lives there.

Knock door A0Z17G1B.411 Gabriel's already talked to him several times. I'd better just stay out of it.

Look office A0QL6G44.QS1 That must be Larry's office in there.

Think at well A0QLQO0L.QS1 Hmmm. Was there anything about a well in 'Le Serpent Rouge'? A0QLQO0L.QS2 Nope. Not that I can remember.

Look at well A0QLQO44.QS1 That's quaint -- an old-fashioned well. Throw in a couple of plastic deer and it would look like my Aunt's yard.

Look stone wall A0QLQS44.QS1 I love those old stone walls. Reminds me of the East Coast.

Look wood A0QLQP44.QS1 It *used* to be a clothesline.

Look car A0QLY144.QS1 You'd *need* a car, living out in a remote area like this.

At Coume Sourde

Tourist sign A12L8L0L.QS1 I bet that stone had some of the sacred geometry on it. A12L8L0L.QS2 Perhaps someone who *doesn't* want the treasure found destroyed it. Maybe they killed the authors of 'Le Serpent Rouge', too. A12L8L44.QS1 Information about Coume Sourde. A12L8L58.QS1 A stone slab called the "Dalle de Coume Sourde" was discovered at this spot. This slab allegedly contained encoded messages related to the Rennes enigma, but it has since vanished. Coume Sourde still draws curious seekers hoping for more clues

A12LPI44.QS1 Hmmm. Looks like a small château and maybe . . . a barn? A12LPI44.QS2 Well, whatever it was, it's long gone.

Look sign on parking lot A25L8L44.QS1 It points to Coume-Sourde. I saw the name on the map.

Leave while bike is at L'Homme Mort A25LQD22.5F1 The bike's at L'Homme Mort.

Walk away when bike is elsewhere A0QLQK22.5F1 The bike's parked over at Blanchefort.

Between Larry and Blanchfort/Banchfort parking lot

Looking at Roque Blanc A0LLW144.Z51 It's quite a climb to get up there.

A0LL4F2C.Z51 I can't see much from here.

A28L5O44.QS1 It's a tourist sign for Roque Nègre.

A28LFJ22.QS1 That mountain's a big place. I'd better have a *specific* destination in mind before I head up there.

A28LFJ44.QS1 That path leads up Mount Cardou.

A28LQ544.QS1 A big white rock and a big black rock. That's interesting.

A28LQD22.5F1 I left the bike at Larry's house.

A28LR944.QS1 It's pointing the way to Château de Blanchefort.

A28LRA44.QS1 It's a tourist sign for Mount Cardou. Unfortunately, it doesn't say anything but its name.

A28LRB44.QS1 There's a little stream at the foot of Cardou.

A28LRC44.QS1 'Mt. Cardou'. I remember it from the map.

A28LRC44.RB1 That's Mount Cardou -- site of the treasure!

At Blanchfort

Look platform A0ZL9E44.QS1 This looks like it was the base of a tower.

Look tower A0ZL9E44.RB1 Wow -- this tower looks *directly* at the site! It's definitely one of the 'three rooks' that guards the treasure.

Look tower A0ZL9E44.1N1 I wonder if this tower could be one of the three mentioned in Scorpio? If so, the site might be right around here!

Look sign A0ZL7844.QS1 Information about the original Château de Blanchefort.

Look orange rock A0ZLFF44.UE1 That rock's rather uniquely colored for this area.

Look orange rock A0ZLFF44.3R1 That big orange rock is where I saw the moped parked.

Look mount Cardou A0ZLQ644.QS1 That's Mount Cardou.

Look mount Cardou A0ZLQ644.RB1 Mount Cardou -- the site of the treasure! You sure get a great view of it from here.

Look chateau A0ZLQ844.QS1 I wonder what destroyed Château de Blanchefort? The elements? Fire? War?

A0ZQU744.QS1 The ruins of the tower overlook Mt. Cardou.

Look Renes-le-Chateau A0ZLY944.UE1 That's Rennes-le-Château. What an awesome setting.

A0ZLY844.UE1 I believe that's L'Homme Mort over there.

Look black rock A0ZLQ544.3L1 That's Roque Nègre -- the black rock.

Look Roque Negre A1CLQ544.QS1 It looks a lot bigger close-up.

At Devil's Armchair parking lot

A0NLN644.QS1 These trees provide a lot of privacy. If wonder if that's why Mallory and MacDougall's killers chose this place?

About tire tracks A11QDN3E.QS1 I'll let Gabriel worry about that. I don't think it has anything to do with the treasure. A11QDN44.QS1 Tire tracks. There must have been a lot of vehicles out here yesterday -- with the police and everything. A11QDN44.6T1 Those tracks must be from Mallory and MacDougall's car.

A11L8L44.QS1 L'Fauteuil du Diable.

At Devil's Armchair

Look markings on chair A0NLSG0L.QS1 Well, *someone* who knew about the geometry thought this chair was relevant -- or maybe just left it here as a clue.

Look triangle A0NLSG44.QS1 A tilted triangle! It's the geometry!

Look circle A0NLSH44.QS1 It's a cross inside a circle!

Look kneeprints A0NQ2K44.QS1 That must be where Mallory and MacDougall were made to . . . to kneel. Ug!

Think at blood A0NQAK0L.QS1 I'd rather *not* think about it.

Look blood A0NQAK44.QS1 Uck! I really hate this end of the business.

Think chair A0NQIB0L.QS1 Well, it certainly seems 'devilish' that two dead bodies were found here.

Compare chair to paintings A0NQIB6Y.QS1 The 'armchair' doesn't look like any of the rocks in the painting to me.

Look chair A0NQIB44.QS1 The 'armchair' itself. It does look purposefully carved, doesn't it? Maybe it *was* an old pagan throne or something.

Think sign A0NQSF0L.QS1 Now that it's the site of a double murder, it'll attract even more attention from the conspiracy theorists. A0NQSF0L.QS2 But is it really relevant? Or was it chosen as a dumping ground because it *isn't* relevant?

Look sign A0NQSF44.QS1 It's another one of those tourist signs.

Read sign A0NQSF58.QS1 An ancient pagan throne or an act of the weather? 'Le Fauteuil du Diable' is a favorite feature in the treasure-hunting lore of Rennes-le-Château.

At Devil's Armchair Car Stash

Taketread A11QDN3E.QS1 I'll let Gabriel worry about that. I don't think it has anything to do with the treasure.

Open car A1ILEP20.QS1 Gabriel's looking into Mallory and MacDougall's death. I've got enough on my plate with the treasure.

Look car A1ILEP44.QS1 I *rode* in that car coming down from Prince James' estate. A1ILEP44.QS2 God! Poor Mallory and MacDougall!

Think car A1ILEP0L.QS1 I should make sure Gabriel knows about the car being stashed here. He might want to check it out.

Check car for prints A1ILEP59.QS1 I'm sure Gabriel -- as meticulous as he is -- has already done that.

Look tracks A1ILDN44.QS1 The track are from the car pulling into the soft dirt.

Lady Howard/Estelle Site

Look trees A0V1N644.QS1 It's wooded, I'll give it that. Maybe Estelle was looking for pinecones.

Look trees A0V7N644.QS1 Maybe Estelle and Lady Howard chose this place for its shade.

Look dirt A0V7Q144.QS1 There's the fruit of Estelle's labor . . . dirt.

Look Estelle's water bottle A0VLYC44.UE1 It's an empty water bottle.

Take prints off bottle A0VLYC59.UE1 With her right there? I think not.

Serres parking lot

Look gates A0WBFZ44.411 Wow. Those gates are gorgeous. There's a grapevine pattern on them. That's clever.

Look wall A0WL2H44.QS1 Great stone work. This place must have cost a fortune.

Look sign A0WLS944.QS1 Château de Serres Vignoble. That must mean 'vineyard.'

Look vines A0WLXV44.Z51 Those vines look healthy. This is probably a great climate for grapes now that I think about it.

Climb wall A0WQFZ3H.QS1 Hmmm. I think I'll stick to SIDNEY for the moment. I had enough of an adventure the *last* time I was here.

Look closed gate A0WQFZ44.QS1 They're closed. I suppose a private vineyard can close whenever they want to.

A0WL8H44.QS1 Large, imposing, expensive . . . my mother would love this place.

Rennes-les-Bains parking lot

Look glass A0XL9644.QS1 Interesting colored glass.

Look wooden beam A0XLK144.QS1 Simple, but it works.

Look bar A0XLOI44.QS1 That must be the bar everyone keeps running off to.

Read bar sign A0XLOJ44.QS1 "The Holy Grail Tavern." Now *that's* kitsch!

Look houses A0XLOK44.QS1 Looks pretty deserted.

Enter closed bar A0XLOT44.QS1 They're closed. Big loss.

Knock on door of a house A0XLPP4H.QS1 Even if someone were home, I have no idea what I'd say to them.


Look sign A1BLE744.QS1 It's a sign about L'Ermitage.

Read sign A1BLE758.QS1 L'Ermitage -- Place of the Hermit. This little cave has been identified as L'Ermitage on regional maps for centuries, but the origins of its ownership and usage remain obscure.

Look pillars A1BLRY44.QS1 Pillars. That's very odd.

A1BL3V44.6C1 The rock formation matches the one in Tenier's 'St. Anthony and St. Paul'.

A29LDN44.QS1 Tire tracks.

A29LE744.QS1 L'Ermitage is down that path.

A11QDN3E.QS1 I'll let Gabriel worry about that. I don't think it has anything to do with the treasure.



A1H44Y4P.V77 VAMPIRE_2,Attention! C'est sang réal!

A1H44Y4P.V79 GABE,Did two men with a trunk get off here, by any chance? A1H44Y4P.V7A CONDUCTOR,Oui. A1H44Y4P.V7B GABE,Which way did they go? A1H44Y4P.V7C CONDUCTOR,That way, Monsieur. A1H44Y4P.V7D GABE,Oh. Where are we anyway? A1H44Y4P.V7E CONDUCTOR,Couiza. *France*. A1H44Y4P.V7F CONDUCTOR,Let me help you, Monsieur. There is a taxi out front. And a hotel nearby in Rennes-le-Château. A1H44Y4P.V7G GABE,'preciate it.

DAY 1 10AM-12PM

At the lobby

Look Emilio A1E4A244.TX1 There's a guy readin' a newspaper in the lounge. A1E4A244.TY1 His name's Emilio Baza.

Talking to Emilio in all variations Before reading register: A1E4A234.5Z1 GABE,Hey, how are ya? My name's Knight, Gabriel Knight. A1E4A234.5Z2 EMILIO,How do you do? I am Emilio Baza. A1E4A234.5Z3 GABE,Emilio. Great. Are you a guest of the hotel? A1E4A234.5Z4 EMILIO,Yes. A1E4A234.5Z5 GABE,So am I. A1E4A234.5Z6 EMILIO,Then we shall see much of each other. A1E4A234.5Z7 GABE,Yeah. I guess so.

After reading register: A1E4A234.971 GABE,Hey. How ya doin'? My name is Knight, Gabriel Knight. A1E4A234.972 EMILIO,And I am Emilio Baza. A1E4A234.973 GABE,Emilio. Interestin' name. Where ya from anyway? A1E4A234.974 EMILIO,The Middle East. Originally. A1E4A234.975 GABE,Huh. Hey, you with that tour group by any chance? A1E4A234.976 EMILIO,I am, yes.

A1E4A24O.3Z1 GABE,Nice place, huh? Did you get in last night? A1E4A24O.3Z2 EMILIO,Yes. A1E4A24O.3Z3 GABE,Not too late, I hope. A1E4A24O.3Z4 EMILIO,Not late, no. A1E4A24O.3Z5 GABE,Did ya drive in? A1E4A24O.3Z6 EMILIO,A friend dropped me off. I'm not crazy about flying. And owning a vehicle . . . such a nuisance!

A1E4A24W.NR1 GABE,Are you a treasure hunter, Emilio? A1E4A24W.NR2 EMILIO,I suppose I am. But riches can be measured in many ways. A1E4A24W.NR3 GABE,Well, that's true enough. So what do you think the treasure is? A1E4A24W.NR4 EMILIO,Oh, I would not presume to say, Mr. Knight. At least not . . . out loud.

Look Jean A1E4CU44.5K1 He must be the hotel receptionist. Don't think he was on duty when I came in last night.

Talking to Jean

A1E4401I.BI1 JEAN,Ah! You must be Monsieur Knight in room 25. My name is Jean. If there's anything you need, I am at your service most humbly. A1E4401I.BI2 GABE,Thanks.

A1E4CU0S.0H1 GABE,You've got a tour group stayin' here? A1E4CU0S.0H2 JEAN,Ah! They fill the hotel. We have only the seven rooms and they have taken every room but *your* room, Monsieur. A1E4CU0S.0H3 JEAN,If I might say, Monsieur is most fortunate to get his room. Particularly since he did not make the reservation, n'cest pas? A1E4CU0S.0H4 GABE,Yeah. I'm lucky as all get out.

A1E5CU0S.1M1 GABE,Do you know anythin' about the tour group, Jean? A1E5CU0S.1M2 JEAN,Non, Monsieur. You shall have to speak with the mouth of the horse itself. Mademoiselle Buthane is the tour group leader.

A1E4CU4O.CZ1 GABE,I was peekin' at the hotel register? You wouldn't by any chance recall the actual *times* people checked in, would ya? A1E4CU4O.CZ2 JEAN,Monsieur, we are a small hotel. This is why we do not require so precisely the time check in, the time check out. I myself might remember, but I was not on duty last night.

A1E5CU36.PF1 GABE,Is there anythin' I should know about the town? A1E5CU36.PF2 JEAN,Rennes-le-Château? We have a small town but a rich history. I suggest Monsieur visit L'Musee d'Saunière. It's just down the road.

A1E4CU4W.971 GABE,I hear there's s'posed to be a treasure around here. You know anythin' about it? A1E4CU4W.972 JEAN,The chamber of commerce, they ask me to sound mysterious. But between you and I, Monsieur Knight, I think le tresor is a myth. A1E4CU4W.973 GABE,A Meeth? A1E4CU4W.974 JEAN,No offense. I hope you are proving me wrong.

A1E5CU0I.291 GABE,Say, Jean, have you seen two men with a large trunk around the hotel? Maybe checkin' in? A1E5CU0I.292 JEAN,Non, Monsieur, but most of the guests arrive last night, Oui? And I was . . . Excusez-moi . . . not on duty. We have a number of gentlemen staying at the hotel. As to their luggage, I cannot say.

A1E5CU0I.241 GABE,Maybe somebody else who works here might have seen the two men? A1E5CU0I.242 JEAN,The night clerk is Simone. When she comes on duty this evening, perhaps Monsieur could ask *her*?

Spot marker A1EGAM44.PF1 It's a black magic marker.

Think phone A014ED0L.B61 I *should* call Prince James. I think I have his number on me somewhere.

Call James A014ED3S.6J1 MESMI,Hallo? Stewart residence. A014ED3S.6J2 GABE,This is Gabriel Knight calling for Prince James. A014ED3S.6J3 MESMI,Yes. One moment, please. A014ED3S.6J4 GABE,Mr. Knight? What in God's name! A014ED3S.6J5 GABE,I know you must be frantic. Let me explain. Last night someone came into the bedroom through the window and took your son. I followed them, but I couldn't catch up. A014ED3S.6J6 GABE,They went to the train station and boarded a train for Toulouse. I believe they got off at a little place called Couiza. I'm still tryin' to track what happened next. A014ED3S.6J7 JAMES,Couiza? Near Rennes-le-Château? A014ED3S.6J8 GABE,Yes! You know it? A014ED3S.6J9 JAMES,Gabriel, I . . . Thank you very much for informing me. I must think for a moment, please. A014ED3S.6JA JAMES,I'm afraid our investigation of the night visitors will have to be postponed. I'll send down some men to look into the kidnapping. A014ED3S.6JB GABE,Wait a minute! What makes you think the night visitors weren't involved? A014ED3S.6JC JAMES,I don't have time to explain. Keep your eyes open until my men arrive, if you would. I'll send Miss Nakimura along. Oh, and naturally your travel expenses and the fee we discussed will be taken care of. A014ED3S.6JD GABE,That's not important. A014ED3S.6JE JAMES,Good-bye, Mr. Knight. Perhaps I will call on you again when I have time for such matters. A014ED3S.6JF GABE,Good-bye.

Call Prince James again A014ED3S.LK1 I don't think it'd do me much good. It'll take more to convince Prince James than just my opinion.

Enter occupied phone booth A014DW20.N61 That'd be kinda rude. Look booth A014DW44.N61 That one's occupied.

Overhear Emilio A014DW40.N61 I don't hear anythin'. Maybe he's got a long winded telephone partner. A014DW40.N62 Then again, maybe not.

Look shoes A0144J44.N61 Peek a boo.

Look/talk to Emilio outside A074A244.PF1 Guess he's gettin' some fresh air. A074A21B.291 1So much for that idea.

Dining Room

A174AY44.5Z1 If that's what I think it is, I can die a happy man.

A174AY0W.5Z1 GABE,Oh, great! A174AY0W.5Z2 GABE,Hey! How 'bout some coff-fay out here? Mer-sea? A174AY0W.5Z4 GABE,Thanks, Buddy. A174AY0W.5Z5 GABE,Gabriel Knight! You wanker! A174AY0W.5Z6 GABE,Mosely? Is that YOU? A174AY0W.5Z7 MOSELY,No, it's my evil twin! What the hell're you doin' here, Knight? A174AY0W.5Z8 GABE,What am I doin' here? What are YOU doin' here? A174AY0W.5Z9 MOSELY,I'm, uh, I'm on vacation. I'm here with a tour group. A174AY0W.5ZA GABE,What kinda tour group? A174AY0W.5ZB MOSELY,You know, the touring kind. A174AY0W.5ZC GABE,And you guys came HERE? A174AY0W.5ZD MOSELY,Well, it's kind of a special, um, a special treasure-hunting tour group. A174AY0W.5ZE GABE,Treasure? What treasure? A174AY0W.5ZF MOSELY,Look, read the bro-sheers, okay? I'm not the freaking tour guide! A174AY0W.5ZG GABE,Geez! Nice to see you, too. A174AY0W.5ZH MOSELY,So what are YOU doin' here again? A174AY0W.5ZI GABE,Um . . . I came to see you! A174AY0W.5ZJ MOSELY,What? A174AY0W.5ZK GABE,Sure. I called your number at the po . . . A174AY0W.5ZL MOSELY,Right! Of course! I forgot I mentioned it. Well, great to see ya. A174AY0W.5ZM GABE,Yeah. A174AY0W.5ZN MOSELY,If you want to join the tour you'll have to talk to Madeline Buthane. She's around here somewhere. A174AY0W.5ZO MOSELY,And come up to the room later, would ya? I'm in room 33. A174AY0W.5ZP GABE,Sure. A174AY0W.5ZQ MOSELY,And, thanks for surprising me. Old pal. A174AY0W.5ZR GABE,No problem.

Look Mosely A1741244.971 Mosely? In Rennes-le-Château? Are you as confused as I am? Talk Mosely again A174121B.971 It probably wouldn't make any more sense the *second* time around. Maybe I should wait 'til we're alone.

Look San Gréal book A0746344.BT1 San gréal. Holy grail. A0746344.BT2 San gréal? Wasn't that what the two men on the train said? A0746344.BT3 Why would they be talkin' about the holy grail? And what does the grail have to do with Rennes-le-Château?

Look Madeline A0747644.PF1 Don't mind if I do.

Take Madeline A0747632.5Z1 Yeah. Give me a few days.

Show wallet to Madeline before talking to Mosely A074763C.5Z1 She's a babe, but . . . what *exactly* are you suggestin'?

Look van: A0748Z44.QN1 The parkin' lot is packed, innit?

Talk to Madeline before talking to Mosely A0747639.IX1 GABE,Well, hello! Need some help? A0747639.IX2 MADELINE,Do I *look* like I need help? A0747639.IX3 GABE,You have a map out. A0747639.IX4 MADELINE,And you wish to offer me your expertise? Perhaps you know the secrets, the history, the back roads of Rennes-le-Château? A0747639.IX5 GABE,It could happen.

A0747639.4Y1 GABE,So . . . You here on vacation? A0747639.4Y2 MADELINE,Not really. And you? You came to find the treasure, perhaps? A0747639.4Y3 GABE,Not really. A0747639.4Y4 MADELINE,Hmmm.

Talk again A0747639.1I1 I'd better wait 'til I have somethin' to say. She'll think I'm an absolute idiot. A0747639.1I2 Which, of course, would be entirely mistaken.

Use wallet on Madeline before talking to her but after talking to Mosely A074763C.G21 I think I'd better talk to her about it first.

Talk to Madeline reprise A074760S.6X1 GABE,Hey. I bet you're Madeline Buthane, right? A074760S.6X2 MADELINE,How sweet. Someone told you my name. A074760S.6X3 GABE,Actually, it was a friend of mine. You know Mosely? From your tour? We go way back. A074760S.6X4 MADELINE,Ah! I should have recognized the accent. A074760S.6X5 GABE,What accent? A074760S.6X6 MADELINE,Never mind. So you know Monsieur Mosely? A074760S.6X7 GABE,Oooh yeah! My name is Knight, Gabriel Knight. And I was wonderin' how much you'd charge me to, you know, kinda hang with the group -- given that I'm paying for my own hotel and all. A074760S.6X8 MADELINE,Two thousand francs. A074760S.6X9 GABE,Kinda steep, innit? (ALTERNATE LINE: CHECK BONUS) A074760S.6XB GABE,I'll think about it.

Talk to Madeline after talking to Mosely A074760S.AL1 GABE,Well, hi. You must be Madeline Buthane. A074760S.AL2 MADELINE,Perhaps. Who are you? A074760S.AL3 GABE,Gabriel Knight. You know Mosely? From your tour? We go way back. A074760S.6X4 MADELINE,Ah! I should have recognized the accent. A074760S.6X5 GABE,What accent? A074760S.6X6 MADELINE,Never mind. So you know Monsieur Mosely? A074760S.AL7 GABE,Oooh Yeah. And, I was wonderin' how much you'd charge me to, you know, kinda hang with the group -- given that I'm paying for my own hotel and all. A074760S.AL8 MADELINE,Two thousand francs. A074760S.6X9 GABE,Kinda steep, innit? A074760S.ALA MADELINE,This is the price of success. Do you wish to find a treasure or not? A074760S.ALB GABE,I'll think about it.

A074760S.241 GABE,So what's this tour group *do* anyway? A074760S.242 MADELINE,I guide my clients through the facts of the mystery and show them the important locations. From there they can draw their own conclusions. A074760S.243 GABE,How come you're not guidin' 'em right now? A074760S.244 MADELINE,There is a lot to absorb in the town itself, Mr. Knight. Tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. will be the first guided lecture. A074760S.245 GABE,Oh. Well. I'll still think about it.

A074764O.011 GABE,Who all came in the van? A074764O.012 MADELINE,Most of the group flew into Toulouse. John Wilkes, Lady Howard, Miss Stiles, and *your* friend, Mosely. A074764O.013 MADELINE,Monsieurs Buchelli and Baza made their own arrangements.

A074764O.I91 GABE,When did y'all get in? A074764O.I92 MADELINE,Last night. A074764O.I93 GABE,Late? A074764O.I94 MADELINE,No. Why do you ask? A074764O.I95 GABE,Just curious how long it took. You drove it? A074764O.I96 MADELINE,Yes. From Toulouse. It's about two hours.

A074764W.C01 GABE,So you're the expert, right? What's your theory about 'the treasure of Rennes-le-Château'? A074764W.C02 MADELINE,I leave that to my clients. It is better that way, no?

Look Madeline van again A0748Z44.FJ1 I like a woman who keeps her equipment in good shape. Rarrr.

Use wallet on Madeline A074763C.C01 Wait a minute . . . I'm not dishin' out two thousand francs for a cover story.

At the museum

Talking to Lady Howard and Estelle A0F4E01B.P61 I think I've had enough of Lady Howard for the moment

Overhearing Lady Howard and Estelle on the wrong side of the boards A0F4E040.M71 Aw, they already stopped talkin'. Guess they saw me comin'.

Dito A0F4E040.291 Geez! How paranoid. They stop talkin' if I get too close. A0F4E040.292 As if I really care what they're sayin'! Huh! Uh . . . hmmm.

Looking at Lady Howard and Estelle before talking to them A0F4E044.UF1 There's a couple of beauteous dames. A0F4E044.UF2 All right. So I'm feelin' generous.

Looking at Lady Howard and Estelle after talking to them A0F4E044.UG1 Lady Howard and Estelle Stiles. They're Brits. A0F4E044.UG2 Not to mention a little whacked.

Looking at display before talking to Lady Howard and Estelle A0F4JL27.3L1 I can't -- those two women are hoggin' it.

Looking at Mme Girard A0FL5P44.DJ1 Madame Girard. She's kinda uppity for someone who lives in the middle of nowhere. A0FL5P44.DJ2 Then again, hell, *I* live in Rittersberg.

Look at Girard before talking to her A0FL5P44.U21 I'm assumin' she works here.

Overhearing Lady Howard and Estelle A0F4E01I.481 HOWARD,My Goodness, Estelle! Look at this! It's the sacred number of RA! A0F4E01I.482 ESTELLE,You're right, Lily! And look, it says 'Virgo'! Isis! A0F4E01I.483 HOWARD,And 'Trinus et unus'. Three are one, isn't it? Or am I conjugating badly? A0F4E01I.484 ESTELLE,I'm afraid I never had Latin. A0F4E01I.485 ESTELLE,Well, I *think* I'm right. Do you suppose they're referring to Nut, Horus and Osiris? A0F4E01I.486 ESTELLE, They *could* be referring to God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. Couldn't they? A0F4E01I.487 HOWARD,Don't be stupid! Anyway, Dr. Wen says it's all the same thing! Or was that Mary, God and Jesus? A0F4E01I.488 ESTELLE,Look at that shape. Wasn't there something like that in Dr. Wen's sacred geometry? A0F4E01I.489 HOWARD,SHHHH! Do you want to give *everything* away? A0F4E01I.48A ESTELLE,Sorry.

Talking to Estelle Stiles and Lily Howard A0F4E034.PF1 GABE,Good mornin', Ladies. A0F4E034.PF2 HOWARD,Look Estelle, the gentleman has come over to introduce himself. Isn't that *charming*? A0F4E034.PF3 GABE,I try. The name's Knight. Gabriel Knight. A0F4E034.PF4 ESTELLE,How do you do, Mr. Knight? I'm Estelle Stiles and this is Lady Lily Howard. A0F4E034.PF5 HOWARD,Renown on stage and screen! And now you're thinking 'how modest,' 'how petite', and, of course, I am! A0F4E034.PF6 ESTELLE,Lily!

A0F4E00S.P11 GABE,Are you with the tour group? A0F4E00S.P12 HOWARD,He's a sly one, Estelle. A0F4E00S.P13 ESTELLE,Yes, Mr. Knight. We are. A0F4E00S.P14 HOWARD,What about you, Dear Boy? I thought we'd met everyone this morning. A0F4E00S.P15 GABE,Oh, I'm, uh, I'm a friend of Mosely's. A0F4E00S.P16 HOWARD,Ah! Well!

A0F4E02E.3P1 GABE,You wouldn't by any chance be here lookin' for the holy grail, would ya? A0F4E02E.3P2 HOWARD,Ah! But we *all* seek the holy grail! A0F4E02E.3P3 GABE,You mean . . . everyone on the tour? A0F4E02E.3P4 HOWARD,No, Little Man! All mankind! The correct question is not 'do you seek the grail?' but 'do you know what the grail *is*? A0F4E02E.3P5 GABE,What is it? A0F4E02E.3P6 HOWARD,Ah, ah, ah, ah ,ah! A0F4E02E.3P7 GABE,(SIGH)

A0F4E04W.P11 GABE,Are you all here lookin' for the treasure? A0F4E04W.P12 HOWARD,Well we can hardly deny it since we're on the tour. A0F4E04W.P13 ESTELLE,But it's not as though we have a *theory*, Mr. Knight. A0F4E04W.P14 HOWARD,Estelle! You're so subtle. A0F4E04W.P15 GABE,Oh yeah? Ya got a theory? Lemme hear it. A0F4E04W.P16 HOWARD,Is that a note of ridicule I hear? Can it be? A0F4E04W.P17 GABE,No. I didn't . . . A0F4E04W.P18 HOWARD,Do you think, perhaps, that only MEN can have valid theories? Hmmm? A0F4E04W.P19 GABE,Hardly. It's just the whole idea of a . . . A0F4E04W.P1A ESTELLE,Lily! Are we to take it that you yourself *have* no theory, Sir? A0F4E04W.P1B GABE,About the treasure? Ah, no. I don't. A0F4E04W.P1C HOWARD,Methinks he doth protest too much. A0F4E04W.P1D ESTELLE,It's possible.

Talking to Madame Girard A0F45P34.PF1 GABE,Hi, how are ya? You run this place? A0F45P34.PF2 GIRARD,Oui. Yes. A0F45P34.PF3 GABE,Nice ta meet ya. The name's Knight. A0F45P34.PF4 GIRARD,Very well. A0F45P34.PF5 GABE,And you are . . . ? A0F45P34.PF6 GIRARD,Madame Girard. Is there something I can help you with? A0F45P34.PF7 GABE,There might be.

A0F45P0I.DJ1 GABE,Say, were you around last night? A0F45P0I.DJ2 GIRARD,I was at home, Monsieur. A0F45P0I.DJ3 GABE,Oh. You didn't happen to see anyone comin' into town, did ya? Late? Around eleven? A0F45P0I.DJ4 GIRARD,I am well asleep by then! The early bird catches the worm you know. A0F45P0I.DJ5 GABE,Yeah. And what an incentive that is, too.

A0F45P2E.421 GABE,Say, does the holy grail have somethin' to do with this area? A0F45P2E.422 GIRARD,Perhaps. A0F45P2E.423 GABE,Uh-huh. And what would the connection be exactly? A0F45P2E.424 GIRARD,Some believe the Templars found sacred Christian treasure in the Holy Land. When they were persecuted, they would have hidden it, n'est pas? It really isn't *that* difficult a leap, Monsieur. A0F45P2E.425 GABE,Sacred Christian treasure -- like the holy grail? A0F45P2E.426 GIRARD,Possibly. The most famous grail story, written by Wolfenbach, was set in the Languedoc. Did you know that, Monsieur? A0F45P2E.427 GABE,Huh-uh. A0F45P2E.428 GIRARD,No. Of course you did not.

A0F45P4W.JF1 GABE,There's s'pose to be some kinda treasure buried around here, right? A0F45P4W.JF2 GIRARD,Yes. That *is* the theory. A0F45P4W.JF3 GABE,Well what kinda treasure is it? A0F45P4W.JF4 GIRARD,That's part of the *mystery*, Monsieur.

A0F45P4W.241 GABE,Okay. So what are some of the *possible* treasures? A0F45P4W.242 GIRARD,Gold stores of the Romans; the fabulous wealth of the Visigoths, which was never found; the fabulous wealth of the Merovingians, which was never found. A0F45P4W.243 GIRARD,Or it could be the fabulous wealth of the Cathars which . . . A0F45P4W.244 GABE,Yeah. I gotcha. The Templars too, right? A0F45P4W.245 GIRARD,But of course! *They* had more fabulous wealth than anyone! Why do you think that French pig-dog of a King turned on them? A0F45P4W.246 GABE,Um . . . Aren't *you* French in this region? A0F45P4W.247 GIRARD,Well. *France* thinks so.

A0F45P4W.941 GABE,Any other theories on the possible treasure? A0F45P4W.942 GIRARD,Well . . . the Romans *did* destroy the Temple of Jerusalem -- stole sacred Hebrew artifacts. Perhaps it is the lost treasure of Jerusalem that is buried around here. A0F45P4W.943 GIRARD,And then this is that one theory . . . A0F45P4W.944 GABE,Yes? A0F45P4W.945 GIRARD,Never mind. I am a good Catholic woman myself. Why don't you read up on the subject, if you are so very interested?

A0F45P55.EQ1 GABE,You mentioned Templars -- as in the Knights Templars? Were they really from this . . . A0F45P55.EQ2 GIRARD,If you wish to know about the Templars read the history board.

A0FL5P16.MA1 GABE,So where *did* Saunière get his money from? A0FL5P16.MA2 GIRARD,If I could answer that, Monsieur, do you think I'd be sitting here?

A0FL5P28.DJ1 GABE,Have you heard a baby cryin' in the past twenty-four hours? A0FL5P28.DJ2 GIRARD,I have three grandchildren. What do you think?

A0FL5P36.DJ1 GABE, Is there anythin' special I should know about the town? A0FL5P36.DJ2 GIRARD,The displays will tell you the history of Rennes-le-Château.

DAY 1 12PM-2PM

Room Swap (MISSING LINE: SEE BONUS) A1AC6L3W.JA2 EMILIO,There you are, Ladies. I greatly appreciate your understanding. A1AC6L3W.JA3 HOWARD,I'm sure you'll be able to repay us somehow, Mr. Baza. When the time comes. A1AC6L3W.JA4 HOWARD,Move along now, Estelle. I really MUST rest. A1AC6L3W.JA5 ESTELLE,Thank you, Mr. Baza. A1AC6L3W.JA6 EMILIO,Thank YOU, Miss Stiles.

Look guestbook A1EC9144.WO1 Looks like a few of the guests have switched rooms. Hmmm. A1EC9144.3N1 Looks like Jean has been informed of the room swappin' escapade. Very curious.

Dining room conversation (Wilkes and Madeline) A1ECC71I.JA1 WILKES,I've been waitin' ta get ya alone, Maddy. I don't like to brag in front of the others, but I think yer gonna be surprised how this tour turns out. Might bring some fame yer way. Help ya out. A1ECC71I.JA2 MADELINE,Are you implying, Monsieur Wilkes, that you intend to find the treasure? *This* trip? A1ECC71I.JA3 WILKES,That's roit. A1ECC71I.JA4 MADELINE,You will have my full attention when you do. A1ECC71I.JA5 WILKES,Ya don't believe me. I have this theory, see . . . A1ECC71I.JA6 MADELINE,Monsieur Wilkes, everyone has 'a theory.' A1ECC71I.JA7 WILKES,Yeah, but they ain't got what *I* got. Ya can roit that up and take it ta the bank! A1ECC71I.JA8 MADELINE,Really? And what *do* you have that is so unusual? A1ECC71I.JA9 WILKES,Why doncha come by my room tonight and find out? I got this big piece of equipment, see . . . A1ECC71I.JAA MADELINE,Ah! Je comprends! However 'big' your equipment, Monsieur, I have no doubt seen something very much like it before. Besides, I *probably* have other plans.

Talk to Wilkes A17C3D34.PF1 GABE,Hi. I don't think we've met. I'm Gabriel Knight. A17C3D34.PF2 WILKES,Knight, eh? Wilkes is the name. John Wilkes. A17C3D34.PF3 GABE,Australian? A17C3D34.PF4 WILKES,That's roit. 'n yer a Yank. A17C3D34.PF5 GABE,If you mean American, yeah, but there're certain branches of my family tree that'd shoot you for that one. Are you with the tour? A17C3D34.PF6 WILKES,Yeah, I'm with the tour. Look, I'm all for bein' friendly like, but my lunch is getting cold. A17C3D34.PF7 GABE,Oh. Sure. We'll . . . uh . . . we'll talk later.

Look Wilkes A17C3D44.KO1 John Wilkes. He's with the tour. A17C3D44.KO2 Is it just me, or is he eyein' Madeline the way a trucker eyes a Bud Lite? A17C3D44.KO3 Me, I'd *never* be that obvious.

A17C3D44.2Q1 Huh. I haven't seen that guy before.

Talk to Madeline A17C7639.PF1 GABE,Hey, Madeline. How's lunch? A17C7639.PF2 MADELINE,Satisfactory, Mr. Knight. Will you be dining or are the prices here 'kinda steep'? A17C7639.PF3 GABE,Oh, if I get hungry, I'll eat. Don't worry about it. A17C7639.PF4 MADELINE,I'll try not to fret.

Look Madeline A17C7644.PF1 Watchin' Madeline eat has its moments, but I probably have better things to do. A17C7644.PF2 Probably.

Knock Mosely's door A1AC9C4H.MJ1 God! How long can it take to dry those three or four strands of hair!

Buchelli/Arnaud Church Cross A18C6L3W.401 BUCHELLI,Chi e colpevole di questo sacrilegio? A18C6L3W.402 ARNAUD,May I be of service, Monsieur? A18C6L3W.403 BUCHELLI,'Par ce signe tu le vaincras'. Could you tell me what is meant by this? A18C6L3W.404 ARNAUD,It means 'By this sign shall you conquer it.' A18C6L3W.405 BUCHELLI,It. It. What is 'It'? The proper phrase is 'Par ce signe tu vaincras,' 'By this sign shall you conquer.' Meaning, naturally, the sign of the cross. A18C6L3W.406 ARNAUD,I am aware that there's been a slight modification, yes. A18C6L3W.407 BUCHELLI,To what end? What is the 'it' to which the words refer? A18C6L3W.408 ARNAUD,Monsieur, the Abbé Saunière designed this statue. What he meant by this, or by any of the decorations in the church, we can only surmise. A18C6L3W.409 BUCHELLI,I see. If that is your answer then you *cannot* be of service to me. Good day. A18C6L3W.40A ARNAUD,Monsieur.

Look Buchelli A18C8Y44.YT1 And I thought that only American tourists were that rude.

Look Par Ce Signe Tu Le Vaincras A18CET44.OV1 That guy said it means 'By this sign shall you conquer it.'

Buchelli conversation A18C8Y34.PF1 GABE,Hi. Are you with the tour? A18C8Y34.PF2 BUCHELLI,Si, Signore. And who are you? A18C8Y34.PF3 GABE,My name's Knight. My friend, Mosely, is on your tour. A18C8Y34.PF4 BUCHELLI,Ah. I am Buchelli. Vittorio Buchelli. A18C8Y34.PF5 GABE,Nice ta meet ya. How do you like the tour so far? A18C8Y34.PF6 BUCHELLI,Ah . . . I am enjoying it. Yes. Thank you.

A18C8Y0J.7O1 GABE,So what do ya think of the church? A18C8Y0J.7O2 BUCHELLI,It *isn't* a church. They should make that clear. A18C8Y0J.7O3 GABE,It's not a church? A18C8Y0J.7O4 BUCHELLI,No. This parish was closed years ago. The building is a tourist attraction. Nothing more.

A18C8Y2E.7O1 GABE,Do you know anythin' about the holy grail bein' around here? A18C8Y2E.7O2 BUCHELLI,The 'grail' is a story. Nothing more.

A18C8Y4O.7O1 GABE,Did you get in late last night, Senor Buchelli? A18C8Y4O.7O2 BUCHELLI,*Signore.* Yes. It was late. A18C8Y4O.7O3 GABE,Did you drive or . . . A18C8Y4O.7O4 BUCHELLI,I took a train. A18C8Y4O.7O5 GABE,Oh, yeah? I came in last night by train. What train were *you* on? A18C8Y4O.7O6 BUCHELLI,Er . . . From . . . from Naples.

A18C8Y4W.7O1 GABE,Did you . . . uh . . . did you come to look for the treasure? A18C8Y4W.7O2 BUCHELLI,Treasure? Signore, please! A18C8Y4W.7O3 GABE,You don't think there is a treasure? A18C8Y4W.7O4 BUCHELLI,I would be *very* surprised. A18C8Y4W.7O5 GABE,Then how come you took the tour? A18C8Y4W.7O6 BUCHELLI,Well . . . The *history* of the area and the . . . the *fable* of the treasure, these interest one, no? A18C8Y4W.7O7 GABE,No. Not really. A18C8Y4W.7O8 BUCHELLI,Then why are *you* here? A18C8Y4W.7O9 GABE,Oh. Yeah! The *history*, sure.

Look Buchelli A18C8Y44.7O1 Signore Buchelli. Italian.

Look Arnaud A1851A44.YU1 He looks like a math teacher I had once -- which explains why I never liked math.

Knock office door A18LBC4H.ZC1 Um . . . maybe I should just talk to the guy at the desk. Knock office door after talking to Arnaud A18LBC4H.ZD1 Arnaud's sittin' right here.

Arnaud Conversation A18C1A34.PF1 GABE,Hey. How are ya? The name's Knight. A18C1A34.PF2 ARNAUD,Good afternoon, Mr. Knight. A18C1A34.PF3 GABE,Are you the priest here, or . . . A18C1A34.PF4 ARNAUD,People call me the abbé, yes. The name's Arnaud. Abbé Arnaud.

A18I1A0J.CR1 GABE,This is quite a place. I haven't seen many churches this . . . uh . . . colorful. A18I1A0J.CR2 ARNAUD,I assure you, it is unique. St. Mary Magdalen's is quite ancient, but Abbé Saunière restored it in the 1890's. It is *his* spirit you see around you. A18I1A0J.CR3 GABE,Huh. Nice.

A18I1A0J.471 GABE,You don't see churches dedicated to Mary Magdalen very often. A18I1A0J.472 ARNAUD,Ah, but the Magdalen cult was quite strong in the old days, particularly in this part of the world! A18I1A0J.473 GABE,Oh, yeah? Why's that? A18I1A0J.474 ARNAUD,The Magdalen journeyed to the South of France after the death of Jesus. She lived here for many years. In fact, you can visit her remains at a church near Marseilles. A18I1A0J.475 GABE,Huh. I had no idea.

A18I1A5K.B31 GABE,What do you mean by the 'Magdalen Cult'? A18I1A5K.B32 ARNAUD,A cult of devotion! It's still quite strong in this area, despite the best efforts of the Catholic Church. A18I1A5K.B33 ARNAUD,Did you know that most of the famous 'Black Madonna' images were not images of the Virgin Mary at all, but of the Magdalen? A18I1A5K.B34 ARNAUD,The Church wanted to downplay the role of Mary Magdalen, so they called her a prostitute and insisted that all the Black Madonnas were really the Virgin Mary.

A18C1A5K.AT1 GABE,But . . . the Black Madonnas usually show a mother and child, don't they? If the woman's Mary Magdalen, who's the child? A18C1A5K.AT2 BUCHELLI,(COUGH) A18C1A5K.AT3 ARNAUD,Excellent question, Mr. Knight.

A18I1A2E.CR1 GABE,The holy grail has been linked to this area, is that right? A18I1A2E.CR2 ARNAUD,The connection is nearly as old as the grail legend itself! What have you read on the subject? A18I1A2E.CR3 GABE,Not much. Arthurian legends aren't really my thing. But it's s'posed to be a cup that contained the blood of Christ, innit? A18I1A2E.CR4 ARNAUD,A *vessel* that contains the blood of Christ, yes.

A18I1A2E.471 GABE,Do you think the holy grail is behind the treasure of Rennes-le-Château? A18I1A2E.472 ARNAUD,It is possible.

A18I1A2E.L81 GABE,Do you know of anyone in this area that has a particular interest in the grail? A18I1A2E.L82 ARNAUD,Besides myself? Hmmm. No one that I can think of. Of course, the treasure seekers who visit the valley are often interested in the grail.

A18C1A55.4F1 GABE,Do you know much about the Templars? A18C1A55.4F2 ARNAUD,I know the basic history. There are a few Templars buried in the cemetery, you know. A18C1A55.4F3 ARNAUD,But . . . uh . . . yes. I think I'll refer you to a young scholar staying in the house near Château de Blanchefort. His name is Larry Chester. He says he's working on a Templar book. A18C1A55.4F4 GABE,Okay. Thanks. A18C1A55.4F5 ARNAUD,And let me know if he's helpful at all. Will you? A18C1A55.4F6 GABE,Sure.

A18I1A4W.CR1 GABE,Do *you* think that there's a treasure around here? A18I1A4W.CR2 ARNAUD,Of course there's a treasure! But it will not be found by just anyone. 'Let those who have ears, hear.' A18I1A4W.CR3 GABE,Right.

Talk about pamphlets A185757N.YO1 GABE,Ya got any of these in English? A185757N.YO2 ARNAUD,Not at the moment, but I have some on order. If Monsieur would check back tomorrow? A185757N.YO3 GABE,Sure.

Look/take pamphlets A1857544.Q81 They've got brouchures, but they're in French. A1857532.Q81 I don't read French.

Look Arnaud A1851A44.GD1 Abbé Arnaud. Wonder what he did wrong to get stuck in a place like this?

Talk to Arnaud A18I1A1B.P61 I don't wanna wear out my welcome.

Use glass on office door: A18IBC23.PF1 Not with the Abbé sittin' right there!

Following Buchelli as he's leaving church: A1YC8Y1B.3L1 I talked to him inhe church. A1YC8Y44.3L1 Wonder where *he's* goin'? A07C8Y44.PF1 Looks like he's headin' back to the hotel.

Look Buchelli A17C8Y44.411 He was in the church a minute ago. Maybe religious debate gives him an appetite.

A17C8Y1B.411 I just talked to him in the church.

Look Lady Howard and Estelle A17CE044.PF1 It's those two British chicks from the museum.

Chat with the ladies A17CE039.401 GABE,Hi, Ladies. A17CE039.402 HOWARD,Good afternoon, Mr. Knight. A17CE039.403 ESTELLE,Mr. Knight. A17CE039.404 GABE,How's lunch? A17CE039.405 HOWARD,It's really *quite* good, but don't let the staff hear you say that. A bit of complaining keeps them on their toes. A17CE039.406 ESTELLE,Lily! A17CE039.407 HOWARD,You *know* it's true, Darling. A17CE039.408 GABE,Thanks for the advice.

Mosely conversation: A09C6L3W.401 MOSELY,All right, ya hairball. What're you *really* doin' here? You didn't know anything about my trip! A09C6L3W.402 GABE,I'll tell ya. Don't worry about it. A09C6L3W.403 GABE,What about you? Since when do you take European tours? A09C6L3W.404 MOSELY,Hey, you don't know everything about me. A09C6L3W.405 GABE,Apparently not. A09C6L3W.406 MOSELY,Anyway, I was here first. So what's *your* excuse?

A09C1228.O41 GABE,Have you heard a baby cryin' since you've arrived? A09C1228.O42 MOSELY,A baby? What the hell're you talking about, Knight? I ain't heard no baby.

A09C123F.PF1 GABE,All right. This is what happened. A couple of weeks ago Grace and I got this invitation in the mail . . . A09C123F.PF2 GABE,. . . I was passed out for a while. I'm not even sure how long. When I got up we were at the Couiza station. The conductor *saw* the two men get off. A09C123F.PF3 GABE,They've got to be around here somewhere. A09C123F.PF4 MOSELY,Wow! This is really interesting. A09C123F.PF5 GABE,I'm glad you appreciate it. A09C123F.PF6 MOSELY,So what's all this about *vampires*? Or did I hear something funny? A09C123F.PF7 GABE,Nothin' funny about it. The 'Night Visitors' Prince James calls 'em, but they take blood. Sounds like vampires to me. A09C123F.PF8 MOSELY,Oh! You don't believe in that crap, do you? A09C123F.PF9 GABE,Mose, you have *no* idea. A09C123F.PFA MOSELY,Well the kidnappers are real enough. So what're you gonna do? A09C123F.PFB GABE,I'm gonna figure out what's goin' on, that's what. First of all, there's your tour group. A09C123F.PFC MOSELY,I think you're swinging at an empty plate there. A09C123F.PFD GABE,Y'all got in last night, didn't you? Maybe one of you was on that train. Or maybe someone in your little group is here for a hand-off of the kid. I'd be the perfect cover story. A09C123F.PFE MOSELY,You're right. It's possible. A09C123F.PFF GABE,Or maybe *not*, which is why I gotta go check out the area, too. Soon as I get some wheels. A09C123F.PFG MOSELY,So this is a real Schattenjäger case, huh? What's goin' on with that whole thing? And what about Grace? A09C123F.PFH GABE,I'll tell ya. Don't rush me.

Discover Emilio spying A09CDC3D.DP1 GABE,Shhhhh! A1AC6L3W.EC1 GABE,Hmmm. A09C6L3W.PS1 MOSELY,What're ya *doin'*? A09C6L3W.PS2 GABE,Oh, nothin'.

A09C1202.J61 GABE,Gracie's doin' fine, since you asked. A09C1202.J62 MOSELY,I bet! Huh? Huh? The two of you . . . alone in the Alps . . . A09C1202.J63 GABE,We're not sleepin' together. A09C1202.J64 MOSELY,WHAT? Did it get chewed off on your last case or what? A09C1202.J65 GABE,I dunno. We've come close a couple a times, but I get all . . . freaked out or somethin'. A09C1202.J66 MOSELY,You're startin' to worry me, Bud. A09C1202.J67 GABE,Look, Gracie's a doll, but she's *livin'* with me. If I slept with her and then I changed my mind, what would I do? Throw her out? A09C1202.J68 MOSELY,Why don't you just marry her, Knight? A09C1202.J69 GABE,Oh, God. A09C1202.J6A MOSELY,I forgot you're allergic. A09C1202.J6B GABE,Even if I *did* wanna get married, I'm not sure it would be Gracie. She's like a chair, you know? A09C1202.J6C GABE,Say you see this really great chair. And you like the chair and your mother likes the chair and everyone says you should buy the chair. A09C1202.J6D GABE,But you know that if you take it home *everything* else would have to go. You know, like the chair is Louis the Fourteenth and the rest of your place is IKEA. A09C1202.J6E MOSELY,Well, Bud. I hate to say it, but you'd better start cooking or get outta the kitchen. You keep farting around and *somebody* might just beat you to it. (MISSING LINE: SEE BONUS)

A09C122N.J61 GABE,About this Schattenjäger thing? A09C122N.J62 GABE,You know we had that big case last year . . . A09C122N.J63 MOSELY,Yeah, I've seen your book, 'The Brutal Beast'. God, what a sick freaking mind you've got. A09C122N.J64 GABE,Heh-heh. Yeah. Anyway, since then Grace and Gerde have been gettin' all organized on me. Gracie even did this computer program called SIDNEY? S'posed to help when we're in the field. 'Course, I'll never use it, but I can't tell her that. A09C122N.J65 MOSELY,Uh-huh. And I've noticed you're looking a little toned there. Huh? A09C122N.J66 GABE,Yeah, I've been workin' out. Grace says I need to be in shape to chase the bad guys. I point to *you* as a example in contrary. Then she points out that you never *get* the bad guys. A09C122N.J67 MOSELY,Oh ha-ha. Glad to see you haven't lost your butt-stupid sense of humor. A09C122N.J68 MOSELY,So did ya ever find out how your family got into this whole thing in the first place? A09C122N.J69 GABE,No. The journals go way back to 900 AD and it looks like it was an old family tradition even then. A09C122N.J6A GABE,I dunno. Grace found a few other groups of 'shadow hunters' and they seem pretty decent. There's a whole ashram in India where they train monks for this kind of thing. Grace has been buggin' me about goin'. A09C122N.J6B MOSELY,Why don't ya? A09C122N.J6C GABE,Shit. I'm not a "Lost Horizons" kinda guy. A09C122N.J6D MOSELY,I see what you mean. No point in getting all *serious* about it. A09C122N.J6E GABE,Screw you, Mostly.

A09C120S.PF1 GABE,So how'd you find out about this tour anyway? A09C120S.PF2 MOSELY,I read about it in a travel magazine. A09C120S.PF3 GABE,A travel magazine? Since when do you read *travel* magazines? A09C120S.PF4 MOSELY,What, like you're the only one who can run off to Europe? I'm pretty cosmopolitan myself, you know. A09C120S.PF5 GABE,Cosmos pollutin' is more like it. A09C120S.PF6 MOSELY,Oh, ha-ha. Go write some dialogue, smart ass. Get it outta your system.

A09C122E.O41 GABE,Mose, do you know anythin' about the holy grail? A09C122E.O42 MOSELY,The holy grail? No. Not really. A09C122E.O43 MOSELY,Why? What do *you* know about the holy grail? A09C122E.O44 GABE,Me? Not much. (MISSING DISCUSSION: CHECK BONUS)

A09C124W.291 GABE,So what about the treasure of Rennes-le-Château? You have a theory? A09C124W.292 MOSELY,Not really. A09C124W.293 GABE,Madeline says everybody has a theory. A09C124W.294 MOSELY,That Madeline, what a babe, huh? A09C124W.295 GABE,Yeah.

A09C124W.241 GABE,Wait a minute. You never said what you think about the treasure. Is that why you came? To find the treasure? A09C124W.242 MOSELY,I don't know about that. Find out *about* it, maybe. Sure. It seemed like a lark. A09C124W.243 GABE,But what do you . . . A09C124W.244 MOSELY,Speaking of Madeline, don't you love that kinda 'tough girl' thing she's got goin'? Man. A09C124W.245 GABE,I *wasn't* speaking about Madeline, I was talkin' about the treasure. A09C124W.246 MOSELY,Oh. Nice area though, isn't it?

Talk about two men first A09C120I.O41 GABE,Did you notice two men with a trunk when you came into town last night? A09C120I.O42 MOSELY,Wilkes and I were in the van on the drive up here. Neither one of us had a trunk, though. And I didn't even see Baza and Buchelli come in. A09C120I.O43 MOSELY,What's this about anyway?

A09C120I.EO1 GABE,You didn't see the kidnappers in the area last night, did you? A09C120I.EO2 MOSELY,Hmmm. The guys you saw on the train both had long hair pulled back in ponytails, and they had this trunk with airholes. A09C120I.EO3 MOSELY,Nope. Haven't seen anything like that since I got here.

Leave the baby for last: “Have you seen a baby since you arrived?” A09C1228.2A2 MOSELY,Nah, Bud. I ain't heard one, I ain't seen one. Sorry.

Leave early A09CDC20.NP1 GABE,I'm gonna go. A09CDC20.NP2 MOSELY,'Kay. Come back later if ya want.

Go away and return A09C6L3W.CA1 MOSELY,Now what? A09C6L3W.CA2 GABE,Just wanted to finish our conversation.

Leave A09CDC20.PE1 GABE,I'm gonna take off. Ya wanna look around with me this afternoon? A09CDC20.PE2 MOSELY,This afternoon? Nah. I got some things to do. A09CDC20.PE3 GABE,What could you have to do? You're on vacation! A09CDC20.PE4 MOSELY,Ah . . . I brought some work with me. You know, 'a cop's work is never done'. A09CDC20.PE5 GABE,Never started even. A09CDC20.PE6 MOSELY,Oh, by the way. Would you mind not . . . uh . . . not mentioning to anyone that I'm a cop? A09CDC20.PE7 GABE,What? A09CDC20.PE8 MOSELY,People just get kinda weird. I wanna be an average Joe for once. Come on! A09CDC20.PE9 GABE,Mose. I've got news for ya. You can't *get* anymore average. A09CDC20.PEA MOSELY,Knight! A09CDC20.PEB GABE,All right. All right. Mums the word. A09CDC20.PEC MOSELY,Thanks. See ya around. A09CDC20.PED GABE,Yeah. See ya.

Look lightbulb A09LLZ44.HJ1 GABE,Nice lightbulb. I see you've got the grand suite here. A09LLZ44.HJ2 MOSELY,Shut up, Knight. A guy can economize, can't he? A09LLZ44.HJ3 GABE,Indeed. In fact, if he spends as much on food as *you* do, he must. A09LLZ44.HJ4 MOSELY,Hey, everybody has a hobby.

Look desk A09L3K44.HJ1 GABE,Gosh, you can sit at that desk and write! You can . . . write can't you? A09L3K44.HJ2 MOSELY,Go to hell.

Look Mosely A09L1244.QR1 Unfortunately, the poor guy looks exactly the same.

Check up on Emilio again A09CDC3D.831 I don't think I'd see any more if I did it again.

Look at Emilio's glass A1AC1044.JB1 Guess Emilio was thirsty.

Use glass on R27 door A1ACBW23.3L1 Yup. He's in there.


If you didn´t enter the Moped Rental yet A0793D44.NI1 A bike! Man, I need one of those. If you entered it already A0793D44.411 Looks like the moped shop is open. Yee-haw.

Moped Rental

Look store A1W99Y44.MM1 Great! They're open!

Use wallet on Harley A1W9K43C.U51 I'll have to work it out with the rental guy first.

Talking to Bigout A1W99Y5N.401 GABE,Hey, how ya doin'? I wanna rent a bike. A1W99Y5N.402 BIGOUT,Oui. Your passport, please. A1W99Y5N.403 BIGOUT,Monsieur Knight -- you are not with the tour group? I do not see you on my list. A1W99Y5N.404 GABE,Nope. I'm on my own. A1W99Y5N.405 BIGOUT,Ah! I am sorry, Monsieur, but most of my fleet is reserved for the tour group. A1W99Y5N.406 GABE,What? A1W99Y5N.407 BIGOUT,I have *one* little bike left, Monsieur, but she is nothing grand. I show you. A1W99Y5N.408 BIGOUT,Here she is. A1W99Y5N.409 GABE,*This* piece of crap? Ah, come on! A1W99Y5N.40A GABE,I was kinda hopin' for this baby. What is this, a WWII army issue? A1W99Y5N.40B BIGOUT,Oui. But the tour group reservations were made first. It is this little bike, Monsieur, or nothing! A1W99Y5N.40C GABE,Well, who gets the Harley? A1W99Y5N.40D BIGOUT,Whoever chooses it first, Monsieur. If none of the others *want* the large bike, you may have it. A1W99Y5N.40E GABE,Oh yeah. Like *that's* gonna happen. A1W99Y5N.40F BIGOUT,Let me know what you decide.

Pay Bigout A1WL9Y3C.XC1 I don't think offerin' him money would make any difference. Unfortunately.

Shoot Bigout A1W99Y3B.XC1 I don't *have* a gun.

Use Schattenjäger Dagger on Bigout A1W99Y6N.XD1 Okay, I *do* have a knife, but you just can't go around stabbin' people. Even if they do deserve it.

Talk to Bigout again A1W99Y1B.XC1 I'm not gonna be able to *charm* my way into that Harley. I'll have to think of somethin' else.

Look Bigout A1W99Y44.XC1 That guy is seriously ruinin' my day.

Look mopeds after talking to Bigout A1W9EH44.5O1 These are all reserved for the people on the tour group. Thank God. Mopeds – yehhh!

Look store A1W9JX44.XC1 They're open. Not that it does me any good.

Look Harley A1W97C44.5O1 Man. I really want that bike!

Look moped wreck A1W97X44.5O1 I wouldn't be caught *dead* on that bike! A thing like that can ruin a guy's self-esteem -- permanently!

Think at reservation list A1W9U90L.U51 Well, I'm not on the reservation list . . . but I know someone who *is*.

Use marker on list A1W93Z0U.NJ1 Yeah. Like I'd get away with *that*.

Look reservation list A1W93Z44.NJ1 It's a reservation list for the bikes. *I'm* not on it.

Wear costume while not having Mosely's passport A1W95S0P.MD1 I have a disguise, but the guy's gonna wanna see a passport.

Wear costume with unaltered passport A1W95S0P.MH1 I've got a disguise, and I've got a passport, but I need to do somethin' about the face on the passport or he'll know it isn't me.

Use passport on Bigout without costume A1W99Y4G.ME1 Good idea, but he'll never believe *I'm* Mosely. Not the way I look right now.

Metamorphosis A1W95S0P.PT1 GABE,No peekin'. A1W99Y4G.E81 GABE,Hey, is this where y'all rent *mo*peds? A1W99Y4G.E82 BIGOUT,Oui. May I see your passport? A1W99Y4G.E83 BIGOUT,Ah! Monsieur Mosely! Yes, I have a reservation for you. One moment. A1W99Y4G.E84 BIGOUT,You may have any bike in the lot, Monsieur. A1W99Y4G.E85 GABE,I *can*? Heck, I guess I'll take this big ol' hog here. How much is that? A1W99Y4G.E86 BIGOUT,One hundred francs a day. A1W99Y4G.E87 GABE,Looks like we got us a deal! A1W99Y4G.E88 BIGOUT,There you are, Monsieur. You pay when you return the bike. A1W99Y4G.E89 GABE,Golly. Thanks. A1W99Y4G.E8A BIGOUT,But wait! The tour group gets my special 'treasure chest' package. You get the binoculars and the shovel with that. A1W99Y4G.E8B GABE,Great. A1W99Y4G.E8C BIGOUT,Best of luck, Monsieur. If you strike it rich, you will remember poor little Bigout, will you not? A1W99Y4G.E8D GABE,That's right. I will not. Thank you so much. A1W99Y4G.E8E GABE,Man! The things I'll do for a decent bike! A1W99Y4G.E8F GABE,I'd better put this stuff back before Mosely has a conniption.

Look reservation list A1W93Z44.XS1 'Monsieur Mosely' has been checked off the reservation list.

Watching Arnaud spritz the plants A0C91A44.QR1 Looks like Arnaud has a green thumb.

Watching Arnaud's house while he's spritzing the plants A0C95G44.PF1 Arnaud's at home.

Looking at spritzer in Arnaud's window A0C98K44.291 The Abbé left his spritzer behind. A0C98K44.292 Spritzer behind?

Stealing spritzer A0C98K32.BK1 It's for a worthy cause.

Cat Hair Puzzle Look cat if you didn't spray it yet A1Y9X20L.5O1 Hmmm. That cat's got some major black fur goin'. I might be able to use some of that. Spritz cat while it's on the ground A1Y9X27P.Q81 Geez! Like cats much? I *could* try pettin' him first. Look hole in door after spritzing the cat A1Y9X30L.WH1 Hmmm. That's a tight squeeze, but the cat hasn't left any fur behind on those boards. He *might*, though. With a little help. Use syrup on doorhole A1Y9X34C.WH1 I *could* use syrup, but that would get too messy. I'd get paint and splinters 'n shit in it. Think cat A1YLX20L.KK1 I kinda liked that squeezin' through the hole bit. I wonder if I could get him to do it again? Look hole A1YLX344.KM1 The cat ran through there. Pretty tight squeeze, too. Pet cat A1YLX27O.291 You try to share a little human kindness, and what does it get you? Pet cat when it's on the wall A1YLX27O.KK1 I can't get up there. Look cat on the wall A1YLX244.KK1 He doesn't look thrilled to see me. Get hair A1YLX132.KR1 It worked! Fail A1YLX132.PF1 There's nothing on the tape! I'll have to try again. A1YLX144.KR1 I *think* it worked.

Pick up the museum hat A0F91Q32.5O1 Hmmm. I s'pose this hat *might* be useful after all.

Look ladies A1E9E044.PF1 Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle Dum.

Conversation with Lady Howard and Estelle A1E9E01B.3N1 GABE,I noticed you all movin' suitcases around upstairs. Was there a problem with your room? A1E9E01B.3N2 HOWARD,Oh, *my*, yes! A1E9E01B.3N3 ESTELLE,But that wasn't why we moved, Lily. A1E9E01B.3N4 HOWARD,No? A1E9E01B.3N5 ESTELLE,Mr. Baza kindly offered to exchange with us. A1E9E01B.3N6 HOWARD,He's a Muslim, you see. Wanted to be facing East and all that. Well! Estelle and I are very much in favor of supporting the cultural differences between us, aren't we, Dear? A1E9E01B.3N7 ESTELLE,Yes, Lily. And it's a much nicer room. It's larger and has a balcony. A1E9E01B.3N8 HOWARD,Of course, I *do* appreciate the sacrifice, but then there are two of us and only one of Mr. Baza, and I'm sure he's used to stuffier quarters. Middle Easterners so often are, you see. A1E9E01B.3N9 GABE,Yeah. I've . . . uh . . . heard that.

Talk to Lady Howard and Estelle again A1E9E01B.411 They're busy map-gazin'.

Look Mosely's jacket A099CM44.5O1 Hmmm. That jacket is about as 'Mosely' as you can get. Take Mosely's jacket A099CM32.C91 Color me paranoid, but I think he'd get a bit suspicious if I took it in front of him.

Talk to Mosely A0996L3W.C61 MOSELY,Now what is it, Knight?

Talk about passport A099125L.991 GABE,Say, you got a passport, Mose? A099125L.992 MOSELY,Right here, Duffus. Why? A099125L.993 GABE,Just want to make sure you keep it on ya. You know what they say about hotel rooms in Europe. A099125L.994 MOSELY,No. What do they say? A099125L.995 GABE,Um . . . Don't leave your passports in them. A099125L.996 MOSELY,Right. Well Maddy already told us to keep 'em handy, but thanks so much for your concern.

Feed candy A099127K.291 GABE,Want one of these, Mose? A099127K.292 MOSELY,Sure! A099127K.293 MOSELY,(CHEWING) Thanks. A099127K.294 GABE,No problem. Lard butt. A099127K.295 MOSELY,They're fat free!

Give candy again A099127K.6R1 GABE,Want another one? A099127K.6R2 MOSELY,Okay. A099127K.6R3 MOSELY,(CHEWING)

Put Mosely's coat back A099LL46.PF1 I haven't used it yet.

Leave Mosely A099DC20.C61 GABE,See ya. A099DC20.C62 MOSELY,Yeah, get outta here ya wanker.

Mosely candy puzzle: A1A9WV0L.KA1 Mosely took that candy, alright -- but he was too quick for me to get much out of it. A1A9WW0L.IZ1 Mosely passed that table on his way downstairs. A1A9WX0L.KD1 Mosely didn't pass this table on the way downstairs. A1A9WX7K.KD1 Puttin' it there again won't do any good. A1A9120L.6G1 If I could get him to stop somewhere for a minute, I might be able to . . . well, to do somethin'. A1A9127K.411

  • Handin'* it to him won't do any good.

A1A91232.H31 It's no good. He's already seen me. A1A91244.6G1 He's goin' down to the lobby. A1AC9C4H.2S1 Hey, Bud.

Getting caught while stealing passport A1A96L1I.OO1 MOSELY,Hey, dufus. A1A96L1I.OO2 GABE,Dog breath.

Enter Mose's room too late A1A99C20.4H1 I can't go in there *now*, he's comin' back.

Have to leave R33 A0996L18.4H1 I'd better get outta here before 'Mount Everest' returns.

Look at him after he's coming back A1A91244.4H1 He's comin' back up.

Look at Mosely in the lobby A1E91244.Q81 He looks confused, dunnin' he? What a dufus!

Steal Mosely's passport in the lobby A1EC8Y1B.3L1 I might if he stopped long enough.

A1A91232.H31 It's no good. He's already seen me.

A1E91232.Q82 I'll have to try it upstairs.

Enter room again A1AC9C4H.OJ1 I've seen enough of that room for the moment. It already has that 'Ode d' Mosely' scent goin'.

Buzz Mose again A1E9E21J.GI1 I think Mosely's got enough of a buzz goin'.

Buzz another room A1E9501J.MD1 I could buzz that room, but I don't think it would help me at the moment.

Knock Mosely door A1A99C4H.N41 He's not in there.

Look Buchelli on Tour Magdala A1F98Y44.PF1 Buchelli sure gets around -- 'specially for someone who doesn't wanna be here.

Talk to Buchelli again A1F98Y39.241 He's kinda wrapped up in the view.

Talk to Buchelli A1F98Y39.291 GABE,Signore Buchelli. Hey, what's up? A1F98Y39.292 BUCHELLI,Hello, Mr. Knight. I was just taking in the view. It's a lovely view up here. A1F98Y39.293 GABE,Yeah. 'Specially with binocs. See anythin' interestin'? A1F98Y39.294 BUCHELLI,Only God's splendor, my friend. A1F98Y39.295 GABE,Oh. Right. That.

At Couiza

Think arrivals board A0O2DI0L.PF1 Yesterday was Wednesday, so the only trains that came in were from Nice, Paris, Madrid and Rome. There *is* no Naples route. A0O2DI0L.PF2 In other words, Buchelli is lying. Either he didn't take a train at all, or he didn't take the one he *says* he took.

Look arrivals board A0OL0444.PF1 It's a list of arrivals and departures.

Think departures board A0OLCE0L.PF1 The departures won't help me much. My gut instinct tells me the baby's still in the area.

Look departures board A0OLCE44.PF1 Those are the trains you can catch from here. Daily: Paris and Bordeaux. Tuesday and Thursday: Rome and Madrid. A0OLCE44.PF2 Not a lot of options if you want to leave Couiza.

Look at Marcie before talking A0OL3B44.Q81 There's a girl in the ticket booth. That's helpful.

Talking with Marcie A0O23B34.PF1 GABE,Hello there, Mademoiselle. A0O23B34.PF2 MARCIE,Bonjour. Where is it you wish to go? A0O23B34.PF3 GABE,I'm already there. I wanna ask you a few questions. A0O23B34.PF4 MARCIE,Oui? All right.

A0O23B53.P81 GABE,Do you have a record of a man gettin' off the Naples train last night? A0O23B53.P82 MARCIE,There was no train from Naples last night. We have very limited service. A0O23B53.P83 GABE,Is that so? What trains *did* come in? A0O23B53.P84 MARCIE,We have a set schedule, Monsieur. The trains are listed on the board.

A0O23B0I.P81 GABE,Did two men with a trunk come in from Paris yesterday evenin'? A0O23B0I.P82 MARCIE,We had three arrivals last night from Paris, but I have no idea who they were. A0O23B0I.P83 GABE,Do ya know where they went? A0O23B0I.P84 MARCIE,Mais non. We only keep a record of the *number* who arrive, and only that because there is some talk of cutting service to Couiza. We have few visitors, and most of them come by auto.

A0O23B2L.8A1 GABE,What other trains had passengers disembark last night? A0O23B2L.8A2 MARCIE,Hmmm . . . There was one passenger from Rome, none from Madrid. Two from Nice earlier in the day. A0O23B2L.8A3 GABE,Great. Thanks.

Talking to Marcie again A0OL3B1B.P61 I don't think she can tell me anythin' more.

Look at Marcie after talking A0OL3B44.P81 Cute kid. She works here.

On Couiza Parking Lot

Look taxi driver A1J2AW0L.D41 He might have been around last night.

A1J2AW0L.PR1 I bet he knows somethin'.

A1J2AW44.D41 I wonder if that guy runs the taxi service?

A1J2AW44.PR1 It's the guy who drove me to Rennes-le-Château. I don't remember any of it.

A1J2AW34.PF1 GABE,Hi there. A1J2AW34.PF2 TAXI_DRIVER,Oh. It's you. You are feeling better I hope? That was a nasty bump you had on the head last night. A1J2AW34.PF3 GABE,Sure. Um . . . You took me over to Rennes-le-Château, right? A1J2AW34.PF4 TAXI_DRIVER,Yes. You must remember the car. You said it had a smell like the garlic. A1J2AW34.PF5 TAXI_DRIVER,Probably my dog, Fi-Fi. He loves to eat the garlic, and then he . . . A1J2AW34.PF6 GABE,Yes! Well. Thanks for joggin' my memory. A1J2AW34.PF7 TAXI_DRIVER,It's my pleasure, Monsieur.

A1J2AW0I.291 GABE,You were here last night. Did *you* see two men with a trunk come out of the station? Just before I did? A1J2AW0I.292 TAXI_DRIVER,Yes. But they didn't need a ride from me. A1J2AW0I.293 GABE,No? What'd they do? A1J2AW0I.294 TAXI_DRIVER,They drove off, Monsieur! A1J2AW0I.295 GABE,Yes, but *how*? Did they have a car parked here? A1J2AW0I.296 TAXI_DRIVER,No. Well, yes, I guess it was parked. At the time.

A1J2AW0I.241 GABE,Could you just tell me *exactly* what you saw? Two men with a trunk came out of the train station and . . . A1J2AW0I.242 TAXI_DRIVER,I'm having a hard time remembering . . .

Think: A1J2AW0I.P91 I get the feelin' he's holdin' out on me. He must want somethin'.

Use knife on taxi driver A1JKAW51.PZ1 I don't think *that's* gonna make this bird sing.

A1J2AW3C.PZ1 TAXI_DRIVER,My memory needs more help than that, Monsieur. A1J2AW3C.AD1 TAXI_DRIVER,Tres bien! Now I tell you. A1J2AW3C.AD2 TAXI_DRIVER, There was waiting a car, Monsieur. Maybe for an hour. Then the two men came out, they get in the car, voila! A1J2AW3C.AD3 GABE,What kinda car? A1J2AW3C.AD4 TAXI_DRIVER,Very nice. Very fine. It does not smell like the garlic, this car! A1J2AW3C.AD5 GABE,What was the make? A1J2AW3C.AD6 TAXI_DRIVER,It was a sedan. As to the make -- my eyes are not so good. A1J2AW3C.AD7 GABE,You want *more* money? A1J2AW3C.AD8 TAXI_DRIVER,No, Monsieur! My eyes are really *not* so good. A1J2AW3C.AD9 GABE,Oh. Well, what about color? A1J2AW3C.ADA TAXI_DRIVER,Black. Very black, this car. A1J2AW3C.ADB GABE,And the driver? A1J2AW3C.ADC TAXI_DRIVER,Er . . . Not old. Well dressed. Oh, and the trunk! Like it was the Queen's china, they handle that trunk! Into the back seat it went, not even in the boot! A1J2AW3C.ADD GABE,Hmmm . . . One more thing -- which way did they go? A1J2AW3C.ADE TAXI_DRIVER,The same way I took you, Monsieur -- towards Rennes-le-Château.

A1JKAW1B.Q81 I don't think I'm gonna get any more out of that guy.

Follow Madeline A2196L3W.L71 She stopped at a place called 'Coume-Sourde'.

At Coume Sourde

Look bag A122PH44.PF1 What *is* she up too? Steal bag A122PH32.PF1 Not the best way to get on her good side.

Think Madeline A122760L.PF1 If I thought about her for too long, I'd be walkin' funny. Look Madeline A1227644.PF1 She's just . . . hangin' out, innin she?

A1227639.291 GABE,Fancy meetin' a girl like you in a place like this. A1227639.292 MADELINE,Hello, Mr. Knight. A1227639.293 GABE,Sight seein' are we? A1227639.294 MADELINE,I'm refreshing my memory for tomorrow. A1227639.295 GABE,Tomorrow? You mean for that tour thing? So what's so special about this place? A1227639.296 MADELINE,*Nothing*. And anyway, you are not taking the tour, so why do you care? A1227639.297 GABE,Ya gotta point there.

Talk Madeline again A1227639.6R1 I don't think she's in the mood for company.

A259C244.291 It's Madeline's van alright. I followed her here. A252C24X.PF1

  • Madeline's* drivin' the van. Believe me, I'm not gonna be forgettin' that anytime soon.

Follow Wilkes A2196L3W.LM1 He pulled off at a little parkin' lot.

At L'Hermitage

Think at Wilkes' moped A2920W0L.BV1 Wilkes is here doin' somethin' with that machine of his. Probably some high-tech version of a water dowser. And probably useless.

A2920W44.2Q1 Well, I followed the guy. I guess I'd better figure out who the heck he is.

Look machine A1B9CC44.OI1 What the heck is that thing?

Think at machine A1B9CC0L.OI1 I'm thinkin', but I haven't a clue.

Think machine after talking to Wilkes A1B9CC0L.DH1 I *still* don't know what the hell it does.

Look machine after talking to Wilkes A1B9CC44.DH1 Wilkes says it's a seismic survey machine.

Think computer A1B9OB0L.Q81 He's probably seachin' the web for the 'Most Macho' contest results. A1B9OB0L.Q82 You know, those're the guys who pick up automobiles with their teeth and cut off their own heads with chainsaws? He just looks the type.

Look computer A1CAOB44.Q81 Wilkes' computer. How does he get his big fingers on those little keys?

Spot Wilkes in two variations A1B93D44.2Q1 I've seen that guy around. I think he's with the tour. A1B93D44.KO1 It's Wilkes, the Australian.

Conversations with Wilkes A1B93D34.2Q1 GABE,Hi. You must be Wilkes. A1B93D34.2Q2 WILKES,How'd you know? And who the hell are you? A1B93D34.2Q3 GABE,You're with the tour group, right? I saw your name. My name's Knight, Gabriel Knight. I'm a friend of Mosely's. A1B93D34.2Q4 WILKES,Good for you. See ya around and all that. Now if ya don't mind, I got work to do.

A1B93D39.HZ1 GABE,Hey, Wilkes. How's it goin'? A1B93D39.HZ2 WILKES,Peachy. What're *you* doin' out here. A1B93D39.HZ3 GABE,Just takin' in the sights. Ler-mit-tage. Cute. A1B93D39.HZ4 WILKES,Yeah . . . Roit.

A1B93D04.7A1 GABE,Say, mind if I ask about your machine? A1B93D04.7A2 WILKES,Yeah, I do. A1B93D04.7A3 GABE,Ah, come on! What is it? You tryin' to call a giant sandworm or what? A1B93D04.7A4 WILKES,For your information, Knight, this is highly delicate scientific equipment! A1B93D04.7A5 GABE,Yeah, so is a worm thumper.

A1B93D04.NA1 GABE,So. See anythin' headed this way? Should we head for the rocks? A1B93D04.NA2 WILKES,Shut the hell up, Knight!

A1B93D04.0N1 GABE,Look! It's a giant worm! Get out the harpoons! A1B93D04.0N2 WILKES,Ah, fer Christ's . . . ! This is a *seismic survey machine*, Knight. Now shut the hell or before I thump *you*. A1B93D04.0N3 GABE,A seismic survey machine? What's it do? A1B93D04.0N4 WILKES,Forget it, Knight. Get yer own damn theory.

A1B93D2E.HE1 GABE,So . . . you don't think the treasure's related to the grail? A1B93D2E.HE2 WILKES,Holy grail! Yeah, that's a ripe one! Did ya know the Nazis crawled all over this valley lookin' for it? A1B93D2E.HE3 GABE,No. A1B93D2E.HE4 WILKES,What a bunch of jack-asses! Hey, I was thinkin', if I find an old enough cup, roit?, maybe one with some jewels and shit on it, I could pass it *off* for the grail. 'Specially if it came from around here. A1B93D2E.HE5 GABE,Gee. There's an idea. A1B93D2E.HE6 WILKES,Sure! If *Hitler* believed all that mystical crap, there's gotta be somebody else who'd believe it. Maybe dish out some serious cash.

A1B93D4W.7A1 GABE,You really think there's a treasure out here? A1B93D4W.7A2 WILKES,Oh, there's a treasure all right, Mate! A1B93D4W.7A3 GABE,Yeah? What do ya think it is? A1B93D4W.7A4 WILKES,Ya know what Saunière's girlfriend said, doncha? 'People're walkin' around on gold and don't even know it!' A1B93D4W.7A5 WILKES,The Romans mined here. And back then, they knew how to use slave labor, roit? A1B93D4W.7A6 WILKES,Plus all them kings that was around here? Those guys had regular *hordes* of valuables. Some of it's *bound* to of gotten lost. A1B93D4W.7A7 GABE,I guess so. A1B93D4W.7A8 WILKES,And the bloke that finds it's gonna be flat out stinkin' rich. I'll tell ya a secret, Mate. That bloke is gonna be me!

A1B93D4W.NA1 GABE,You seem pretty sure about findin' that treasure. A1B93D4W.NA2 WILKES,That's roit. But I ain't gonna tell *you* about it. So don't ask.


Re-visiting Coume Sourde:

A12A7639.H01 GABE,Still here, huh? A12A7639.H02 MADELINE,It is a good place to think. A12A7639.H03 GABE,Yeah. I can see that. Helluva place to think. A12A7639.H04 GABE,Gosh. Maybe I should rent some property around here. Just so I could stand out here every time *I* wanted to think. A12A7639.H05 GABE,You can just feel those thinkin' vibes. A12A7639.H06 MADELINE,Unfortunately, it does not work when there's a smart ass American within fifty kilometers. A12A7639.H07 GABE,Yeah, but that's true of just about anywhere really. A12A7639.H08 MADELINE, (sigh)

Look Madeline A12A7644.FL1 Buthane must have an awful lot of 'memory refreshin' to do.

Spot Madeline and Mosely with the binocs A0ZA6M2C.291 Well, well . . . Looks like those two are havin' a 'conflict of interest'. Very curious.

Chat with Emilio on Blanchfort A0ZAA239.291 EMILIO,Good afternoon, Mr. Knight. A0ZAA239.292 GABE,Back at ya. You look comfortable. A0ZAA239.293 EMILIO,Ah, yes . . . I'm enjoying the sun immensely, thank you.

Talk to him again A0ZAA239.6R1 I don't wanna bug him.

Look Emilio's moped A28A5U0L.DV1 He doesn't seem to be doin' anythin' suspicious.

A26A3J4X.5Z1 I'd better make sure I know who's ridin' it first. A26A3J4X.6U1 I already wrote it down.

A28A5U44.EF1 I think that's one of the mopeds from the rental shop at Rennes-le-Château.

A28A5U44.DV1 Emilio's drivin' that moped.

Follow Howard and Stiles A21A6L3W.LX1 They're just drivin' around the valley. Forget that. A28AE044.LT1 I think they're just lookin' around the valley. What party girls. A28AE07W.LT1 Nah. They're just drivin' around and around. Gives me a headache.

Roque Negre

If you didn't meet up with Wilkes yet: A28A0W44.2Q1 That's the same bike I followed earlier. A big, beefy guy was drivin' it.

A1CA3D5B.KO1 GABE,So. Is there somethin' special about this place? A1CA3D5B.KO2 WILKES,Roque Nègre? It's just a local landmark. It means 'black rock'. A1CA3D5B.KO3 GABE,I kinda figured out that part. A1CA3D5B.KO4 WILKES,There's a white rock around here too. A1CA3D5B.KO5 GABE,Are the names s'posed to mean somethin'? A1CA3D5B.KO6 WILKES,Yeah, they mean 'black' and 'white'. Now stop botherin' me. Go find Madeline if you want a bleedin' tour.

A1CA3D0G.BA1 GABE,Havin' better luck with sand worms here? A1CA3D0G.BA2 WILKES,Go ta hell, Knight! When I find that treasure, yer gonna be laughin' out the other side of yer face. A1CA3D0G.BA3 GABE,If you find the treasure, I'll laugh out of any orifice you desire. A1CA3D0G.BA4 WILKES,I'll remember that.


Think at computer A1CAOB0L.Q81 Maybe he *is* workin' on that computer, but he's probably got a link to the 'big and beefy' chat room runnin' in the background. A1CAOB0L.Q82 I've tried it myself but they kicked me off. Usin' words with more than six letters is a dead giveaway.

Look computer A1CAOB44.Q81 Wilkes' computer. How does he get his big fingers on those little keys?

Look Madeline's van at hotel A07A8Z44.PF1 Madeline's back in town. I wonder what she's up to? (MISSING LINE: SEE BONUS)

Conversation between Arnaud and Madeline A0CAEI1I.Q71 BUTHANE. Oh, but you are too modest, Monsieur l'Abbé! You have been studying the area for years, have you not? A0CAEI1I.Q72 ABBE My Dear, I'm a man of very simple interests. A0CAEI1I.Q73 BUTHANE That may be, but Rennes-le-Château is one of them! You have stepped into *his* shoes, Monsieur. You must sense a little, perhaps, of Saunière's secrets? A0CAEI1I.Q74 ABBE ,Don't I wish, pretty child. Don't I wish! A0CAEI1I.Q75 ,BUTHANE,Tell me, have you been plagued with many treasure seekers lately? In the valley, perhaps? You would notice such a thing, a keen man like you A0CAEI1I.Q76 ABBE,Ah! Yes! There *are* things afoot, Madmoiselle.. A0CAEI1I.Q77 BUTHANE ,How you make my heart beat! You have perhaps seen diggers? In some particular location? A0CAEI1I.Q78 ABBE There are always diggers. But those who desire true illumination must look deeper than the soil. A0CAEI1I.Q79 BUTHANE Oh, I agree! But you are being coy with me! I wish to know how many come seeking and how they impress you -- will you not tell me? A0CAEI1I.Q7A ABBE ,My Dear, I will tell you anything you like. But perhaps we would be more comfortable in my little house. Come.

Upon overhearing Arnaud and Madeline A0CAEI1I.Q7B Yikes! Maybe I *should* learn somethin' about the treasure!

Overhearing Madeline and Arnaud in the house A0CA5G40.G81 I'm not sure I *wanna* hear what's goin' on in there.

Looking at window after overhearing Madeline and Arnaud A0CA5G44.G81 I think they went back into the Abbe's house.

Overhearing them through the church office door A18ABC4H.061 I'm not sure I *want* to disturb that conversation.

Open Mosely's room A1AA9C20.3L1 He locked it.

Use glass on Buchelli's door A1AA2023.291 He sure does take a lot of notes.

At L'Homme Mort

Think on Mosely before seeing scene with Madeline A0EA120L.F31 I could swear he's up to somethin'. I just don't know what.

Think on Mosely after seeing scene with Madeline A0EA120L.9W1 I think he's actually *lookin'* for that treasure. A0EA120L.9W2 Talk about gullible. No wonder he's afraid to admit it.

Look at Mosely before talking to him A0EA1244.M51 Mosely! What the hell is he doin' out here?

Look at Mosely after talking to him A0EA1244.BC1 It's the great detective himself. He needs to get off those beignets.

Cutscenes with Mosely

A0EA1239.291 MOSELY,Oh, hi Gabe. A0EA1239.292 GABE,It's 'Gabriel', ya flat foot. What're ya doin' here? A0EA1239.293 MOSELY,Me? Just looking around. A0EA1239.294 GABE,I thought you said you were busy this afternoon. A0EA1239.295 MOSELY,I *am* busy! I'm busy looking around! If I'd wanted my mother along I would have invited her, Knight. A0EA1239.296 GABE,Okay. All right. Forget I mentioned it.

A0EA1239.241 GABE,So why are you lookin' around *here*? A0EA1239.242 MOSELY,I saw the sign and it looked interesting, okay? 'The Dead Man'. Now doesn't that sound like something I'd find interesting? A0EA1239.243 GABE,How'd you know 'L'Homme Mort' meant 'The Dead Man'? Your French is worse than mine. A0EA1239.244 MOSELY,I saw it in a guidebook. Look, go catch some kidnappers, will ya? A0EA1239.245 GABE,I'm goin'.

A0EA120H.L21 GABE,I saw your moped in the parkin' lot. Nice bike. A0EA120H.L22 MOSELY,You know, go to hell! Somebody in the group screwed up or the moped guy screwed up . . . Anyway, he already had me checked off his list, can ya believe it? A0EA120H.L23 MOSELY,I was lucky to get anything. I'm gonna have a word with Madeline about it. A0EA120H.L24 GABE,You should. Really. You shouldn't have to put up with that. A0EA120H.L25 MOSELY,Tell me about it. So . . . what're *you* driving? A0EA120H.L26 GABE,Oh, one of the bigger bikes. It's a little rough. A0EA120H.L27 MOSELY,Yeah. Goddamn small towns.

Look/think Mosely's bike in the parking lot A2920W0L.K81 I wonder who's here? A26A1G0L.971 I'm glad *I* didn't end up with that bike. I'd have to hurt somebody. A26A1G44.5Z1 Hmmm. The beat-to-crap moped. I wonder who got stuck with it? A26A1G44.971 Look at it this way: Mosely's a lot better suited to that bike than I am. A26A3J58.6U1 Mosely's on ASD257K. Not that I'd forget *this* ol' thing.

Look parking lot sign A26L8L44.411 The sign says "L'Homme Mort".

At Larry Chester

Knock on door: A0Q24K4H.291 LARRY,Hello. May I help you? A0Q24K4H.292 GABE,I hope so. The name's Knight, Gabriel Knight. The abbé at Rennes-le-Château recommended you as a Templar scholar. A0Q24K4H.293 LARRY,Did he now? A0Q24K4H.294 GABE,Yup. He said, 'Go talk to Larry Chester about the Templars'. Then he said, 'And let me know what you think.' A0Q24K4H.295 LARRY,Well. In that case, you'd better come in.

Leave early A0526J13.NW1 GABE,I have to run. Could I come back later? A0526J13.NW2 LARRY,Yes. I'll be here working most of the day.

Knock door again A0Q24K4H.Q41 Hello, Mr. Knight. Come in.

Come back A0526L3W.6R1 LARRY,Did you think of something else?

Look Larry A0527G44.EK1 Larry Chester. He's supposed to be writin' a book on the Templars.

A0526L3W.291 LARRY,Can I get you some tea? A0526L3W.292 GABE,No thank you. A0526L3W.293 LARRY,Now then. What can I do for you, Mr. Knight?

A0527G55.291 GABE,I read in the museum that several of the Templar founders and a grand master were from this region? A0527G55.292 LARRY,That's true. They also had several bases here and owned a great deal of land. A0527G55.293 LARRY,The Château de Serres, for example, was built on top of an old Templar fortress.

A0527G55.241 GABE,Why were the Templars accused of heresy? A0527G55.242 LARRY,There are many theories, but most scholars agree that King Philip was jealous of their authority. He wanted to confiscate their land -- and their reputed treasure. A0527G55.243 LARRY,Unfortunately, the Templars themselves helped him make his case. They boasted of the secrets they'd learned in the Holy Land. A0527G55.244 GABE,Secrets? A0527G55.245 LARRY,Mystical secrets -- from Kabbalists and Arabic astronomers. Of course, to Christendom this was nothing but witchcraft. (DELETED LINES: SEE BONUS) A0527G55.248 LARRY,Those who confessed were released, those who did not were burnt at the stake, including the last grand master, Jacques Molay. A0527G55.249 GABE,And they dissolved completely after that? A0527G55.24A LARRY,The *Knights Templar* were no more, yes.

A0527G2E.291 GABE,Madame Girard mentioned that the holy grail is sometimes linked to the Templars. A0527G2E.292 LARRY,It is, yes. In many of the early grail legends, the knights were described as Templars, wearing the white mantle with a red cross. A0527G2E.293 GABE,She said somethin' about them actually *findin'* the grail in the Holy Land. Do you think that's possible? A0527G2E.294 LARRY,Yes. I do.

A0527G2E.241 GABE,So you think the Templars found the holy grail in Jerusalem and brought it back here? A0527G2E.242 LARRY,Let me put it this way. When the Templars were founded in 1118 there were nine knights. Their stated purpose was to protect pilgrims on the road. A0527G2E.243 LARRY,But for years they did nothing of the sort. They were given quarters in the Temple of Solomon by King Badouin himself. There they stayed and there they *excavated* for nine years. A0527G2E.244 LARRY,Then, in 1128 they changed completely. They returned to Europe and began recruiting. Their wealth and power grew on an unprecedented curve. A0527G2E.245 GABE,So you . . . *do* think they found the grail? A0527G2E.246 LARRY,I think you're taking the legend of the grail a little too literally. As with many things of the middle ages, it was often wiser . . . and safer . . . to speak in allegory. A0527G2E.247 GABE,What's the holy grail an allegory of? A0527G2E.248 LARRY,I have a feeling that will come to light sometime in the next decade.

A0527G4W.PF1 GABE,The Templars had a lot of wealth, right? Gold, money, land? A0527G4W.PF2 LARRY,Absolutely. A0527G4W.PF3 GABE,And that's one possibility for the alleged local treasure? The Templar stash? A0527G4W.PF4 LARRY,Yes, but . . . A0527G4W.PF5 GABE,You don't think so? A0527G4W.PF6 LARRY,They had warning before their arrest. Perhaps some chose to believe that the church would ultimately protect them, but they had enough sense to move the treasure. A0527G4W.PF7 GABE,To where? A0527G4W.PF8 LARRY,There are various locations. Ireland and Scotland have a great deal of Templar History, for example.

A0527G36.PF1 GABE,Is there any reason to think the Templars left somethin' *here* specifically? A0527G36.PF2 LARRY,It's not unknown that the Templars were digging in the region. They claimed they were mining the old Roman gold veins, but they hired only German workers who couldn't communicate with the locals. A0527G36.PF3 LARRY,Naturally that led to some . . . speculation.

A0527G4W.OL1 GABE,If the Templars smuggled out their treasure, wouldn't that sort of blow the grail theory? A0527G4W.OL2 LARRY,Perhaps there were *some* things that were too large or too . . . shall we say . . . localized to take with them. No, they left *something* behind in the Languedoc. You can be sure of that, Mr. Knight.

A0527G0E.PF1 GABE,The Abbé mentioned that you're working on a book. A0527G0E.PF2 LARRY,Yes. I'm a historian. A0527G0E.PF3 GABE,And you're writing about the Templars? A0527G0E.PF4 LARRY,Exactly. This area is rich in Templar history. That's why I thought I'd come here to write. It's a kind of sabbatical really. A0527G0E.PF5 GABE,A sabbatical from what? A0527G0E.PF6 LARRY,I teach at a prep school in Manchester.

A0526J13.7N1 GABE,Thanks for the info, Mr. Chester. A0526J13.7N2 LARRY,You're most welcome. What *is* your interest in the Templars, if you don't mind my asking? A0526J13.7N3 GABE,No, I don't mind. Thanks again.

DAY 1 6PM-10PM

A07F2M44.PF1 It looks like the Cavalry has arrived.

A07F2M1B.PF1 GRACE,Gabriel! Are you all right? A07F2M1B.PF2 GABE,Why? Is my hair messed up? A07F2M1B.PF3 GABE,I'm Knight. Prince James told me to be expectin' you. A07F2M1B.PF4 MACDOUGALL,Is there somewhere more private where we can talk? A07F2M1B.PF5 GABE,Yeah. I have a room. Come on up.

A1LF6L3W.3U1 MACDOUGALL,Here's your fee, Mr. Knight. Prince James wanted me to express his gratitude to you for tracking the kidnappers. A1LF6L3W.3U2 GABE,Yeah. A1LF6L3W.3U3 MACDOUGALL,Have you learned anything since this morning? A1LF6L3W.3U4 GABE,I checked at the train station. The taxi driver saw the two men and the trunk. They were picked up by a black sedan. He didn't get the model but he said it looked expensive. A1LF6L3W.3U5 MALLORY,Did he say which way they went? A1LF6L3W.3U6 GABE,They headed for the main valley loop. A1LF6L3W.3U7 MACDOUGALL,Anything else? A1LF6L3W.3U8 GABE,I haven't seen any trace of the baby. But there's a tour group stayin' here. Most of them arrived last night. None of them are the men from the train, but they might be linked somehow. A1LF6L3W.3U9 GABE,Emilio Baza and a Signore Buchelli arrived at the hotel around the time of the Paris train. Buchelli claims he came in on a train from Naples, but Couiza doesn't have a Naples route. A1LF6L3W.3UA MACDOUGALL,Very curious. We'll look into it. A1LF6L3W.3UB GABE,Wait. There's somethin' I didn't tell Prince James on the phone. A1LF6L3W.3UC MACDOUGALL,Yes? A1LF6L3W.3UD GABE,When I was comin' to on the train I heard one of the kidnappers say somethin' in French. I remember the words 'san greal'. It means 'holy grail.' A1LF6L3W.3UE GABE,Do you have any idea what the holy grail might have to do with Prince James' son? A1LF6L3W.3UF MACDOUGALL,I'm sorry. We're not authorized to discuss Prince James' affairs. But thank you for your observations. Good night. A1LF6L3W.3UG MACDOUGALL,Miss Nakimura, it was a pleasure meeting you. A1LF6L3W.3UH GRACE,You too. Thanks for the lift. A1LF6L3W.3UI MALLORY,Good-bye, Ms. Nakimura. Mr. Knight. A1LF6L3W.3UJ GRACE,Damn! I thought we had a case! A1LF6L3W.3UK GABE,We do. A1LF6L3W.3UL GRACE,Prince James let you go! A1LF6L3W.3UM GABE,Yeah. That's his prerogative. A1LF6L3W.3UN GRACE,But . . . if the kidnappers weren't the night visitors . . . A1LF6L3W.3UO GABE,Who says they weren't? I *saw* them. There was somethin' not right about 'em at all. A1LF6L3W.3UP GRACE,What about the 'san greal' thing? What would *vampires* want with the holy grail? A1LF6L3W.3UQ GABE,I don't know. A1LF6L3W.3UR GRACE,MacDougall and Mallory seemed to know. Maybe Prince James has the grail, and the kidnapping is an attempt at blackmail. A1LF6L3W.3US GABE,I don't think Prince James has the grail. Look, there's this whole treasure-hunting thing linked to this town. I don't have time to explain. Could you please hook up SIDNEY and check out the grail and vampires? A1LF6L3W.3UT GRACE,Sure. A1LF6L3W.3UU GABE,And . . . um . . . Looks like you might have to stay with me. The hotel's booked up. A1LF6L3W.3UV GRACE,All right. Do you mind waiting 'til tomorrow morning on the research thing? I have to get SIDNEY configured and . . . I'm pretty beat. A1LF6L3W.3UW GABE,No! That's fine. You must have been really worried. Sorry, Gracie. A1LF6L3W.3UX GABE,I'm gonna go keep an eye on my replacements. A1LF6L3W.3UY GRACE,Bye.

Knock on door Room 25 A1AF824H.PF1 I'm not gonna knock on my own door. Even if Grace *is* in there.

Knock Mosely's door A1AF9C4H.QD1 I don't have time to mess with Mosely at the moment.

Talk to Simone A1EF401I.4N1 SIMONE,Oh, Monsieur Knight! I hope your head is feeling better? A1EF401I.4N2 GABE,It is, actually. Thanks for askin'.

A1EF1Y28.PF1 GABE,Did you see -- or hear -- a baby last night? A1EF1Y28.PF2 SIMONE,No, Monsieur Knight. Not at the hotel. I hear my niece at home, mais oui! But here . . . There are no babies staying at the hotel.

A1EF1Y0I.PF1 GABE,You didn't see two men with a trunk last night, did you? Maybe outside in the parking lot? Or drivin' around town? A1EF1Y0I.PF2 SIMONE,Ummm. No, no, no, not in town. This is a very quiet place, Monsieur. Monsieur Mosely and Monsieur Wilkes arrived with the tour group, but I do not remember a trunk. A1EF1Y0I.PF3 GABE,No. Okay. Thanks.

A1EF1Y4O.PF1 GABE,I was lookin' at the register. Do you remember exactly when people arrived last night? A1EF1Y4O.PF2 SIMONE,Hmmm. Let me think. The big group arrives together maybe seven, seven-thirty? And later, Monsieur Baza . . . A1EF1Y4O.PF3 GABE,What time? A1EF1Y4O.PF4 SIMONE,Maybe nine o'clock? No, more like ten I think. Then you, maybe an hour later? Then Signore Buchelli. A1EF1Y4O.PF5 GABE,What time did Buchelli get here? A1EF1Y4O.PF6 SIMONE,Just after midnight. I remember because the clock chimes at midnight, and I sometimes get a bit . . . nervous and lock the door. Signore Buchelli came after I locked it. I had to let him in. A1EF1Y4O.PF7 GABE,Nervous? What do you get nervous about? A1EF1Y4O.PF8 SIMONE,Oh, Monsieur Knight, we have many old legends in this area.

Talk to Simone again A1EF1Y1B.P61 I don't think Simone is gonna be much help.

Talk to Emilio A1EFA239.PF1 EMILIO,Good evening, Mr. Knight. A1EFA239.PF2 GABE,What's up tonight, Emilio? A1EFA239.PF3 EMILIO,Nothing for myself. And for you? You have been out this evening? A1EFA239.PF4 GABE,Uh . . . Not really. Nothin' special, that is. A1EFA239.PF5 EMILIO,Ah! Well, I wish you better luck then.

Dining Room conversation Wilkes/Buchelli A1EFC71I.K41 WILKES,So Buchelli -- d'ya have a productive day? A1EFC71I.K42 BUCHELLI,It was *relaxing*, Mr. Wilkes. A1EFC71I.K43 WILKES,*Relaxing*? You must not be looking for the treasure, then. Nothing relaxing about that. A1EFC71I.K44 BUCHELLI,Sì, certo! I am a scholar, not a hunter of fortune. A1EFC71I.K45 WILKES,Glad ta hear it. There's too many damn snoops around here. A1EFC71I.K46 BUCHELLI,Are there? Why, who do you mean? A1EFC71I.K47 WILKES,Hell, why doncha join me if we're gonna talk? I hate eatin' alone. And I don't know where the hell the women are. A1EFC71I.K48 BUCHELLI,Very well.

Talk to Wilkes A17F3D39.PF1 GABE,Evenin', Wilkes. A17F3D39.PF2 WILKES,Knight. You still lookin' for somethin' to do? A17F3D39.PF3 GABE,Oh, I'm still lookin'. How's the food? A17F3D39.PF4 WILKES,The French! I'd rather have snags 'n a stubbie myself. A17F3D39.PF5 GABE,Ah! That *does* sound delightful. I'll . . . uh . . . I'll just be over here.

Look Wilkes A17F3D44.PF1 Guess all that sun made him hungry. A17F3D44.PF2 Didn't do much for his aroma either.

Talk to Buchelli A17F8Y39.PF1 GABE,Good evening, Signore. A17F8Y39.PF2 BUCHELLI,Buona notte, Signore Knight.

Look Buchelli A17F8Y44.PF1 Signore Buchelli. Rider of the mysterious vanishing train.

Talk to Buchelli about Naples train A17F8Y53.PF1 Yeah, I could ask him. But I'd rather get him alone.

Look Prince James' men A07FB044.5B1 There they go.

Talk to Prince James' men while following them A07FB01B.PF1 I think it'd be smarter to give 'em some breathin' room.

Talking to Prince James' men at the cemetary A0CFB01B.PF1 I think I'll wait and see what they do.

Looking at Prince James' men A0CFB044.3L1 What're they up to?

A07FB044.041 They're just standin' there talkin' right now.

Arnaud Mallory McDougall confrontation A0CFG51K.5I1 ABBE Oui? Qui est-ce? A0CFG51K.5I2 MACDOUGALL Arnaud is it then? A0CFG51K.5I3 ABBE,Oui . . . Yes. Who are you? A0CFG51K.5I4 MACDOUGALL Hold 'im. A0CFG51K.5I6 ABBE 0Ah! A0CFG51K.5I7 ABBE,Who are you? A0CFG51K.5I8 MALLORY,We're Scots, God help ya. A0CFG51K.5I9 ABBE You are hurting me. A0CFG51K.5IA MACDOUGALL Where's the bairn? A0CFG51K.5IB ,ABBE,I don't know what you . . . A0CFG51K.5IC ,MACDOUGALL The baby! Prince James' baby. If you've harmed him . . . A0CFG51K.5ID ABBE I don't know what you are talking about! A0CFG51K.5IE MACDOUGALL,Last night Prince James of Albany's son and only heir was taken from his house. A0CFG51K.5IF ABBE,You don't think *we* had anything to do with it? That's preposterous! A0CFG51K.5IG MALLORY,Is it now? Then why were the kidnappers followed to Couiza? A0CFG51K.5IH ABBE,Couiza? A0CFG51K.5II MACDOUGALL,On the train. A0CFG51K.5IJ ABBE,Well I . . . I have no idea. I swear to you, 'the Order' had nothing to do with it! A0CFG51K.5IK MALLORY ,Perhaps *you* were not informed . . .? A0CFG51K.5IL ABBE,No! Well . . .! Why would they bring the infant here, then? If they *were* going to do something so . . . so outrageous, I assure you, they would not bring him to Rennes-le-Château. You are mistaken, Sir! A0CFG51K.5IM MACDOUGALL,We find the babe -- unharmed, or all negotiations cease. Immediately. A0CFG51K.5IN ABBE,But one thing has nothing to do with the other. Surely Prince James has other . . . A0CFG51K.5IO MACDOUGALL,We'll be back tomorrow. You'd better have an answer, Arnaud.

A0CFB044.1P1 What was *that* all about?

Trying to walk in sight of Prince James's men A0CFG61I.5I1 I don't want them to see me.

Look at them after walking away A07FB044.541

  • Now* what're they up to?

Trying to record phone conversation while window is closed A0CKEI47.HN1 It's no use. The window's closed.

Arnaud telephone call A0CF6L18.EX1 ABBE Allô! C'est Arnaud à l'appareil. Il faut que je parle au Grand Maître. Mais bien sûr que c'est urgent! A0CF6L18.EX2 ABBE Allo? Je regrette de vous déranger, Monsieur, mais je viens d'avoir la visite plutôt pénible de deux hommes du Prince James! A0CF6L18.EX3 ABBE,Ils prétendent qu'on a enlevé le fils du Prince James! Ils disent avoir suivi les kidnappeurs à la trace jusqu'à la gare de Couiza. Et ils semblent convaincus que nous y sommes pour quelque chose. A0CF6L18.EX4 ABBE,C'est bien ce que je leur ai dit! Mais je . . . je voulais vous l'entendre dire vous-même. Mais alors, qui a . . . ? A0CF6L18.EX5 ABBE,Mais c'est nous qu'ils accusent. Ils menacent de boycotter les pourparlers tant que le bambin ne leur aura pas été retourné. A0CF6L18.EX6 ABBE,Je n'en sais rien, je vous jure! Ça ne peut être que des ennemis personnels du Prince . . . c'est peut-être les Anglais . . . ? A0CF6L18.EX7 ABBE,Oui. Merci. Bien entendu . . . je m'en occupe de mon côté. Au revoir.

Recording Arnaud phone conversation too late A0CFEI47.LL1 It's too late now. I've already missed some of it.

Looking at Prince James's men in front of the hotel A0CFB044.3L1 What're they up to?

A13FB01B.541 I don't think now's the time. A13FB01B.KN1 I think I'd be better off just watchin' 'em.

Looking at them between church and hotel A13FB044.6O1 I wonder where those two are goin'? A13FB044.541 Man, did they ream the Abbé! I wonder what *that* was about?

Look at the car A07FG744.PF1 Prince James' men are drivin' that car.

Follow them to Larry A21F6L3W.BH1 They pulled into Larry Chester's driveway. Weird.

Click on Larry's house on the map A21F4F62.5S1 I *could* pull into the driveway, but that's probably not the best idea.

At Larry's

Bark up the wrong tree A0QFQU1K.5I1 I won't be able to see from there!

Hide behind wrong tree A0QLQV1K.411 What could I see from back there?

Get too close A0QFW01I.5I1 If I get any closer, they'll see me!

Look two men in their car A0QFB044.PF1 Hmmm. What the hell do they want with Chester?

Sneak scene: A0QFQT1K.5I1 LARRY,Yes? A0QFQT1K.5I2 LARRY,You shouldn't be here. A0QFQT1K.5I3 MACDOUGALL,We don't have a choice.

Knock Larry's door A0QF4K4H.F21 Sure. I'll just go right in there and ask 'em what they're up to. I'm sure they'd be happy to chat about it. Geez.

Trying to open the window A0QF6G20.F21 Guess not. I don't think I'm gonna be able to get in there.

Look window A0QF6G44.F21 Shoot! They must be in the living room or somethin'. Too bad.

Look green car A0QFG744.F21 What would Prince James' two men want with Chester?

Look Larry's house A0QF8H44.F21 I know what I saw, but I have no idea what it means.

At Rennes-les-Bains

Talk to Wilkes and Buchelli A0TF5Y39.6R1 They're gettin' smashed. That doesn't leave much room for witty conversation.

Buchelli-Wilkes conversation A0TF5Y39.291 GABE,Evenin', Gents. Out on the town tonight? A0TF5Y39.292 WILKES,Ha! What town there is. Care to join us, Mate? A0TF5Y39.293 BUCHELLI,Yes, please do. A0TF5Y39.294 GABE,No thanks. I was just drivin' around and thought I saw signs of life. Carry on. A0TF5Y39.295 WILKES,Roit.

Look Wilkes and Buchelli A0TF5Y44.411 Looks like the boys're out drinkin'.

Sit down A0TL0D19.411 I could sit down, but I guess I've got more important business at the moment.

Look bikes A0XF0U44.Q01 Wilkes is drivin' the other bike, so this one must be Buchelli's.

A0XFTS4X.5H1 I'm not sure whose bike that is.

Look Buchelli bike before having copied his license plate number A0XF0U44.H51 I wonder who's here with Wilkes?

Look bike license plate A0XF0U58.OW1 VDG945F. Buchelli's bike.

Chat with Madeline, Howard, Estelle A17F761I.OO1 HOWARD,Maddy, Dearest, I simply *insist* that you tell me this instant! A17F761I.OO2 MADELINE,Gabriel! There you are! A17F761I.OO3 GABE,Huh? A17F761I.OO4 MADELINE,Oh, you naughty, naughty boy. You were supposed to meet me. A17F761I.OO5 GABE,I was? A17F761I.OO6 MADELINE,Men! They're such children. Always forgetting! N'est pas? A17F761I.OO7 HOWARD,Naturally! Can't see the appeal myself. A17F761I.OO8 MADELINE,I'm afraid I've started without you. A17F761I.OO9 GABE,Hell, that's all right. Go ahead. I wouldn't wanna interrupt your conversation. A17F761I.OOA MADELINE,No, no! It's fine. I . . . A17F761I.OOB HOWARD,Oh for heaven's sake! Let the brute go! A17F761I.OOC GABE,Sorry, Babe. I really am in the middle of somethin'. Maybe we can get together . . . later? A17F761I.OOD MADELINE,Count on it. A17F761I.OOE ESTELLE,It's all right Madeline. We'll change the subject. Lily gets carried away sometimes, but she doesn't mean it. A17F761I.OOF HOWARD,Like hell. A17F761I.OOG MADELINE,Well where's your friend then? Monsieur Mosely? A17F761I.OOH GABE,Beats me. If I see him, I'll let him know you want him. You ladies take care now.

Talk to Madeline A17F761B.6R1 I think I pissed her off enough the first time. (MISSING LINE: SEE BONUS)

Look Madeline A17F7644.8Y1 Madeline looks *pissed*. Guess I shouldda taken her up on her offer, but it was just too temptin'. A17F7644.8Y2 God, my sense of humor can *really* be a burden.

Talk to Howard or Estelle A17FE01B.6R1 Nah. I'll let Madeline deal with 'em.

Look Howard and Estelle A17FE044.PF1 The two British lovelies are dinin' with Madeline.

Talk to Emilio coming up the hallway A1AFA21B.251 I don't want to interrupt his work out.

Look Emilio A1AFA244.251 He moves around a lot, dunnin' he?

Use SIDNEY A1LF3Y2O.PF1 Nah. I've got other things to do. Besides, I've done fine in the past *without* computers.

Look SIDNEY A1LF3Y44.PF1 It's SIDNEY -- the program Grace's been workin' on.

Look Grace and Mosely A1LFB544.PF1 Don't they look cozy.

Interrupt Grace&Mosely conversation, then come back A1LF6L3W.KW1 GRACE,What's going on?

Take suitcases A1LF9N32.3L1 Gracie'll unpack. Hey, that's what women are for!

A1LF6L3W.Q51 GRACE,Finally! There you are! You didn't tell me Mosely was here! What a bizarre coincidence. A1LF6L3W.Q52 MOSELY,Yeah. Heh-heh. Coincidence. A1LF6L3W.Q53 GRACE,I'm still not quite sure how it . . . A1LF6L3W.Q54 MOSELY,Hey, we were just talkin' about the tour tomorrow. Grace is goin'. Are you? A1LF6L3W.Q55 GABE,Actually, it would be a good chance to do some snoopin' around here. Besides, it sounds like a monumental snore. A1LF6L3W.Q56 GRACE,The treasure's got to fit into the case somehow. A1LF6L3W.Q57 GABE,What people *think* about the treasure, sure. As for the treasure itself, it sounds like a snark hunt. Right, Mose? A1LF6L3W.Q58 MOSELY,I dunno. A1LF6L3W.Q59 GRACE,Gabriel! The kidnappers were talking about the grail. Plus, they came *here*. Why would they come here unless they were connected to the treasure? A1LF6L3W.Q5A GABE,I didn't say they weren't connected, I'm just more interested in the suspects than diggin' around in the dirt. Right, Mose? A1LF6L3W.Q5B MOSELY,I dunno. A1LF6L3W.Q5C GRACE,Well *I'm* going to figure it out. A1LF6L3W.Q5D GABE,Fine. Now could we talk about, oh let's see, the *case* for a minute? A1LF6L3W.Q5E MOSELY,What's up?

(If you talked to Madeline in the dining room) A1LFB50T.JK1 GABE,I saw Madeline downstairs. She was lookin' for ya, Mose. A1LFB50T.JK2 MOSELY,Really? A1LFB50T.JK3 GRACE,Who's Madeline? A1LFB50T.JK4 GABE,Nobody. A1LFB50T.JK5 MOSELY,Nobody.

A1LFB55I.PF1 GABE,I followed Prince James' men tonight. A1LFB55I.PF2 MOSELY,Yeah? What'd they do? A1LFB55I.PF3 GABE,First they had a little chat with the local Abbé. Accused him of takin' the baby. The Abbé swore 'the Order' had nothin' to do with it. A1LFB55I.PF4 GRACE,'The Order'? A1LFB55I.PF5, GABE,Then they went to see Larry Chester out by Blanchefort. The guy's s'pose to be a British scholar, but Mallory and MacDougall knocked on his door and gave him this weird freakin' handshake. A1LFB55I.PF6 MOSELY,What kinda handshake?

A1LFB51W.701 GABE,Let's see if I can remember it.

Hand shake correct A1LF6L4R.GO1 MOSELY,Wow. Good eyes, Bud. It's Masonic. A1LF6L4R.GO2 GRACE,Masonic! As in Freemasons? A1LF6L4R.GO3 MOSELY,That's right, Grace. A1LF6L4R.GO4 GABE,How do *you* know it's Freemason? A1LF6L4R.GO5 MOSELY,Oh. You know. As a cop you learn things. A1LF6L4R.GO6 GABE,Yeah. Like the location of all the Dunkin' Donuts in town.

Handshake fail A1LF6L4R.M31 GABE,I'm . . . not really sure. It was pretty complicated -- like some kinda secret password or somethin'. A1LF6L4R.M32 MOSELY,It sounds like Masons. A1LF6L4R.M33 GRACE,Freemasons? A1LF6L4R.M34 MOSELY,That's right. A1LF6L4R.M35 GABE,How would *you* know? A1LF6L4R.M36 MOSELY,Hey! I'm a cop! You learn a lot out there on the mean streets. A1LF6L4R.M37 GABE,Right.

A1LFB57Y.PP1 GABE,Am I missing' somethin'? Why would Prince James send Freemasons down here? A1LFB57Y.PP2 MOSELY,Duh! A1LFB57Y.PP3 GRACE,What? Prince James is a Freemason? A1LFB57Y.PP4 GABE,How the hell would you know, Mr. New Orleans? A1LFB57Y.PP5 MOSELY,Well . . . he sent Freemasons down here, didn't he? A1LFB57Y.PP6 GRACE,Prince James *did* say he thought the kidnapping was political. Could it have something to do with the Freemasons? A1LFB57Y.PP7 GABE,Hmmm.

A1LFB552.II1 GABE,If Prince James' men are Freemasons, then what about the Abbé? Who's 'the Order'? A1LFB552.II2 MOSELY,Someone the Masons don't trust. A1LFB552.II3 GABE,Who's the natural enemy of the Freemasons? A1LFB552.II4 GRACE,Dolphins? A1LFB552.II5 MOSELY,I don't think the Masons are exactly chummy with the Vatican, if you know what I mean. A1LFB552.II6 GABE,There ya go. The Abbé *is* a priest. A1LFB552.II7 GRACE,Why would the Vatican kidnap a baby? A1LFB552.II8 GABE,Gracie, I think you have an idealized view of the Catholic Church. A1LFB552.II9 MOSELY,I agree. There's gotta be more to the Abbé than that -- if Prince James' men acted the way you *say* they acted. A1LFB552.IIA GABE,Hmmm. Maybe. I'll look into it.

A1LF6L4R.K11 GRACE,Why don't we go down and have dinner? Mosely was trying to talk me into it before you came back. Are you hungry? A1LF6L4R.K12 GABE,Starved. A1LF6L4R.K13 GRACE,Cheer up. Between the Freemasons, the Order, and the night visitors, there's got to be a case in here somewhere. A1LF6L4R.K14 GABE,That's true, Gracie. Life is good. A1LF6L4R.K15 GABE,Come on, poster boy. A1LF6L4R.K16 MOSELY,Shut up, Knight.

DAY 2 7AM-10AM

Look Gabriel A1L65S44.PF1 He looks so harmless when he's asleep, doesn't he? Think A1L65S0L.PF1

  • Don't* get me started.

Talk A1L65S3T.PF1 I think I'll let him sleep. He's not going on the tour this morning anyway. A1L65S3T.PF2 Besides, he and Mosely had a few last night.

Look fingerprint kit A1LLCH44.UE1 I got two fingerprint kits. Gabriel's not going to have all the fun on *this* case.

Look up Suspects folder in SIDNEY A02OC52Z.PF1 I entered these suspects last night.

Open file in SIDNEY A026Y22Z.291 We don't have any files for this case yet. But as Gabriel and I find stuff, we can scan it in.

Look book: A1A6CQ44.PF1 Someone left us a book!

Find the poem: A1A6CQ32.PF1 There's a poem in here! A1A6CQ32.PF2 and A1L63U58.PF1 "The arms of Jesus are the Cross of Lorraine, Both the blood in the arteries and the blood in the vein, Both the source of grace and the clear fountain." A1A6CQ32.PF3 and A1L63U58.PF2 "The arms of Satan are the Cross of Lorraine, And the same artery and the same vein, And the same blood and the troubled fountain . . ." A1A6CQ32.PF4 I think I'll leave the poem for Gabriel.

Look poem on table A1L63U44.PF1 I left it for Gabriel.

Look Cézanne's Still Life with Skull and Candlestick before talking to Jean A1ELID44.5K1 Yuck! Reminds me of something Gabriel's father would have painted.

Look Jean A1E6CU44.5K1 What do you bet he works here? Look Jean after talking to him A1E6CU44.AP1 It's Jean. He's discrete.

Talk Jean A1E6401I.MN1 JEAN,Bonjour, Mademoiselle. Welcome to Rennes-le-Château. I am afraid we do not have the free room at the moment. A1E6401I.MN2 GRACE,I heard you were booked. It's all right. I'm staying in Mr. Knight's room. A1E6401I.MN3 JEAN,Ah! I feel so silly, Mademoiselle, I did not know. A1E6401I.MN4 GRACE,No. See, we *work* together, and with the couch the room's really large enough . . . Well, I'd prefer my *own* room, naturally, but there isn't one, so . . . A1E6401I.MN5 JEAN,Say no more, Mademoiselle. Jean, he is the picture of discretion. A1E6401I.MN6 GRACE,Fine.

Talk to other tour members in the dining room A176E01B.N11 I can talk to them later, on the tour. They're eating right now. A176E044.N11 Looks like they're trying to get breakfast in before the tour.

Look Madeline A1767644.LE1 I bet that's Madeline Buthane, the tour group leader.

Talk to Madeline Buthane A176760S.PF1 GRACE,Hi. Are you Madeline Buthane? A176760S.PF2 MADELINE,I am. A176760S.PF3 GRACE,I'm Grace Nakimura, a friend of Mosely's. I'd like to join your tour. A176760S.PF4 MADELINE,Haven't I already had this conversation? It was more interesting the first time. A176760S.PF5 GRACE,You must be talking about Gabriel. A176760S.PF6 MADELINE,Yes. *Much* more interesting. A176760S.PF7 GRACE,Hmmm. You told him it would be two thousand francs? A176760S.PF8 MADELINE,For *him*. For *you*, it's . . . three thousand. A176760S.PF9 GRACE,What? A176760S.PFA MADELINE,The tour leaves at nine. If you decide to come along bring a check. A176760S.PFB GRACE,Sure. Fine. Thank you so much.

Talk to Madeline again A176761B.151 I think I'll wait until the tour. Maybe she'll be less bitchy once she's had her breakfast.

Look Emilio A076A244.PF1 That's Emilio Baza. I met him briefly last night. A0G6A244.PF1 I met him last night. His name's Emilio Baza. A076A20L.PF1 Gabriel thinks Emilio's a suspect, but he looks harmless to me. A076A21B.PF1 It looks like he's enjoying the sun. I'll wait and talk to him on the tour this morning.

Look Mosely's door A1A69C4H.N11 He's probably asleep. We've got some time yet.

Atop Tour Magdala

Talk to Arnaud A1F61A34.PF1 GRACE,Excuse me? A1F61A34.PF2 ARNAUD,Oh. Bonjour. A1F61A34.PF3 GRACE,This place is open to the public, isn't it? A1F61A34.PF4 ARNAUD,Of course. I was just . . . eh . . . taking my morning walk. The birdwatching in this area is superb. A1F61A34.PF5 GRACE,Oh? The scenery's not bad either. Are you with the tour group? A1F61A34.PF6 ARNAUD,No. I'm Abbé Arnaud, curator of the church. And yourself, Mademoiselle? A1F61A34.PF7 GRACE,Oh, I'm with the tour. That is, I will be after this morning. We're taking a tour of the valley. A1F61A34.PF8 ARNAUD,Ah! Quelle chance! I was just thinking that I would like to take a drive but my car is a miserable beast. A1F61A34.PF9 GRACE,You'll have to ask Madeline Buthane if you want to go with us. She's the tour group leader. A1F61A34.PFA ARNAUD,Ah! Ms. Buthane. Of course. Yes, I believe she would make room for me. A1F61A34.PFB ARNAUD,Thank you for the suggestion, Miss . . . A1F61A34.PFC GRACE,Nakimura. A1F61A34.PFD ARNAUD,Yes. Thank you Miss Nakimura. I hope to see you later.

Look mount Cardou A1F6D444.PF1 That's a pretty mountain. I wonder what it's called?

Look tower A1F6MM44.QS1 It's like a lookout tower up here. Talk about a view!

Talk to Arnaud again A2FL8S27.O71 I don't have anything to say to him right now.

Look Arnaud A1F61A44.KY1 Abbé Arnaud. He's the one Gabriel was talking about. A1F61A44.KY2 Now why would Prince James' men think *he* took the baby?

Use Gabe's Harley in the moped shop A1W6B742.411 I'm going out with the tour in a bit.

Enter museum A1360E20.411 They aren't open right now.

Wake Mosely A1A69C4H.N91 GRACE,Mose? It's time for the tour! A1A69C4H.N92 MOSELY,I'll be down in a sec!

Knock Mosely's door again A1A69C4H.JH1 He said he'd be down.

A1766L3W.IA1 MADELINE,It's time to start. Follow me, s'il vous plait. A1766L3W.IA2 MOSELY,Excuse me. Sorry. Excu . . . Sorry.

At Poussin's Tomb

Buthane Lecture A0G66L3W.811 Can everyone see? Oui? Good. The tomb and the hill across the road are believed to be the models for the tomb in a painting by Nicolas Poussin. A0G66L3W.812 This painting, 'Les Bergeres d'Arcadie', is a key element in the mystery of Rennes-le-Château. It is said to be one of three paintings that Saunière had copied from the Louvre after his discovery of the parchments. A0G66L3W.813 The other two paintings were a painting of a pope, which has since been lost, and a David Teniers painting of Saint Anthony. Unfortunately, Teniers did several St. Anthony paintings and it is unclear which one drew Saunière's eye. (see Bonus for more lines that were removed) A0G66L3W.815 Poussin painted 'Les Bergeres' in 1640. He may well have known about the local mystery, for he was born in nearby Gisors and was involved with occult and anti-monarchy elements. A0G66L3W.816 Several authors have theorized that there are hidden messages in these three paintings. If Poussin's painting has a hidden message, could its resemblance to this exact location be part of that message? A0G66L3W.817 And finally, how does the phrase 'Et in Arcadia Ego' tie into the mystery? These words are written on the tomb in Poussin's painting. They translate roughly as 'And in Arcadia I . . .' A0G66L3W.818 Arcadia was a pastoral paradise represented in art and music of the 17th century. Because the words are written on a tomb the phrase is commonly thought to mean that 'Death exists even in Paradise', and yet . . . A0G66L3W.819 HOWARD,Yes? A0G66L3W.81A BUTHANE The way it is worded is not a complete thought or even proper Latin. So what *does* the phrase mean? Perhaps only Poussin himself . . . and Saunière . . . knew the answer. A0G66L3W.81B Look around and take some pictures if you like. We'll leave in a few minutes.

Look Emilio while doodling: previous line plus: A0G6A244.PF2 He's doodling or . . . something.

Talking to the ladies A0G6E01B.PF1 They're busy.

Looking at the ladies A0G6E044.PF1 Lady Howard and Estelle are certainly enthusiastic.

Sit on rock at Poussin's Tomb A0G6PM19.QS1 It's occupied.

Read SUM A10LBB0L.RR1 It's 'SUM', Latin.

Think at Arnaud A0G61A0L.PF1 Somehow, I *don't* think he's looking for birds.

Talk to Arnaud at Poussin A0G61A1B.PF1 I'm not sure what I'd say to him at the moment.

Look at Arnaud A0G61A44.Q81 Abbé Arnaud is more interested in the valley than the tomb. I suppose he's seen it before.

Talk to Wilkes A0G63D1B.PF1 No thanks. I'll wait until his tongue is *inside* his mouth.

Look Wilkes A0G63D44.PF1 It's pretty disgusting the way that Australian drools over Buthane. A0G63D44.PF2 She's *not* that great.

Talking to Buchelli A0G68Y1B.PF1 GRACE,How are you, Signore Buchelli? A0G68Y1B.PF2, 0 BUCHELLI Fine, Miss Nakimura. Enjoying yourself? A0G68Y1B.PF3 GRACE,Absolutely. I find this whole treasure enigma really fascinating. A0G68Y1B.PF4 BUCHELLI,Um.

Look Buchelli A0G68Y44.PF1 The Italian looks bored.

Talk to Mosely A0G6121B.ON1 I *do* want to talk to him, but not here.

Think at tomb A0G6130L.PF1 I should find out more about that painting.

Look tomb A0G61344.PF1 The tomb is supposed to be the model for a painting by Poussin.

Look SUM A0GLBB0L.QS1 'SUM'. Either he's really into math or he got interrupted. A0GLBB0L.QS2 I suppose it *could* be Latin or something. x Chat with Mosely A0G61239.PF1 GRACE,Hey, Mose. A0G61239.PF2 MOSELY,Hey, Grace. Fun times, huh? A0G61239.PF3 GRACE,Sure. Great.

Look Mosely A0G61244.PF1 Mosely hasn't changed a bit.

Look Buthane A0G67644.PF1 The source of all knowledge. She must have actually read a book or two to get this job.

End Poussin's Tomb section: A0G66L4R.321 Attention. Let us continue.

At Blanchefort

Madeline lecture A0Z66L3W.ED2 This hill is known as Roque Blanc or white rock. Here at the top are the ruins of Château de Blanchefort. A0Z66L3W.ED3 The Blancheforts were an important family of local nobles. Their name ties into the history of the Templars and the Cathars and into the mystery of Rennes-le-Château itself. A0Z66L3W.ED4 The château that stood here was in Templar hands from 1132 to 1180. The ruins provide a wonderful view of the valley, and have figured into several of the geometry-related theories about the Rennes treasure. A0Z66L3W.ED5 HOWARD,Indeed! A0Z66L3W.ED6 MADELINE,We will stop here for a few moments. Please take advantage of the view. From here one can see Mount Cardou, Rennes in the distance, and the whole valley.

Look Mount Cardou A0Z6U744.QS1 The ruins of the tower overlook that mountain. I can see why -- it's a great view.

A0Z6AD1I.OO1 WILKES,Ya been avoidin' me, Dollface. I think ya got the wrong idea the other day at lunch. A0Z6AD1I.OO2 MADELINE, I doubt it. A0Z6AD1I.OO3 WILKES,I'm tellin' ya, yer gonna be impressed, see. I've got this *really* big thumper . . . A0Z6AD1I.OO4 MADELINE,Mr. Wilkes! I realize you are on vacation, but I am *not* part of the package, n'est pas? A0Z6AD1I.OO5 WILKES,But . . .

A0Z6E01I.OO1 HOWARD,Estelle! 'Feet in the water' -- do you see? A0Z6E01I.OO2 ESTELLE,Yes I *do* see. Oh, it's so imposing! A0Z6E01I.OO3 HOWARD,It *must* be 'the presence'! A0Z6E01I.OO4 ESTELLE,And Blanchefort must be what is meant by 'the windows of the ruined house'! A0Z6E01I.OO5 HOWARD,Of course! How marvelous! But what about the Red Serpent? A0Z6E01I.OO6 MADELINE,Red serpent? Did you say 'red serpent'? A0Z6E01I.OO7 ESTELLE,No! We weren't talking about a red serpent. A0Z6E01I.OO8 HOWARD,Not at all. I said 'surplant'. I was talking about . . . er . . . yes, Sir Ed Plant. He's a friend of ours. A0Z6E01I.OO9 MADELINE,Don't be ridiculous. You were talking about 'Le Serpent Rouge.' Is that a copy? A0Z6E01I.OOA WILKES,Roit. Who's got a copy of 'Le Serpent Rouge'? (DELETED LINE: SEE BONUS) A0Z6E01I.OOC BUCHELLI,There is no such document! A0Z6E01I.OOD MOSELY,How would *you* know, Vee-tori-oh? A0Z6E01I.OOE HOWARD,Really! Estelle has no such thing! A0Z6E01I.OOF MADELINE,Where did you get it? A0Z6E01I.OOG WILKES,I heard there was only a couple a copies. A0Z6E01I.OOH ESTELLE,No, I . . . A0Z6E01I.OOI HOWARD,Look! Perhaps I *did* say 'red serpent', but we were merely *discussing* the document. We don't *have* it! A0Z6E01I.OOJ MADELINE,Hmmm. A0Z6E01I.OOK HOWARD,Well for heaven's sake! Are you going to *search* the poor woman? A0Z6E01I.OOL WILKES,Maybe we *should*. Roit, Madeline? A0Z6E01I.OOM MADELINE,Back off, Wilkes. I was only curious.

Look at the ladies A0Z6E044.PF1 Those two are definitely up to something.

Talk to the British ladies A0Z6E039.LO1 GRACE,Good morning, ladies. A0Z6E039.LO2 HOWARD,Grace, isn't it? Look, Estelle, isn't she just as cute as a button? A0Z6E039.LO3 ESTELLE,She is. Yes. A0Z6E039.LO4 HOWARD,Of course, she's with that Knight fellow. He's obviously the *worst* sort of man. A0Z6E039.LO5 ESTELLE,Lily! Don't upset the poor girl. A0Z6E039.LO6 GRACE,Oh, don't worry about me. Worst sort. Couldn't agree with you more. So . . .Are you enjoying the tour? A0Z6E039.LO7 ESTELLE,Oh, yes. (MISSING LINE: SEE BONUS)

A0Z6E007.LO1 GRACE,I overheard you with Madeline. What is 'Le Serpent Rouge'? A0Z6E007.LO2 HOWARD,No offense, Dear, but I couldn't bear to speak on the subject another moment! Such brass that French hussy has! A0Z6E007.LO3 ESTELLE,I knew she had upset you! A0Z6E007.LO4 HOWARD,People are just out to rob you -- steal you blind! It's a brutal business! A0Z6E007.LO5 HOWARD,*You're* not trying to have your way with us -- are you, Dear? A0Z6E007.LO6 GRACE,Me? Of course not.

Look Madeline A0G67644.PF1 The source of all knowledge. She must have actually read a book or two to get this job.

A0Z67639.LO1 GRACE,Hello Madeline. A0Z67639.LO2 MADELINE,Hello, Miss Nakimura. A0Z67639.LO3 GRACE,You can call me Grace. A0Z67639.LO4 MADELINE,Ummmm. A0Z67639.LO5 GRACE,Interesting lecture. A0Z67639.LO6 MADELINE,Thank you.

A0Z67607.LO1 GRACE,So you *are* the tour guide, right? What is 'Le Serpent Rouge'? A0Z67607.LO2 MADELINE,It's a pamphlet containing a riddle. A0Z67607.LO3 GRACE,And it's hard to find a copy. . . I take it ? A0Z67607.LO4 MADELINE,That is right. It was deposited into Le Bibliotech Nationale in Paris. According to French law, every written document *must* be deposited. A0Z67607.LO5 MADELINE,But then it disappeared. The rumor is that the authors who wrote the riddle died mysteriously.

Look Buchelli A0Z68Y44.PF1 The Italian *still* looks bored. How could anyone be bored with this scenery?

A0Z68Y39.PF1 GRACE,Hello, Signore Buchelli. Great view, huh? A0Z68Y39.PF2 BUCHELLI,Yes, my child. Very pretty.

A0Z68Y07.LO1 GRACE,Have you heard of 'Le Serpent Rouge' before, Signore Buchelli? A0Z68Y07.LO2 BUCHELLI,Miss Nakimura, 'Le Serpent Rouge' is a fiction, like most of the riddles and so-called parchments surrounding Rennes-le-Château. You know, I wouldn't pollute my head with it.

Look Arnaud A0Z61A44.411 There he goes with those binocs again. A0Z63D1B.6F1 He looks occupied.

A0Z6A207.LO1 GRACE,Do *you* know anything about 'Le Serpent Rouge'? A0Z61A07.LO2 ARNAUD,Hmmm . . . Yes. It *is* an interesting piece. Or so I've heard. Lovely day, isn't it?

Look Wilkes A0Z63D44.3L1 He's really got that 'beef cake' thing down, doesn't he? Fortunately, I'm a vegetarian.

A0Z63D39.LO1 GRACE,Good morning, Mr. Wilkes. A0Z63D39.LO2 WILKES,Call me John, Love. You're here with that American, ain't ya? A0Z63D39.LO3 GRACE,Yes. It's *Nakimura*, by the way. *Ms*. A0Z63D39.LO4 WILKES,Roit, Missy. I got ya.

A0Z63D07.LO1 GRACE,Mr. Wilkes? You seem to know something about this 'Le Serpent Rouge' thing. A0Z63D07.LO2 WILKES,Fair dinkum, Love. It's some pamphlet. 'Sposed to have clues about the treasure in it. A0Z63D07.LO3 GRACE,You don't seem too interested in it. A0Z63D07.LO4 WILKES,Ah! There're all kinda red herrings in this thing. Lots of bullshit, pardon my French. Me, I already got it all figured, so I don't give a toss.

A0Z63D4W.JG1 GRACE,You have it all figured out? You know where the treasure is? A0Z63D4W.JG2 WILKES,Just watch and learn, Girlie. Watch and learn.

A0Z63D5D.311 GRACE,You know, I'm not exactly *with* Mr. Knight. A0Z63D5D.312 WILKES,Oh? It's like that, is it? A0Z63D5D.313 GRACE,That's right. I've *heard* you have some interesting equipment. A0Z63D5D.314 WILKES,You bet, Doll. You know, I've never had me an Asian girl before. A0Z63D5D.315 GRACE,Oh? You . . . You don't know what you're missing. A0Z63D5D.316 WILKES,Maybe we could get together later 'n you can show me. A0Z63D5D.317 GRACE,Sure. You bet. Later. A0Z63D5D.318 GRACE,Eeeeah!

Look Emilio A0Z6A244.PF1 Emilio seems to like the view.

A0Z6A239.PF1 GRACE,It's a nice view, isn't it, Mr. Baza? A0Z6A239.PF2 EMILIO,Lovely, yes. A0Z6A239.PF3 GRACE,Have you been to this area before? A0Z6A239.PF4 EMILIO,No. I haven't dared . . . make such a long trip. What about yourself? A0Z6A239.PF5 GRACE,It's my first time in France. A0Z6A239.PF6 EMILIO,Ah!

A0Z6A207.LO1 GRACE,Do *you* know anything about 'Le Serpent Rouge'? A0Z6A207.LO2 EMILIO,Yes. I have seen this document. A0Z6A207.LO3 GRACE,Really? Do you have a copy? A0Z6A207.LO4 EMILIO,I'm sorry. I'm afraid I can't help you. A0Z6A207.LO5 GRACE,Oh.

Look Mosely A0G61244.PF1 Mosely hasn't changed a bit.

A0Z6122J.PF1 GRACE,So. You spent some time with your 'old pal' yesterday? A0Z6122J.PF2 MOSELY,We talked. A0Z6122J.PF3 GRACE,I figured. You know, Gabriel and I, we've been pretty close -- I mean, working together and everything. A0Z6122J.PF4 MOSELY,I know you have. But if I were you, I wouldn't . . . A0Z6122J.PF5 GRACE,What? A0Z6122J.PF6 MOSELY,You know Gabe. He's such a . . . he's kinda of a . . . A0Z6122J.PF7 GRACE,Did he say something about me? A0Z6122J.PF8 MOSELY,No! I just know Gabe, that's all. There are *lots* of really great guys out there. *Nice* guys. A0Z6122J.PF9 GRACE,Gabriel's changed a lot, Mose. A0Z6122J.PFA MOSELY,Really? Great, then. That's . . . uh . . . that's good.

A0Z6124W.PF1 GRACE,You never told me what you thought about the treasure. A0Z6124W.PF2 MOSELY,As a matter of fact, I do have a *few* ideas. A0Z6124W.PF3 GRACE,Like what? A0Z6124W.PF4 MOSELY,Well, I . . . I have some really *insightful*. . . but maybe I shouldn't. . . A0Z6124W.PF5 GRACE,What? A0Z6124W.PF6 MOSELY,Nothing final, that is. Say, why don't we have dinner tonight? Just, you know, you and me. We could, you know, talk about it. A0Z6124W.PF7 GRACE,What about Gabriel? A0Z6124W.PF8 MOSELY,Gabe? Gabe's not into the treasure thing. A0Z6124W.PF9 GRACE,Okay. It's probably best not to talk around the others anyway. A0Z6124W.PFA MOSELY,Right.

A0Z61207.LO1 GRACE,Hey, Mose! Do you know anything about that document they were arguing about -- 'Le Serpent Rouge'? A0Z61207.LO2 MOSELY,'Le Serpent Rouge'? Never heard of it. Wasn't there something about 'Moulin Rouge'? A0Z61207.LO3 GRACE,Uh . . . You mean 'Moulin Rouge.' That was a cabaret, Mose. And a painting by Toulouse Lautrec. A0Z61207.LO4 MOSELY,Oh. Probably not related then.

A0Z6120Q.PF1 GRACE,How'd you get into the Rennes-le-Château mystery anyway? I never heard of it. A0Z6120Q.PF2 MOSELY,I saw the ad for the tour. Just kinda jumped up and bit me. A0Z6120Q.PF3 GRACE,Oh.

A1H84Y4P.HB1 MOSELY,Whatcha thinking about? A1H84Y4P.HB2 GRACE,Just wondering what Gabriel is up to. A1H84Y4P.HB3 MOSELY,Oh.


The female sirens also have LipSync instructions. What would they have looked like? A1H84Y4P.HB6 Siren1,Live . . . A1H84Y4P.HB7 Siren2,Be a god . . . A1H84Y4P.HB8 Siren1,Forever . . . A1H84Y4P.HB9 MONTREAUX,Don't you want to live forever?


DAY 2 10AM-12PM

Thinking at dumbwaiter: A0A8090L.GZ1 I wonder if . . . Hmmm.

Look fingerprint kit A1L8CH44.PF1 That's the fingerprint kit Grace ordered. Supposedly she's got it all hooked up to SIDNEY. A1L8CH44.PF2 'Course, I didn't use fingerprints on my last two cases. I'll guess we'll see how useful it is.

Look note A1L83U44.PF1 There's a note on the table.

Walking out Room 25 A1A86L3W.401 ROXANNE,Monsieur! I thought all of the guests were out this morning! A1A86L3W.402 GABE,Uh, hey there . . . Roxanne. I decided not to go. But don't mind me. Carry on. A1A86L3W.403 ROXANNE,Yes, Monsieur.

Sneak into Room 25 A1A88220.4D1 I don't wanna go in my room while the maid's in there. It's kinda awkward watchin' somebody pick up your undies.

Think at cart A1A89I0L.341 Hmmm. I'd love to get into these other rooms today. Maybe Roxanne can help me out.

Enter room A1A89I3D.M81 I can't. The cart's blockin' the door.

Burgle after getting catched for the second time A1A89I3D.OK1 Roxanne has already caught me twice. If she sees me again, she'll have me sent packin'. A1A89I3D.OK2 I'll have to think of somethin' else.

Knock a door A1A89I4H.DQ1 There's no one in there. They're all on the tour.

Thinking at Roxanne while she's cleaning: A0A8BI0L.AR1 She's doin' a heck of a job.

Talk to Roxanne while she's cleaning: A0A8BI1B.AR1 Well, I could *ask* her to let me into everyone's room, but I don't think that'd work.

Tie up Roxanne while she's cleaning: A0A8BI4E.6B1 You are *sick*. Really. You need help.

Knock down Roxanne while cleaning: A0A8BI09.AR1 I think that's a bit more than the situation calls for.

Taking Roxanne while cleaning: A0A8BI32.AR1 Maybe I should wait 'til she's off duty. Or at least in *my* room.

Looking at Roxanne while cleaning: A0A8BI44.AR1,100 Yup. Oh, she's cleanin' all right.

Thinking at Roxanne A0A8BI0L.AR1 She's doin' a heck of a job.

Attempting to enter bathroom while sneaking: A0A8BJ44.CQ1 The maid's in there.

Attempt to enter Madeline's bathroom while sneaking: A0J8BJ20.CQ1 It would be kinda tight at the moment. It's occupied.

Sneaking into a room when Roxanne's already in the bathroom: A0A86L3W.O91 Sounds like she's in the bathroom.

Start sneaking when Roxanne is nearly done: A1A89I20.1L1 I hear something, I think she's about to come out.

Waiting too long with leaving: A0A86L18.CQ1 Uh-oh. I think she's wrappin' up in there.

Getting caught by Roxanne for the first time: A0A86L18.191 GABE,Hi! Um . . . I got a bit delirious just now. I thought this was my room, but it's not. Sorry. A0A86L18.192, ROXANNE,Does Monsieur need help? A0A86L18.193 GABE,Oh, no. Don't worry about me.

Get caught a second time A0486L18.OK1 ROXANNE,Monsieur! It is you again! I believe *this* is not your room either, n'cest pas? A0486L18.OK2 GABE,It's not? Gosh darn it! Those two staircases from the lobby keep getting' me all muddled. A0486L18.OK3 ROXANNE,You are the first guest to have such trouble, Monsieur. Perhaps it would be wise to check the number on the *door* before entering. A0486L18.OK4 GABE,There ya go! Good idea. A0486L18.OK5 ROXANNE,Let me walk you out.

Move cart A1A8CV2D.PF1 If I move it, she'll hear me.

Take cart A1A8CV32.PF1 Doesn't look like there's anythin' I need in there.

Look cart A1A8CV44.PF1 It's the maid's cart.

Re-enter unlocked room too early A1A82P20.OC1 I *do* wanna go back in there, but I'd better wait until Roxanne has finished up her rounds.

A1A89I3D.1L1 I hear somethin'. I think she's about to come out.

A1A89I44.4D1 The maid's in there.

Enter maid's closet after she went in there A1A81420.341 The maid's in there, and I don't have a single, solitary excuse for buggin her -- much as I might enjoy to.

Using door lock while maid is in A0A8CO1A.8U1 That's not gonna do much good. I'm sure she'll check it before she leaves.

Start sneaking a room too late Dito A0A86132.CQ1 The maid's not gonna be in there long. I don't have time to search the room.

Looking at somebody else's stationery: A0A89L44.PF1 Hotel stationary. Everyone's got it.

Leaving a room while a closet/drawer is open A0A86L22.QV1 I better close everything in case someone comes in.

Looking at dumbwaiter in other room A0A8090L.PC1 That's the dumb waiter I rode up in.

Trying to do something in a room while the maid is in there A0A86132.AR1 I can't do anything with the maid here.

Trying to do something in a room while the maid is in there A0A86132.CQ1 The maid's not gonna be in there long. I don't have time to search the room.

Thinking at fingerprintable item A0A89N0L.XE1 I should try to get some prints off this stuff.

A0J80T20.DQ1 No point in goin' out there again. There're easier ways to leave.

Re-try taking fingerprint A0A89N05.G41 I already got the fingerprint.

Searching a suitcase: A0KL9V20.PF1 There's nothin' in there.

Taking fingerprints after touching the item A0D8A605.H61 There wouldn't be any prints on it now but my own.

Trying to open a window in another room A0A89620.PF1 Better not. I don't want to be seen from the street.

Looking at window in Buchelli or Baza room A0A89644.PF1 I wonder if I could see the tour group from here? Probably not.

Just Like the One... A2K8DZ44.411 Just like the one in our bathroom.

Take somebody else's stationery A0A89L32.PF1 I've got some in my room if I need it.

Look Random Trash Can A2KLVE44.Q81 No clues in there.

Look TP A2LLVD44.Q81 T.P. and lots of it.

Look window A0489644.411 It over looks the back of the hotel.

Burgle across the roof if you got caught too often A078UA44.641 There's a groove where the roof meets the wall.

Talking to Jean in the lobby

A1E86L1I.AC1 JEAN,Monsieur Knight! You do not go with the tour? A1E86L1I.AC2 GABE,I did not go with the tour, no. You're quick, Jean. A1E86L1I.AC3 JEAN,Oui, certainement, this is obvious. Unfortunately, it also makes the predicament. I send the staff home. There is no one here to prepare for you a repast. A1E86L1I.AC4 GABE,That's all right, Jeanie babe. I've gone longer without repastin'. A1E86L1I.AC5 JEAN,It is possible, I am sure, Monsieur. Especially from such a strong man as yourself. But the Hotel Rennes-le-Château is not a 'boot camp'. I feel most horrible. A1E86L1I.AC6 GABE,Don't sweat it. A1E86L1I.AC7 JEAN,You are too kind, Monsieur.

A1E8CU1M.7C1 GABE,Hey, Jean. You know, I *am* feelin' a bit peckish. A1E8CU1M.7C2 JEAN,Oh! I am so sorry. I will telephone the cook. She will simply have to miss her hip therapy. A1E8CU1M.7C3 GABE,No! Really, I can take care of myself. That is, if you don't mind me goin' into the kitchen. I can make a sandwich or somethin'. A1E8CU1M.7C4 JEAN,Of course! But I am embarrassé, Monsieur! Mortified! I apologize most profusely. A1E8CU1M.7C5 GABE,Jean? A1E8CU1M.7C6 JEAN,Oui, Monsieur? A1E8CU1M.7C7 GABE,Get over yourself. A1E8CU1M.7C8 JEAN,Oui, Monsieur. Right away.

A1E8CU08.A91 GABE,Say, Jean? I was wonderin' if you could tell me about the other guest rooms. A1E8CU08.A92 JEAN,Is Monsieur unhappy? A1E8CU08.A93 GABE,Monsieur is peachy, thanks. But I was thinkin' Gracie and I might come back sometime. You know. A1E8CU08.A94 JEAN,Ah! I am most relieved! Truly, your room is one of the finest. Room 23, Monsieur Wilkes' room, is like your own. A1E8CU08.A95 JEAN,Then, in the middle of the hall, Rooms 21 and 27 are a little bit smaller, Oui? But they have the dumb waiter like your room and that of Monsieur Wilkes. A1E8CU08.A96 GABE,So there are four rooms on the dumb waiter? A1E8CU08.A97 JEAN,Precisement! And in the front of the hotel are rooms 31 and 29. They are the best in the house. As large as your room, Monsieur, but with the balconies. A1E8CU08.A98 GABE,But no dumb waiter. A1E8CU08.A99 JEAN,Non. These rooms, they get the room service. A1E8CU08.A9A GABE,What about Mosely's room? A1E8CU08.A9B JEAN,Room 33? It is a closet for the brooms, Monsieur. I would *not* recommend it.

Entering the kitchen before talking to Jean about food: A1782920.LS1 Hmmm. Not a bad idea. But I wouldn't wanna get caught without a good excuse.

In the kitchen

Look Monet's Houses of Parliament A0Y8BH44.411 Guess that's to prevent the cooks from drinkin' too much wine. They'll think their vision is gettin' fuzzy.

Climb vent A0Y8L83H.411 I'd probably end up in an alternate universe where women like Grace ran everythin'. A0Y8L83H.412 Otherwise known as 'hell'.

Look vent A0Y8L844.411 Whew! Is that a vent or a black hole?

Use stove A0Y8O920.411 I've gone my whole life without usin' one of those. I don't intend to start now.

Look stove A0Y8O944.411 I believe that device is called a stove.

Open door A0Y8OA20.411 I think that just goes out back.

Look door A0Y8OA44.411 That must be the servant's entrance.

Look table and chairs A0Y8OB44.411 Bet the staff eats here.

Open fridge A0Y8OC20.411 I could use a bite, but I've got more important things to do.

Look fridge A0Y8OC44.411 That reminds me -- I have some cheese goin' bad back at Schloss Ritter.

Open oven door A0Y8OD20.411 No thanks. Don't think I'll be openin' any oven doors for a while.

Look oven door A0Y8OD44.411 You can fit a lot of French soufflés in that baby.

Take pan A0Y8OE32.411 It wouldn't fit down my pants.

Look pan A0Y8OE44.411 Gee, I hope that's *copper* on there.

Drink wine A0Y8OH3X.411 It's a bit early in the day for me. Besides, they'd probably add it to my bill.

Look wine A0Y8OH44.411 Looks like they're prepared for the apocalypse. Or a Shriner's convention.

Open cupboards A0Y8OW20.411 If I started lookin' in cupboards, I'd be here all day. A0Y8OW20.412 Besides, this *is* France. I don't think I *wanna* know what I'm eatin'.

Look dumbwaiter with platform upstairs A0Y80K44.ET1 The platform must be upstairs somewhere.

Think note on fridge A0Y82L0L.PF1 Interestin'. That Baza must be a vegetarian. A0Y82L0L.PF2 Come to think of it, I never see him in the dining room.

Look list A0Y82L44.PF1 It's a list of room service orders.

A0Y83044.PF1 There's a list on the refrigerator.

Put something on dumbwaiter platform A0Y84X51.PF1, I don't wanna send *that* upstairs.

Crawl into dumbwaiter A0YL4X1L.291 All right. Here goes nothin'.

In the dumbwaiter: A1G84720.TS1 I have to get *up* there first. A1G84720.3I1 It's locked. A1GL3E44.411 That goes to Wilkes' room. A1GL3E44.412 That goes to Emilio's room. A1GLAB44.411 My room's through there. A1GLAB44.412 That's Buchelli's door.

Crawl on the roof A0785V3H.461 I was afraid it would come to that.

Try to crawl on the roof A0785V3H.FW1 I wanna snoop around but there's *gotta* be an easier way.

Go back over the roof A0784A3H.PF1 I'd rather go back through the room if it's all the same to you.

Burgling Buchelli

Searching the trousers fter taking stub A0A8AI0Z.6R1 There's nothin' else in the pants.

Finding the stub A0A8AI0Z.291 It's a stub from a train ticket.

Looking at trousers in drawer A0A8AI44.PF1 Black pants. Those look kinda formal.

Looking wardrobe door A0A8D144.PF1 All the doors look alike in this room. I wonder how many times Buchelli's pissed in the closet?

Looking at Buchelli's bedside lamp: A0A8GZ44.PF1 One light for two beds. I hate that.

Looking at Buchelli's coatrack: A0A8LL44.PF1 I wonder if it can still be called a coat rack if there're no coats on it? A0A8LL44.PF2 Sorry. I've been readin' too much Nietzsche.

Checking Buchelli's wardrobe A0A8MO44.PF1 Nothin' -- not even moth droppings.

Looking at Mme Manet au Canapé Bleu by Manet: A0A8NN44.PF1 She looks like a basset hound I had when I was a kid.

Looking at Buchelli's bed A0A8NO44.PF1 How come Buchelli gets two beds, and I slept on the couch last night?

Searching Buchelli's bed A0A8NP0Z.PF1 Not even a sweaty National Geographic.

Search Buchelli's closet A0A8NO0Z.PF1 Nada.

Search Buchelli's other bed A0A8WS44.PF1 Nothin'.

Looking at cathedral floorplan A0A8NR44.PF1 It's a floor plan for some cathedral. Huh.

Looking at Avenue de Clichy by Anquetin A0A8NS44.PF1 Reminds me of New Orleans.

Looking at Pont de l'Europe by Caillebotte A0A8NT44.PF1 If I had to dress like that, I'd be thinkin' about jumpin' too.

Opening Buchelli's drawer A0A8WQ20.PF1 Well . . . hello there, padre!

Looking at Buchelli's dresser A0A8WQ44.PF1 It's a dresser.

Taking Buchelli's clothes A0A8XU32.PF1 Me wear *that*? Only in my nightmares.

Looking at Buchelli's clothes A0A8XU44.PF1 Buchelli's 'casual wear'.

Wearing Buchelli's priest shirt and collar A0A89P0B.PF1 You must be thinkin' of a certain New Orleans case of mine.

Thinking at Buchelli's priest shirt A0A89P0L.PF1 Looks like Buchelli's got a hitherto undisclosed profession. A0A89P0L.PF2 Either that, or he's *really* kinky.

Looking at Buchelli's priest shirt A0A89P44.PF1 It's a priest's shirt and collar.

Looking at Buchelli's desk A0A83K44.PF1 Nothin' but hotel stationary on the desk. A0A83K44.291 Damn! Buchelli didn't leave behind his notebook.

Looking at Buchelli's suitcase: A0A89N44.3L1 That's a somber lookin' bag. Rather like Buchelli himself.

Think towels A2LLO50L.Q81 I can't say that Buchelli's towels inspire any ideas whatsoever.

Look toilet A2LLVB44.Q81 Buchelli's so tight, he probably doesn't need one of those.

Look tub A2LLVC44.Q81 I don't think a guy like Buchelli actually gets dirty.

Look comb A2LLVN44.Q81 A comb. *That's* optimistic of him.

Think at shaving gear A2LLVO0L.Q81 I *think* that it's probably not relevent.

Look shaving gear A2LLVO44.Q81 Looks like your basic bathroom stuff in there.

Burgling Madeline

Look under bed A0J8C444.1V1 There's somethin' under the bed.

Find gun A0J8C420.201 I knew she was packin', but this is ridiculous.

Take gun A0J8ES32.PF1 I might have to use one of these eventually, but for now I'll stick with my tape recorder and notebook, thanks.

Look gun A0J8ES44.PF1 Either France is a lot more dangerous than I thought, or Madeline's overequipped.

Retake print A0J8ES05.6R1 I already took a print from the gun.

Take print off gun A0J8ES05.291 There's somethin' on the barrel.

Look guncase A0J8C444.201 It was under the bed. Guess she doesn't trust the maid.

Operate device in drawer A0J8DA25.PF1 It reminds me of a tracker, but I don't think that's what it is. Look: A0J8DA44.121 I'm not sure what that is exactly, but I think it has somethin' to do with trackin' your position.

Take device A0J85832.PF1 I'm not even sure what it does. Besides, she'd notice it was missin'.

Leave room without unlocking door A0J8DC20.QC1 I'll need to get back in here. I'd better make sure the door won't lock behind me.

Snatching map A0J8DD32.PF1 I bet ya Gracie would like to have a *copy* of this. I'll have to bring it back, though.

Look map A0J8DD44.PF1 It's a map -- the one I saw her using yesterday.

Look plant A0J8GW44.PF1 I knew a girl with hair like that once.

Look chair A0J8L444.PF1 Nice chair.

Look at Pissarro Castle at Giverny painting A0J8M344.PF1 Sure is . . . green.

Look at Monet Garden Path at Giverny A0J8M444.PF1 A garden path. Charming.

Look Renoir A0J8M544.PF1 Put a motor on that boat and that would look like fun.

Look Champagne poster A0J8M644.PF1 I know, I know: it's a city. Still makes me thirsty.

Look orchard painting A0J8M744.PF1 That artist needs glasses.

Look photo of Mnt St Michel A0J8M844.PF1 Mont St. Michael. Gracie told me Wagner died there.

Look closet A0J8WL44.PF1 It's one of those clever 'all-in-one units'. I think they built those in the 70's.

Look at The Tub by Degas A0J8XK44.PF1 That's all I need to think about while I'm in here. A nude redhead.

Look balcony door while sneaking A0J80T0L.8U1 I wonder if the maid would see me out there?

Look balcony doors A0J80T44.PF1 Those're the doors to the balcony

Look Madeline's clothes A0J81J44.PF1 Nice taste in clothes.

Look desk A0J83K44.PF1 Here you've got your standard hotel room desk.

Put back map before making copy A0J84C4D.FM1 I don't wanna put it back until I've made a copy.

Get in bed A0J87Y25.PF1 Maybe if Madeline were *in* the bed . . .

A0J87Y44.PF1 Think she'd notice if I snuck in there?

Look around during cleaning but after Roxanne left A0J8610Z.B01 Yeah, I *do* wanna look around, but I think I'd better keep up with Roxanne for now. I just need to make sure I can get back in later.

The cell-phone is well hidden in the drawer with the map and tracker Look: A0J82344.PF1 A cell phone. Guess Madeline knew this place had limited in-room technology. Take: A0J82332.PF1 I think she'd notice if it were missin'. Use: A0J8231R.PF1 I could call 1-900-big-French-men, and run up her tab, but *that* would be juvenile. A0J8231R.PF2 Not to mention oxymoronic.

Think towels A2NLO50L.PF1 Madeline wet. Yup. I can imagine it.

Use toilet A2NLVB25.PF1 No thanks, but it does gives the phrase 'Whither thou goest I will go' a whole new meanin'.

Look toilet A2NLVB44.PF1 It's a shame to think that even beautiful women have to . . . you know.

Look tub A2NLVC0L.PF1 Two could fit in there. It'd be tight, but I think I could handle it.

Use TP A2NLVD25.PF1 I won't be in here that long.

Think underwear A2NLVP0L.PF1 I think the girl's got potential.

Look underwear A2NLVP44.PF1 I *like* this job.

Smell underwear A2NLVP56.PF1 Look, I've only got so much time in here, if you know what I mean.

Look trash can A2NLVE44.PF1 Roxanne must of emptied it.

Lok razor blade A2NLVK44.PF1 I thought European girls didn't shave? Ah well. Works for me.

Look toothbrush A2NLVM44.PF1 Baby, you can't beat a girl who brushes her teeth.

Eating her toothpaste A2NLVM3X.PF1 Get a grip!

Use make-up A2NLVQ32.PF1 I look great without it, thanks.

Look make-up A2NLVQ44.PF1 I think it's called "gildin' the lily."

Look shampoo A2NLVR44.PF1 She washes her hair, too. That's a plus.

Burgling Emilio

Look bedside table A0K8GZ44.3L1 There's a picture on it. Homey.

Look coatrack A0K8LD44.PF1 Can't imagine what kinda coat Emilio would have.

Look closet A0K8MO44.PF1 I didn't expect Emilio to have much, but a few things here and there would have been nice.

Search bed A0K8MY0Z.3L1 Nothin' in this bed.

Look bed A0K8MY44.3L1 This room has two beds. Yet Lady Howard and Estelle changed it for a front room. Hmmm.

Look Egyptian picture A0K8NR44.3L1 Some Egyptian scene.

Look Mondriaan Lente Idylle A0K8NS44.3L1 Cute enough to make you puke.

Look at Monet's Impressionist Sunset A0K8NT44.3L1 Either that's an Impressionist sunset or it's L.A. through the smog.

Look The Boat by Monet A0K8U344.3L1 Just lookin' at that makes me feel lazy.

Search dresser A0K8WT44.411 Nothin' in here but a change of clothes.

Search left bed A0K83F44.PF1 It's a piece of cloth.

Take fabric A0K84R32.PF1 What would I do with a piece of fabric? It obviously means a lot to the guy, or he wouldn't have it under his pillow.

Look fabric A0K84R44.PF1 It looks *really* old. Maybe it's some kinda good luck charm.

Look desk A0K83K44.3L1 Is it a kitchen? Desk? Library? Only Emilio knows for sure.

Eat food on desk A0K83R3X.PF1 Nooo thanks. Looks like rabbit food to me.

Look food A0K83R44.PF1 Emilio travels with his own food. Looks vegetarian.

Fail to find prints on picture A0K86F05.PF1 No prints. Strange. With that glass plate there should have been prints.

Steal picture A0K86F32.PF1 Stealin' somethin' like that would kinda be missin' the point, wouldn't it?

Look picture A0K86F44.BN1 Kind of an odd thing for a Muslim to have around.

Search bed first time A0K87Y0Z.291 There's somethin' under the pillow. Search bed again A0K87Y0Z.6R1 I already searched the bed.

Look left bed A0K87Y44.3L1 Looks like Emilio's sleepin' in that bed.

Look journal A0K88E44.PF1 Man! Is that journal *old*! It makes the Ritter archives look like yesterday's news. A0K88E44.PF2 Huh. I wouldn't have taken Emilio for a scholar.

Read journal A0K88E58.PF1 It's written in Aramaic I think. Can't read a word of it.

Take journal A0K88E32.HV1 Not even SIDNEY could translate that.

Take Emilio's bag A0K89V32.PF1 I'm not gonna take his entire suitcase.

Search bag A0K89V44.PF1 Emilio doesn't carry much around, does he? He must watch the Travel channel.

Steal towels A2MLO532.Q81 I'm sure Emilio's gonna need those sooner or later.

Look towels A2MLO544.Q81 Looks like the hotel's standard issue.

Check sink A2MLVA44.Q81 Roxanne does a heck of a job, dunnin' she?

Open Emilio's toilet A2MLVB20.Q81 I don't think he's hidin' anythin' in there. And if he *is* I don't wanna know about it.

Look tub A2MLVC44.Q81 Emilio seems like the type that takes a lot of showers.

Look trash can A2MLVE44.Q81 It's even emptier than Mosely's head.

Look shaving kit A2MLVF44.Q81 We've got some beard trimmin' scissors, a little shampoo . . . Nope. Nothin' revealin' in here.

Burgling Howard/Stiles

Replacing parchments before scanning A0M8BD2K.BZ1 I need to scan them first.

Take parchments A0M8BQ32.PF1 Yeah. Grace'll kill me if I don't copy these. I'll have to put 'em back though, or Lady Howard will scream bloody hell. A0M8BQ32.PF2 Women!

Look parchments A0M8BQ44.PF1 These look like ciphers. I bet they're related to the local mystery.

Look parchment file A0M84Z44.PF1 It's a file about the Rennes-le-Château mystery. A0M84Z44.PF2 They hid it under the bed.

Look Estelle's clothes A0M8E844.PF1 Those must be Estelle's. They're *way* too small for the towering inferno.

Look Howard's clothes A0M8EA44.PF1 Those look like Lady Howard's clothes. A0M8EA44.PF2 She's got kind of a fruit-salad-in-a-blender thing goin', doesn't she?

Look plant A0J8GW44.PF1 I knew a girl with hair like that once.

Look chair A0M8L444.PF1 Lady Howard's chair. Sure hope it's insured.

Look Monet's waterlilies A0M8NR44.PF1 Lily pads. Or a really bad case of eczema.

Look Renoir's Nude A0M8NS44.PF1 She's shaped a little like Lady Howard -- though the phrase 'a little' is rather out of context here.

Look Renoir's Deux Filles En Noir A0M8NT44.PF1 Dig those hats.

Look Dennis Miller Bunker's swamp A0J8M344.PF1, Sure is . . . green. (FOR DELETED LINE CHECK BONUS SECTION)

Look Nautilus sketch A0M8U544.PF1 I *hope* that's a seashell.

Look Jean Forain: Un Bal A0M8U444.PF1 Prom night.

Look bird etching A0M8U644.PF1 So much for the birds of a feather theory.

Check suitcases A0M86H20.PF1 They've already unpacked.

Look large suitcase A0M84U44.PF1 How pointlessly expensive. Those must be Lady Howards' bags.

Look small suitcase A0M86H44.PF1 I'm thinkin' that old bag belongs to Estelle. Not unlike Lady Howard herself.

Upon finding files A0M87Y0Z.291 Boy talk about paranoid! A0M87Y0Z.292 What, do they think someone's gonna break in here?

Look bed A0M87Y44.O01 Yup. They traded a room with two beds, for a room with one. A07K5M1B.413 Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Find fingerprint A2O8A805.PF1 Yup! There's a print alright. Someone's been grippin' this baby. A2O8A805.PF2 Why am I not surprised?

Look hand mirror A2O8A844.PF1 A hand mirror. Now let's see, who would *that* belong to.

Take towels A2O8O532.PF1 No thanks. Roxanne probably just put those in here, but you can never tell.

Use toilet A2KLVB20.Q81 Not. On your life.

Smell toilet A2O8VB56.PF1 Ugg! French food does not agree with Lady Howard.

Look tub A2O8VC0L.PF1 I'd rather not imagine what goes on in there.

Look trashcan A2NLVE44.PF1 Roxanne must of emptied it.

Search beautycase A2O8VT0Z.PF1 I probably should, but I *really* don't want to.

Look beautycase A2O8VT44.PF1 Look at the size of that bag! I guess Lady Howard needs a *lot* of help in the mornin'. A2O8VT44.PF2 The scary thing is, with all of that she still looks like . . . well, like Lady Howard.

Think Estelle's make-up A2O8VU0L.PF1 Estelle's the 'au natural' type. Ya gotta admire that in a woman. A2O8VU0L.PF2 You don't have to *date* it, but you gotta admire it.

Look Estelle's make-up A2O8VU44.PF1 Now lemme guess; that's *Estelle's* side of the shelf.

Take Suppuration H A2O86232.PF1 Yeah. All right. Geez.

Look Suppuration H A2O86244.PF1 It's a tube of . . . yup, Suppuration H. Great.

Burgling Wilkes

Search bed A04L7Y0Z.411 The springs are a bit overworked, but other than that . . . A0487Y44.411 Wilkes actually gets to sleep in *his* bed.

Look suitcase A04L9N0Z.411 Nothin' in there but dirty laundry. A0489N44.411 That's the 'prop it open' theory of unpacking.

Look plant A04LGW44.PF1 He has a plant in the same spot we do. Huh.

Look bedside table A04LGZ44.411 Hey, that looks just like the one in our room. There must have been a sale at the local K-Mart.

Look chair A04LL444.411 If this were our room, I'd be sleepin' on the floor.

Look Cézanne's Rocks at L'Estaque A04LMS44.411 Looks like the end of North by Northwest. Without the heads.

Look world map A04LMT44.411 Gee, they must have run out of paintin's.

Look Manet's Execution of Emperor Maximillian I A04LMU44.411 Now *there's* a subject matter you just don't see enough of in fine art.

Look star map over desk A04LMV44.411 A diagram of what looks like the Earth revolvin' around what looks like a cross. Somebody needs astronomy lessons.

Look Manet's Le Repose A04LMW44.411 A woman loungin' around. Typical.

Look wardrobe A048DT44.411 That's as ugly as the one in our room.

A048WU44.PF1 There's a letter on the desk. A048F358.411 It's from Metaphysical Books. Looks like Wilkes is gettin' published. Maybe he's not as dumb as he looks. A048F358.412 Nah!

Look Wilkes' letter A048F344.411 Either Wilkes has really snowed his publisher, or he *does* know somethin'.

Look desk A0483K44.PF1 He's obviously workin' on *somethin'*.

A048QX25.PF1 I'm not exactly a hacker. I probably couldn't make much sense of Wilkes' files. A048QX32.PF1 We've got one in our room. A048QX44.PF1 Wilkes' laptop. Must kinda get lost in a lap like his.

Read Wilkes´ books A0483K58.PF1 It's mostly treasure stuff. I don't think it's what I'm lookin' for.

Le Machine A0487O1F.PF1 I *still* don't know what the hell it is. A0487O4Q.PF1 If this thing started thumpin' in here, Jean would be all over me like a cheap tan. A0487O32.PF1 A. I couldn't carry it. B. I wouldn't know what to do with it. A0487O32.PF2 Good idea, though. A0487O44.PF1 It's Wilkes' big machine.

Look toilet A2KLVB44.Q81 His Highness' throne.

Open toilet A2KLVB20.Q81 Not. On your life.

Look towel A2K8O544.Q81 That towel wouldn't even dry off Wilkes' left toe.

Look tub A2K8VC44.411 I'd love to see Wilkes try to get into that tub. Then again . . . maybe I wouldn't.

Unknown A2K8VD44.Q81 A guy like Wilkes is gonna need at least three or four of those.

Look razor A2K8VK44.Q81 I would of thought it'd take a hedge clipper to get through his stubble.

Look shelf A2K8VL44.Q81 Guy stuff. At least we know Wilkes' isn't a woman in drag.

Look toothbrush A2K8VM44.Q81 They have big teeth down there in Australia.

Burgling Arnaud

Burgling parsonage A0C8B46P.411 Hmmm. If he had anythin' of interest, it would be in his office.

Entering through partially opened window A0C8EI1L.7Q1 There's no way I can squeeze in through there.

Opening window when it's open A0C8EI20.NK1 It's open all the way.

Attempting to open swollen window A0C8EI20.2N1 It's stuck. The wood must be swollen.

Opening the window completely A0CLEI20.0U1 I can't believe that worked.

Looking at magazine A0D8A644.PF1 It's a French magazine. Wonder why he keeps it in his drawer?

Reading magazine A0D8A658.PF1 I can't exactly read it, but it appears to be about the European Union.

Looking at portrait A0D8BH44.F11 I don't recognize him.

Lok portrait after reading portrait plaque A0D8BH44.5D1 It's a painting of the current Duke of Lorraine.

Look at label on frame A0D8C644.PF1 There's a label on the frame.

Reading portrait plaque A0D8D858.PF1 Duke of Lorraine, 1983. A0D8D858.PF2 That's an odd person for an abbé to have hangin' in his office. A0D8D858.PF3 You'd expect . . . oh, I don't know . . . *Jesus* maybe?

Look at chessboard A0D8DK44.QR1 Now who would Arnaud play chess with around here? A0D8DK44.QR2 Jean, perhaps? 'Oh, no, Monsieur! Not my queen!'

Look bookshelves A0D8MD44.QR1 He has lots of books on Rennes-le-Château, but they're all in French. A0D8MD44.QR2 Just as well. I don't have time to read anyway.

Use chair A0D8NU19.QR1 I'm busy!

Look at visitor's chair A0D8NU44.QR1 It's just a chair.

Use Arnaud's chair A0D8NW19.411 I'm *really* not interested in gettin' that close to the Abbé's vibes.

Look Arnaud's chair A0D8NW44.411 Yup, sturdy. It would have to be to hold Arnaud up.

Look at drawer A0D80F44.411 Looks like a drawer to me.

Look desk A0D83K44.411 He's neater than I'd expect, given his style in clothes.

Find fingerprints on cigarette carton A0D83M05.ML1 Yup. Prints-o-plenty.

Rescan for fingerprints A0D83M05.MV1 Been there. Done that.

Take cigarettes A0D83M32.PF1 'Frais'. Sounds like a good brand name. If you like inhaling carcinogens, that is. A0D83M32.PF2 Think I'll pass.

Look cigarette carton A0D83M44.PF1 Cigarettes. Imagine finding those in a Frenchman's drawer.

Looking out office window

A0D89644.PF1 That's the cemetary out there.

Look phone A0DLED44.QR1 Hey, he has a phone! He must be one of the *priviledged* residents.

Try to open door to parsonage in office A0DLXG20.411 Nah. I don't think I'd find what I'm lookin' for back there.

Look parsonage door in office A0DLXG44.411 I think that goes back to his little house in the cemetery. Cozy.

Use Harley at the moped rental/Leave town A1W8B742.411 Nah. I need to stay here and do some pokin' around while everyone's gone.

Scanning into SIDNEY A02O4G2K.6R1 I already scanned it. A02O4G4D.6R1 The map's already in there.

Look at suspects tab A02OC52Z.PF2 Gracie entered these last night.

Translate tape A02OD95E.PF2 Very cool. I'm startin' to like this computer.

End sequence A1E86L3W.8Z1 JEAN,Monsieur Knight! There you are. A1E86L3W.8Z2 GABE,What? A1E86L3W.8Z3 JEAN,Roxanne, she has been telling me the things most troubling! A1E86L3W.8Z4 GABE,No, you see I just . . . I got mixed up and thought my room was . . . A1E86L3W.8Z5 JEAN,She says the kitchen, it shows no sign of sandwich making! A1E86L3W.8Z6 GABE,Oh! Yeah. See, I couldn't find the mayo and . . . well, you know a sandwich just isn't a sandwich without the white stuff. A1E86L3W.8Z7 or A1E86L3W.C51 ROXANNE,Men! So lost without a woman's touch. Come with me, Monsieur. I have finished my cleaning and now I make for you the big sandwich, yes? A1E86L3W.8Z8 GABE,Hmmm. I 's'pose I could stand a nibble or two.

DAY 2 12PM-2PM STARTUP MOVIE A1HB4Y4P.N81 GRACE,Is anything the matter, Mr. Baza? A1HB4Y4P.N82 EMILIO,I suddenly feel not at all well. I think I will lie down here in the van. A1HB4Y4P.N83 GRACE,Should I get Madeline? A1HB4Y4P.N84 EMILIO,No! No, please. I'll just stay here and take a little rest. A1HB4Y4P.N85 GRACE,Are you sure? I don't think Madeline would mind driving you back to the hotel. A1HB4Y4P.N86 EMILIO,No! I only need a few moments to close my eyes. Thank you, Miss Nakimura. A1HB4Y4P.N87 MADELINE, . . . Château de Serres. The vineyard and house were built on the foundations of a much older estate linked to the Templars. More importantly, I've arranged for us to have lunch here and, perhaps, to taste some wine? A1HB4Y4P.N88 WILKES,It's about time. Roit, Vittorio? A1HB4Y4P.N89 BUCHELLI,It sounds like just the thing.

A1HB4Y4P.N8A MADELINE,This way. A1HB4Y4P.N8B MOSELY,Are you coming, Grace? A1HB4Y4P.N8C GRACE,In a minute. I want to look around first. A1HB4Y4P.N8D MOSELY,Okay. I'll see ya inside.

In the barn

Enter barn A0PB6L3W.401 MADELINE,Is Monsieur Montreaux not joining us? A0PB6L3W.402 MARCEAU,Not that I know of, Mademoiselle, but I'll let him know you are here. A0PB6L3W.403 MOSELY,Hey! I saved ya a seat, Gr . . . A0PB6L3W.404 MADELINE,Ah! Merci. You are *such* the gentleman, Monsieur Mosely. A0PB6L3W.405 MOSELY,Uh . . . A0PB6L3W.406 MADELINE,But I am keeping my eye on you! You'd better not go back you-know-where and do you-know-what! A0PB6L3W.407 MOSELY,Huh? A0PB6L3W.408 MADELINE,Oh! We are playing dumb, are we? You know I can wiggle it out of you! A0PB6L3W.409 MOSELY,Well . . . Have some wine, Madeline. A0PB6L3W.40A GRACE,Humph.

Chatting with Arnaud A0PB1A39.411 GRACE,Abbé Arnaud, what do you know about Château de Serres? A0PB1A39.412 ARNAUD,Not much. It is an old estate that has been rebuilt. The current owner is a Monsieur Montreaux. A0PB1A3N.6E1 GRACE,Do you know Monsieur Montreaux well? A0PB1A3N.6E2 ARNAUD,No, unfortunately. Wonderful wine, Château de Serres, but very expensive, yes? It is not often within my budget to pay a visit.

Talk to Arnaud again A0PB1A39.P61 I can't think of anything else to ask the Abbé.

Look Arnaud A0PB1A44.411 Abbé Arnaud has finally found something he likes better than his binoculars.

Talk to Wilkes/Buchelli A0PB3D39.411 Ah . . . no. I'd rather not while Madeline is sitting right there.

Look Wilkes A0PB3D44.411 Wilkes seems to approve of the local wine. Then again, he'd probably approve of Muscatel.

Eat cheese A0PB7R3X.411 No thanks. I ate too late last night.

Look cheese A0PB7R44.411 They're serving a little bread and cheese with the wine.

Look Buchelli A0PB8Y44.411 That's the first time I've seen Buchelli look relaxed.

Talk Mosely A0PB1239.411 I don't think I could get his attention. I've got better things to do anyway.

Look Mosely A0PB1244.411 He should come with a tag that says 'insert finger here and proceed to wind.'

Talk to Marceau A0PBBA1B.411 Not with everyone sitting there listening.

Look Marceau A0PBBA44.411 He's kinda cute. Pale, but cute.

Talk to ladies A0PBE039.411 I really don't want to get stuck in a conversation with Lady Howard about how good or bad she thinks the wine is.

Look ladies A0PBE044.411 Now there's a couple of women who don't seem to worry about their waistline.

Look ladies's table A0PBOB44.411 The dynamic duo have snagged the only table. Figures.

Talk to Madeline A0PBEC39.411 I'd rather cut my tongue off, thanks.

Look Madeline A0PBEC44.411 I think she has attention deficit syndrome. She can't stand not getting attention.

Look fire A0PBO844.411 If Madeline sat a little closer to the fire, we could see how flammable her hairspray is.

Look wine A0PBOH44.6E1 The Abbé says the wine here is quite well known.

Think wine A0PBOH44.411 I wonder if this is a well-known label or just a small, local winery?

Look bar A0PBOI44.411 Boy, you can barely see the bar with all those bodies in the way.

Sit at bar A0PBOI19.411 It's a bit crowded for me.

In the yard

Leaving A0WBQD22.QS1 I think I'd better wait for the group.

Talk to Mr Baza A0HB3P20.411 I don't want to disturb Mr. Baza -- he's sick. A0HB3P20.412 It *did* come on rather suddenly, though. Maybe he doesn't like wine.

Break into garage windows A0HB5T2B.OR1 Uh . . . yeah. I'll jump right on that one.

Open front garage doors A0HB5T20.411 They don't look like the kind that open.

Look garage doors A0HB5T44.411 The windows have been painted over.

Open garage door A0HB3720.411 No dice.

Look garage door A0HB3744.411 There's a side entrance to the garage. At least, I think it's a garage.

Look garage A0HBQI44.411 That's a big garage for Europe. Most of them can barely fit a Peugot.

Knock front door A0HBB44H.KZ1 I *would* like to check it out, but . . . I don't think I can just knock and say, "Can I search the place?"

Open front door A0HBB420.KZ1 I can't just walk in uninvited! At least . . . not out here where everyone can see me.

Look front door A0HBB444.KZ1 It's the front door.

A0HBB444.3L1 It's the front door of the Château.

Open front door after getting kicked out A0HBB444.7P1 I can't go back in that way, that's for sure

Look house after getting kicked out A0HBQF44.7P1 Well I *was* in there. I'm going to have to think of something else.

Look Madeline van A0HB8Z44.411

  • Madeline's* van. At least she's not driving something expensive. Then I'd really have to hate her.

Look barn sign A0HBRO44.QS1 There's a sign on the wine-tasting barn.

Read sign A0HBRO58.QS1 Hmmm. It says "Château de Serres winery." "Monsieur Excelsior Montreaux, owner and . . . vineyard master?" And "Tasting and sales". I think.

Try to walk away A0HBRP44.411 It's a long walk back to the hotel.

Think at tower A0HL9E0L.QS1 I wonder who added the tower?

Look at tower A0HL9E44.QS1 That tower looks like a later addition.

Look garage door A0HL3744.411 There's a side entrance.

Look tasting room A0HLQC44.QS1 The Château's wine-tasting room. Cute.

Look chateau A0HLQF44.QS1 Impressive. This must be the main house.

Look fountain A0HLQG44.QS1 This certainly is a beautiful estate. Look at that fountain!

Hear baby cry: A0HB6L18.1G1 Oh my God! It sounds like a baby crying!

Look high windows A0HL5G44.QS1 They're too high for me to see through.

Sneak around Serres

A0SB2J3H.7B1 I've got to try to get into that house somehow.

Climb wall again A0SB2J3H.7P1 I wore out all my climbing muscles the first time. A0SB2J3H.7P2 Besides, he'll be watching the attic now. I'll have to think of something else.

Look house A0SB8H44.KZ1 I need to get into that house -- but *how*?

Look window A0SB1544.411 I can't see into that window from here.

Open window at back of Serres A0SBBU20.5Y1 I can't reach it from here!

Climb in window A13LJS20.QS1 I can't reach it.


Listen cellar doors A0SBBU40.N01 That sound *seems* to be coming from the cellar.

Open cellar doors A0SBBU20.7B1 Nope. Didn't think it'd be that easy.

Look cellar doors A0SBBU44.411 Those doors must lead to the cellar.

Look tossed out wine A0SBQJ44.QS1 There must have been something wrong with that wine.

Taste tossed out wine A0SBQJ3X.QS1 If I wanted wine, I'd go into the barn.

Smell tossed out wine A0SBQJ56.QS1 Smells a little off -- like bad grapes. Must have gone sour.

Look back of house A0SL8H44.QS1 It's the back of the Château.

Look ivy A0SBRQ44.QS1 Looks like a Virginia Creeper, but it must be something else -- something French.

Look open window A0SBRR44.411

  • That* window is open, but it's really high up.

Look window after getting kicked out: A0SBRR44.7P1 That plan got me exactly nowhere!

In the attic

Look furniture A0RB0D44.411 Either that furniture is in storage, or someone sits up here once in a while.

Sit on furniture A2FL8S27.X71 Why would I want to do that?

Think robes A0RB7Q0L.3L1 My guess is that they're for some kind of ritual. Of course, that doesn't necessarily *mean* anything.

Look robes A0RB7Q44.3L1 Either these are for Halloween, or the vineyard owner is into something a little heavier than a bordeaux!

Think robe symols A0RB260L.411 I've never seen anything like it. Doesn't look like Hebrew, Greek or Arabic. And it *certainly* isn't oriental.

Copy symbols again A0RB263E.6R1 I already wrote them down!

Look symbols A0RB2644.411 I wonder what these symbols mean?

Look wardrobe A0RBDT44.411 There's a large wardrobe against the wall.

Go downstairs A0RBBM1Q.QE1 I think there's someone down there.

Look stairs A0RBBM44.411 There's a winding staircase going down to the second floor.

Look books A0RBMD44.411 Old books -- in French. Looks like they've been up here a while. Take books: A0RBRL32.411 I don't see anything I'd want to carry with me.

Look shades A0RBRE44.411 Black shades. That's kind of weird.

Look roller shades A0RB7344.411 The windows have roller shades.

Open courtyard window A0RBRF20.411 I wouldn't want anyone down there to see me.

Look courtyard window A0RBRF44.411 It overlooks the courtyard.

Break into box A0RBRH6P.411 I don't have a crowbar. Besides, those boxes look like they've been here a while. I don't think the baby's in there.

Look boxes A0RBRH44.411 Storage crates. Not particularly sinister.

Look paintings A0RBRJ44.411 It's a little dark in here, but those paintings don't look valuable to me.

Look desk A0RBRK44.411 Someone does -- or did -- some work up here.

Look matress A0RBX744.411 They need to call Good Will.

Look trunk A0RBCD44.QU1 A trunk! I wonder if it could be the one from the train?

Walk downstairs during Montreaux A0RBBM1Q.K71 I can't! Someone's on their way up!

A0RBBM44.K71 Someone's on their way up!

Try to hide in trunk A0RBCD1K.K71 I'd never fit in there!

Pick up chair during Montreaux A0RBL432.K71 What do you want me to do, hit him over the head with it?

Climb out window after Montreaux A0RB9F50.K71 There's not enough time to climb out there again!

Open box during Montreaux A0RBCD20.K71 There's no time for that!

Climb out window before Montreaux A0RB9F50.3L1 I want to check the place out first!

Look window A0RB9F44.411 That's the window I came in through.

Look trunk after Montreaux A0RBCD44.HG1 I've *got* to get another look in that trunk!

Look junk again A0RB6Q44.HG1 I'm almost afraid to move this stuff.

Look doll foot A0RB5544.HG1 It's a baby's foot!

Search trunk again A0RB6Q2D.HG1 Oh my god. It's just a *doll*.

Look stuff in trunk after finding doll A0RB6Q44.PX1 There's just some old clothes and blankets in there.

Take doll A0RB5532.PX1 It's just an old doll. I'd look ridiculous bringing *that* back to Gabriel.

Look doll A0RB5544.PX1 That crying sound is making me see things!

Look trunk after finding doll A0RBCD44.PX1 I guess that's *not* the trunk from the train.

Montreaux hears you! A0RBCD20.291 GRACE,<gasp!> A0RBCD20.293 MONTREAUX Qui est la?

Montreaux is distracted! A0RB6L18.0I2 MADELINE,Monsieur Montreaux! Is that you? A0RB6L18.0I4 MONTREAUX,Mademoiselle Buthane. How enchanting. A0RB6L18.0I5 MADELINE,Monsieur! Surely you will join us for a drink and provide a bit of expertise on your wines? S'il vous plait? A0RB6L18.0I6 MONTREAUX,Of course. At your service, Mademoiselle.

Montreaux catches you! A0RB6L18.KV1 MONTREAUX,Qui être-vous? A0RB6L18.KV2 GRACE,Uh. . . Hallo. Bathroom? How you say. . .bathroom? A0RB6L18.KV3 MONTREAUX,How did you get here? A0RB6L18.KV4 GRACE,Me no speak. . . English, French, me no speak. A0RB6L18.KV5 MONTREAUX,Then let me escort you downstairs, young lady.

In The Library

Go up A08BBM0V.5P1 I don't wanna go back up there now!

A08BBM44.411 That winding staircase is really great. But it's strange that it just goes up into the attic.

Look desk A08B3K44.411 This desk looks really old. Like something out of Dickens.

Stamp on floor pattern A08B0Z4H.9U1 Gee. *That* worked.

Look pattern A08B0Z44.9U1 That pattern on the floor must have cost a bundle to install. It's so intricate!

Exit door A08B0Z20.411 I'd better not go out that way -- someone would see me for sure.

Take books A08B2A32.411 I'm sure viticulture is fascinating, but I don't have time to get into it.

Look books A08B2A44.411 'Grafting the Vine,' 'The Encyclopedia of Grapes', 'The Science of Viticulture,' 'Vitis Magnificus.' A08B2A44.412 Plus lots of books in French. A08B2A44.413 This guy takes his wine seriously!

Read books on desk A08BS020.411 Why bother? I wouldn't be able to read it anyway.

A08BS044.411 French dictionaries and . . . something. Old, too.

A08BS132.411 It doesn't look relevant enough to steal.

A08BS144.411 I have *no* idea what it says. Looks like Latin.

Use candles A08BS225.411 There's enough light in here already.

Look candles A08BS244.411 Those candles remind me of 'Phantom of the Opera'. A08BS244.412 I'm speaking of Bergac, of course, not Lloyd Weber.

Look door A08BS344.411 That obviously leads to the rest of the house.

Open window A0RBRF20.411 I wouldn't want anyone down there to see me. Look window A08B8T44.411 That must be the tower you see from the courtyard.

A08BRX44.411 Looks like Montreaux likes to spend time at this window.

A08BD444.411 I think that's the back of Mt. Cardou.

Look painting A08B7J44.411 That looks like the guy I saw upstairs. Madeline called him 'Montreaux'.

A08B8V44.411 There's really something weird about the eyes.

A08BRT44.411 Why does that face look odd to me?

A08BRU5A.OH1 Oh, wow!

A08BRV2P.411 I have *no* idea what that might mean.

A08BRV44.411 That is *bizarre*! It's part man, part grail!

A08BRU5A.M01 I can't see any more from here.

A08BRT44.YV1 No wonder the eyes look strange -- he's painted that bizarre image in the iris.

Look painting A08BB644.YV1 That is one *weird* painting.

Read book A08BBY44.411 There's a book in the drawer. A08BBY58.411 'Gods Among Us: The Immortals'. A08B3544.C41 Those must be the alleged immortals. Some of them I've never heard of. A08B3544.M21 Someone's made notes. They can't *seriously* mean . . . A08B3544.M22 Nah. No way. A08B3522.291 What a bunch of nonsense! A08BBY59.411 Yes! There's a print on the cover.

Look ceiling A08BAX44.411 It's a grapevine motif. Nothing surprising about that -- this *is* a vineyard.

Look chair A08BRW44.411 Looks comfy.

Look statues A08B0644.411 The guy's got interesting taste in art.

A08B5644.291 Aha! A08B5644.BC1 There's a button under the desk.

Press knob A08B561J.291 Wow! This place is *rigged*. A08B561J.292 I wonder if that's a *bad* thing?

Look statue A08B0644.5P1 Hmmm. Something tells me that's NOT just an artistic statement.

A08B0632.291 It's stuck to the bookcase, but it does seem to turn.

A08B060L.651 Those lights are just shining out into the room. Seems like there should be some kind of . . . pattern.

Turn head 3 times in one direction A08B061D.K91 That's as far as it goes.

Have all heads tilted twice in a direction, forming a pentagon A08B6L4R.UK1 Well, that's *a* shape, but nothing happened. Maybe I'd better try a different pattern.

Door opens... A08B6L4R.L51 Oh my god . . . A08B6L4R.L52 That's *great*! I think.

Look staircase A08BBM44.551 This reminds me of some old Hitchcock film or something.

In the basement

Arriving A0IB6L3W.NB1 And I yell at Gabriel for taking stupid risks!

Leave the house A0IB5X0V.7B1 I can't leave yet! I've *got* to find that baby!

Go up A0IB5X0V.7P1 I can't! The stairs are blocked.

Look at stairs A0IB5X44.7B1 Those are the stairs to the library.

Opening a locked door A0IBGD20.Q81 It's locked!

Think at doors A0IBGD44.6R1 I wonder where all these doors lead? There must be a whole maze of rooms they've shut off.

Look doors A0IBGD44.291 This place has a lot of doors but . . . they're padlocked.

Unknown A0IBS56P.Q81 I don't have time for that!

Look barrels A0IBS544.Q81 I *hope* those are for shipping wine.

Look lamp A0IBXM44.Q81 I'm glad there's *some* light down here. This place is creepy!

Drink wine A0IBXN3X.Q81 I *could* get drunk, but I don't think it would help.

Look wine bottles A0IBXN44.Q81 Well, I guess this really is a winery. That's a good thing.

Listen at cellar door A0IBXO40.Q81 That crying sound is coming from behind that door!

Look door A0IBXO44.Q81

  • That* door's not locked. I wonder where it goes?

Think niches A0IBXP44.Q81 Weird. It's like this basement was designed for something else. I wonder what those niches are for?

Look big niche A0IBXQ0L.Q81 I wonder if this basement was part of an old underground catacomb that's been converted?

Look smaller niche A0IBXQ44.Q81 Geez! That looks like it belongs in a crypt!

Open door at Serres basement A0IBGD20.Q81 It's locked!

Wine Cellar

A19B6L3W.PF1 Oh, great! A19B6L3W.PF2 It's just a wine press.

Look grapes A19B0J44.411 Grapes waiting for the press. Rather gruesome, now that I think about it. Press grapes A19B0J1J.411 Um . . . There's a machine designed expressly for that purpose sitting ten feet away. Eat grapes A19B0J3J.411 I'm not exactly sight-seeing down here!

Leave through hatch A19B6T0V.Q81 I'll leave in a minute. I just want to look around a bit more.

Look stairs A19B6T44.PF1 I wonder if that goes to the cellar doors I saw behind the house?

Look entrance A19B9T44.PF1 That's the way I came in. Leave A19B9T20.PF1 There's got to be an easier way out of here than the way I came in! Leave if you were kicked out Serres earlier A19B9T20.7P1 I don't think I'd get away with "looking for the bathroom" again. A19B9T44.7P1 That probably goes up to the house.

Look wine A19B6544.411 That is *wine*. . . isn't it?

A19B6644.411 The woman looks as old as this basement!

Look winepress A19BDQ0L.411 It's rather violent, isn't it? A19BDQ44.411 That grape press is huge! A19BDQ44.412 At least . . . I *think* it's a grape press.

Use grape controls A19BE94Q.411 Sure! I bet she'd appreciate that. A19BE944.411 That must be the press operation area. Looks complicated.

Look wine racks A19BRN44.411 That must be the good stuff.

Look barrels A19BSB0L.411 They do give the place a nice Edgar Allen Poe feeling, don't they? A19BSB44.411 I'm *guessing* there's wine in those casks.

A19B661B.411 GRACE,Excuse me? A19B661B.412 OLD_LADY,Ah! Mademoiselle! Douce mademoiselle! Si jeune, si jolie, si appétissante! A19B661B.413 GRACE,You . . . don't speak English, do you? I'll just . . . A19B661B.414 OLD_LADY,Pommes bleu, Mademoiselle? Pommes bleu? A19B661B.415 GRACE,Let go. I don't know what you're saying. Let GO. A19B661B.416 OLD_LADY,Pommes bleu? Aimerieze-vous des pommes bleues? A19B661B.417 GRACE,Stop it! A19B661B.418 OLD_LADY,Pommes bleu? A19B661B.419 OLD_LADY,Ou préféreriez-vous uniquement du jus? Un jus tout bleu, un jus sucré, un jus de raisins pressés à coups de poing . . . A19B661B.41A OLD_LADY, Ha ha ha ha!

End sequence: A0SB6L3W.SZ1 GRACE,Geez! That was *weird*.

A0HB121I.OO1 MOSELY,There you are! I couldn't figure out where the heck you went! A0HB121I.OO2 GRACE,I thought I heard something. A0HB121I.OO3 MOSELY,Yeah? Like what? A0HB121I.OO4 GRACE,Nothing. I mean, it was just a wine press. A0HB121I.OO5 MOSELY,You shouldn't go check stuff out alone, Grace. 'Specially not when me or Gabe are around to go with you. A0HB121I.OO6 GRACE,You were *occupied*. A0HB121I.OO7 MOSELY,What? You mean Maddy? No! I was just . . . A0HB121I.OO8 BUTHANE,There are our two lost little lambs! And how sweetly they chat, little heads in a row! A0HB121I.OO9 MOSELY,Madeline! I was just telling Grace . . . A0HB121I.OOA MADELINE,Never mind! You are both adults. But we *are* moving on now. A0HB121I.OOB GRACE,Thanks a lot, Mose. A0HB121I.OOC MOSELY I didn't *do* anything!

DAY 2 12PM-2PM END MOVIE A1HB4Y4P.N32 HOWARD,. . . isn't it? Dr. Wen -- have you read Dr. Wen's book on Rennes-le-Château? *The* definitive work. Dr. Wen mentioned that the chair is connected to the devil in the church. A1HB4Y4P.N33 MADELINE,'Without temptation'. Yes, I've heard that theory, but a more interesting one links the phrase to the paintings . . . A1HB4Y4P.N34 ESTELLE,(SHOCKED GASP) A1HB4Y4P.N35 HOWARD,(BLOODCURDLING SCREAM) A1HB4Y4P.N36 GRACE,Oh my God! A1HB4Y4P.N37 WILKES,Shit!


Chapter Opening A1LK6L3W.6S1 GABE,What is it? A1LK6L3W.6S2 GRACE,Prince James' men. We just found their bodies. A1LK6L3W.6S3 GABE,Where? A1LK6L3W.6S4 GRACE,The Devil's Armchair. A1LK6L3W.6S6 GABE,The tour group found the bodies? A1LK6L3W.6S7 GRACE,Yes. A1LK6L3W.6S8 GABE,Notice anythin' suspicious about people's reactions? A1LK6L3W.6S9 GRACE,Everyone seemed pretty surprised. Particularly Lady Howard. A1LK6L3W.6SA GRACE,It was quite a performance now that I think about it. A1LK6L3W.6S5 GABE,Hmmm. I'll go check it out. A1LK6L3W.6SB GRACE,Can I come? A1LK6L3W.6SF GABE,It might be more productive if you stay here and keep an eye on things. You don't mind, do you? A1LK6L3W.6SC GRACE,No. I guess that would be smart. A1LK6L3W.6SD GABE,Thata girl. I'll be back soon. A1LK6L3W.6SE GRACE,Be careful.

Re-entering R25 during timed puzzle A1LK6L3W.611 GRACE,I thought you were going somewhere. A1LK6L3W.612 GABE,I am. In a minute.

A1LK6L3W.MU1 GRACE,What is it with you? Forget your breath mints? A1LK6L3W.MU2 GABE,Don't worry about it.

A1LK6L3W.QA1 GRACE,Look, why don't *I* go check out the crime scene if you're too squeamish? A1LK6L3W.QA2 GABE,Hey. Just because I keep walking in here mindlessly doesn't mean . . . doesn't mean I don't have somethin' on my mind! (MISSING LINE: SEE BONUS)

Talking to Gracie during timed puzzle A1LK1739.241 GABE,Excited about this new case? A1LK1739.242 GRACE,Of course I'm excited! But I almost feel guilty about it, to tell you the truth. Poor little Charlie! I just hope that when we find him, it's not too late. A1LK1739.243 GABE,Yeah. Me too.

A1LK1739.291 GABE,So how you feelin'? A1LK1739.292 GRACE,Fine. Good. A1LK1739.293 GABE,Yeah? Guess you were pretty worried when I disappeared from Prince James' house. A1LK1739.294 GRACE,I still don't think it would have hurt you to wake me up. A1LK1739.295 GABE,There just wasn't time, Gracie. A1LK1739.296 GRACE,Fine. Whatever.

Door Conversations A1AK2P23.HN3

(Deciphered by N0war and Aquagoat, who I cannot thank enough)

(Aquagoat) Ils avaient la gorge tranchée. Non, je n'ai vu aussi une trace de sang. Je n'en ai aucune idée. Vraiment aucune idée. D'accord. C'est bon. Au revoir. (N0war) Il's avaient les gorges tranchées. Non, je n' ai vue aucune trace de sang, je n' en ai aucune idee... Translation: They had their throats cut up. No, I haven't seen any sight of blood. I have no idea. Really no idea. Okay. That's good. Good-bye. A1AK2P23.HN4 She's talkin' to somebody, probably on her cell phone. But she's bein' pretty quiet about it. I can't make it out.

Attempt to record Madeline phone conversation A1AK2P47.HN1 She's talkin' too low to get it on tape.

A1AK9J23.HN1 HOWARD,No! I can't help it! You don't understand how sensitive I am. No one understands! A1AK9J23.HN2 ESTELLE,Just try to put it out of your mind. A1AK9J23.HN3 HOWARD,Am I a stone, that I feel nothing? Or a director, perhaps? No, I am an artist! I have trained myself for years to empathize, Estelle! Empathize! It's a gift, I tell you! A1AK9J23.HN4 ESTELLE,I understand. A1AK9J23.HN5 HOWARD,No, you don't! The pain! I feel it right here! Oh, the sight of the throats, Estelle! The *throats*! A1AK9J23.HN6 ESTELLE,You must *calm* yourself! Why don't you take a hot bath? A1AK9J23.HN7 HOWARD,No! I must rest! Perhaps if I close my eyes. A1AK9J23.HN8 ESTELLE,All right. Just lie still a moment . . .

Talk to Wilkes A1EK3D39.E21 GABE,Hey, Wilkes. A1EK3D39.E22 WILKES,Knight. Ya missed the tour this mornin', didn't ya? A1EK3D39.E23 GABE,Slept in. A1EK3D39.E24 WILKES,Yeah? Well ya'll never believe what happened. We was goin' to see this armchair, roit, and we comes up over the hill and BLAM. A1EK3D39.E25 GABE,I heard. A1EK3D39.E26 WILKES,Shit, ya shoulda seen it, Mate! Worse damn thing I ever saw, and I've seen some things! A1EK3D39.E27 GABE,I bet. A1EK3D39.E28 WILKES,They was just sittin' there, these gashes across their throats like big red smiles or somethin'. It was horrible! A1EK3D39.E29 GABE,Throats cut? A1EK3D39.E2A WILKES,That's roit. Say, why doncha take a load off and have a drink? A1EK3D39.E2B GABE,No, thanks. But I appreciate the info. A1EK3D39.E2C WILKES,Yeah. No problem.

Talk to Wilkes again A1EK3D3A.G71 He'd talk my ears off if I let him, but I've got more important stuff to do.

Look Wilkes A1EK3D44.HN1 It's Wilkes. Looks like he's hittin' the hard stuff a bit early.

Telephone Booth

Buchelli Phone Conversation A01K6L3W.HN1 Vorrei parlare con il Ministero degli Affari Esteri. A01K6L3W.HN2 Padre Grenna? Sono Padre Buchelli. Come sta? A01K6L3W.HN3 Molto bene. A01K6L3W.HN4 Sì, sono ancora qui. Si sono verificati degli avvenimenti straordinari. Ci sono stati degli omicidi! A01K6L3W.HN5 Due uomini. Li ho visti proprio io. Questa mattina. A01K6L3W.HN6 Non ne ho la più pallida idea. Ma penso che sia importante. Non sembravano gente del posto. A01K6L3W.HN7 Non saprei. Di razza bianca, probabilmente degli europei. Avevano la gola tagliata, ma non c'erano tracce di sangue . . . A01K6L3W.HN8 No, non credo proprio, ma . . . Cercherò di ottenere ulteriori informazioni. Questa è per ora la prima indicazione di attività . . . A01K6L3W.HN9 Sì e che sia anche con Lei. Arrivederci Padre Grenna.

Recording fail A01K6L3W.HNA Interestin'. But I wish I knew what he'd said.

Look occupied booth A01KDW44.J81 Sounds like he's takin' notes.

Look shoes A01KIP44.Q81 Tasteful, aren't they?

Blocking Buchelli on his way out A01K6L18.HN1 BUCHELLI,Excuse me.

Wilkes and Buchelli conversation A1EK6L18.HN1 WILKES,Buchelli! Over here! A1EK6L18.HN2 BUCHELLI,Ciao. It was a most interestin' tour, no? A1EK6L18.HN3 WILKES,You said it! I needed a drink, myself. Fortification. Care to join me? A1EK6L18.HN4 BUCHELLI,Si. My ramparts, too, are a trifle crumbly at the moment. A1EK6L18.HN5 WILKES,Funny how things work out. I thought today was gonna be my lucky day. A1EK6L18.HN6 BUCHELLI,How's that? Oh. Yes, of course. Weren't you planning to try to . . . consolidate your theory today? A1EK6L18.HN7 WILKES,That's roit. I'm ready to go diggin'. Course, I still will, but this takes the steam outta my victory a bit. A1EK6L18.HN8 BUCHELLI,It's certainly upsetting. Do you have any idea who those two men were? A1EK6L18.HN9 WILKES,Not a friggin' clue. You? A1EK6L18.HNA BUCHELLI,I'm afraid not. A1EK6L18.HNB WILKES,Wulp, here's to our health. Better them than us. A1EK6L18.HNC BUCHELLI,*That's* thinking positively, Signore.

Talk to Wilkes and Buchelli A1EK5Y1B.561 I don't think I'll get much out of those two. Not with the stuff they're sippin'.

Look Wilkes' wine A1EK5Y44.NN1 Wilkes and Buchelli are knockin' a few back. They must be shook up -- or thirsty.

Look Wilkes and Buchelli A1EK5Y44.561 At least Wilkes found someone to drink with him.

Room 25 interlude: talk to Grace repeatedly

A1LK6L3W.E61 GABE,How's it goin'. A1LK6L3W.E62 GRACE,No thanks. A1LK1739.IG1 GABE,So how's the book? A1LK1739.IG2 GRACE,Huh? Let me just finish this part here. A1LK1739.K61 GABE,I'd kinda like to know what the book says. A1LK1739.K62 GRACE,Yeah. Soon as I'm done. A1LK6L3W.CL1 GABE,I'm back. A1LK6L3W.CL2 GRACE,Just put the pizza on the table. A1LK6L3W.3G1 GABE,Grace, aliens just landed outside. They've got your mother. A1LK6L3W.3G2 GRACE,In a minute. A1LK6L3W.621 GABE,OOOOOklahoma where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain! A1LK6L3W.622 GRACE,Turn that down, please.

Talk to Grace again A1LK1739.6R1 I really should go get some other stuff done.

Look Grace A1LK1744.3L1 It's just Gracie.

Use laptop before visiting crime scene A1LK3Y2O.IG1 I don't have time for that right now. I've got other fish to fry.

Try to call Prince James before crime scene visit A01KED3S.4S1 Yeah. I should call him. Maybe I'll check the crime scene out first, though, so I can give him all the details.

A01KED0L.B61 I probably should let him know what's goin' on.

Prince James conversation BEFORE visiting Larry A01KED3S.4U1 JAMESNo, I've got it. Hello? A01KED3S.4U2 GABE,Prince James? This is Gabriel Knight. A01KED3S.4U3 JAMES,Mr. Knight, yes. Did Grace arrive safely last night? A01KED3S.4U4 GABE,She did. You haven't heard from your men, have you? A01KED3S.4U5 JAMES,No. You did *see* them last night? A01KED3S.4U6 GABE,Yes, they dropped Grace at the hotel and took off. But I'm afraid I have bad news. A01KED3S.4U7 JAMES,What is it? A01KED3S.4U8 GABE,Sir, your men were found dead this morning. It appears to have happened sometime in the night. A01KED3S.4U9 JAMES,Oh my God! I don't understand. A01KED3S.4UA GABE,I don't either. Let me tell you how they were found. A01KED3S.4UB GABE,There's this landmark out here called the 'armchair of the devil'. This morning . . . . . . Completely drained. I didn't see any footprints. None at all. A01KED3S.4UC GABE,Prince James? A01KED3S.4UD JAMES,I'm here. A01KED3S.4UE GABE,Have you received any blackmail or ransom notices? A01KED3S.4UF JAMES,No. I haven't. A01KED3S.4UG GABE,Well, Sir . . . I'm still looking into it. We're gonna find your son. Is there . . . anything else I should know? A01KED3S.4UH JAMES,No. A01KED3S.4UI GABE,Because I'm willin' to do whatever I can, but it'd be a lot easier if I knew . . . A01KED3S.4UJ JAMES,Please, Gabriel. If you keep your eyes open for me, you will be well rewarded. Now I must go. A01KED3S.4UK GABE,Hello? Prince James? Lord Stewart? Hel . . . A01KED3S.4UL GABE,Ah, hell.

Prince James phone conversation AFTER visiting Larry A01KED3S.881 MESMI,Stewart residence. A01KED3S.882 GABE,Mesmi? This is Gabriel Knight. A01KED3S.883 MESMI,Hold on, please. A01KED3S.884 MESMI,It's him. A01KED3S.885 JAMES,Mr. Knight? A01KED3S.886 GABE,Hello, Prince James. I'm afraid I have some pretty bad news. Sir, your men were found dead this morning. A01KED3S.887 JAMES,I see. Yes. It's horrifying news. A01KED3S.888 GABE,I can tell you everything I know about it. A01KED3S.889 JAMES,Please do. A01KED3S.88A GABE,Well, they left here last night about . . . . . . Drained into the ground. We found two pools. It . . . hell, it looked ritualistic to me. A01KED3S.88B JAMES,Lord. I just don't understand. A01KED3S.88C GABE,Nor do I, but the killin' still revolved around *blood*. I think . . . A01KED3S.88D JAMES,Mesmi and I were just discussing this. You see, I have certain affairs which you know nothing about, and I'm not inclined to involve an outsider. A01KED3S.88E GABE,Yeah. I'm kinda gettin' that picture. But if I'm to . . . A01KED3S.88F JAMES,That's why I sent my own men down there. Now this. Frankly, I don't know what to do. My son's life . . . my son's life means *everything* to me. A01KED3S.88G GABE,I know. A01KED3S.88H JAMES,And Mesmi thinks you may be able to do some good. So I'll ask you to keep your eyes open, at least until further notice. But that does not mean intruding on . . . Please, just try to stay focused on finding the child. A01KED3S.88I GABE,I'd be a lot more successful if you told me *everything*. A01KED3S.88J JAMES,Good-bye, Mr. Knight. You'll hear from us soon. A01KED3S.88K GABE,God!

Calling Prince James again A01KED3S.241 He's probably off makin' his own plans. Damn, that man is frustrating!

Talk to Jean A1EK401I.J01 JEAN,Monsieur Knight! Did you hear the news most horrible? They say . . . A1EK401I.J02 JEAN,They say at the armchair they find *two dead bodies*! Oh, I shudder to think on it! A1EK401I.J03 GABE,It does kinda suck, dunnit? A1EK401I.J04 JEAN,Oh, Monsieur! You so mildly are putting it! *I* am relieved I saw no such thing! And lucky for *you*, Monsieur, that you stay at the hotel this morning! A1EK401I.J05 GABE, I have a way of missin' the boat. Is that all you've heard about it? A1EK401I.J06 JEAN,Who can talk of such things? The guests, I believe they are all *most* traumatized. A1EK401I.J07 GABE,Maybe not all of 'em.

Atop Tour Magdala

Talk to Arnaud A1FK1A3A.291 GABE,Good afternoon, Abbé Arnaud. How was the tour? A1FK1A3A.292 ARNAUD,Surely, you have heard, Mr. Knight! A1FK1A3A.293 GABE,Heard? A1FK1A3A.294 ARNAUD,My goodness, Man, we found two men . . . that is to say, the entire tour group stumbled upon . . . Well, two men have been brutally murdered! A1FK1A3A.295 GABE,Huh. A1FK1A3A.296 ARNAUD,You are not surprised? A1FK1A3A.297 GABE,Should I be? A1FK1A3A.298 ARNAUD,I don't know what you mean. A1FK1A3A.299 GABE,You ever meet these two men? A1FK1A3A.29A ARNAUD,No, never. A1FK1A3A.29B GABE,And you don't know who might of . . . you know . . . A1FK1A3A.29C ARNAUD,You toy with me. You *have* heard. I don't appreciate your games, Mr. Knight. A1FK1A3A.29D GABE,Not much for games myself. A1FK1A3A.29E ARNAUD,Then let us terminate this discussion, eh? It has been a most trying day as it is.

Look Arnaud A1FK1A44.PF1 He sure is fond of this view. You don't think he could be . . . oh, *lookin'* for somethin' . . . do you?

Talk to Arnaud again A1FK1A3A.6R1 Yeah. I know he's lyin', but maybe I should let him stew for a while.

The Devil's Armchair

Arrive at crime scene A0NK1239.291 GABE,Wow. Pretty damn grim. A0NK1239.292 MOSELY,Christ! Did you do that on purpose? A0NK1239.293 GABE,Not at all. A0NK1239.294 MOSELY,So what the hell's up with this? I'm guessing these are Prince James' men. Am I right? A0NK1239.295 GABE,Yeah, for once. A0NK1239.296 MOSELY,So how'd they end up grinning with their larynxes?

Think two men faces A0NK3X0L.FN1 GABE,They're both *completely* white. A0NK3X0L.FN2 MOSELY,That's 'cause they've been drained like a couple a cans of tuna. A0NK3X0L.FN3 GABE,Curious. A0NK3X0L.FN4 MOSELY,I know what you're thinking, but if it was vampires, why the long gash? It'd be like trying to drink from the lip of a mixing bowl. A0NK3X0L.FN5 GABE,Maybe they've got *really* big mouths. Like you. A0NK3X0L.FN6 MOSELY,Sure. A vampire cult founded by Mick Jagger. This all makes perfect sense to me now.

Think faces again A0NK3X0L.H71 They've been drained of blood.

Look faces/bodies A0NK3X44.411 It's Prince James' two men all right.

Think gash in neck A0NK4M0L.6R1 Yuh! They look like slaughtered cattle.

Look gash A0NK4M0L.291 GABE,That's a clean gash. A0NK4M0L.292 MOSELY,And deep. They knew what they were doin' all right.

Think bodies again A0NK9B0L.6R1 There's no blood on the clothes.

Think bodies A0NK9B0L.291 GABE,I don't see any blood. A0NK9B0L.292 MOSELY,Yeah. Weird, huh? Throats opened like a Christmas package and not a drop of the red stuff anywhere.

Look Mosely A0NK1244.Q81 He has that green tinge he gets at crime scenes. Hell, I probably have it to.

Look armchair A0NKIB44.Q81 That must be the so-called 'armchair' they're layin' in.

Think tourist sign A0NKSF0L.QR1 Nothin' on there tells me *why* the killers picked this spot to dump the bodies.

Look tourist sign A0NKSF44.QR1 Another one of those tourists signs. Now they can put 'dead bodies found here' on it.

Read tourist sign A0NKSF58.QR1 I'm readin', but I can't see as it actually *says* anythin'

Who did it? A0NK123A.D11 GABE,About who mighta done it? A0NK123A.D12 MOSELY,Yeah?

Was it the kidnappers? A0NK120I.QP1 GABE,It had to be the kidnappers, don't ya think? A0NK120I.QP2 MOSELY,If so, they're a hell of a lot nastier than we thought. And weirder. This is no ordinary killing. *Look* at 'em.

Was it the vampires? A0NK120Y.QP1 GABE,Could be vampires. A0NK120Y.QP2 MOSELY,Yeah? Not the kind what's-his-face wrote about. A0NK120Y.QP3 GABE,That would be Stoker. Bram Stoker. A0NK120Y.QP4 MOSELY,Thank you. Not the kind Stoker wrote about. Take a look at these guys.

Who? WHO? A0NK124V.QP1 GABE,I haven't got the first clue who did this. A0NK124V.QP2 MOSELY,Too bad. Look around. Maybe something will come up. A0NK124V.QP3 MOSELY,An idea or your breakfast. One of the two.

Was it the Abbé? A0NK1252.QP1 GABE,They *did* run a flagpole up the Abbé's butt. Maybe he did it. A0NK1252.QP2 MOSELY,He mentioned something on the tour about not having a car. A0NK1252.QP3 GABE,It could be a ruse. A0NK1252.QP4 MOSELY,Could be. But he doesn't look strong enough to handle these two. They're not exactly lightweights. A0NK1252.QP5 GABE,He *did* seem intimidated at the church. He coulda called someone in, though. A0NK1252.QP6 MOSELY,That quickly? I s'pose it's possible. Take a look around and see if you spot any clues.

Tour group A0NK120S.DA1 GABE,Notice anythin' suspicious when the group saw the dead bodies? A0NK120S.DA2 MOSELY,Hmmm. Madeline sure as hell didn't wanna leave. She looked like she was just itching to check things out. A0NK120S.DA3 MOSELY,Fortunately, that Howard lady was throwing a hissy fit. Maddy didn't have much choice. A0NK120S.DA4 MOSELY,Not sure why she'd be so interested in a couple of dead guys. A0NK120S.DA5 GABE,Oh? And why are *you* so interested? A0NK120S.DA6 MOSELY,I'm helping *you*!

Talking to Mosely again A0NK1239.BC1 MOSELYLet's look around and talk about stuff as we find it.

A0NKAK44.291 GABE,Shit! Mose, get over here! A0NKAK44.292 MOSELY,What is it? A0NKAK44.293 MOSELY,Is that what I think it is? A0NKAK44.294 GABE,I think it's what you think it is. Looks like it.

Think at blood A0NKAK0L.291 GABE,Considering how friable the ground looks, I'd say that was a lot of blood soaked up, wouldn't you? A0NKAK0L.292 MOSELY,Yup. Maybe even all of it. A0NKAK0L.293 GABE,Which explains why there's no blood near the bodies. A0NKAK0L.294 MOSELY,Yeah, but . . . geez! I thought the Voodoo Murders were strange. What do you make of *this*? Neat little piles . . . Like Felix Unger meets Freddy Kruger. A0NKAK0L.295 GABE,They obviously drained the blood here on purpose. The question is, why? A0NKAK0L.296 MOSELY,At least it rules out *vampires*. A0NKAK0L.297 GABE,Not necessarily. Maybe they're just picky eaters.

Think blood again A0NKAK0L.BC1 This MO with the blood is too weird. It's gotta have a purpose.

Taste blood A0NKAK3J.411 No *way*.

Smell blood A0NKAK56.411 MOSELY,What's it smell like? A0NKAK56.412 GABE,Not much. Earthy. Dead. A0NKAK56.413 GABE,Anyway, sure doesn't smell like wine.

Feel blood A0NKAK5J.411 Sticky. And red.

Look blood A0NKAK44.6R1 They're pools of blood.

A0NK2K44.291 GABE,There're two slightly curved indentations here . . . A0NK2K44.292 MOSELY,Footprints? A0NK2K44.293 GABE,I don't think so. Wrong shape. A0NK2K44.294 MOSELY,So what are they?

Look indentation sagain A0NK2K44.T31 I wonder what those indentations are from?

Look kneeprints A0NK2K44.FG1 There are curved indentations in the dirt.

After first vision A0NK2K0L.T01 GABE Knee prints! Of course! A0NK2K0L.T02 GABE,The assassins must have made them kneel and then . . . A0NK2K0L.T03 MOSELY,But there're no prints! There should be *some* sign of a struggle, or at least the footprints of the assailants. The victims wouldn't just kneel down to be cooperative!

  • There's no T04 file, suggesting a line was cut

A0NK2K0L.T05 MOSELY Huh, Knight? What about the assailants?

Look footprints A0NK2K44.T11 Mosely's right. If those are knee indentations, why're there no footprints?

After second vision A0NK2K0L.T11 GABE,Whoa! Shit! A0NK2K0L.T12 MOSELY,What? A0NK2K0L.T13 GABE,Man! A0NK2K0L.T14 MOSELY,What? A0NK2K0L.T15 GABE,Nothin'. Must be my imagination. A0NK2K0L.T16 MOSELY,Man, you're even weirder than you were back in New Orleans, you know that? A0NK2K0L.T17 GABE,Yeah. I do know that.

Think at kneeprints A0NK2K44.T21 I'm not sure *what* I saw, but I sure don't wanna see it again.

Call Mosely A0NKAK7V.FG1 GABE Hey Mose! Come 'ere! A0NKAK7V.FG2 MOSELY Yeah?

Look faces of Mallory and MacDougall after visions A0NK3X0L.331 They've been drained all right -- right into the ground over there. Almost seems to be somethin' symbolic about the gesture.

Leaving the crime scene A0NK6L22.331 GABE,I think that's about it. Guess I'll head out. A0NK6L22.332 MOSELY,Sounds good to me. A0NK6L22.333 MOSELY,I'm surprised the cops haven't shown up yet. A0NK6L22.334 MADELINE,Oh, they will. And I'm sure they will appreciate your thoughtful protection of the murder scene. A0NK6L22.335 MOSELY,Hey Madeline. A0NK6L22.336 MADELINE,And what are *you* doing here, Monsieur Knight? A0NK6L22.337 GABE,Why doncha call me Gabriel? This 'Monsieur' stuff is so . . . *French*. A0NK6L22.338 MADELINE,All right. What are you doing here, *Gabriel*? A0NK6L22.339, GABE, I came to keep Mose company. He's a bit squeamish you know. Never could stand the sight of blood. A0NK6L22.33A, MOSELY,Shuddup, ya hoser. A0NK6L22.33B MADELINE,Hmmm. I'm beginning to think there's more to *both* of you than meets the eye. A0NK6L22.33C GABE,Oh, there's more all right. In my . . . A0NK6L22.33D MOSELY,Knight, ya animal! A0NK6L22.33E GABE,HEAD. So what brings *you* here, Madeline? A0NK6L22.33F MADELINE,I came to wait for the police. They are *French* police, after all. So you and *you*, Monsieur Mosely, may feel you have done your duty. Au revoir. A bientot. Tootle-oo. A0NK6L22.33G GABE,Your wish is my command. A0NK6L22.33H MADELINE,By the way, *Gabriel*, can you tell me the two dead men's names? A0NK6L22.33I GABE,Me? A0NK6L22.33J MADELINE,I saw you and your little girlfriend talking to them last night. In the parking lot. A0NK6L22.33K GABE,Oh! See, Gracie -- my *assistant* -- caught a ride with them from Paris. But she didn't *know* them. A0NK6L22.33L MADELINE,That sounds very odd to me, but perhaps the police will be more understanding. A0NK6L22.33M GABE,Ah, come on! There's no need to waste their time. Maybe you and I can go over it more thoroughly later. A0NK6L22.33N MADELINE,Very well. I look forward to it. A0NK6L22.33O MOSELY,See ya, Madeline. A0NK6L22.33P GABE,Tootle-oo.

A11K6L3W.681 MOSELY,Hey, could you . . . A11K6L3W.682 MOSELY,Shit. Give me a ride, will ya? A11K6L3W.683 GABE,Get on. Just make sure those hush-puppies don't mar the chrome. A11K6L3W.684 MOSELY,You used to be a lot funnier, you know that? A11K6L3W.685 GABE,And you could touch your toes once. Shit happens.

Return to armchair

Enter crime scene again A11KAT22.DX1 I *really* don't want to get caught up with the local cops.

Steal Madeline's van A11L8Z42.Q81 The only thing that would induce me to get me into a van like that is if *Madeline* were in it.

Look van A11L8Z44.Q81 I don't know why Madeline thinks she should be here. Mallory and MacDougall weren't part of her group. A11L8Z44.Q82 Maybe she just likes uniforms.

Steal police car A11LSJ42.Q81 Yeah! That little misdemeanor would really help this case.

Look police car first 9 times A11LSJ44.Q81 It's the French police. Say, that reminds me of a joke . . . Nah.

Look police car 10th time A11LSJ44.6Q1 Okay. Here's the joke. What's the difference between Heaven and Hell? A11LSJ44.6Q2 In Heaven, the Germans are the bureaucrats, the English are the police, and the French are the cooks. A11LSJ44.6Q3 In Hell, the French are the bureaucrats, the Germans are the police, and the English are the cooks. A11LSJ44.6Q4 Hey, don't blame me. I only read this stuff.

At Larry's

A0QK4K4H.G31 SPEAKER,LARRY Yes, well. Come in, Mr. Knight.

A05K6L3W.291 LARRY,I'm afraid I can only spare a few moments. A05K6L3W.292 GABE, I appreciate that.

A05K7G3A.291 GABE,You know, a friend of mine, Grace, she drove into town yesterday with a couple of guys . . . friends of Prince James of Albany. A05K7G3A.292 GABE,*Real* nice guys. Scottish, I think. A05K7G3A.293 LARRY,(COUGH) A05K7G3A.294 GABE,Mallory and MacDougall I believe their names were. A05K7G3A.295 LARRY,Are you going somewhere with this, Mr. Knight? A05K7G3A.296 GABE,I was wonderin' if you knew 'em. A05K7G3A.297 LARRY,No. I'm afraid not.

A05K7G3A.241 GABE,Perhaps it's unclear who I'm talkin' about. You must know them, because after they dropped off Grace last night they came here. I saw you let them in. A05K7G3A.242 LARRY,Two men. A05K7G3A.243 GABE,Two men. Last night. A05K7G3A.244 LARRY,A car did stop here last night, yes. They asked directions. A05K7G3A.245 LARRY,They were only here for a few minutes. Is there a problem? A05K7G3A.246 GABE,Not for *you* I s'pose.

Ask about Two Men first A05K7G3A.941 GABE,Do you have any idea where Mallory and MacDougall are now? A05K7G3A.942 LARRY,No. I gave them directions and they took off again. Have . . . uh . . . have you seen them? A05K7G3A.943 GABE,Yup. A05K7G3A.944 LARRY,Oh. Where? A05K7G3A.945 GABE,They're dead. Their bodies were found at the devil's armchair. Just down the road. A05K7G3A.946 LARRY,My God. A05K7G3A.947 GABE,You seem surprised. A05K7G3A.948 LARRY,Of course I'm surprised!

Ask about Handshake before Two Men A05K7G1W.3O1 LARRY,About those two men who stopped here last night? A05K7G1W.3O3 GABE,This may sound strange, but I was takin' a walk by the parking area next door? And I thought I saw you all exchange an awfully complicated handshake. For two guys who stopped for directions, that is. A05K7G1W.H83 LARRY,You're quite mistaken, Mr. Knight. But then, if you were standing where you *say* you were standing, you could hardly have seen much. A05K7G1W.H84 GABE,I have unusually good eyes. A05K7G1W.H85 LARRY,Apparently, they failed you last night. A05K7G1W.3O5 GABE,Are you a Freemason, Mr. Chester? A05K6L4R.JQ2 LARRY,I think you should *leave*, Mr. Knight! Now! A05K7G1W.3O7 GABE,I think you know those men *and* Prince James. And I think you know the real reason those men were here. I'm tryin' to help Prince James myself, even if that means pissin' people off. A05K7G1W.3O8 LARRY, Mr. Knight, I haven't the slightest idea who you are, or what you're talking about. A05K7G1W.3O9 GABE,Right. Well thanks for your time.

A05K7G1W.3O1 GABE,About those two men who stopped here last night? A05K7G1W.3O2 LARRY,Yes? A05K7G1W.3O3 GABE,This may sound strange, but I was takin' a walk by the parking area next door? And I thought I saw you all exchange an awfully complicated handshake. For two guys who stopped for directions, that is. A05K7G1W.3O4 LARRY,How dare you spy on me! I want you to leave. *Now* A05K7G1W.3O5 GABE,Are you a Freemason, Mr. Chester? A05K7G1W.3O6 LARRY,Now! Or must I call the police? A05K7G1W.3O7 GABE,I think you know those men *and* Prince James. And I think you know the real reason those men were here. I'm tryin' to help Prince James myself, even if that means pissin' people off. A05K7G1W.3O8 LARRY, Mr. Knight, I haven't the slightest idea who you are, or what you're talking about. A05K7G1W.3O9 GABE,Right. Well thanks for your time.

Think clock A0QK2I0L.DR1 I wonder what time he set on that clock?

Use clock A0QK2I2Y.IH1 Yeah. Nice idea, but I can't reach through the glass.

Take clock A0QK2I32.IH1 I can't. It's in there and I'm out here.

Look clock A0QK2I44.DR1

  • That's* what Larry was messin' with. It's an alarm clock.

Conjuring with the hanger A0QK3I4A.KB1 Now if I can just press the alarm button . . . A0QK3I4A.KB2 2 a.m. Got it!

Break window A0QK4K3I.DR1 I *could* break in, but somethin' tells me he'd know who did it.

Open window A0QK6G20.DR1 It's not gonna be that easy.

Use wrong thing on window A0QK6G51.DR1 That's not gonna help me with that window.

Open door A0QK4K20.DR1 I'm sure he locked it.

Talk to Larry on Blanchfort A0ZK7G1B.411 He's already pissed enough.

Look Larry on Blanchfort A0ZK7G44.411 That guy needs some Prozac. A0ZK7G44.412 I wonder what he's lookin' for?

Emilio/Estelle bump A1EK6L3W.HI1 EMILIO,Oof! A1EK6L3W.HI2 ESTELLE,Oh, Mr. Baza, I'm *so* sorry! What a klutz I am! A1EK6L3W.HI3 EMILIO,It is quite all right. I was not paying attention. A1EK6L3W.HI4 ESTELLE,Oh no, it's my fault *entirely*. I was worrying about something else and not watching at all. A1EK6L3W.HI5 EMILIO,And . . . Lady Howard? Is she recovering? A1EK6L3W.HI6 ESTELLE,Yes. She's resting quietly. Thank you. A1EK6L3W.HI7 EMILIO,I am very glad to hear that. Good-day, Miss Stiles. A1EK6L3W.HI8 ESTELLE,Good-day, Mr. Baza.

Look Emilio A1EKA244.PF1 He sure seemed nervous about that run in with Estelle. Then again, she *is* a little scary.

Talk to Estelle while she's going to the H/E site A07K5M1B.411 I'd rather let her do her thing. A07K5M1B.412 Besides, she's not exactly the sort of woman I have much to say to. A07K5M1B.413 Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Look Estelle A07K5M44.411 Estelle looks preoccupied.

Follow them A21K6L3W.JI1 Estelle stopped in the middle of nowhere as far as I can tell.

At Howard/Stiles site

Look Estelle A0VK5M44.411 Looks like we got us another treasure hunter.

A0VK5M39.291 GABE,Hi, Estelle, Everythin' okay? A0VK5M39.292 ESTELLE,Did you follow me here, Mr. Knight? A0VK5M39.293 GABE,Me? Huh-uh. I just stopped to see if you needed help. A0VK5M39.294 ESTELLE,I do *not* need help. But . . . thank you for your concern. A0VK5M39.295 GABE,Don't mention it.

A0VK5M11.CK1 GABE,So how come Lady Howard's not with you. Kinda joined at the hip, aren't you? A0VK5M11.CK2 ESTELLE,She's had a very difficult morning. I would have stayed with her but . . . time is of the essence. A0VK5M11.K21 GABE,How did you meet Lady Howard anyway? A0VK5M11.K22 ESTELLE,Her family was the largest landholders in my village. I knew her growing up but, of course, we never played together. A0VK5M11.K23 ESTELLE,She made quite a name for herself on the stage, you know. When she was younger. A0VK5M11.K24 GABE,Huh. A0VK5M11.K25 ESTELLE,And I was working in London myself, as a nurse. I went to see her perform . . . Well, we became . . . friends. A0VK5M11.K26 ESTELLE,When my father died and left me the cottage we moved back to Hampstead. It's not exactly the manor she was born to, but *it* was sold years ago. A0VK5M11.K27 ESTELLE,Ironically, it's on the market again. A0VK5M11.9X1 GABE,Does Lady Howard still perform? A0VK5M11.9X2 ESTELLE,She's taking a break from her career.

A0VK5M4I.CK1 GABE,So what's out here? A0VK5M4I.CK2 ESTELLE,You can see for yourself. A0VK5M4I.CK3 GABE,Doesn't look like *anythin'* to me. But then, you wouldn't be here if that was the case, now would ya? A0VK5M4I.CK4 ESTELLE,Some people don't care to tell other people their business. A0VK5M4I.CK5 GABE,Ah! That's kinda rude, innit? It was a perfectly friendly question. A0VK5M4I.CK6 ESTELLE,I'm sorry. It's just that Lily really prefers we keep our business to ourselves. Some people *can* be ruthless you know. Particularly . . . A0VK5M4I.CK7 GABE,Men? A0VK5M4I.CK8 ESTELLE,Well. Now that you've said so yourself . . .

A0VK5M4I.K21 GABE,So is this the spot you and Lady Howard are bettin' your treasure-huntin' dollars on, huh? A0VK5M4I.K22 ESTELLE,Really! I wish you wouldn't ask such things. A0VK5M4I.K23 GABE,Just curious.

A0VK5M4W.OQ1 GABE,I don't believe in the treasure, myself. All that stuff about ciphers and nonsense. A0VK5M4W.OQ2 ESTELLE,Saunière didn't *conjur* that money. A0VK5M4W.OQ3 GABE,I'm not sayin' he didn't find *somethin*. But what if he took all there was? A0VK5M4W.OQ4 ESTELLE,I don't believe it. There's *got* to be something here. And we've . . . A0VK5M4W.OQ5 GABE,'We've got to find it'? Why is that, Miss Stiles? A0VK5M4W.OQ6 ESTELLE,It's none of your business. I'm sorry, but that's all I'm going to say about it!

Mid-timeblock Mose/Grace Meeting A1LK171X.HI1 GABE,I know it's difficult, but come back from the light, Gracie . . . come back, come back. A1LK171X.HI2 GRACE,All right, all right. I was almost done anyway. A1LK171X.HI3 GABE,So what's it . . . A1LK171X.HI4 MOSELY,Hey, kids! A1LK171X.HI5 GABE,Gaaad! A1LK171X.HI6 MOSELY,What? You guys weren't about to discuss the case, were you? A1LK171X.HI7 GABE,Go on, Grace. Tell *us* about the book. A1LK171X.HI8 GRACE,Talk about *wild*. It ties together Freemasonry, the Templars, this group called the Priory of Sion, and, like, this bizarro theory about the holy grail. A1LK171X.HI9 GRACE,What do you want to hear about first?

A1LK177Y.4G1 GABE,What's this got to do with the Templars and the Freemasons? A1LK177Y.4G2 GRACE,According to the book, the Templars were the *founders* of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. When they were persecuted some of them fled to Scotland and changed their name. A1LK177Y.4G3 GABE,What's that got to do with Rennes-le-Château? A1LK177Y.4G4 GRACE,Only that whatever's going on here, the Freemasons are obviously still involved. Some secret knowledge must have been passed down through the organization. A1LK177Y.4G5 GABE,Hmmmm.

A1LK175O.LI1 GABE,I'm not sure I wanna know but . . . Who -- or what -- is 'the Priory?' A1LK175O.LI2 GRACE,The Priory of Sion is an offshoot of the Templars. They split off *before* the Templar persecution -- way back in 1188. A1LK175O.LI3 GRACE,The Priory returned to France from the Holy Land and set up a bunch of monasteries here. A1LK175O.LI4 GABE,What's that got to do with now? A1LK175O.LI5 GRACE,The Priory still exists and they seem to have some kind of major agenda going on with Rennes-le-Château.

A1LK175O.PK1 GABE,So what's the Priory's agenda in Rennes-le-Château? A1LK175O.PK2 GRACE,I'm not sure exactly. Whatever it is, it probably has something to do with the bloodline.

A1LK175O.KJ1 GABE,So what's the Priory's agenda? A1LK175O.KJ2 GRACE,It has to do with this whole weird grail theory.

A1LK172E.LI1 GABE,So what's this grail theory you mentioned? A1LK172E.LI2 GRACE,Okay. The grail. Are you ready for this? A1LK172E.LI3 GABE,Go on. A1LK172E.LI4 GRACE,The grail is supposed to be a vessel, right, like a cup? And it contains the blood of Jesus. A1LK172E.LI5 GABE,Yeah. A1LK172E.LI6 GRACE,The book suggests that the grail is an *allegory* for an esoteric secret -- a secret so heretical that it had to go underground throughout the middle ages. It was passed along as the legend of the grail. A1LK172E.LI7 GABE,And that secret is? A1LK172E.LI8 GRACE,That Jesus had descendents! The grail itself is an allegory of the womb of Mary Magdalen. In other words, her womb -- the cup -- contained his blood or, rather, *bloodline*, his heirs. A1LK172E.LI9 GRACE,Get outta town! A1LK172E.LIA GABE,Kinky.

A1LK1710.CG1 GABE,Is anyone actually buyin' this stuff about Jesus having descendents? A1LK1710.CG2 MOSELY,It sounds pretty looney tunes to me. A1LK1710.CG3 GRACE,Whether it's *true* or not isn't the point. The point is, these *secret societies* believe it -- in a big way. Okay look, Mary Magdalen came here, right? After the crucifixion? A1LK1710.CG4 GABE,That's what they say. A1LK1710.CG5 GRACE,Okay, so she brings the kids, or maybe she's pregnant. Her descendents intermarry with local nobility and become the Merovingian dynasty. A1LK1710.CG6 GABE,The Merovingians are supposed to be descendents of Jesus? A1LK1710.CG7 GRACE,Yes! And the Catholic Pope betrayed and murdered them, but some of their line survived. A1LK1710.CG8 GABE,You're losin' me. A1LK1710.CG9 GRACE,Sorry, Mose, I'm on a roll. Okay so the Merovingian survivors hid in this region and had backers here. A1LK1710.CGA GRACE,Well, it could explain why so many heretics kept cropping up in the Languedoc, like the Cathars and the Templars. And Rome kept trying to wipe them out -- to bury the secret of the bloodline. A1LK1710.CGB GABE,Gee those wacky popes -- ya just can't trust 'em. A1LK1710.CGC MOSELY,Maybe it's those funny hats -- you know, all that weight up there on their heads. A1LK1710.CGD GRACE,Fine. I'll shut up now.

A1LK1752.QT1 GABE,Here's a random thought. That whole argument between Prince James' men and the Abbé? If the men were Freemasons, could the Abbé be Priory? A1LK1752.QT2 GRACE,Maybe . . . But, I was thinking that Montreaux might be Priory. A1LK1752.QT3 GABE,Montreaux? A1LK1752.QT4 GRACE,Yeah, he's the owner of the local winery, Château de Serres. There was just somethin' weird about that place. A1LK1752.QT5 GABE,Hmmm . . . I'll have to check it out. A1LK1752.QT6 MOSELY,'Sides, if the Priory and Freemasons are both supporters of the bloodline, why would they be ripping each other's throats out? A1LK1752.QT7 GRACE,I don't think they're that friendly, Mose. They may have started out in bed together, but that doesn't mean they always agree. A1LK1752.QT8 MOSELY,Oh! Kind of like the US and England. A1LK1752.QT9 GABE,Reagan and Bush. A1LK1752.QTA MOSELY,Hardcastle and McCormick. A1LK1752.QTB GABE,Siegfried and Roy. A1LK1752.QTC GRACE,All right already!

A1LK1710.FF1 GABE,What's this got to do with the Templars and Freemasons and Priory of Sion again? A1LK1710.FF2 GRACE,They're all *supporters* of the bloodline; dedicated to getting the bloodline back on the's this got to do with the Templars and Freemasons and Priory of Sion again? A1LK1710.FF3 GRACE,The Templars were probably founded to find proof of the bloodline's genealogy. That's why they were excavating under the Temple of Solomon. The Crusades would have been the perfect cover. A1LK1710.FF4 GABE,Proof? Like what? A 2000 year old birth certificate with the father listed as 'the son of God'? A1LK1710.FF5 GRACE,Jesus *was* of the royal House of David. If he had children, it would have been in the temple records. A1LK1710.FF6 MOSELY,If the Priory and the Templars were both supporters of the bloodline, how come they split up? A1LK1710.FF7 GRACE,I don't know. Maybe they had a falling out. A1LK1710.FF8 GABE,Like Martin Luther and the Catholics. A1LK1710.FF9 MOSELY,Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. A1LK1710.FFA GABE,The Professor and Mr. Howell. A1LK1710.FFB GRACE,DON'T start.

A1LK174W.6L1 GABE,How does this relate to the treasure? A1LK174W.6L2 GRACE,The authors think Saunière found the Templar treasure all right, but it wasn't gold -- it was ancient genealogy charts from the Temple of Solomon. A1LK174W.6L3 GRACE,Which Saunière then used to blackmail the Catholic church. Or maybe he sold the documents to people like the Priory or the Masons. A1LK174W.6L4 GABE,Well. It's a theory.

A1LK6L4R.IY1 GABE,Was there anythin' else I should know about the book? A1LK6L4R.IY2 GRACE,Just one small thing. Listen: A1LK6L4R.IY3 GRACE,"Many of the prominent familes in Europe today claim Merovingian descent, including the Hapsburg-Lorraines, Wittelsbachs, Plantards and Montesquious in France, the Sinclair family in Britian, and the Stewarts of Scotland." A1LK6L4R.IY4 GABE,The Stewarts! Prince James is a bloodline descendent? A1LK6L4R.IY5 MOSELY,Holy genealogies, Batman! A1LK6L4R.IY6 GABE,It *does* kinda change the whole picture, dunnit? A1LK6L4R.IY7 MOSELY ,I really need to go. A1LK6L4R.IY8 GABE,You catchin' a train? A1LK6L4R.IY9- MOSELY,No. I just . . . A1LK6L4R.IYA GRACE,*I* still want to read a bit more. Let's meet back here at five, shall we? A1LK6L4R.IYB MOSELY,Sure. See ya. A1LK6L4R.IYC GABE,There's somethin' up with him. A1LK6L4R.IYD GRACE,Go figure.

Use SIDNEY during conversation A1LK3Y2O.4G1 That'd be kinda rude. I'll wait til we're done talkin'.

Interrupt conversation, then look at Mosely-Grace A1LKB544.411 They're waitin' on *me*.

Take Mosely's fingerprint: A1LK1H59.411 GRACE,Uh . . . What the hell are you doing? A1LK1H59.412 GABE,Playin' harmonica. A1LK1H59.413 GRACE,Okay. Stupid question. *Why* are you taking Mosely's prints? A1LK1H59.414 GABE,The guy's about as innocent as a French dance troop. I don't know *what* he's guilty of, but he's guilty of somethin'. A1LK1H59.415 GRACE,Hmmm. He's not on SIDNEY's suspect list. A1LK1H59.416 GABE,Well, gee. Guess he can't be a suspect then, can he? A1LK1H59.417 GRACE,*Meaning* that you can't scan that print in. Leave it on the desk and I'll add him in later. A1LK1H59.418 GABE,'Kay. Thanks.

Look print on table A1LKX844.411 I took Mosely's print. Grace said she'd add it to SIDNEY later.

Print bad ID A02O8G5F.1K1 I don't think that's gonna get me into a vineyard. Print right ID A02O8G5F.772 That should work. Print wrong reporter ID A02O8G5F.NV1 A reporter is good, but that magazine doesn't sound like one that would interest a vineyard owner. Print ID with wrong picture A02O8G5F.961 Duh . . .what's wrong with this picture? Print Blood Drive / Diaper Service / Car Polish ID A02O8G5F.Q21 Hmmm. That might provoke an interestin' response.

Translate Buchelli's tape A02O945E.PF2 Hmmm. Interestin' conversation.

Drink from bottle A1LK1H44.4G1 Syrup water and Mosely saliva. *Yuuum*. Take A1LK1H32.411 I'm *really* not interested in the backwash of the Mose meister. Look A1LK1H44.411 Mosely left his pop bottle.

Taking the fingerprints in the lobby... ...with Emilio sitting there A1EK0259.SQ1 Uh . . . I could, but Emilio might find it a bit odd. I'd better wait til he leaves. (MISSING LINE: CHECK BONUS) Look glass A1EK4244.411 Buchelli and Wilkes were sittin' there. Take glass A1EK0232.411 I don't wanna *take* the dirty glass. Get print if you didn't get Buchelli's print earlier A1EK0259.291 I got a print, but I have to think who was usin' this glass . . . A1EK0259.292 Right. Okay. Take Buchelli's print for the second time A1EK0259.NS1 That's Buchelli's print. It matches the one I already have. I don't need it again. Get Wilkes's print A1EK4259.NS1 This print doesn't look anythin' like the one I got off Buchelli's suitcase. It must be Wilkes' glass. I'll mark it. Print glass again A1EK4259.6R1 I already lifted a print from that glass.

Talk to Jean A1EKCU7H.5A1 GABE,Say, Jean -- do you guys do wake-up calls? Maybe you could have Simone buzz the room for me about 2 a.m.? A1EKCU7H.5A2 JEAN,Certainment. A1EKCU7H.5A3 GABE,You won't let me down now, will ya? A1EKCU7H.5A4 JEAN,Most assuredly, Monsieur! I forget nothing!

At Serres

Try to break into Serres garage A0HK5T14.411 Forget it. I bleed easily.

Open garage window A0HK5T20.411 They don't open.

Look garage window A0HK5T44.411 Black paint on the windows. *There's* a bit of convenient décor.

Open garage door A0HL3720.411 Where's a universal skeleton key when you need one?

Think at tower A0HK9E0L.411 Why does the name "Princess Cassima" keep poppin' into my head?

Look tower A0HL9E44.411 That tower looks like a really big scroll.

Try to enter Serres without ID for second time A0HKB40L.NY1 I can't very well tell him I'm lookin' for vampires. I need a cover story.

Think at Serres after entry fail A0HKB40L.O31 Well *that* ID didn't work. I'll have to try somethin' else.

Dito A0HKB44H.NY1 No point in knockin' again until I've figured out a reason to be here.

Break into barn A0HKDL20.411 They're closed, and I don't think it's worth breakin' in just to taste some wine.

A0HLQC44.5V1 There's a wine-tastin' room in there. Pretty good wine, too.

A0HLQF44.PF1 That's a *big* freakin' house.

A0HLQG3X.PF1 I may be an American, but I know better than *that*. A0HLQG44.PF1 Nice fountain. Probably makes the tourists thirsty.

A0HLQI44.411 A garage. I wonder what's parked in there?

A0HLRO44.QR1 It's about the winery. I think.

Look Serres top windows A0HL5G44.PF1 Boy, those are up there. I'm glad I'm a Schattenjäger, instead of a window-washer.

Use ID on Serres A0HJB480.411 Yeah, but I'd better knock first.

Climb the wall round the back A0SK2J3H.411 Climb the wall? What kind of an idiot would try that?

Look back of house A0SK8H44.411 It's the . . . back of the house.

Open cellar door A0SKBU20.411 They're locked, Auntie Em!

Look cellar door A0SKBU44.411 Storm cellar doors. We had those back in Louisiana.

Climb wall at Serres parking lot A0WK2H3H.Q81 How about I just walk through the open gate?

Trying to enter Serres

Opening door the first time A0HKB44H.291 MARCEAU,Je regrette, mais nous sommes fermés. A0HKB44H.292 GABE,Uh . . . hi. I have no idea what you just said but I . . . A0HKB44H.293 MARCEAU Yes, yes? What is it you want?

Second and subsequent times: A0HKB44H.6R1 MARCEAU,Yes?

A0HKDG27.P61 GABE,What is it I want . . . uh, good question. Let's see . . A0HKDG27.P62 GABE,I deserved that.

A0HKDG22.411 GABE,Um . . .wrong place. Never mind. A0HKDG22.412 GABE Damn! I need to come up with a cover story.

A0HKDG0F.411 GABE,Hi. I'm with We-Do-Poopoo? We're a diaper service, and I was wonderin' if you have any little tikes runnin' around. A0HKDG0F.412 MARCEAU,No. Why do you ask? A0HKDG0F.413 GABE,Just checkin' the neighborhood. I follow my . . . A0HKDG0F.414 GABE,nose.

A0HKDG1C.411 GABE,I sell car polish? It's particularly effective for black sedans. A0HKDG1C.412 GABE,You wouldn't happen to have a black sedan, would ya? A0HKDG1C.413 MARCEAU,No soliciting.

A0HKDG4M.411 GABE,I'm here doin' a blood drive? A0HKDG4M.412 MARCEAU,Oh? A0HKDG4M.413 GABE,Yeah. You wouldn't happen to have any unused blood lyin' around, would ya? A0HKDG4M.414 GABE,Guess not.

A0HKDG5H.BG1 GABE,My name's Knight. I'm a reporter? I'm doin' a feature on Languedoc wineries, and I'd love to include you in my spread. A0HKDG5H.BG2 MARCEAU,I'll see if the château owner is free. A0HKDG5H.BG3 MONTREAUX,Bonjour, Monsieur Knight. I'm Excelsior Montreaux, the owner and viticulturist of Château de Serres. A0HKDG5H.BG4 GABE,Nice of you to see me, Mr. Montreaux. I shoulda made an appointment, but I get better results just knockin' about. The best places don't advertise A0HKDG5H.BG5 MONTREAUX,How true. Allow me to take you to the wine-tasting room. Marceau?

Interviewing Montreaux

A0PK6L3W.401 MARCEAU,What would you like to serve, Sir? A0PK6L3W.402 MONTREAUX,Hmmm. Are you a red man or a white? No -- let me guess . . . A0PK6L3W.403 MONTREAUX,Red. Yes? A0PK6L3W.404 GABE,Gosh, it shows, huh? A0PK6L3W.405 MONTREAUX,Do you like it dry? A0PK6L3W.406 GABE,Hell, I'd drink dust if I could. A0PK6L3W.407 MONTREAUX,Let's see then . . . perhaps the '76 Merlot. A0PK6L3W.408 MARCEAU,Yes, Sir. A0PK6L3W.409 MONTREAUX,I'm terribly sorry that you caught us unprepared today. We were about to shut the main gate. A0PK6L3W.40A GABE,Everythin's all right I hope? A0PK6L3W.40B MONTREAUX,Yes! Here anyway. The constable called a little while ago. There was a murder in the vicinity last night. A0PK6L3W.40C GABE,A murder? A0PK6L3W.40D MONTREAUX,It's very unusual, I assure you. But I suppose even here we're not immune. A0PK6L3W.40E MONTREAUX,We should let it breathe for a moment. A0PK6L3W.40F GABE,Right. Nothin' worse than suffocated wine.

A0PKAJ0Q.241 GABE,What kind of trainin' do you need to be a viticulturist? A0PKAJ0Q.242 MONTREAUX,The lessons I consider *most* valuable came from my father. He was quite a master.

A0PKAJ0Q.291 GABE,Are you from this area, Mr. Montreaux? A0PKAJ0Q.292 MONTREAUX,Yes and no. I grew up in Paris, but my family has owned this estate for decades. A0PKAJ0Q.293 MONTREAUX,My wife and I permanently settled here some years ago. Children do take pleasure in the country air. A0PKAJ0Q.294 MONTREAUX,You got kids? A0PKAJ0Q.295 GABE,Oh, yes! A beautiful daughter who is away at school, and my first-born son, Enoch. He's twelve. A0PKAJ0Q.296 MONTREAUX,Have you children? A0PKAJ0Q.297 GABE,Ah . . . no. A0PKAJ0Q.298 MONTREAUX,But you must! Children are every man's right to immortality! A0PKAJ0Q.299 GABE,It's not the kid part I mind so much as the marriage part. A0PKAJ0Q.29A MONTREAUX,A wife need not be a burden if she knows her place. Her role is to serve you, after all: to care for home and heirs and leave a man to pursue nobler things. A0PKAJ0Q.29B GABE,Boy do we live in different worlds.

A0PKAJ2E.411 GABE,I ran into an interestin' tourist angle today -- seems the holy grail is s'posed to be around here. A0PKAJ2E.412 MONTREAUX,Oh, the grail is a marvelous legend! But most stories are ignorant of the true *meaning* of the grail. A0PKAJ2E.413 MONTREAUX,You see, the grail has far less to do with Christ than with an idea. The fountain of youth . . . the eternal flame . . . the philosopher's stone! A0PKAJ2E.414 GABE,All of those are related to the grail? A0PKAJ2E.415 MONTREAUX,Oh yes! The grail is that thing, that one thing, whatever symbol you use for it, that represents *completion*, *perfection*, the *absolute*. Do you understand now? A0PKAJ2E.416 GABE,Not really. A0PKAJ2E.417 MONTREAUX,Turning base lead into pure gold -- that is the alchemist's aim. But it's not about *real* lead and *real* gold. It's symbolic. Man is the lead. God is the gold. Man to God, that is the alchemist's goal. *That* is the holy grail! A0PKAJ2E.418 GABE,Huh. But I thought with the *grail* it was actually the *blood* . . . the *blood* in the grail that was the . . . um . . . you know, the immortal thing. A0PKAJ2E.419 MONTREAUX,Of course. The blood is the elixir of life, the *juice* of the forbidden fruit. A0PKAJ2E.41A GABE,The juice of the forbidden fruit? (REMOVED LINES: SEE BONUS) A0PKAJ2E.41D MONTREAUX,Never mind. Dusty old theories are a hobby of mine. Let's stick to the wine, shall we?

A0PKAJ4W.411 GABE,Do you believe the stories about a 'local treasure?' A0PKAJ4W.412 MONTREAUX,Indeed. It is in my *soil*, Monsieur.

A0PKAJ37.241 GABE,I'd like to hear more about your breedin' program. A0PKAJ37.242 MONTREAUX,You won't reveal my secrets? A0PKAJ37.243 GABE,For my ears only. A0PKAJ37.244 MONTREAUX,Very well. The secret is in mixing the best strains, of course. But there is an art to it. A0PKAJ37.245 MONTREAUX,My father taught me to visualize the 'ideal grape'. Once you can visualize this 'perfect fruit', you can analyze even the best stock and see where it is lacking -- in color or body, for example. Or perhaps it could be just a touch sweeter or lighter. A0PKAJ37.246 MONTREAUX,And the trick is to find a grape equally fine, but one which is perfect in exactly those areas which the first grape is flawed. The marriage of these two vines will produce an heir. Then this heir undergoes the same process, you see? A0PKAJ37.247 GABE,Don't you ever get where you're goin'? A0PKAJ37.248 MONTREAUX,Eventually. But even in the interim, *your* grape will soon be far superior to anyone elses. Try the wine, Mr. Knight. A0PKAJ37.249 GABE,Wow! That's *good*. A0PKAJ37.24A MONTREAUX,This fruit did not come about by accident. It is the result of thousands, even millions of cross-breedings. Everything that it is today is a result of that hereditary tree. A0PKAJ37.24B MONTREAUX,Don't you think it is ironic that a grape -- or even a dog or a cat -- should be so carefully bred. But that most humans depend on such a silly thing as 'love'? A0PKAJ37.24C GABE,Then again, there *is* somethin' to be said for spontaneity. A0PKAJ37.24D MONTREAUX,Is there?

A0PKAJ37.291 GABE,What exactly is viticulture? A0PKAJ37.292 MONTREAUX,You are a wine critic, aren't you? A0PKAJ37.293 GABE,Oh yeah. I mean, what's *your* definition. A0PKAJ37.294 MONTREAUX,Well, to me, viticulture is about *breeding*, and I don't mean the mechanics of *grafting*, grafting is only a tool. What's meaningful is the *essence* of the two vines you're combining. A0PKAJ37.295 MONTREAUX,There are literally thousands of grapes, and most viticulturists choose from well-known stock. But my father always bred his own grapes and has passed down some very rare species. A0PKAJ37.296 GABE,I'm fascinated. A0PKAJ37.297 MONTREAUX,Really? I don't want to bore you.

A0PKAJ0A.411 GABE,Do you know anythin' about the murder? A0PKAJ0A.412 MONTREAUX,Not really. There were two men. Neither of them from here, by the sound of it. (REMOVED LINES: SEE BONUS)

A0PKAJ37.941 GABE,Ya know, hearin' you talk, it reminds me of somethin' . . . what is it? A0PKAJ37.942 MONTREAUX,Alchemy? The transmutation of the philosopher's stone? A0PKAJ37.943 GABE,Nope, that's not it. It was 'Ask Mr. Science'. Y'all get that program here? A0PKAJ37.944 MONTREAUX,Television? I'm afraid not. A0PKAJ37.945 GABE,Well they had this bit about DNA. Kinda how DNA has this funny pasta shape? But it's really billions and billions of instructions, kinda? You get into DNA with your breedin' program at all? A0PKAJ37.946 MONTREAUX,Actually, DNA is an interesting issue, Mr. Knight. Did you know that the magic alchemists used was based on an intuitive understanding of the principles of DNA? A0PKAJ37.947 GABE,I'll be darned! A0PKAJ37.948 MONTREAUX,But to answer your question -- no. I have my own ways of testing the vines. And they're far older and more traditional than DNA testing.

A0PK6L4R.GB1 1MONTREAUX,Excuse me. A0PK6L4R.GB2 MONTREAUX,Allo, ici Excelsior. A0PK6L4R.GB3 GABE,Oui. Préparez Enoch pour sa leçon. A0PK6L4R.GB4 MONTREAUX,I'm afraid I must return to the house. The news of the murder has quite upset my wife. Besides, my son awaits his afternoon lesson. A0PK6L4R.GB5 GABE,Well thanks for the interview, Mr. Montreaux. A0PK6L4R.GB6 MONTREAUX,You are most welcome. Au revoir, Mr. Knight.

Looking around in the barn: Look table A0PK7R44.411 It's just a table.

Look Montreaux A0PKAJ44.411 He doesn't look particularly sinister to me. Then again, I've been known to be wrong.

Talk Marceau A0PKBA1B.411 Montreaux might think it was a bit odd if I started questionin' the *bartender*.

Look Marceau A0PKBA44.411 He strikes me as the quiet type. Maybe it's the ponytail.

Exit barn A0PKCZ22.411

I won't get a chance to talk to this guy again if I leave now.

Look fireplace A0PKO844.411 You don't think they're goin' a bit overboard with this French rustic thing, do ya?

Sit elsewhere A0PKOB19.411 I've *got* a seat.

Change seats A0PKOB44.411 We could sit over there but . . . uh . . . no. We're fine here.

Look wine A0PKOH44.411 Boy, Wilkes must of thought he'd died and gone to heaven when the tour stopped here.

Look bar A0PKOI44.411 You can tell this bar belongs in a wine-tastin' room instead of a pub. It's not wide enough to pass out on.

After talking to Montreaux A0HK6L3W.IW1 Kind of a nice fella.

Sneak after talking to Montreaux A0HK6L1I.HP1 They'd see me if I tried to sneak around here. I've been officially invited to leave.

Knocking on Serres door again A0HKB44H.IW1 I don't want to overtax my welcome. At least, not yet.

Ending Sequence A1LK6L3W.IL1 GRACE,So where's Mosely? A1LK6L3W.IL2 MOSELY,Hey, guys. It's five. A1LK6L3W.IL3 GABE,Thank you, oh guardian of the clock. A1LK6L3W.IL4 GRACE,Don't start, you two. I want to hear what happened. A1LK6L3W.IL5 GABE,You mean at Château de Serres? You're right -- the guy's probably into one of these secret societies. You shouldda heard him go on about alchemy. But . . . I dunno. He seemed more bookish than anything. A1LK6L3W.IL6 GRACE,Hrmph. I say *anyone's* who's involved with these secret societies is a *big* suspect. A1LK6L3W.IL7 GABE, Speaking of which, Larry Chester is definitely lying. He said MacDougal and Mallory just 'stopped by' last night for directions. I couldn't get him to crack. A1LK6L3W.IL8 MOSELY,Who's this? Chester? A1LK6L3W.IL9 GABE,That's right. A1LK6L3W.ILA GRACE,Interesting. I'll get started on the treasure angle -- check out the museum and church tonight. That book really got my juices flowing. A1LK6L3W.ILB GABE,So that's what it takes. A1LK6L3W.ILC GRACE,Huh? A1LK6L3W.ILD GABE,So are we gonna eat or what? I'm starved. A1LK6L3W.ILE MOSELY,Well . . . um . . . actually Grace and I had talked about catching up . . . A1LK6L3W.ILF GRACE,That's okay, Mose. I want to stick with my research for a while. Why don't you and Gabriel go? A1LK6L3W.ILG MOSELY,I can wait 'til later if you . . . A1LK6L3W.ILH GABE,No, I think that's a *great* idea. In fact, I think we should be goin' right now. *Shouldn't* we, 'Mose'? A1LK6L3W.ILI GRACE,See ya. A1LK6L3W.ILJ MOSELY,Um . . . see ya Grace. Maybe after . . . A1LK6L3W.ILK MOSELY,Dinner.

DAY 2 5PM-10PM

Play with the map on SIDNEY A02O8O2Z.PI1 I'm not sure what to put on the map at the moment. I need to get some clues about the treasure -- perhaps at the church and museum.

Use glass on Room 29 door A1AP2P23.JZ1 BUTHANE (HUMMING)

Use glass on Mosely's door A1AP9C4H.3L1 He's not in there. He's with Gabriel.

Spy on room 31 A1AP9J23.LG1 They're probably getting ready for dinner.

Look tray A1AP1044.3L1 The British gals have been *eating* again. Take something else after snatching glass A1AP1032.6R1 I don't need anything else.

Talk to Simone A1EP401I.HO1 SIMONE,Good evening, Mademoiselle Nakimura. Jean told me you were staying in room 25 with Mr. Knight. A1EP401I.HO2 GRACE,I bet he did. A1EP401I.HO3 SIMONE,I am Simone, Mademoiselle. I hope you will enjoy your visit. A1EP401I.HO4 GRACE,Thanks.

A1EP1Y36.411 GRACE,Have you seen anything . . . oh, I don't know . . . 'curious' around town lately? A1EP1Y36.412 SIMONE,Ah, oui Mademoiselle! A1EP1Y36.413 GRACE,What? A1EP1Y36.414 SIMONE,Someone has bought a chicken! It is making my mother crazy, this chicken! It comes to the garden, it eats her seeds . . . A1EP1Y36.415 GRACE,I do not know who is the owner of this chicken but I know my mother. This chicken will be in the soup pot one night. A1EP1Y36.416 SIMONE,Ah, well. It happens to the best of us.

A1EP1Y4W.PF1 GRACE,Do you know anything about the treasure, Simone? A1EP1Y4W.PF2 SIMONE,Well, I have seen many treasure seekers come and go, Mademoiselle. But I have never thought much of the idea myself. But there is a museum if . . . A1EP1Y4W.PF3 GRACE,Yeah. I know. Thanks anyway.

Overhear Gabe/Mosely Dining Room Conversation A1EPC71I.661 MOSELY,. . . What do you care, anyway? You said you weren't interested. A1EPC71I.662 GABE,I'm not. That doesn't mean I care to watch *you* belly up to the trough. A1EPC71I.663 GABE,Besides, you're just settin' yourself up for a fall. Gracie doesn't like you that way. A1EPC71I.664 MOSELY,Oh? And what kinda guy *would* she like? A1EPC71I.665 GABE,I dunno. Younger, maybe. Good lookin'. A *nice* guy. She deserves a nice guy. A1EPC71I.666 MOSELY,Which explains her alleged attraction to you. A1EPC71I.667 GABE,Ah, that's purely chemical. Poor kid. See, I've got this pheromone thing goin' on. A1EPC71I.668 MOSELY,Yeah, I tried not bathing myself once, but my co-workers got a little upset about it. A1EPC71I.669 GABE,Ha. Ha. You never could stand my success with women. A1EPC71I.66A MOSELY,No, it was how you *screwed* with women that I couldn't stand. A1EPC71I.66B GABE,Ah, back off, Lancelot! A1EPC71I.66C MOSELY,Yeah. Guess we'd better talk about something else before I get worked up. A1EPC71I.66D MADELINE,Hello, boys. A1EPC71I.66E MOSELY,Madeline. A1EPC71I.66F GABE,Hey. A1EPC71I.66G MADELINE,You are already dining! How disappointing. I was hoping to spend some time with *you*, and especially with *you*, Gabriel. A1EPC71I.66H GABE,We can make room. A1EPC71I.66I MADELINE,But I must change! The night is just beginning. Will I see you when I come down? A1EPC71I.66J GABE,Wouldn't miss it. A1EPC71I.66K MOSELY,Sure. A1EPC71I.66L MADELINE,Then I'll be extra quick. A bientot. A1EPC71I.66M MOSELY,Man, is she hot for you! Where did that come from? A1EPC71I.66N GABE,Pheromones. A1EPC71I.66O MOSELY,Christ! You gonna go for it? A1EPC71I.66P GABE,Why not? Sex worked for Bond. A1EPC71I.66Q MOSELY,But *Grace* is in your room. A1EPC71I.66R GABE,Yeah. What'd I tell ya? Havin' her around is like wearin' a freakin' chastity belt. A1EPC71I.66S GABE,But *Madeline* doesn't have a roommate. A1EPC71I.66T MOSELY,Well . . . go for it. I guess.

Look Gabe A17P5S44.411 I can't believe what he said to Mosely! A17P5S44.412 I . . . Wow. I'm gonna have to think about that one. Talk to Gabe A17P5S39.411 I don't know *what* I'd say to him after what I just heard.

Look Mosely A17P1244.411 Mosely always did have a thing for me. I guess I've been pretty insensitive about it. A17P1244.412 'Course, I've learned from a pro. Talk Mosely A17P1239.411 I don't want to talk to either one of them.

Approach duo A17P121I.OO1 MOSELY,Hey, Grace. A17P121I.OO2 GABE,Hi. A17P121I.OO3 GRACE,Hi. A17P121I.OO4 GABE,Gonna eat? A17P121I.OO5 GRACE,No thank you.

Look Buchelli A17P8Y44.411 Buchelli's dining early.

Talk Buchelli A17P8Y39.411 GRACE,Good evening, Signore Buchelli. A17P8Y39.412 BUCHELLI,And to you, Miss Nakimura. A17P8Y39.413 GRACE,Have you quite recovered from this afternoon? A17P8Y39.414 BUCHELLI,Si -- with a little help from the vine.

Conversation with Emilio A07PA239.291 GRACE,How are you feeling, Mr. Baza? A07PA239.292 EMILIO,Much better. Thank you. A07PA239.293 GRACE,It was quite a shock wasn't it? A07PA239.294 EMILIO,What was? A07PA239.295 GRACE,Um . . . the two dead men? A07PA239.296 EMILIO,Oh! Of course. Yes, it really *was* a shock. Are *you* quite all right, Miss Nakimura? A07PA239.297 GRACE,You know, you're the first person who's asked me that. A07PA239.298 EMILIO,Sometimes it is easier for a stranger to be polite than a friend. But . . . don't let me keep you. I'm sure you have better things to do?

Look Emilio A07PA244.411 Emilio looks like he's recovered.

At the museum... A13PGS44.N71 Uh-oh. They close at five. I'd better hurry!

A13P0R44.411 There's something taped to the door. Take prints off envelope A13P0R59.411 Not a bad idea, but maybe I should pick it up first. Take envelope A13P0R32.411 Oh my god! It's a copy of 'Le Serpent Rouge!'

Arnaud's Office

Look portrait A0D8D858.QS1 It says 'François, Duke of Lorraine'.

Look phone A0DLED44.Z51 It's the Abbé's phone.

Look parsonage door A0DLXG44.UE1 That door must lead into the parsonage. What a weird set-up.

Look Arnaud A0DP1A44.411 Abbé Arnaud. He must be interested in the mystery, or why would he be in a little town like this?

Look Arnaud desk A0DP3K44.411 I'd love to get a peek at what he's working on, but I suppose that's out of the question.

Look office window A0DP9644.PF1 I think that's the cemetary out there. No wonder he has the shade down.

Look portrait A0DPBH44.411 Hmmm. I wonder who that is?

Look label A0DPC644.QS1 There's a name on the picture.

Look portrait after talking to Arnaud about it A0DPBH44.2Z1 GRACE,The Abbé really has a thing for this Lorraine family. And they're supposedly of Merovingian descent, just like the Stewarts. A0DPBH44.2Z2 Coincidence? I don't think so.

Think at chessboard A0DPDK0L.291 A chessboard. Now what does that remind me of? A0DPDK0L.292 Of course, the church floor! Black and white tiles.

Look chessboard A0DPDK44.DT1 Ah . . . A chessboard. The Abbé must play. (MISSING LINE: SEE BONUS)

Look books after talking to Arnaud A0DPMD44.6R1 Yeah, he's got a lot of books. He's a butt about it, too.

Arnaud Conversation A18PBC4H.ZI1 GRACE,Hello? Abbé Arnaud? A18PBC4H.ZI2 ARNAUD,Come in.

A0DP6L3W.6R1 ARNAUD,Come in, Miss Nakimura. A0DP6L3W.6R2 GRACE,Thanks.

A0DP6L3W.291 ARNAUD,Miss Nakimura. Good evening. A0DP6L3W.292 GRACE,Hi. I was looking around town tonight. It's a beautiful church. A0DP6L3W.293 ARNAUD,Thank you. Please, sit down.

A0DP1A1G.0G1 GRACE,The church pamphlet talks about a 'sunrise line' on July 22nd. Does that really happen? A0DP1A1G.0G2 ARNAUD,Oh, yes! If you stand at the church and look East, the sun rises directly over Château de Blanchefort. A0DP1A1G.0G3 GRACE Was that intentional, do you think? A0DP1A1G.0G4 ARNAUD,Mademoiselle! But of course! A0DP1A1G.0G5 GRACE,But that would mean . . . Someone had to *choose* the location of Blanchefort quite deliberately. It is *younger* than the church, isn't it? A0DP1A1G.0G6 ARNAUD,But you see, Blanchefort and the church were built on far older ruins. Have you considered that the church site, *too*, may have been positioned deliberately? A0DP1A1G.0G7 ARNAUD,It would not be the first time the ancients played with light and astronomy. Look at Stonehenge! Or the great pyramids! A0DP1A1G.0G8 GRACE,Hmmm.

A0DP1A4W.411 GRACE,Do *you* think there's a buried treasure around here? A0DP1A4W.412 ARNAUD,I know there is, my child.

A0DP1A17.0G1 GRACE,I was reading about the Magdalen statue in the church pamphlet . . . A0DP1A17.0G2 ARNAUD,Interesting, isn't it? All four of the Magdalen statues still exist. A0DP1A17.0G3 GRACE,So . . . were they related to the local Magdalen cult? A0DP1A17.0G4 ARNAUD,It is possible. But Magdalen has not been represented with a skull anywhere *else* in the Languedoc. A0DP1A17.0G5 ARNAUD,Besides, Saunière placed that statue so prominently. . . Some believe that everything he did in the church relates to the treasure somehow.

About portrait A0DPBH1B.291 GRACE,Is he a friend of yours? A0DPBH1B.292 ARNAUD,Oh, yes! I have the priviledge to know him. He is François, the present Duke of Lorraine. Do you know the family? A0DPBH1B.293 GRACE,I've *heard* of it. A0DPBH1B.294 ARNAUD,Well, naturally!

Looking at the books: A0DPMD44.291 GRACE,You have a lot of books on the area. A0DPMD44.292 ARNAUD,Yes, but I'm afraid I never lend books to anyone. With such a transient population, they never return. A0DPMD44.293 GRACE,No, I wasn't . . . er, fine.

A0DPBC20.PF1 GRACE,I'd better get going. Thanks, Abbé Arnaud A0DPBC20.PF2 ARNAUD,It's a pleasure to be of service, Mademoiselle.

Check parchment1 A02OCR2Z.MX3, Wow. There's a hidden message in the text.

Flip symbol A02OEV2Z.4L1 'Sion!' These parchments must be linked to the Priory somehow.

Cypher: A02OCR2Z.4L3 Shepherdess no temptation that Poussin, Teniers hold the key. Peace, 681, by the cross and this horse of God I complete this demon guardian at midday -- or to the *meridian* -- blue apples. A02OCR2Z.4L4 I think I'll write that cipher down.

Aquarius hints A2GLSV62.8C1 The first verse of Le Serpent Rouge mentions 'laying down a path'. I have the feeling all this has to do with the map. I should have SIDNEY analyze it for me.

A2GLSV62.8D1 I think I need to put 'the path of RA' on the map. It has something to do with that sunrise phenomenon mentioned in the church pamphlet. A2GLSV62.8D2 I should be able to enter the relevant points on the map and then have SIDNEY analyze them.

Pisces hints A2GLSV62.OU1 Some of the verses in 'Le Serpent Rouge' mention Magdalen. I really need to check out the church before I try to solve this. A2GLSV62.OU2 Maybe there's some sort of pamphlet or fact sheet about the church which would give me some relevant background.

A2GLSV62.RK1 I know I'm close on this circle feature. Perhaps I can try to resize the circle or move it around.

A2GLSV62.QO1 I marked the town names where the Magdalen statues are located. I think I can use a shape in SIDNEY to try to connect them.

A2GLSV62.R01 I think I need to enter points to lock the circle on the map. Perhaps the church pamphlet can help me figure out what those might be.

A2GLSV62.8E1 I found a circle in the parchments, and a circle is also mentioned in Le Serpent Rouge. A2GLSV62.8E2 It must be another feature on the map. Perhaps Magdalen is the key. A2GLSV62.8E3 I should look through the church pamphlet for clues about Magdalen, and look at Pisces in Le Serpent Rouge again.

Solve Pisces A02OAG2Z.JU2 Incredible! It's Magdalen's crown! A02OAG2Z.JU3 I'll write those coordinates down. It looks like they're at L'Ermitage!

Second Timeblock Section Lobby A1EP6L3W.EA1 MADELINE,I'm ready! Does anyone want to go out? We could drive to the bar at Rennes-les-Bains. A1EP6L3W.EA2 GABE,Sure. A1EP6L3W.EA3 MOSELY,What about Grace? A1EP6L3W.EA4 GABE,Ah, she's busy with her research. She'll be in the room for . . . A1EP6L3W.EA5 GABE,Oh. Hey, Grace. Wanna go to Rennes-les-Bains with us? A1EP6L3W.EA6 GRACE,No. Thank you. A1EP6L3W.EA7 GABE,See? Told ya. A1EP6L3W.EA8 MOSELY,Uh . . . maybe I'll hang out too. A1EP6L3W.EA9 GABE,Uh-uh. We *need* you, right Madeline? A1EP6L3W.EAA MADELINE,Of course. *Do* come with us. *Please*? A1EP6L3W.EAB MOSELY,All right. Grace -- see ya. A1EP6L3W.EAC GABE,Don't work too hard. Get some dinner. A1EP6L3W.EAD GRACE,Um-hmmm. You bet. A1EP6L3W.EAE GRACE,Jerk. A1EP6L3W.EAF BUCHELLI,Buona notte, Signore Baza. A1EP6L3W.EAG EMILIO,Good evening. A1EP6L3W.EAH BUCHELLI,Would you care for some wine? A1EP6L3W.EAI EMILIO,Eh . . . no. No thank you. I may have some water . . . in a bit.

Talk to Buchelli and Emilio A1EPD51B.IS1 I don't have anything brilliant to say to them at the moment.

Look Buchelli and Emilio A1EPD544.IS1 At least Buchelli has Emilio to keep him company.

Look Lady Howard and Estelle A17PE044.411 They still look a little shook up from this afternoon. A17PE044.412 Hasn't hurt their appetite apparently.

A17PE039.3C1 GRACE,How are you feeling, Lady Howard? Better I hope? A17PE039.3C2 HOWARD,Oh *don't* remind me! Such horrors! One takes a vacation for *ease*, for *comfort* and what does one find? Horrors! A17PE039.3C3 ESTELLE,Don't think about it, Lily. A17PE039.3C4 GRACE,I'm sorry. Um . . . how's dinner? That tomato sauce smells divine. A17PE039.3C5 HOWARD,Oh. *Oh*. I do believe I'll be ill. A17PE039.3C6 ESTELLE,Lily, please! Have some water, there's a good girl. A17PE039.3C7 ESTELLE,Thank you for stopping by, Ms. Nakimura. A17PE039.3C8 GRACE,Sure. Sorry. Bye.

Talk to them again A17PE039.391 I think I'd better leave them alone.

Read about square A02OSU58.6W1 A *tilted square* represents 'the light' along with the circle. That must be the part about 'the cant reflects the light in harmony with their queen'. So we're looking for a tilted square!

A02OE358.1F1 We must be supposed to 'square the circle' on the map. But how?

Aries hints A2GLSV62.8J1 The Aries verse in Le Serpent Rouge is definitely obscure. Maybe SIDNEY can give me some clues about the names and concepts it mentions.

A2GLSV62.8M1 I think Aries is talking about a square. It must go on the map the way the circle did. A2GLSV62.8M2 I think I have a square shape I can use from the parchments.

A2GLSV62.SD1 I think I need to resize or move that square on the map. Aries said the square should fit the circle in a way that Pythagoras would have approved.

Solve Aries A02O7E2Z.IS1 I'm sure that square is the right size, but I'm *not* sure what angle it's at in relation to the meridian. Maybe Taurus can help.

Taurus Hints A2GLSV62.8R1 We're looking for a tilted square, but at what angle is it tilted? It seems like I need some kind of reference line or point on the map that I can use to position the square. A2GLSV62.8R2 Taurus says 'my friend' knows the secret but wisely hides the fruit among the chaff. Who's my friend? Is it talking about the parchments again? A2GLSV62.8R3 If so, maybe it's related to that 'blue apples' cipher I wrote down in my notebook. I should take another look at it.

A2GLSV62.Y41 I think Taurus wants me to lay down a line "to the meridian blue apples." Blue apples has something to do with grapes or vineyards.

A2GLSV62.8Q1 Taurus says . . . 'By this Sign shall you conquer it.' Where did I just see that?

A2GLSV62.8V1 If I'm right about that Serres-Meridian line the square should align with it somehow.

Solve Taurus A02O3H2Z.QB2 'To the meridian blue apples' -- In other words -- 'To the meridian from the *vineyard*.'

Solve Taurus A02O7E2Z.QB1 Yes! That must be it!

Third timeblock section lobby A1EP6L3W.EV1 HOWARD,I'm simply *not* up for another boring night in our room. I realize this is *not* the Riviera, but surely *something* can be done. A1EP6L3W.EV2 ESTELLE,A little quiet would be good for you after today's excitement and we can go over the . . . A1EP6L3W.EV3 HOWARD,No, no! Not *that*. My brain hurts already. A1EP6L3W.EV4 HOWARD,I say there, Signore Buchelli! Are you up for bridge? A1EP6L3W.EV5 BUCHELLI,Con molto piacere. It would be a pleasure. A1EP6L3W.EV6 HOWARD,Now what about a *fourth*? A1EP6L3W.EV7 HOWARD,You there, Miss . . . ? Oh, bother. A1EP6L3W.EV8 GRACE,It's Grace. A1EP6L3W.EV9 HOWARD,Of course it is. Won't you join us for bridge, Grace? A1EP6L3W.EVA GRACE,No thank you. Why don't you ask . . . A1EP6L3W.EVB HOWARD,What about Mr. Wilkes? Where *is* Mr. Wilkes? A1EP6L3W.EVC BUCHELLI,I was just wondering that myself, Signora. I haven't seen him since he left the hotel this afternoon. A1EP6L3W.EVD HOWARD,What a bother! How unsociable people are these days. No manners whatsoever. A1EP6L3W.EVE HOWARD,I say, Mr. Baza, would you join us? A1EP6L3W.EVF EMILIO,I will happily oblige you. (MISSING LINES: SEE BONUS)

Talk to bridge players A17P0G1B.411 I don't want to interrupt their game. Play bridge A17P0G3P.291 I have got other things to do. Play bridge second time A17P0G3P.6R1 If you want to play bridge that much, go buy Hoyles! Look players A17P0G44.411 They seem to be enjoying themselves.

Look wineglass A1EP0244.3L1 I think Buchelli was drinking the wine.

Take Emilio's glass A1EPXH32.411 Uh . . . I don't need Emilio's dirty glass.

Look Emilio's glass A1EPXH44.411 That's Emilio's glass. Guess he doesn't care for wine.

Fail to find Emilio's fingerprint A1EPXH59.291 Not a single print! Now isn't that odd?

Re-take prints off Emilio's glass A1EPXH59.6R1 I already tried that -- there *weren't* any prints.

Gemini/Cancer Hints A2GLSV62.901 I think Gemini and Cancer go together - they're both talking about 'stones'. But what is meant by 'stones'? It looks like there's some kind of clue in the church. A2GLSV62.921 I *think* the 64 stones represent a chessboard - a grid or 'perfect cube' of eight-by-eight blocks. It must go on the map somehow.

A02O2R58.A71 Knights, Pawns, Queens, Rooks . . . they're all mentioned in 'Le Serpent Rouge!' The '64 stones' must be a chessboard!

Solve Gemini/Cancer A02OCL2Z.JL1 That's it! That's the chessboard.


A1HP4Y4P.LY1 GRACE,Way to go, kid. A1HP4Y4P.LY3 WILKES,Hey, Girlie. You seen Madeline? A1HP4Y4P.LY4 GRACE,Of course. She's under my bed. A1HP4Y4P.LY5 WILKES,Uh? Oh, yer bein' smart are ya? Well I just thought she might be with that fella of yers. This is his room too, ain't it? A1HP4Y4P.LY6 GRACE,Yes. A1HP4Y4P.LY7 WILKES,Say, since Madeline's not around, ya wanna have dinner with me? A1HP4Y4P.LY8 GRACE,Uh, no. A1HP4Y4P.LY9 WILKES,Ah, come on! I got some celebratin' to do! Hey, I'm gonna be a rich man after what I found today. A1HP4Y4P.LYA WILKES,Ya play yer cards right, ya might learn somethin'. A1HP4Y4P.LYB GRACE,All right. I'll change and meet you downstairs. A1HP4Y4P.LYC WILKES,Really? Good, I'll . . . A1HP4Y4P.LYE GRACE,Quit it! Knock it off! (MISSING LINE: SEE BONUS) A1HP4Y4P.LYG GRACE,Is this it? A1HP4Y4P.LYH WILKES,Just like I said, roit? A1HP4Y4P.LYH GRACE,You said you'd explain it to me. I just don't understand all these technical things. A1HP4Y4P.LYI WILKES,Shouldna got me so damn drunk, then! A1HP4Y4P.LYJ GRACE,Come on, I'm dying to hear your theory. A1HP4Y4P.LYM GRACE,Now, you . . . uh . . . said this was taken by satellite? A1HP4Y4P.LYN WILKES,Damned roit! Seisma . . . Sims-mo . . . A1HP4Y4P.LYO GRACE,Seismologists. A1HP4Y4P.LYP WILKES,Them. Roit. They use radar to take satellite pictures all the time. Shows 'em underground faults and what not. No one ever thought to take one here, though, roit? A1HP4Y4P.LYQ WILKES,So when I sees one of these maps I says to myself, John, I says, that's the ticket! An' I was roit, too. A1HP4Y4P.LYR GRACE,Oh . . .So the radar bounces off the earth and the 'echo' is recorded. A1HP4Y4P.LYS WILKES,What? A1HP4Y4P.LYT GRACE,I mean, I guess. A1HP4Y4P.LYU WILKES,Roit, roit. So I pays to get one of these pictures done. An' baby, I hit the jackpot. A1HP4Y4P.LYV GRACE,What's this dark area here? A1HP4Y4P.LYW WILKES,A big old hollow, whatcha think? Caves, roit? But all connected. A huge mother. A1HP4Y4P.LYX GRACE,So you think this is where the treasure is? A1HP4Y4P.LYY WILKES,Nah, baby. The treasure's roit . . . here . . . A1HP4Y4P.LYZ GRACE (OUTRAGED GASP) A1HP4Y4P.QW1 GRACE Chi-ha! A1HP4Y4P.QW2 WILKES (GASPING FOR AIR) A1HP4Y4P.QW3 GABRIEL,Hi! Um . . . I just got back and I was tryin' to . . .What're you doin' with Wilkes, Grace? A1HP4Y4P.QW4 GRACE,NONE of your business. A1HP4Y4P.QW5 GRACE,And don't wait up. I'm sure *Mosely's* back too and we *do* have that catching up to do. A1HP4Y4P.QW6 GABRIEL ,(IRRITATED GROWL)


Enter Room 25 A1A38220.EK1 I don't need anythin' in there. Besides, if I wake up Gracie she'll want to come along.

Listen at Mosely's door A1A39C23.5Z1 That's odd. I don't hear anythin'. Usually he snores up a storm.

Knock on any door A1A39I4H.PF1 I don't wanna wake anybody up.

Talk to Simone A1E31Y1B.PF1 I don't want to wake her up.

Use Simone's bell A1EL841Y.YB1 Oooh. You *are* sadistic, aren't you?

Look at Emilio's window A073EB44.BX1 Emilio's up late.

Entering Larry's garden A0Q36L3W.A81 I should lay low and see what Larry's up to.

Look in Larry's window A0Q37G44.PF1 He's up alright. Sneaky devil.

Look dig A0U34944.GA1 Now what do you suppose he put in there?

Digging up manuscript A0U3491O.QF1 I'll go get the shovel off the bike. A0U34B32.411 I hope it's not a dead gerbil or somethin'. A0U34B32.412 'Most Holy and Sacred Bloodline' by Larry Sinclair. A0U34B32.413 Well, well.

Look envelope A0U34B44.411 Yup, that's what Larry was carryin'.

Find fingerprint A1037H59.291 Aha! Good ol' plastic report covers.

Look dig A0U3CT44.PF1 Yup. It's a hole.

Use shovel on hole A0U3CT1O.PF1 I s'pose I should fill it in. I'll do it when I leave.

Take shovel A0ULFL32.411 I'll take it with me when I go.

Look shovel A0ULFL44.411 That's my shovel.

Look rocks A0ULO044.Q81 Someone could really hurt themselves on those rocks.

Leave dig A0U36L22.5Q1 I'd better grab the shovel.

Digging again A2FL8S27.6M1 I already did that.

Peep in Larry's window after digging up the manuscript A0Q36G44.3J1 I think he went to bed.

Get on the bike A2136L3W.3K1 Damn it! It *was* a black sedan, but I missed it. A2136L3W.3K2 Weird!

Use binocs A0Z35S2C.Q81 I wouldn't be able to see a thing. It's too dark.

Look Mosely's bike A2631G44.J41 Mosely's up late. A2631G44.411 Somebody's up late.

Look at Mosely at L'Homme Mort A0E31244.411 Can you say 'caught red-handed'?

Look at Mosely's shovel at L'Homme Mort A0E3Y444.411 Mosely's shovel. I've got one of those myself.

Cutscene with Mosely at L'Homme Mort A0E31239.411 GABE,Hey, Mose. A0E31239.412 MOSELY,(SCREAM) A0E31239.413 MOSELY,Goddamn it, Knight! A0E31239.414 GABE,Diggin' for truffles? A0E31239.415 MOSELY,I'm . . . Okay, see . . . Um, earlier . . . A0E31239.416 MOSELY,Okay. So I have a little theory. A0E31239.417 GABE,Same one as Madeline, apparently. A0E31239.418 MOSELY,Yeah? Well we're *both* wrong. There's nothing here. A0E31239.419 GABE,And where'd this theory come from, anyway? A0E31239.41A MOSELY,What, I can't think up my own damn theory? A0E31239.41B GABE,I was in your logic class, remember? A0E31239.41C MOSELY,Oh, like *you* passed. A0E31239.41D GABE,I didn't hear Grace come in last night. Up late? A0E31239.41E MOSELY,None of your damn bee's wax. A0E31239.41F GABE,Did you do somethin' stupid? A0E31239.41G MOSELY,Ha! *Real* stupid. We spent three hours talking about you. She knows exactly how you feel about her, in case you didn't know. A0E31239.41H GABE,Whaddya mean, 'she knows how I feel about her'? I feel great about her. A0E31239.41I MOSELY,Yeah, right. A0E31239.41J GABE,What are you *talkin'* about? I treat Gracie like a . . . like a . . . A0E31239.41K MOSELY,Ah . . . Forget it. I'm dead on my feet. I'll see ya. A0E31239.41L GABE,Like a *queen*. I treat her like a *queen*, ya moron. A0E31239.41M GABE,Ah, hell.

Use glass on Mosely's room A1A39C23.971 Oh, he's in there. I saw his bike in the parkin' lot.

Time to go to bed... A1A38220.1T1 Time for bed. Again.

DAY 3 7AM-10AM

Look Gabriel A1L15S44.291 I can't believe what happened last night. A1L15S44.292 Well, it was a long time coming. A1L15S44.293 Uh . . . God!

A1L15S44.6R1 He's still sleeping. Thank *God*.

Talk to Gabriel A1L15S3T.411 I *really* don't want to do that.

Look bed A1L17Y44.Q81 He's probably tired from sleeping on that couch the night before.

Get in bed A1L17Y25.Q81 Uh . . . I think I'll stay up.

Look keys A1L17U44.PF1 It's the keys to the Harley.

Take keys A1L17U32.PF1 Yup. You bet.

Look manuscript A1L17H44.6R1 It's a manuscript about the bloodline of Jesus. Think A1L17H0L.411 This 'bloodline' concept keeps cropping up. I wonder if SIDNEY knows anything about it? Read A1L17H44.291 Look at all these genealogy charts. It's about the bloodline! A1L17H44.292 I wonder where he found it? Read again A1L17H58.6R1 I'm tempted to sit down with it, but I've got other things I want to do this morning. I'll read it later.

Get prints off manuscript A1L17H59.411 It probably just has Gabriel's prints on it.

Buzz Mosely A1E1E21J.UE1 That's Mosely's room. Maybe I'd better not wake him. I have his key if I want to go up there.

Knock Mosely's door A1A19C4H.B51 Hmmm. I wouldn't mind going in there, but I don't want to wake Mosely up.

Burgling Mosely

Look suitcase A09L9N44.QS1 Mosely's suitcase.

Look lightbulb A09LLZ44.QS1 Lovely. And *practical* -- if you happen to have wiring problems.

The bathroom A091BJ20.QS1 I *really* don't need to see Mosely's bathroom. A091BJ44.QS1 It's just the bathroom door.

Move pile of clothes A091BL2D.7Z1 God. I really don't want to touch it. A091BL2D.7Z2 I think I'll just look around first. A091BL2D.J31 I guess I have to, don't I? A091BL2D.J320V1 Aha!

A091BL44.411 This place is disgusting!

Look trunk A091CD20.QS1 I doubt there's anything in there. A091CD44.QS1 That looks like it came with the room.

A091D144.QS1 It's an armoir, like the one in our room. A091MO44.411 Empty. Not surprising. He couldn't be expected to actually, like, *open the door* everytime he wanted to get something.

Pick up tin can A091DU32.QS1

  • Excuse* me?

A091DU44.QS1 Yeah. It's everywhere *but* the garbage can.

Look garbage can A091J544.QS1 Does he just not *see* it, or what?

Look vent A091L844.QS1 Maybe if I climbed up there I could actually breathe in here.

Pick up shoes A091L932.QS1 Not even if he paid me. A091L944.QS1 I'm glad Gabriel doesn't wear shoes like that.

Look Schuffenecker's Beach at Concarneau A091LJ44.QS1 I miss living near the beach. New York and New Orleans were both on the water.

Look Werenskiold's Autumn A091LK44.QS1 It's a farm. I think.

A091LL44.QS1 He gets a coatrack instead of a closet. How . . . cheap.

Look Morisot's In The Grass A091LM44.QS1 What'd he do, knock all the paintings aslant on purpose?

Look/search briefcase A091LN44.QS1 I think that *used* to be a briefcase. A091M032.QS1 There's nothing in there I want to touch. A091M044.QS1 Everything looks . . . sticky.

Look Cabanel's Birth of Venus A091LO44.QS1 How . . . bucolic.

Look/search suitcase A091M244.QS1 Nada. I think I'm relieved.

A099CM44.QS1 Huh. There's that gold blazer he always used to wear. I'd almost succeeded in forgetting that thing.

A0913K44.QS1 That's a lot smaller than the desk in our room.

Search bed A0917Y0Z.411 There's nothing under here except . . . ugh . . . underwear. Look bed A0911244.411 Man, is he out or what?

Re-enter Mosely's room A1A19C4Z.AW1 I don't need to go back in there.

Open Mosely's door A1A19C20.B51 It's locked no doubt, but I *do* have his key.

Dining room

British Ladies Conversation A171E039.291 GRACE,Good morning Lady Howard, Estelle. A171E039.292 HOWARD,My, aren't *we* perky today. A171E039.293 GRACE,Did you enjoy your bridge game last night? A171E039.294 ESTELLE,Yes. It was quite nice. A171E039.295 HOWARD,*Marvelous*. Certainly better than mooning about. Or dining with that abominable Wilkes for that matter. Is *that* why we're so chipper this morning, hmmm? A171E039.296 GRACE,Oh, no. You know what they say, a good night's rest can work wonders. A171E039.297 HOWARD,Wait 'til you hit forty, Darling.

A171E044.411 Wide awake and kicking. Guess that bridge game last night didn't run too late.

Talk to Madeline A177761B.411 I'd rather stick my tongue in a light socket.

Look Madeline A1767644.151 Is it just me or is she *seriously* irritating?

A1777644.411 I'd rather not. I've heard that shade of red dye can cause permanent optical damage.

Think at Teniers postcards in museum stand A0F1T00L.PF1 There are *two* Tenier postcards. That makes sense since no one knows *which* 'St. Anthony' Saunière was interested in. A0F1T00L.PF2 Maybe I should take them both.

A0FLSY6S.PF1 I'll have to pick out the ones I want.

Buy more postcards A0F1T16S.9B1 I already bought the three postcards I need.

Look postcards A0FLSY44.Z51 Ooh – postcards!

Look after finding postcards A0FLSY44.9B1 Thank God they had those postcards. I don't know where I would have found those paintings otherwise.

Conversation with Mme Girard A0F75P4Y.291 GRACE,Excuse me? A0F75P4Y.292 GIRARD,Yes? A0F75P4Y.293 GRACE,Do you know anything about an envelope taped to your door last night? A0F75P4Y.294 GIRARD,An envelope? What kind of an envelope? A0F75P4Y.295 GRACE,A large manila envelope? A0F75P4Y.296 GIRARD,I didn't notice such a thing when I left last night. Perhaps Mademoiselle is thinking of a different door? A0F75P4Y.297 GRACE,That must be it. Thanks.

Scanning the paintings into SIDNEY Analyze Teniers_2 A02O3H2Z.Q32 It found something. This *must* be the one Saunière copied from the Louvre.

A02O2F0L.Q31 That's the map geometry alright -- the tilted square and the meridian. I already have those on the map. A02O2F0L.Q32 So this painting *is* related to the mystery. Maybe the artist put more clues in here.

Retrieve bible verse A02OCB2Z.Q35 It's the instructions for the building of the Temple of Solomon!

Leo hints A2GLSV62.NH1 If the Poussin painting is based on a real location, the Tenier's must be also. Otherwise, why would Leo say there was a 'path between the two'? A2GLSV62.NH2 I should take the postcard out around the valley, and see if I can find it.

A2GLSV62.Y91 The Poussin and the Tenier's paintings are both set around here. Which means the painters might have incorporated clues about the mystery.

A10LCI0L.8B1 Those two paintings are mentioned again. I really need to get a hold of them!

A2GLSV62.9B1 I wish I knew which St. Anthony painting of Tenier's was relevant. Maybe SIDNEY can help.

A2GLSV62.892 I should see what SIDNEY can do with them.

Analyze St Anthony and St Paul A02O2F2Z.Q37 That's the map geometry alright -- the tilted square and the meridian. I already have those on the map. A02O2F2Z.Q38 So this painting *is* related to the mystery. Maybe the artist put more clues in here.

Solve Leo A02O3H2Z.BY2 Wow. Look at that. It hits the meridian at exactly the same spot as the sunrise line.

On top of Tour Magdala

Look Arnaud A1F11A44.PF1 This must be a morning routine with him.

Talk to Arnaud A1F11A39.291 GRACE,Hi there, Abbé Arnaud. A1F11A39.292 ARNAUD,Miss Nakimura! Good morning. A1F11A39.293 GRACE,How's the view today? A1F11A39.294 ARNAUD,Fine. I . . . uh . . . I saw two hawks this morning. A1F11A39.295 GRACE,You haven't seen any more dead bodies, have you? A1F11A39.296 ARNAUD,No! No of course not. A1F11A39.297 GRACE,Oh. I suppose that's a good thing. A1F11A39.298 ARNAUD ,Yes. Excuse me.

Talk to Arnaud again A1F61A1B.KY1 He's bird watching.

Think at Teniers postcards in inventory A0F1T00L.9B1 I picked up both of Tenier's postcards. Maybe SIDNEY can help me figure out which one is relevant.

Comparing the wrong thing to the Teniers postcard A0GL136Y.PF1 No, I don't see anything that matches the landscape features in the Teniers painting.

Comparing the wrong thing to the Poussin postcard A1BL3V6Z.411 That's nothing like the tomb in Poussin's painting.

Spot Larry on Blanchefort A0Z17G44.412 I must say, these lookout points are certainly well used around here. I wonder if he's trying to find the treasure, too?

Enter H/S site A0V16L3W.291 Boy, there is just *nothing* here.

At L'Hermitage

Enter site A1B16L3W.AW1 The exact center of the circle is right around here somewhere.

Enter site without tracking device A1B16L3W.B51 This place is close to the center of the circle on the map, but I can't pinpoint the exact center without help.

Use tracking device A1015A33.NX1 This device might help me locate the exact center of the circle.

Look sign A1B1E70L.601 L'Ermitage, place of the hermit. St. Anthony was a hermit!

Think sign A1B1E70L.DS1 L'Ermitage, place of the hermit. Wasn't there a hermit mentioned in 'Le Serpent Rouge?'

Think pillars A1B1RY0L.601 Hmmm. Those pillars look vaguely familiar.

Think cave A1B13V0L.601 Something about the cave and this rock formation looks familiar to me . . .

Match painting with cave A1B13V6Y.291 The rock formation -- it's just like the one in the Tenier's painting! A1B13V6Y.292 Teniers was painting the center of the circle!

Look cave after match A1B13V6Y.6R1 Tenier's set his 'St. Anthony and St. Paul' here.

Read note A1B16932.411 Where did the bloodline of the Pharaohs go? Look to he who is legendary for his wisdom to find the answer. A1B16932.412 How bizarre! Who would leave such a thing? And why?

Look note A1B16944.411 There's something taped to the wall.

Detect cave A1BL3V44.QS1 It's a cave!

Proceed in cave A1BLSM44.411 It's just one little room. It doesn't go anywhere. Use shovel on vace A1BLSM1O.411 The cave doesn't lead anywhere. Trying to dig my way through won't help.

Point A1BL3V72.6C1 In the Tenier painting, St. Paul is pointing Northeast -- towards Mt. Cardou.

Dig at centre of the circle A1BLAV1O.QS1 It doesn't look too promising, but I guess I have to try. A1BLAV1O.QS2 This is ridiculous. I can't dig that far on my own. A1BLAV1O.QS3 Besides. I doubt the treasure's going to be *that* easy to find. I still have the rest of 'Le Serpent Rouge' to decipher.

Look centre of circle cross A1BLAV44.QS1 I'm pretty sure that's the *exact* center of the circle.

Dig again A1BLG81O.QS1 More digging won't do any good. I'd need a back hoe at least, and that's if I were *sure* the treasure was here.

Look dig A1BLG844.QS1 That's the center of the circle all right, but I don't think finding the treasure is going to be as easy as digging a hole there.

A1BLRY44.6C1 In the Tenier painting, those pillars held up a thatched roof. But it's long gone. A1BLRY0L.6C1 Those pillars are in the Tenier painting.

On top of Blanchfort, Larry may appear. You may have to look at him from Magdala with your binocs first. A0Z17G44.411 I think that's Larry Chester. He lives in the house down below.

Read St Vincent A02O2858.PF2 I wonder if the 'children of St. Vincent' would be heretics? That could mean either the Cathars *or* the Templars.

Read Solomon A02OB90L.2M1 Solomon's first wife was a Pharaoh's daughter! A02OB90L.2M2 Of course! The Pharaoh's bloodline went into the House of David!

A02OB90L.EY1 Solomon was married to a Pharaoh's daughter!

Look up Hexagram A02OT40L.YM1 Libra is *definitely* talking about a hexagram. The 'battle of truth and falsehood' is the Cathar black and white hexagram. Plus it represents the SOUL, and it's the seal of solomon.

Virgo Hints A2GLSV62.9L1 I think Virgo wants me to mark off a couple of columns of the grid - something in the direction of Mt. Cardou.

A2GLSV62.9E1 Virgo mentions the 'Temple of Solomon, built by the children of St. Vincent'? Maybe SIDNEY can give me some relevant background.

A2GLSV62.9F1 Virgo says 'sixteen form the center'. Each row and column in the grid has eight blocks, so Virgo's probably talking about the center two rows or columns. A2GLSV62.9F2 'St. Paul gives direction with a simple gesture.' Where have I just seen St. Paul?

Solve Virgo A02O3H2Z.KI2 It matches the shadow on Wilkes' seismic map!

At L'Homme Mort

Look van A251C244.QS1 I wonder what *she's* doing here? A251C244.3E1 Madeline's here -- digging for treasure. A251C244.3E2 Of course, she's *completely* wrong about the location, but I'm not gonna tell *her* that.

Talking to Madeline for the second time A0E1761B.6R1 She's getting lots of exercise. I wouldn't want to interrupt.

Looking at Madeline A0E17644.411

  • That's* nice. Madeline in a ditch. Couldn't have visualized it better myself.

Cutscene with Madeline A0E17639.291 GRACE,Having fun? A0E17639.292 MADELINE,It's you. A0E17639.293 GRACE,That's what it says on my birth certificate. A0E17639.294 MADELINE,Have seen that pudgy friend of yours lately? A0E17639.295 GRACE,Mosely? A0E17639.296 MADELINE,Oui. *Mr.* Mosely. He's been a naughty boy. A0E17639.297 GRACE,I've seen him. A0E17639.298 MADELINE,Did he happen to look . . . *pleased* about something? A0E17639.299 GRACE,You mean, 'did he dig up the treasure last night'? I doubt it. A0E17639.29A MADELINE Ah putain de merde! A0E17639.29B GRACE,Uh, excuse me. What was that? A0E17639.29C MADELINE,Nothing. Why don't you run along. And if see your friend, tell him I want to speak with him. A0E17639.29D GRACE,Sure. I'll get right on that.

Dining Room Look Buchelli A1718Y44.PF1 Signore Buchelli. Is it just me, or does he seem particularly out of place here? Must be those black socks.

Talk to Buchelli A1718Y39.291 GRACE,Signore Buchelli, good morning. A1718Y39.292 BUCHELLI,Good morning. A1718Y39.293 GRACE,Are you enjoying the tour so far? A1718Y39.294 BUCHELLI,It is what I expected. A1718Y39.295 GRACE,Really? Well, you have quite an imagination then, seeing how we found two dead bodies yesterday. A1718Y39.296 BUCHELLI,'Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.' Conspiracy and subterfuge, they carry a penalty. But . . . a young lady such as yourself need not be troubled by such things. A1718Y39.297 GRACE,Uh-huh. What makes you think those two were involved in conspiracy and subterfuge? A1718Y39.298 BUCHELLI,They were in Rennes-le-Château and they were murdered. It does not take a genius to make such a leap of intuition.

Talk to him again A1718Y39.6R1 I don't know what to make of Buchelli, and I certainly don't know what to say to him.

Talk to Mosely before talking to Madeline A1711239.5U1 MOSELY,Hey, Grace! You wanna join me? A1711239.5U2 GRACE,No. I'm not really hungry. A1711239.5U3 MOSELY,Coffee? Have a seat. A1711239.5U4 GRACE,That's okay. I'm kind of . . . you know . . . getting some stuff done this morning. A1711239.5U5 MOSELY,Are you okay? A1711239.5U6 GRACE,Sure. A1711239.5U7 MOSELY,Really? A1711239.5U8 GRACE,YES. A1711239.5U9 MOSELY,Oh. Okay. You still got my key? A1711239.5UA GRACE,You want it back? 'Cause . . . A1711239.5UB MOSELY,No! No, go ahead and keep it. In case you want to, you know, get away somewhere private. Since you're sharing a room and all. A1711239.5UC GRACE,Oh. Okay. A1711239.5UD MOSELY,'Kay.

After talking to Madeline A1711239.0M1 GRACE,Hey, Mose. A1711239.0M2 MOSELY,Oh. Hi! Ready for some breakfast? A1711239.0M3 GRACE,No, thanks. I have a message for you. From Madeline. She'd *really* like to talk to you. A1711239.0M4 MOSELY,Ah, shit.

Look Mosely A1711244.411 Mosely looks like hell this morning. We didn't stay up *that* late.

Talk to Mosely again A1711239.FX1 No thanks. He'd only ask me to sit down again. (ALTERNATIVE LINE: SEE BONUS)

Search for Temple of Solomon Floorplan A02O6D2Z.282 Crap! I hope the link comes up soon!

Libra Hints A2GLSV62.7H1 Libra is *definitely* talking about a hexagram. The 'battle of truth and falsehood' is the Cathar black and white hexagram. Plus it represents the SOUL, and it's the seal of solomon. A2GLSV62.7H2 I'm sure a hexagram goes on the map next. I need to figure out where. A2GLSV62.9V1 I think Libra is talking about another map feature. Maybe SIDNEY's archives can help me figure out what kind of feature it's talking about.

Solve Libra A02O1K2Z.C73 'I lay down one rigid arm and the rest scatter around the crown like jewels!' Yes! That's it! A02O1K2Z.C74 I'll write down the coordinates for the NorthEast and SouthWest Arms. Those two lie *within* the temple walls.

DAY 3 10AM-12PM STARTUP A1HN4Y4P.KC3 GRACE,Oh. So, you're up. A1HN4Y4P.KC4 GABRIEL,Yeah. Kinda inevitable. A1HN4Y4P.KC6 GABRIEL, Did you have breakfast? A1HN4Y4P.KC7 GRACE,No, but I think I'll go down. A1HN4Y4P.KC8 GRACE,I mean, while you shower and all that. I'll get out of your hair, so... A1HN4Y4P.KC9 MOSELY,Hello. A1HN4Y4P.KCA MOSELY Hello? Did somebody die? A1HN4Y4P.KCB GABRIEL,Hey, Mose. A1HN4Y4P.KCC GRACE,Yeah. Hi. What's up? A1HN4Y4P.KCD MOSELY,Does anyone else hear Twilight Zone music, or is it just me? A1HN4Y4P.KCE MOSELY,What's this? A1HN4Y4P.KCF GRACE,I was going to ask you about that. Where'd you find it? A1HN4Y4P.KCG GABRIEL,Our friend Larry Chester buried it last night. Or should I say Larry Sinclair. A1HN4Y4P.KCH MOSELY,Sinclair, huh? Sonofabitch. A1HN4Y4P.KCI GRACE,It's about the Stewart bloodline. A1HN4Y4P.KCJ GABRIEL,Did you read it, then? A1HN4Y4P.KCK GRACE,Just skimmed it. I've been working on the treasure map. A1HN4Y4P.KCL GABRIEL,Oh. Well, would you mind readin' it? I've gotta figure out why Sinclair lied, and why he felt compelled to play Jolly Roger last night. A1HN4Y4P.KCM MOSELY,Say, I'll read it. If you're busy with the map that is. A1HN4Y4P.KCN GABRIEL,Grace'll do it. Why the hell are you so interested anyway? A1HN4Y4P.KCO MOSELY,Just trying to be helpful! Geez! Fine, I'll just go. A1HN4Y4P.KCP GABRIEL,Wait . . . um . . . Grace, I'll grab a shower later so . . . you know, the room's all yours. A1HN4Y4P.KCQ MOSELY,God! Get a grip, Knight. A1HN4Y4P.KCR GRACE, Ugh!

A1AN6L3W.PL1 MOSELY,Christ, ya retard. This better not be about what I *think* it's about. A1AN6L3W.PL2 MOSELY,Ah, shit! I'm goin' to my room. Come by later if ya wanna talk about it.

Roxanne/Jean conversation A1AN3S1I.OO1 ROXANNE,I tell you, Jean, I feel it! Something is wrong. A1AN3S1I.OO2 JEAN,Perhaps Monsieur Wilkes spent the night with another guest. A1AN3S1I.OO3 ROXANNE,No. I have already cleaned Mademoiselle Buthane's room, and where else could he have been? The American girl stays with her boss! As for the Lady Howard and Estelle . . . A1AN3S1I.OO4 JEAN,Enough, Roxanne! Lock the door and touch nothing! We shall see if Monsieur Wilkes returns. A1AN3S1I.OO5 ROXANNE,Oui, Jean.

Enter R23 A04N6L3W.O61 JEAN,Oui, Monsieur Knight? A04N6L3W.O62 GABE,I noticed y'all comin' in here. Is Mr. Wilkes okay? A04N6L3W.O63 ROXANNE,Oh, I hope so! A04N6L3W.O64 JEAN,Shhhh. Everything is fine, Monsieur. Not to worry your head. Roxanne here, she is only the little bit cautious. A04N6L3W.O65 ROXANNE,Oh! Oui! I'm sure everything is fine. A04N6L3W.O66 JEAN,Come, come! We will leave the room for Monsieur Wilkes' return.

A1AN6L3W.MC1 JEAN,Roxanne, back to work! Back to work! And, Monsieur, thank you for the so kindly made offer of assistance. A1AN6L3W.MC2 GABE,Hey, no prob. (MISSING LINES: SEE BONUS)

Room 25: talk to Grace A1LN1739.0W1 I wouldn't want to break her concentration. Look Grace A1LN1744.0W1 She looks *really* busy readin' that manuscript.

Conversation with Jean if you didn't overhear Room 31 conversation and entered later. A1ENCU39.0L1 GABE,Is everythin' okay, Jean? Roxanne looked kind of upset. A1ENCU39.0L2 JEAN,Oh, it is nothing! Roxanne, she is tres jolie but not so much in the upstairs, Oui? She gets these 'feelings'. What is one to do? A1ENCU39.0L3 GABE,What kinda feelings? A1ENCU39.0L4 JEAN,She says Monsieur Wilkes' room is not . . . eh . . . not like the normal day, Oui? Something about the toothbrush, something about the bed . . . Who knows where women get such ideas? A1ENCU39.0L5 JEAN,Have you . . . *seen* Monsieur Wilkes this morning, by the chance so slight? A1ENCU39.0L6 GABE,No. I haven't. A1ENCU39.0L7 JEAN,Ah! Still. I'm sure he will be turning it up, yes?

Supply Closet

A1DNBI2F.0L1 GABE,Excuse me, Roxanne? A1DNBI2F.0L2 ROXANNE,Monsieur Knight! Do you need something? (DIALOGUE ORDER CHANGED WITH SOME LINES REMOVED: SEE BONUS)

A1DNBI5D.411 GABE,Say, Roxanne. My pants are a little dirty. Would you be able to clean 'em for me? A1DNBI5D.412 ROXANNE,Oui! Certainly. Just leave them with me. A1DNBI5D.413 GABE,I was kinda hopin' you'd do it while I wait. A1DNBI5D.414 ROXANNE,But Monsieur! You would not be wearing any pants! A1DNBI5D.415 GABE,Call me Gabriel. A1DNBI5D.416 ROXANNE,Oh, Monsieur Knight, you joke with me! A1DNBI5D.417 GABE,Yeah. I'm a kidder.

A1DNBI2F.7V3 GABE,About Mr. Wilkes . . . You know somethin'? I've learned to trust a woman's instincts. A1DNBI2F.7V4 ROXANNE,You have? A1DNBI2F.7V5 GABE,Sure. So . . . what got you upset this mornin'? (CONFUSION: SEE BONUS) A1DNBI2F.0L4 ROXANNE,Oh, Monsieur! I am very afraid for Mr. Wilkes! This morning his window, it is wide open, and things in his room, they are not right. A1DNBI2F.0L5 ROXANNE,Usually, I find his nightclothes on the floor, yes? But this morning, there is no sign of them. And his razor and toothbrush, they have not been used. It is as if he never got up this morning, yet he is not there! A1DNBI2F.0L6 GABE,Gee, that sounds bad. Why don't you let me take a look? A1DNBI2F.0L7 ROXANNE,I don't know . . . A1DNBI2F.0L8 GABE,Roxanne, this could be serious. Mr. Wilkes would want us to make sure he's not in any trouble. A1DNBI2F.0L9 ROXANNE,I agree! That is why I go to Jean, but he thinks I have the big imagination! A1DNBI2F.0LA GABE,Personally, I've learned never to underestimate a woman. A1DNBI2F.0LB ROXANNE,Oh, Monsieur! All right, I will show you. Follow me.

Re-enter room A1DNBI2F.7V1 GABE,Roxanne? A1DNBI2F.7V2 ROXANNE,Oui? Can I help you, Monsieur Knight? (ORDER CHANGE HERE: SEE BONUS)

A1DNBI2F.D91 GABE,Roxanne? A1DNBI2F.D92 ROXANNE,Oui? Did you find any clues in the room of Monsieur Wilkes? A1DNBI2F.D93 GABE,Not exactly. But don't worry. We'll find him. A1DNBI2F.D94 ROXANNE,Yes, Monsieur.

Talk about Wilkes' death A1DNBI2F.3Y1 I'd rather let someone else tell her.

Tie up Roxanne A1DNBI4E.411 Still on that one, are we? Two words: get. help.

Take Roxanne A1DNBI32.411 Huh! I've gotten myself in enough trouble already.

Look Roxanne A1DNBI44.411 And I thought the French maid in 'Clue' had big . . . uh . . . feather dusters!

Smell Roxanne A1DNBI56.411 <long sniff> Ah!

Use stool A1DN0D19.411 You know, I prefer the view I get standin'. Thank you.

Look stool A1DN0D44.411 It's for sittin' on.

Eat cleaning products A1DNO33X.411 Come on! Last night wasn't *that* bad.

Look cleaning products A1DNO344.411 Look, Inspector. It was ze maid with ze cleanin' products in ze supply room!

Take bedsheets A1DNO632.411 Yeah, we *do* need new sheets, but Roxanne will take care of it.

Look bedsheets A1DNO644.411 Nice ironin', but they could use some *bleach*.

Take cleaning outfit A1DNOF32.411 Doin' drag is *definitely* not in my contract.

Look cleaning outfit A1DNOF44.411 Funny, it looks so much more . . . shapely . . . on Roxanne.

Use broom/dryer A1DNOU25.411 You must be confusin' me with Roger Wilco.

Look broom A1DNOU44.411 I believe that has somethin' to do with housework. Never used one myself.

Look dryer A1DNOV44.411 I believe it's a medieval torture device.

A1AN6L3W.D21 ROXANNE,Please, Monsieur Knight, if Monsieur Wilkes returns, do not tell him I let you in, yes? A1AN6L3W.D22 GABE,I won't. Thanks.

Checking out Wilkes' room

Take moped keys A04N0A32.411 I don't need Wilkes' moped.

Look moped keys A04N0A44.411 Wilkes' keys are still here, so he couldn't have left town.

Look desk A04N3K44.411 I thought he had more papers and stuff lyin' around.

Look bed A04N7Y44.411 The bed looks slept in.

Look stationery A04N9L44.411 If someone *did* break in here, they apparently had no interest in the hotel stationary.

Look suitcase A04N9N44.411 That's his clothes, but where's his equipment?

Look dumbwaiter A04N090L.Q81 I doubt the dumb waiter factors into this. You have to be pretty desperate -- and limber -- to get in that way.

Think window A04N960L.411 I don't see any signs of forced entry on the window.

Close window A04N961V.411 I'd better leave it.

Look window A04N9644.411 It's wide open all right. A04N9644.412 Creepy! It reminds me of my dream.

Look door lock A04NCO0L.411 No signs of a forced entry here.

Look bathroom shelf A2KNVM44.Q81 Wilkes' *stuff* is still here.

Look TP A2KNVD44.Q81 Well, he didn't take his toilet paper with him.

Look bath A2KNVC44.411 Doesn't look wet. He definitely hasn't showered this mornin'.

Look towels A2KNO544.Q81 Those towels haven't been used lately.

Look sink A2KNDZ44.411 The sink hasn't been used this morning.

Re-open Wilkes' room if you didn't leave the door unlocked A1AN3S20.PB1 It's locked.

Talking with Mosely A1AN9C4H.IN1 MOSELY,Get in here. A09N6L3W.411 MOSELY,I'm listening.

A09N1202.411 GABE,Well, I really did it this time. A09N1202.412 MOSELY,I knew it! You did, didn't you . . . Did you? A09N1202.413 GABE,Yeah. A09N1202.414 MOSELY,Kee-*rist*! A09N1202.415 GABE,Ah, come on! How 'bout some support here? A09N1202.416 MOSELY, So what happened anyway? When she left here last night she didn't want anything to do with you. A09N1202.417 GABE,It was an accident. A09N1202.418 MOSELY,Right! You're the only guy I know who could 'accidentally' end up in bed with the most beautiful woman for fifty miles. A09N1202.419 GABE,What about Madeline? A09N1202.41A MOSELY,What *about* Madeline? Sheez, ya know, you got kind of a reverse rose-colored glasses thing goin' on. It must be your fear of commitment effecting your optical nerves. A09N1202.41B MOSELY,Grace is beautiful -- she's nice, she's smart, she's funny. You oughtta have your head examined, and besides which, I oughtta break your neck for hurting her feelings! Did you get a look at her face this morning? A09N1202.41C GABE,Ah knock it off! I feel bad enough! I just don't know how to act. I mean . . . God, she's like my sister or somethin'. A09N1202.41D MOSELY,Aaaah! A09N1202.41E MOSELY,Well . . . I s'pose you could try to *talk* to her about your feelings, get it all out in the open . . . A09N1202.41F GABE,Nah. A09N1202.41G MOSELY,Nah. A09N1202.41H MOSELY,I tell ya what, just pretend it never happened. A09N1202.41I GABE,Ohhh! A09N1202.41J MOSELY,Really. Just act like nothing happened. Try it. A09N1202.41K GABE,Okay.

Look Mosely A09N1244.411 The Mose-guy doesn't look very happy with me. Then again, I've had more admirable moments.

Knock door after talking to Mosely A1AN9C4H.J81 I don't wanna talk to Mosely any more.

Talk to Jean A1ENCU2F.431 GABE,Have you seen Wilkes yet, Jean? A1ENCU2F.432 JEAN,No, Monsieur. Have you? A1ENCU2F.433 GABE,No. A1ENCU2F.434 Oh. I'm sure he'll be popping it up any time now.

At the Church (According to the TimeBlockBible.doc file, Arnaud was supposed to be at the church desk, but he isn't. Instead you get this discussion if you knock the office door:) A18NBC4H.291 ARNAUD,The office is closed today. There are pamphlets on the desk if you need information. A18NBC4H.292 GABE,Oh. Okay. Thanks. A18NBC4H.293 GABE,Guess he's got more important things to worry about.

At L'Homme Mort

Finding Wilkes's footprint A0ELPF44.291 Hmmm . . . That's a big, ol' Wilkes'-sized footprint.

A22N6L3W.291 Ah . . . shit! I've found Wilkes.

A22L3D44.411 Poor bastard. (MISSING LINE: SEE BONUS)

A22L4L44.411 He's been completely drained. A22L4L44.412 Just like the two dead Freemasons.

A22L1W44.411 I guess that answers the question; what kind of p.j.'s would a man like Wilkes wear?

A22L3D0L.411 They must have pulled him from his room last night. But no one heard a thing! A22L3D0L.412 How do they *do* that? And why Wilkes?

A22L6K32.411 It's from Wilkes to his publisher. He must have been worried about someone seein' it, so he took it to bed with him. Apparently he was *right* to be paranoid.

Look blood first time A22L9844.291 Either the Red Cross had an accident here or I found Wilkes' missing blood.

Look blood subsequent time A22L9844.6R1 It's Wilkes' blood. All of it.

Think blood A22L980L.411 I'd rather not, thanks.

A22L2K44.411 Knee indentations, just like at the Armchair. God! A22L2K0L.411 They held Wilkes here while they drained his blood. He wasn't exactly small, either.

Look footprints again A0ELPF44.6R1 That's Wilkes' footprint. His killers must have brought him this way.

Open room 25 door A1AN8220.IJ1 MOSELY,Ah! A1AN8220.IJ2 GABE,What are you doin'? A1AN8220.IJ3 MOSELY,I was, uh, just gonna talk to Grace but . . . she's in the shower. A1AN8220.IJ4 GABE,Huh. A1AN8220.IJ5 MOSELY,So . . . See ya. A1AN8220.IJ6 MADELINE,I'll catch up with *you* later. A1AN8220.IJ7 MADELINE,Oh, Monsieur Mosely! A1AN8220.IJ8 GABE,This place is a fruit bin.

Open shower door A1LNBJ20.D31 I think Grace can take a shower by herself. Look shower door A1LNBJ44.D31 Grace's in there. I'm sure she's fine.

Knock on Room 33 door A1AN9C4H.D31 I'm not sure I *wanna* know what they're doin' in there.

At Poussin's Tomb:

Chat with Emilio A0GNA215.291 GABE,Hi, Emilio. A0GNA215.292 EMILIO Hello, Mr. Kngiht. A0GNA215.293 GABE,So whatcha doin' up here? A0GNA215.294 EMILIO,Em . . . just looking for a quiet spot to meditate. A0GNA215.295 GABE,Funny. Most people prefer Tour Magdala or Blanchefort to . . . meditate. A0GNA215.296 EMILIO,Do they? This location, too, has its benefits, you know.

See Emilio meditating (Poussin) A0GNA215.6R1 He's lookin' for some peace and quiet.

See Emilio meditating part 2:(Poussin) A0GNA215.6R2 I'm never seen a more unsociable tour group in my life.

Look Emilio bike: (Poussin) A0GNA244.3H1 Wonder what Emilio's doin' here?

At Larry's A0QN4K4H.291 LARRY,I have nothing to say to you. A0QN4K4H.292 GABE,Oh, I think you do. *Mr. Sinclair*. A0QN4K4H.293 Perhaps you had better come in.

A05N6L3W.291 LARRY,I've learned that you *were*, in fact, hired by Prince James. A05N6L3W.292 GABE,Good. A05N6L3W.293 LARRY,But that doesn't excuse your prying into *my* affairs. You've destroyed my cover. A05N6L3W.294 GABE,See now . . . that's the problem with secrets and lies. It's impossible to tell which ones might be relevant until you dig 'em up and take a good whiff. A05N6L3W.295 LARRY,That's between you and Prince James -- but I can tell you that you're treading on thin ice. This is a delicate situation. You might find yourself in very hot water indeed. A05N6L3W.296 GABE,I'm gettin' confused; Am I s'posed to watch out for thin ice or hot water? A05N6L3W.297 LARRY,Very amusing, I'm sure. We'll see how your cavalier attitude serves you with the prince. Now what is it that you want?

A05N7G3Q.411 GABE,I wanted to talk to you about your Bloodline manuscript. A05N7G3Q.412 LARRY,How did you know about that? A05N7G3Q.413 GABE,I followed you last night and dug it up. A05N7G3Q.414 LARRY,You *what*? This is outrageous! A05N7G3Q.415 GABE,I hope you can appreciate my motivation. I was in the room when Prince James' son was taken. There's very little I wouldn't do to find him. A05N7G3Q.416 LARRY,I can't fathom why an outsider like you was hired in the first place! It's absurd! A05N7G3Q.417 LARRY,But now that you've *seen* my manuscript, I hope you finally comprehend that I am not the kidnapper. A05N7G3Q.418 GABE,It's not incriminatin' in that regard, no. A05N7G3Q.419 LARRY,Where is the manuscript? You didn't remove it did you? A05N7G3Q.41A GABE,I didn't think it was good for it -- bein' out in that damp ground. A05N7G3Q.41B LARRY,You must return it at once! A05N7G3Q.41C GABE,Yeah. I will. It's at the hotel at the moment, though. A05N7G3Q.41D LARRY,Mr. Knight, I suggest you bring it back here immediately. Because if anything happens to that manuscript, Prince James will be *very* displeased! A05N7G3Q.41E GABE,I will. No problem.

A05N7G28.DU1 GABE,Prince James implied that the kidnappin' was political. Would the manuscript have anythin' to do with it? A05N7G28.DU2 LARRY,It could. There are those who take exception to the idea of Prince James being on the throne. A05N7G28.DU3 GABE,The throne? *What* throne? A05N7G28.DU4 LARRY,Never mind.

A05N7G31.OT1 GABE,The manuscript promotes Prince James as king of what? Scotland? A05N7G31.OT2 LARRY,It doesn't promote him as anything per se. It simply lays out the genealogies. He's clearly the best candidate. A05N7G31.OT3 GABE,Best candidate for what? Are you talkin' about Scottish independence? A05N7G31.OT4 LARRY,No! In our modern world, Scotland is a very small principality indeed. A05N7G31.OT5 GABE,England? A05N7G31.OT6 LARRY,The Stewarts have vowed they'd never accept the English throne! A05N7G31.OT7 GABE,Well what then? A05N7G31.OT8 LARRY,It's not for me to say.

A05N7G36.DU1 GABE,Here's what I don't get. Why are you workin' on this manuscript *here*? Obviously you don't need the Templar vibes. A05N7G36.DU2 LARRY,There's *usually* one of us in the area. Just to . . . keep an eye out. A05N7G36.DU3 GABE,For what? Treasure hunters? A05N7G36.DU4 LARRY,For anything. A05N7G36.DU5 GABE,But why you? A05N7G36.DU6 LARRY,There *is* a certain . . . opposition to the manuscript. The work on it was to be done discretely. A05N7G36.DU7 GABE,And you figured they'd never suspect you'd work on it *here*. A05N7G36.DU8 LARRY,Something like that. Of course, *you've* quite destroyed my anonymity.

A05N7G3N.411 GABE,Do you know Montreaux, the owner of the local vineyard? A05N7G3N.412 LARRY,I know *of* him, of course. It's a small area. A05N7G3N.413 GABE,Is he one of yours, by any chance? A05N7G3N.414 LARRY,A Freemason? No! At least, he's not Scottish Rite.

A05N7G1B.7N1 GABE,Well, I could keep askin' him stuff, but I have the feelin' he wouldn't tell me anythin'.

A05N6J13.411 GABE,I have to go. A05N6J13.412 LARRY,As you wish.

At Howard/Stiles site A0VNE039.291 GABE,Mornin', Ladies. A0VNE039.292 HOWARD, Oh. It's you. What are *you* doing here? A0VNE039.293 GABE,Just passin' by. I see you've narrowed down your theory. A0VNE039.294 HOWARD,Really! Some people haven't the slightest consideration. A0VNE039.295 ESTELE,It's all right, Lily. A0VNE039.296 HOWARD,Bother! It is not. *Do* you mind, Mr. Knight? Estelle and I are on a *private* enterprise and we don't need any help or supervision from you. A0VNE039.297 GABE,I wasn't offerin' any. A0VNE039.298 HOWARD,Very well. Then be gone -- go on -- pish posh.

Talk again: A0VNE039.6R1 You must have a deep desire to humiliate me.

Look Lady Howard A0VNE044.411 Here's a scene of domestic bliss.

Look Estelle A0VQ5M44.411 Poor Estelle. She's kinda like a faithful bulldog, innin' she?

Talk to Jean about Wilkes A1ENCU2F.3Y1 If I tell Jean about Wilkes he'll call the police, and I *really* don't need a bunch of cops crawling around the valley. A1ENCU2F.3Y2 If we haven't resolved this by tomorrow, I'll call them myself.

Use glass on Wilkes' door A1AQ3S23.3Y1 I could, but the guy's *dead*.

Look Wilkes' door A1AQ3S44.3Y1 That was Wilkes' room, and it's right next to ours. Creepy.

Open room 25 A1AN8220.PV1 MADELINE,Bonjour. A1AN8220.PV2 GABE,Hey.

End of Timeblock Conversation R25 Look Grace A1LN1744.PV1 That girl's a worker, innin she?

A1LN173Q.PV1 GABE,Did you check out the Bloodline manuscript? A1LN173Q.PV2 GRACE,Yeah. Pretty interesting. Where do you want me to start?

A1LN1710.MG1 GABE,What's the manuscript say about the bloodline? A1LN1710.MG2 GRACE,The bloodline thing is *major*. The descendents of Jesus are called 'Desposyni'. Their symbol is the unicorn. A1LN1710.MG3 GABE,Unicorn? A1LN1710.MG4 GRACE,Uh-huh. Supposedly the horn represents the male phallic symbol and the unicorn itself represents the 'fertile Jesus'. A1LN1710.MG5 GABE,No wonder the Catholic Church had a conniption. But . . . is there any way this bloodline thing could be legit? A1LN1710.MG6 GRACE,Well . . . There's no reason why Jesus *shouldn't* have married and had children, unless you believe any kind of sex is a sin. Personally, I don't -- and you *certainly* don't. A1LN1710.MG7 GABE,That's just the line I feed Catholic girls, but go on. A1LN1710.MG8 GRACE,And it's the kind of thing the early church might have suppressed. If for no other reason than to make sure the bishops of the church had all the power and *not* the descendents. A1LN1710.MG9 GABE,That explains how it might be possible, but it's hardly proof. A1LN1710.MGA GRACE,True, but if it's all a myth, it's a very *old* myth. The royal arms of Scotland show a Davidic lion of Judah, Desposynic Unicorn, and Jewish fleur-de-lis. SO they've *believed* they were Desponsyi from the middle ages at least.

A1LN175I.MG1 GABE,I'm still not sure I see the connection between Sinclair and Prince James' men. A1LN175I.MG2 GRACE,The manuscript did mention Prince James. It traced the various branches of the bloodline all the way down to the present day. A1LN175I.MG3 GRACE,It was obviously making the point that the Stewarts have the largest, purest, amount of the blood. Prince James is mentioned as the current Stewart heir.

A1LN1731.MG1 GABE,Did you get the impression that the manuscript was tryin' to set Prince James up for somethin'? A1LN1731.MG2 GRACE,It certainly went to great lengths about his pedigree. I guess these royal families find that terribly relevant. A1LN1731.MG3 GABE,What about rulership? Did it mention anythin' about a throne? A1LN1731.MG4 GRACE,Yeah, actually. It talked about the European Union a lot. How any system of government ideally has both a parliament *and* a monarchy. You don't think they're tryin' to . . . No. No, no, no. A1LN1731.MG5 GABE,Position the house of Stewart as monarchs over the EU? Yeah. I think that's *exactly* what they're tryin' to do. A1LN1731.MG6 GRACE,God! No wonder Sinclair is hiding out here.

A1LN177Y.MG1 GABE,What's the manuscript say about the Freemasons? A1LN177Y.MG2 GRACE,The manuscript came right out and said that the original split between the Templars and the Priory of Sion was over the bloodline. A1LN177Y.MG3 GRACE,The Priory wanted to support certain French families of Merovingian descent, while the Templars supported the emerging Stewart dynasty. A1LN177Y.MG4 GRACE,I think it's pretty clear that the Freemasons and the Priory are still fighting over the same issue.

A1LN172E.MG1 GABE,Does Sinclair mention the holy grail in the manuscript? A1LN172E.MG2 GRACE,The grail represents the bloodline and a kind of 'noblese oblige' duty to serve mankind. A1LN172E.MG3 GRACE,But *also*. . . remember what you heard on the train? You heard the kidnappers say 'san grael'. A1LN172E.MG4 GABE,Yeah? A1LN172E.MG5 GRACE,The manuscript says the words 'holy grail' were actually a mistranslation. The original phrase wasn't 'san grael' or 'holy grail' but '*sang* *real*'. A1LN172E.MG6 GABE,Sang real? What's that mean? A1LN172E.MG7 GRACE,'Blood royal' or 'royal blood'. The holy grail *is* the bloodline, Gabriel, that's what's so creepy! A1LN172E.MG8 GABE,Wow. I wonder if that's what they were saying on the train. 'It's royal blood.' A1LN172E.MG9 GRACE,That's what *I've* been wondering. A1LN172E.MGA GABE,Kinda brings the whole vampire theory back onto the playin' field, dunnit? A1LN172E.MGB GRACE,Yeah.

A1LN1749.0F1 GABE,Is there . . . is there anythin' more in there about the unicorn imagery? A1LN1749.0F2 GRACE,Um . . . A bit. You know all those medieval tapestries that show a unicorn in a garden or a unicorn being hunted? A1LN1749.0F3 GABE,Yeah. A1LN1749.0F4 GRACE,Supposedly they all represent the Desposyni being suppressed by the Church. A1LN1749.0F5 GABE,Oh.

A1LN172F.PV1 GABE,Guess what I found today? A1LN172F.PV2 GRACE,What? A1LN172F.PV3 GABE,Wilkes' corpse. A1LN172F.PV4 GRACE,What? A1LN172F.PV5 GABE,I found him at L'Homme Mort. Looks like they took him right out of his room last night. A1LN172F.PV6 GRACE,Oh my God! A1LN172F.PV7 GABE,Creepy, innit? They were in the hotel. Weird, 'cause I was dreamin' about 'em. That's why I . . . um . . . A1LN172F.PV8 GRACE,Well . . . How was Wilkes killed? A1LN172F.PV9 GABE,Just like Prince James' men. Throat cut, blood drained into a pool. A1LN172F.PVA GRACE,God! What am I, cursed or something? I spent the entire day in the car with Mallory and MacDougall, then last night I had dinner with Wilkes . . . A1LN172F.PVB GABE,What *was* his big theory, anyway? A1LN172F.PVC GRACE,He had a seismic survey done. They show hollow areas and he'd uncovered a *big* one. It makes sense, actually, because I've been working with this riddle called 'Le Serpent Rouge' . . . A1LN172F.PVD GABE,Sure. You keep workin' on that. I've got some ideas of my own to follow up. A1LN172F.PVE GRACE,Fine.

A1LN6L4R.P51 GABE,That doesn't sound like a moped. A1LN6L4R.P53 GABE,Damn! It's Prince James! A1LN6L4R.P54 GABE,Where's the manuscript? I've got to get it back to Larry before he runs to his boss and complains. A1LN6L4R.P55 GRACE,It was right here! I left it on the table when I went to take my shower! A1LN6L4R.P56 GABE,Oooohhh. Don't tell me that, Grace. Grace? A1LN6L4R.P57 GRACE,Somebody must have taken it. A1LN6L4R.P58 GABE,Shit! Okay. Let me think. A1LN6L4R.P59 GABE,It's about time I pinned down our old squirmy friend from the NOPD. I'll get him out of town for a bit. A1LN6L4R.P5A GRACE,What about Prince James? A1LN6L4R.P5B GABE,Tell him I'm out workin' on the case. I can't see him til I've got that manuscript, or he'll have my head on a platter. A1LN6L4R.P5C GRACE,You really think Mosely . . . ? A1LN6L4R.P5D GABE,Yeah, the bum. But do me a favor and look around here. Just in case I'm wrong. A1LN6L4R.P5E GRACE,Leave me the bike, will you? You can ride with Mosely. A1LN6L4R.P5F GABE,What? A1LN6L4R.P5G GRACE,Come on! How can I keep an eye on the others if you leave me stranded? Please? A1LN6L4R.P5H GABE,I don't believe this. A1LN6L4R.P5I GRACE,Thanks. A1LN6L4R.P5J GABE,Gaaad!

DAY 3 12PM-3PM

Open Room 25 window: A1L79620.RT1 I think that's Larry Sinclair. He must be going to see Prince James. A1L79620.RT2 Gabriel's *not* going to be happy about that.

Scorpio hints A2GLSV62.R61 I want to do some more work on that 'temple' I found on the map. Maybe SIDNEY's retrieved that temple diagram I needed.

A10L7M0L.R71 I wonder if the Temple of Solomon was what the Templars were building underground?

A0213H2Z.R81 I don't want to mess with the temple any more. Not until I've seen the Temple of Solomon diagram.

A2GLSV62.R91 According to Scorpio, I think we're ready to mark the site! A2GLSV62.R92 I think I'll just enter a point where I think the site should be.

A2GLSV62.9M1 I want to mark off some of the grid lines, but I'm not sure I'm doing it right.

A2GLSV62.9N1 I think I'm almost there - I've got *one* of the Temple lines on the map.

Solve Scorpio A02O3H2Z.R82 That's it -- the divisions of the temple. That's the porch down by Le Bec, then the middle is the Sanctuary, and the third part in the north must be the Holy of Holies! A02O8O2Z.RA1 The center of the Holy of Holies! I think that's *the* Site! It's on Mount Cardou. A02O8O2Z.RA2 I'll write down the coordinates!

Enter SUM A02OFS2Z.PF5 'Et in Arcadia Ego *SUM*'. That's the missing word!

A02OFT2Z.BC1 Well, that's used up all the letters but . . . I don't think that's it.

Ophiuchus hints A2GLSV62.AG1 I know that anagram has to have a solution! A2GLSV62.AG2 The words came off that Poussin painting. Maybe what they're *doing* in the painting is a clue.

A2GLSV62.AH1 I think I'm on the right track about this being an anagram. But I still need the three missing letters.

A2GLSV62.RM1 Maybe this next verse will tell me *what* the treasure is. Le Serpent Rouge says 'puzzled by the enigma of ET IN ARCADIA EGO blank blank blank'. It implies there's three missing letters! A2GLSV62.RM2 Maybe I should have SIDNEY try to translate it - see if it gives me any clues.

A107DX0L.RR1 I found the missing three letters -- 'sum'. I have the feeling that's not all, though. Le Serpent Rouge talks about 'dust settling'. In crossword puzzle lingo that implies there's an *anagram* in here somewhere. A2GLSV62.RR2 I should try to analyze it.

A2GLSV62.TG1 Ophiuchus mentions that phrase, 'Et in Arcadia Ego.' I should save it off the Poussin postcard so I can work with it.

A2GLSV62.TH1 Le Serpent Rouge says 'ET IN ARCADIA EGO blank blank blank'. It implies there're three missing letters! A2GLSV62.TH2 Three letters . . . that rings a bell. I think I saw something like that on the tour. Where was it?

Solve Ophiuchus A02OFT2Z.RNA Oh my God! I mean: Oh! My God!

Sagittarius hints A2GLSV62.AO1 I think Sagittarius is talking about some kind of local landmark -- a snake figure. I ought to be able to find it on the map.

Solve Sagittarius A0273H2Z.RS2 Yup! That's it. That's the red serpent. That's weird! It must point out *something*.

Hint: A1072W0L.AX1 and A2G1SV62.1N1 I want to take a break from 'Le Serpent Rouge' for a while. A2G1SV62.1N1 I think I'll take a break from the map for a while. Clear my head a bit.

Dining Room Eavesdrop A1E7C71I.CO1 HOWARD,*Why* haven't we found it yet? I'm getting very discouraged, I can tell you. I thought Dr. Wen had such *promising* leads and with the additions we came up with . . . A1E7C71I.CO2 ESTELLE,We mustn't give up yet, Lily. A1E7C71I.CO3 HOWARD,Perhaps . . . Oh! Why can't we simply *pay* someone to dig it up? *I* certainly can't, with my tendonitis, and you, no offense, Darling, but you're taking too long. A1E7C71I.CO4 ESTELLE,I *am* trying. A1E7C71I.CO5 HOWARD,Estelle! A1E7C71I.CO6 ESTELLE,Sorry. Anyway, you said we couldn't let anyone else in on it. A1E7C71I.CO7 HOWARD,I know what I said! Oh, my! Dr. Wen *must* be right, mustn't he? The Great Seed absolutely *has* to be here. A1E7C71I.CO8 HOWARD,Otherwise, how can one explain that cache of Egyptian artifacts he found here in 1963? A1E7C71I.CO9 ESTELLE,Of course it's here! We'll finish up at the site today, then check the maps again tonight. A1E7C71I.COA HOWARD,Not me! I can't -- I tell you, if we don't find it, I can't carry on one step further! A1E7C71I.COB ESTELLE,*Please* don't say that Lily. Everything's going to be fine!

Talk to ladies A177E039.291 HOWARD,I'm sorry, Grace Dear, but Estelle and I really *must* talk alone. You don't mind terribly, do you? A177E039.292 GRACE,Ah . . . no. A177E039.293 ESTELLE,Thank you, Grace. Talk again A177E039.6R1 She vants to be alone. Look ladies A177E044.411 Is it just me, or are they *always* here when food's being served? A177E044.412 It must be a nice change from roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

Look parsonage A0C75G44.411 I think the Abbé's at home.

Looking at SW arm boulders A0B7O044.351 This mountain range is amazing. Look at all these huge boulders lying around! Second time: A0B7O044.361 There's enough granite here to rebuild Pittsburgh.

Manipulating rocks before using the location device A0B7SQ0L.411 I can't see anything to *do* with that particular rock formation. It does look interesting, though.

Looking at cave entrance rocks A0B7SQ44.411 It almost looks like those rocks were positioned deliberately. A0B7SQ44.412 Hmmm. Probably not.

Pick up handkerchief: A0B71P32.411 It's a red handkerchief. Didn't Wilkes have one like that? A0B71P32.412 He must have found this spot -- maybe that's why he was killed!

Looking at handkerchief before picking up A0B71P44.411 What's *that*?

Find cave: A0B7791O.5E3 I knew it!

Looking at cave at SW Arm A0B73V44.7S1 That's a *cave*!

Trying to enter cave at SW Arm A0B7921L.411 Um . . . I think I'd rather wait for Gabriel. A0B7921L.412 It's pretty dark in there.

Looking at pile of rocks A0B77944.AM1 What a nice pile of rocks!

A0B77944.5E1 That pile of rocks wouldn't look just a wee bit artificial, would it?

A0B77N27.411 It's right around here -- under that pile of rocks.

Looking at rocks upon finding cave A0B77944.7S1 Someone obviously used those rocks to hide the cave entrance.

Looking at cave A0B79244.411 It's definitely a cave entrance, but it's hard to see how far it goes.

Upon approaching The Site A0B76L3W.411 I think I'm getting close.

Note at SW Arm A0B77Z32.411 Where was OSIRIS when the star shone over Bethlehem? A0B77Z32.412 (SIGH)

Looking at note from SW Arm A0B77Z44.411 Not another one! A0B77Z44.412 Who could know *exactly* where I'm going? Not even *Gabriel* knows what I'm doing. Or *cares*, for that matter.

At NE Arm A1576L3W.291 This is the back of Mount Cardou, but I think the actual point of the hexagram is further up that way.

Use locator at NE arm A1075A33.MR1 It's no use. The point of the hexagram is somewhere behind that fence. I can't get any closer to it.

A1571O44.411 There's something stuck to the fence. A1571O32.411 Who's *leaving* these things?

A1572H44.411 Someone's fenced off this whole area! A1572H0L.411 Who bought this property? And why are they so intent on keeping people out? A1572H1O.411 That's not gonna work. This place is solid rock. I don't think I can get back there. A1572H3H.411 Right! That's barbed wire on top.

Read sign A157EL44.411 Three guesses what it says. 'S.O.L.' in so many words.

A1574E0L.411 There *could* be a cave entrance up there, but I can't tell from here. A1574E44.411 The summit of Mount Cardou is up there somewhere. Along with who-knows-what-else. But I can't get to it. A1578J0L.411 Château de Serres' tower overlooks the *back* of Mount Cardou -- the Northeast arm of the hexagram! Could it be the third rook? A1578J44.411 Isn't that Château de Serres?

A1578J2C.411 I don't think I could see that much from here.

Climb to The Site: A287FJ22.RB1 I guess I should go up there and check it out. Wow. This is . . . this is *really* nerve-wracking.

At The Site:

Look dig A1N7FK0L.3L1 That's the exact center of the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Solomon. But I think the Temple is way underground.

Dig cross A1N7FK1O.291 I guess I have to give it a shot. A1N7FK1O.292 I thought so! If the treasure's down there, it is *way* down there. This mountain is solid rock!

Dig again A1N7FK1O.6R1 It's not going to help to try again. The mountain is solid rock.

Look cross A1N7FK44.3L1 That 'X' marks the spot where the treasure is buried!

Think dig A1N7FM44.3L1 I wish I could just dig it up! What's *down* there anyway?

Look note on tree A1N7FP44.3L1 I hope that's not what I think it is.

Take note A1N7I032.3L1 'The ones who wove the vine in the Pharoahs days weave it still. The ones who would steal the sacred wine long ago seek it still.' A1N7I032.3L2 Oh my God! It's talking about the vampires!

Look trees A1N7N644.3L1 Hmmm. It can't be solid rock if trees grow here. On the other hand, there's not very many of them.

Arrive at scene A1N76L3W.291 I think I'm close!

A1N7FL32.3L1 I'll take it with me when I go. A1N7FL44.3L1 It's the rental shovel.

Spot Buchelli bike A0Z7Q92C.RH2 Hey! *Somebody's* parked out by that big orange rock that's off the main road. A0Z7Q92C.RG1 VDG945F. *Hello*, Buchelli!

Spot bike if license plate is not noted A0Z7Q92C.RH1 VDG945F. I wonder who *that* is?

At Howard/Stiles site A0V7E04W.411 GRACE,Finding anything, Estelle? A0V7E04W.412 ESTELLE,Not yet. A0V7E04W.413 GRACE,How'd you guys pick this spot anyway? A0V7E04W.414 HOWARD,Out of the mouths of babes! A0V7E04W.415 ESTELLE,It's a perfectly *sound* analysis. Quite complicated to explain. Of course, we can't take credit. A0V7E04W.416 HOWARD,Dr. Wen. Let's hope Dr. Wen isn't Wong. Ha-ha-ha. A0V7E04W.417 GRACE,Dr. Wen, huh? He needs to get a computer.

A0V7E039.291 HOWARD,Miss Nakimura! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised to see anyone out here anymore. We'd make *more* money, Estelle, by selling refreshments. A0V7E039.292 GRACE,You know, there was that funny revolution deal a while back. Have you heard? France is a free country now. A0V7E039.293 HOWARD,I don't understand American sense of humor. I *really* don't.

Think Estelle A0V75M0L.QS1 Lady Howard is a slave driver! I'd hate to be in Estelle's position. A0V75M0L.QS2 . . . Hey! Wait a minute!

Look Estelle A0V75M39.L21 She's busy doing Lady Howard's dirty work.

Chat Lady Howard A0V78B39.L21 HOWARD,Please, Dear. My life is difficult enough.

Look Lady Howard A0V78B44.QS1 Lady Howard isn't actually *doing* much of anything.

At orange rock

Look rock A1M7FF44.3R1 I'm sure I saw a moped parked around here. I recognize the rock.

Look hole before digging A1M7FH44.3R1 Pet cemetary? I don't think so.

Dig A1M7FH1O.3R1 Yup. Time for some elbow grease. A1M7FI44.411 Larry's manuscript. Why am I not surprised? A1M7FI44.412 And it still has it's plastic cover, too. *That* should give us a few opportunities.

Look dig A1M7FU44.QS1 Thankfully, Buchelli didn't bury it very deep.

A1077H59.292 There's one print. A1077H59.293 There's a second print. A1077H59.294 Three prints! I think that's all of them.

Look rock after digging up A277FF44.1T1 I *knew* I saw a moped parked here!

At Rennes-les-Bains

Look Mosely's bike in parking lot A0XL1G44.QS1 I would *love* to see Gabriel and Mosely riding that thing.

Talk to bartender A0T7BA6S.QS1 I could actually use a drink, but it'll have to wait til we've wrapped up this case.

Look bartender A0T7BA44.QS1 He looks like the artistic type.

Take sword or guns A0T7C432.QS1 The pen is mightier than the sword.

Look guns A0T7C444.QS1 Guns, arrows, and vodka. Brilliant combination.

Look fireplace A0T7O844.QS1 A little booze, a little smoke, a little fireplace . . . sounds like a recipe for spontaneous combustion.

Look window A07LJT44.QS1 I like the rustic flavor around here. It's very French.

Look bar A0T7OI44.QS1 Land of Milk and Honey.

Playdarts A0T7OM25.QS1 I wouldn't trust myself with darts right now -- especially not with HIM in the room.

Look dartboard A0T7OM44.QS1 Drunk people throwing sharp objects. Doesn't that sound like a *bad* idea?

Look sword A0T7ON44.QS1 The owner of this bar must have a death wish.

Look world map A0T7OQ44.QS1 How nice! All the tourists can point out where they're from.

Look Leo Belgicus A0T7OR44.QS1 It looks like a map of the region. Unfortunately it's out of date -- and in French.

Use barstool/Talk to dynamic duo A0T77P39.6R1 I get the feeling Gabriel wants to talk to Mosely alone.

Look barstool A0T70D44.QS1 Swivelling bar stools. Yee-haw.

Talk to Gabe and Mosely A0T77P1I.351 GABE,. . . so a monkey walks into a bar . . . A0T77P39.291 GRACE,Hi. A0T77P39.292 MOSELY,Hey, Grace. A0T77P39.293 GABE,You find out anythin' yet? A0T77P39.294 GRACE,Not exactly. You? A0T77P39.295 GABE,I'm *workin'* on it. A0T77P39.296 GRACE,Oh! I'll just . . . run along.

Look Gabe and Mose A0T77P44.411 Isn't it nice seeing animals in their native habitat?

Look curtains A0T79644.QS1 Well, they don't exactly brighten up the place, but I guess that's the point.

At Tour Magdala

Cat fight with Madeline A1F77639.291 GRACE,Well, well, well. Looking for fresh meat? A1F77639.292 MADELINE,Oh. I thought you were somebody. A1F77639.293 GRACE,It's quite a drop, isn't it? A1F77639.294 MADELINE,If you're afraid of heights, Petit, you shouldn't climb so high. A1F77639.295 GRACE,I guess *you* wouldn't have to worry much about heights, would ya? A1F77639.296 MADELINE,I don't worry about anything. Where are the boys, by the way? A1F77639.297 GRACE,They're around. A1F77639.298 MADELINE,Then I'm sure they'll find me. A1FAB838.PF1 GRACE,Hmph.

Talk to her again A1F77639.6R1 I'd rather groom rats.

Look her again A1F77644.PF1 At least I've figured out why her hair is red -- she's got claws the size of lobster's.

Hotel Lobby

A1E7401I.FC1 JEAN,Oui. Tres bien. Merci. A1E7401I.FC2 JEAN,Je regrette . . . the maid, she gets no answer when she knocks. Monsieur Knight must be out. A1E7401I.FC3 JAMES,Merci beaucoup. I'll try again later. A1E7401I.FC4 JAMES,Grace! A1E7401I.FC5 GRACE,Hello, James. It's nice to see you again. A1E7401I.FC6 JAMES,I was trying to find Gabriel. A1E7401I.FC7 GRACE,Um . . . He's out in the valley I think. Working on the case. A1E7401I.FC8 JAMES,Has he found anything? A1E7401I.FC9 GRACE,I think so. But he'd better tell you himself. A1E7401I.FCA JAMES,I see. All right. I'm staying at the Villa Bethania. Some people were kind enough to offer it. Will you ask him to come by as soon as he gets back? A1E7401I.FCB GRACE,Of course. A1E7401I.FCC JAMES,Thank you, Grace.

Look Emilio A1E7A244.411 Well, he's back in the lobby *now*. I wonder where he was earlier?

Talk to Emilio A1E7A239.RW1 GRACE,Hello, Mr. Baza. Have you . . . been out today? A1E7A239.RW2 EMILIO,Oh, here and there, Ms. Nakimura. Here and there.

Talk to Emilio again A1E7A239.RX1 What's the point? No one tells me anything around here.

Use glass on R21 A1A7DR23.3R1 Hmmm. He's here now, but I don't think he was a few minutes ago.

Identify fingerprints A027X65Q.3L1 Aha! Madeline had her hands the manuscript. A027X65Q.3L2 Buchelli. The sneak. A027X65Q.3L3 Mosely! Gabriel was right.

Search SIDNEY: Read Solomon entry A02OB92Z.2M1 Solomon's first wife was a Pharaoh's daughter! A02OB92Z.2M2 Of course! The Pharaoh's bloodline went into the House of David!

Read Magi entry A02OF758.291 Well, if the Secret Brotherhood exists, they're no doubt in Rennes-le-Château this week. Everybody *else* is.

Read Osiris entry A02OF858.291 Osiris was *part* of the Star of Bethlehem! And it looks like it's about to -- or just did -- go into the same configuration again.

End chapter: A1L76L4R.IL1 I've only got one more stanza -- Capricorn. A1L76L4R.IL2 I am aware of the scent of the perfume which impregnates the sepulchre of the one I must release. Cursing the profane in their ashes and those who follow their ways, I returned from the darkness while making a gesture of horror at the abyss into which I had plunged. A1L76L4R.IL3 Here is the proof that I knew the secret Seal of Solomon, and had visited the secret places of the Queen who watches over the King. A1L76L4R.IL4 They must be talking about going down into the cave! A1L76L4R.IL5 Take Heed my friend, do not add or take away one iota; think and think again. The base lead of my words may contain the purest gold. LET HE WHO HAS THE UNDERSTANDING USE IT WITH WISDOM.

A1L76L4R.IL6 MOSELY, Hello! A1L76L4R.IL7 GRACE,Hey, Mose. You're back. A1L76L4R.IL8 MOSELY,Yup. Gabriel and I . . .*SNIFF* we had it out. A1L76L4R.IL9 GRACE,You did? A1L76L4R.ILA MOSELY,Uh-huh. Guess my little secret is . . . uh . . . out in the open now. A1L76L4R.ILB GRACE,Huh. Is Gabriel here? I've had some real break-throughs with SIDNEY! A1L76L4R.ILC MOSELY,Yeah, he wanted me to come get ya. He's holding a meeting in the dining room. A1L76L4R.ILD GRACE,A *meeting*? *This* ought to be interesting.


The Dining Room Meeting

A1HJ4Y4P.591 GRACE,What's up? A1HJ4Y4P.592 GABE,Just a minute, Gracie. Why don't you take a seat? A1HJ4Y4P.593 GABE,All right. Fun time's over. I wanna know what's goin' on and I wanna know *now*. A1HJ4Y4P.594 BUCHELLI,I have no idea what you mean. A1HJ4Y4P.595 MADELINE,Nor I. A1HJ4Y4P.596 GABE,Then lemme give ya a *clue*. Earlier today I had a certain unpublished manuscript in my room. Someone *took* that manuscript and that someone was . . .

A1HJ4Y4P.KT1 GABE,Mosely. A1HJ4Y4P.KT2 GABE,Madeline Buthane. A1HJ4Y4P.KT3 GABE,Victorio Buchelli. A1HJ4Y4P.KT4 GABE,Emilio Baza. A1HJ4Y4P.KT5 GABE,Someone from the hotel. A1HJ4Y4P.KT6 GABE,I'm not.. sure who it was.

A1HJ4Y4P.8K1 GABE,Shortly afterwards it was stolen from the first thief by . . . (wrong) A1HJ4Y4P.85A GRACE,If you say so.

A1HJ4Y4P.0D1 GABE,The second thief couldn't hold onto it either. It was stolen for the *third* time by . . .

A1HJ4Y4P.161 GRACE,And the *third* thief disposed of it by . . .

A1HJ4Y4P.FY1 GRACE, . . . burning it! A1HJ4Y4P.FY2 GRACE,. . . burying it! A1HJ4Y4P.FY3 GRACE,. . . selling it! A1HJ4Y4P.FY4 GABE,Really? A1HJ4Y4P.FY5 GRACE,Yup.

(all wrong answers) A1HJ4Y4P.851 MADELINE,This is ridiculous! You obviously know *nothing*! Au revoir. A1HJ4Y4P.852 MOSELY,Sorry, Bud. A1HJ4Y4P.853 BUCHELLI,Stupido!

A1HJ4Y4P.854 GRACE,Why do I have the feeling that could have gone better? A1HJ4Y4P.855 GABE,Goddamn it! I've *got* to find that manuscript! A1HJ4Y4P.856 GRACE,Hmmm . . . I did see a moped parked off the road. It was just south of Blanchefort, near a big orange rock. A1HJ4Y4P.857 GABE,(SIGH) That's somethin' at least. I'll check it out. A1HJ4Y4P.858 GRACE,And we *really* need to talk about SIDNEY and the treasure. A1HJ4Y4P.859 GABE,Not now, Grace. I'll come up later.

No manuscript... A1HJ4Y4P.0P1 GABE,Of course we can. Can't we, Grace? A1HJ4Y4P.0P2 GRACE,Sure! Of course we can. We have solid proof on all three of you. A1HJ4Y4P.4X1 GABE,Great. We've got that settled. A1HJ4Y4P.4X3 GABE,Now WHERE'S THE MANUSCRIPT?! A1HJ4Y4P.4X4 MOSELY,Cough it up, Padre, or you'll be singing in the boy's choir. A1HJ4Y4P.4X5 BUCHELLI,You are both mad. I don't have it. A1HJ4Y4P.4X6 GRACE,I think I have an idea where it might be. A1HJ4Y4P.4X7 GABE,All right. But if I don't find that manuscript, I'll be comin' to see ya, *Signore* A1HJ4Y4P.4X8 MADELINE,*May* we go now? A1HJ4Y4P.4X9 GABE,Yeah. A1HJ4Y4P.4XA GRACE,I saw a moped parked off the road. It was south of Blanchefort near a big orange rock. A1HJ4Y4P.4XB GABE,'Kay. I'll check it out. Thanks. A1HJ4Y4P.4XC GRACE,And I've made some real progress with SIDNEY. A1HJ4Y4P.4XD GABE,I'll come up and see it later, all right? Right now I've got much bigger problems. A1HJ4Y4P.4XE GRACE,You certainly do.

(Manuscript, but no prints) A1HJ4Y4P.LJ1 GRACE,I think he *can*. A1HJ4Y4P.LJ2 MADELINE,What? A1HJ4Y4P.LJ3 BUCHELLI,Where did you get that, you . . . A1HJ4Y4P.LJ4 GABE,Thief? Come now.

(With prints) A1HJ4Y4P.CD1 BUCHELLI,But this is slanderous! You cannot prove a word! A1HJ4Y4P.HY1 GRACE,Uh . . . yeah. He *can* prove it. Every one of you left prints. A1HJ4Y4P.HY2 BUCHELLI,Santa cielo! A1HJ4Y4P.HY3 MADELINE,Merde. A1HJ4Y4P.IQ1 MOSELY,*I* admit it. I did take the manuscript. But I didn't do it for my own personal gain or anything. A1HJ4Y4P.IQ2 MOSELY,I'm uh . . . I'm CIA. A1HJ4Y4P.IQ3 MADELINE,Ah! *That* explains it. A1HJ4Y4P.IQ4 BUCHELLI,Outrageous! A1HJ4Y4P.IQ5 GRACE,God, Mose. Congrats! A1HJ4Y4P.IQ6 MOSELY,Thanks. A1HJ4Y4P.IQ7 GABE,Mademoiselle Buthane? What's your excuse? A1HJ4Y4P.IQ8 MADELINE,I do not know what you mean. A1HJ4Y4P.IQ9 GABE,Don't you? Let's consider the fact that you have *way* too much equipment for a tour guide. A1HJ4Y4P.IQA MADELINE,I'm technically minded. A1HJ4Y4P.IQB GABE,And lethal. My guess is French Internal Secret Service. A1HJ4Y4P.IQC MADELINE,You're much too smart for your own good. (Here starts the alternate discussion if you didn't find Buchelli's priest outfit) A1HJ4Y4P.IQD GABE,And you, Signore? Or should I call you *Father*? A1HJ4Y4P.IQE BUCHELLI,It is not illegal for a priest to travel without a collar. A1HJ4Y4P.IQF GABE,But you're not just a priest are you? You came on a train from Rome, yet you lied --you said it was Naples. Why tell such a pointless fabrication unless you were hidin' somethin'? Like the fact that you're with the Vatican? A1HJ4Y4P.IQG BUCHELLI,*That* is not a crime, either. A1HJ4Y4P.IQH GABE,But stealin' manuscripts *is*. A1HJ4Y4P.IQI MADELINE,Perhaps it is time for you to reveal *your* secrets, Gabriel. A1HJ4Y4P.IQJ GABE,Sure. I'm a private investigator. I'm here about the kidnappin' of Prince James of Albany's infant son. A1HJ4Y4P.IQK BUCHELLI,James Stewart's son has been kidnapped? A1HJ4Y4P.IQL MADELINE,When did this happen? A1HJ4Y4P.IQM GABE,You really didn't know? Either of you? A1HJ4Y4P.IQN MADELINE,No! A1HJ4Y4P.IQO BUCHELLI,Certamente, no. I came only to report on any activity in the area. The Vatican feels there are certain . . . subversive parties who are trying to fabricate stories. A1HJ4Y4P.IQP BUCHELLI,Perhaps even go so far as to . . . to stage certain finds. *Plant* material. Naturally, the Church is anxious that anything of the sort be prevented and exposed. A1HJ4Y4P.IQQ MADELINE,Perhaps you are right, Signore, but we believe there *is* something buried near Rennes-le-Château. A1HJ4Y4P.IQR GABE,That's why you were given this assignment? A1HJ4Y4P.IQS MADELINE,I have been watching Rennes-le-Château for a few years now. There are certain political interests involved, interests which might not be working for the long-term stability of the *present* French government. A1HJ4Y4P.IQT MADELINE,Besides, if there is an archaeological discovery to be made here, such findings should be controlled by the French authorities. We want to make sure nothing gets smuggled out without our knowing. A1HJ4Y4P.IQU GRACE,I thought you needed excavation permits to do any serious digging. A1HJ4Y4P.IQV MADELINE,Hypothetically. But several parties *have* applied for permits. We can only deny them so long. A1HJ4Y4P.IQW GABE,Mose? A1HJ4Y4P.IQX MOSELY,The CIA thinks there's something goin' on over here with the Freemasons, the Priory, and the Knights of Malta, you name it. We have to make sure *our* interests are being protected. You know, the good ol' U.S. of A. A1HJ4Y4P.IQY MOSELY,They . . . uh . . . they sent me on the tour as kind of an 'audition', I guess. They didn't want anybody with legit CIA credentials, anyone who could be traced. A1HJ4Y4P.IQZ MOSELY,But I'll probably be starting full-time when I get back. A1HJ4Y4P.QX1 MADELINE,And the *digging*, Monsieur? A1HJ4Y4P.QX2 MOSELY,Oh. Intelligence got that tip from somewhere. I was just s'posed to check it out. A1HJ4Y4P.QX3 MADELINE,So it was the *CIA* who infiltrated our computer system! We thought it was the Priory! A1HJ4Y4P.QX4 MADELINE,It is not the first theory we have had, I'm afraid. Our cipher experts work on it when they can. And it appears this was another failed attempt. Right, Monsieur? A1HJ4Y4P.QX5 MOSELY,I sure didn't find anything. A1HJ4Y4P.O81 MADELINE,And now we can go, yes? I assume you have not found your kidnapper among us? A1HJ4Y4P.O82 GABE,Doesn't look it. A1HJ4Y4P.O83 MADELINE,You were *very* masterful. But you have not gotten *everything* from me yet. Perhaps you should come by my room and try a little harder, um? A1HJ4Y4P.O84 GRACE,And I always thought the idea of chastity belts was cruel and sexist. I finally get it. A1HJ4Y4P.O85 GABE,I doubt they invented one strong enough for Madeline. A1HJ4Y4P.O86 GABE,Thanks for finding the manuscript. Where was it? A1HJ4Y4P.O87 GRACE,Buchelli buried it out in the valley. I saw his moped from Blanchefort. A1HJ4Y4P.O88 GABE,Good job, Grace. As usual. A1HJ4Y4P.O89 GRACE,Prince James is at the Villa Bethania. He wants to see you. A1HJ4Y4P.O8A GABE,I bet. A1HJ4Y4P.O8B GRACE,And there's some real progress on the treasure. With SIDNEY I was able to . . . A1HJ4Y4P.O8C GABE,I'll . . . come up later, okay? A1HJ4Y4P.O8D GRACE,(SIGHS) Suit yourself.

(If only manuscript was found) A1HJ4Y4P.QK2 GRACE,Well, at least I found the manuscript.

(If Buchelli's drawer remains unopened) A1HJ4Y4P.TDD GABE,And you, Signore? You aren't interested in the treasure. In fact, you have no *apparent* reason for being here at all. A1HJ4Y4P.TDE BUCHELLI,That is not a crime. A1HJ4Y4P.IQH GABE,But stealin' manuscripts *is*.

(Alternative Where's That Manuscript discussion that appears in the YAK. This one doesn't have the castration line.) A1HJ4Y4P.4X1 GABE,Great. We've got that settled. A1HJ4Y4P.4X3 GABE,Now WHERE'S THE MANUSCRIPT?! A1HJ4Y4P.TE3 MOSELY,Cough it up, Buchelli. A1HJ4Y4P.4X5 BUCHELLI,You are both mad. I don't have it. A1HJ4Y4P.4X6 GRACE,I think I have an idea where it might be. A1HJ4Y4P.4X7 GABE,All right. But if I don't find that manuscript, I'll be comin' to see ya, *Signore*. A1HJ4Y4P.4X8 MADELINE,*May* we go now? A1HJ4Y4P.4X9 GABE,Yeah. A1HJ4Y4P.4XA GRACE,I saw a moped parked off the road. It was south of Blanchefort near a big orange rock. A1HJ4Y4P.4XB GABE,'Kay. I'll check it out. Thanks. A1HJ4Y4P.4XC GRACE,And I've made some real progress with SIDNEY. A1HJ4Y4P.4XD GABE,I'll come up and see it later, all right? Right now I've got much bigger problems. A1HJ4Y4P.4XE GRACE,You certainly do.

Knock Buchelli's door A1AJ204H.EK1 I wanna look around for the manuscript first. It's not gonna be easy gettin' the truth outta that cold fish.

Knock Madeline's door A1AJ2P4H.411 Yeah. I'm tempted. But if I go in there, I wouldn't be comin' out for quite a while. A1AJ2P4H.412 And I've got more important things to take care of.

Knock Mosely's door A1AJ9C4H.411 I'm done enough talkin' to my old pal lately.

At Orange Rock

Look rock A1MJFF44.RZ1 It's a big 'ol orange rock. Think rock A1MJFF44.S01 Either I'm color blind, or this is the 'big orange rock' Gracie told me about.

Look dig A1MJFH44.S01 Here we go. Someone's been up to no good.

Find manuscript A1MJFH1O.S02 It's the manuscript all right. Hallelujah!

A1MJFI32.411 Now I can face Prince James -- without a shit-eating grin on my face!

Villa Bethania

Enter Bethania before getting manuscript A1XJFW4H.S11 I *can't* talk to Prince James until I have that manuscript.

Prince James Conversation A1OJ6L3W.291 JAMES,I do appreciate your returning the manuscript, Mr. Knight. A1OJ6L3W.292 GABE,If I'd known what Mr. Sinclair here was up to, I wouldn't have taken it in the first place. A1OJ6L3W.293 LARRY,Hmph. A1OJ6L3W.294 JAMES,Well, what's done is done. But I think it's time we had a serious conversation. A1OJ6L3W.295 GABE,Absolutely.

A1OJFX10.Q81 GABE,Do you consider yourself to be a bloodline descendent, Prince James? A1OJFX10.Q82 JAMES,It may sound foolish to you, but a belief in our lineage -- and the responsibility that it brings -- has been the motivation behind everything the Stewarts have done for centuries. A1OJFX10.Q83 JAMES,You see, we take our heritage very seriously.

A1OJFX3Q.Q81 GABE,So you think the kidnappin' is a response to Sinclair's manuscript -- to it's positionin' you as the head of the bloodline. A1OJFX3Q.Q82 JAMES,It's not just the manuscript. But . . . but . . . yes. A1OJFX3Q.Q83 GABE,Have you received any demands from the kidnappers or . . . A1OJFX3Q.Q84 JAMES Look, I'm willing to give up my claim forever if that's what they want. As long as my son is safe. A1OJFX3Q.Q85 JAMES,But we don't even know who to contact to *make* such a concession. The Priory *swears* they're not responsible and no one else has come forward. A1OJFX3Q.Q86 JAMES,My God. I'm at the end of my rope. A1OJFX3Q.Q87 GABE,Perhaps it's not political. A1OJFX3Q.Q88 JAMES,If I let myself even *consider* that it might be the . . . the 'night visitors'! I can't imagine what they would want with . . . A1OJFX3Q.Q89 GABE,I'm sorry. I know how awful this is.

A1OJFX35.S31 GABE,You're tryin' to get permits to excavate out here, aren't you? A1OJFX35.S32 JAMES,I don't know where you heard such a thing. But I admit, we have been hedging our bets in case negociations go badly.

A1OJFX5T.Q81 GABE,What are these negotiations between the Freemasons and the Priory about? A1OJFX5T.Q82 JAMES,Because of our common heritage, there's certain . . . wisdom and property that's shared. A1OJFX5T.Q83 JAMES,Now that the dispute over the bloodline heir is coming to a head, these things must be settled.

A1OJFX5U.S31 GABE,What kind of 'property' do the Freemasons have? A1OJFX5U.S32 JAMES,We have a few of the treasures that have always been sacred to the . . . descendents of Moses. A1OJFX5U.S33 GABE,Like what? The arc of the covenent? Somethin' like that? A1OJFX5U.S34 JAMES,I'm not at liberty to say. But the bloodline treasures are dispersed. Whoever takes the mantel in the end will want them -- all of them. A1OJFX5U.S35 GABE,Hmmm.

A1OJFX5V.S31 GABE,What about the Priory? What do they have that *you* want? A1OJFX5V.S32 JAMES,The Priory controls the treasure the Templars could not take with them to Scotland because it was embedded in the very landscape. A1OJFX5V.S33 GABE,The treasure of Rennes-le-Château? A1OJFX5V.S34 JAMES,Yes. But they're not to touch it until we've agreed on a treaty. You see -- we have things *they* want, too.

A1OJFX37.3L1 GABE,Does the grapevine motif mean anythin' to you? Viticulture in general? A1OJFX37.3L2 JAMES,Yes. The wine of communion represents the blood of Jesus, and the grape represents his body. A1OJFX37.3L3 JAMES,And the grapvine . . . in some circles . . . represents the Desposyni -- the House of David. You have heard Jesus called 'the fruit of David', I assume? A1OJFX37.3L4 GABE,Of course. A1OJFX37.3L5 MESMI,Where did you see such a motif, Mr. Knight? A1OJFX37.3L6 GABE,Oh, it's . . . uh . . . it's in the church.

A1OJ6L4R.Q81 JAMES,What about my son, Mr. Knight? I'm willing to tell you certain things but . . . *please*, have you learned anything new? A1OJ6L4R.Q82 GABE,I've narrowed it down to a few suspects. In fact, I was gonna follow up on that right now. A1OJ6L4R.Q83 JAMES,Very well. Mesmi and I will continue our own efforts. We'll see you back here this evening, then? A1OJ6L4R.Q84 GABE,Absolutely. And . . . try not to worry. A1OJ6L4R.Q85 JAMES,I do appreciate your tenaciousness, Mr. Knight. A1OJ6L4R.Q86 GABE,Yeah? I've had shots for that but it . . . uh . . . never mind. I'll see ya. A1OJ6L4R.Q87 JAMES,What an extraordinary man.

Look Saunière's house A1OJ6144.Q81 Hmmm. This was once Saunière's house. Nice, but kinda outdated now.

Look Prince James A1OJFX44.Q81 Boy, he looks like he hasn't slept in days. Poor guy.

Look Mesmi A1OJGC44.Q81 That guy's the size of a small convertible.

Go back to Bethania A1XJFW4H.S51 No point in goin' back there until I can give Prince James a firm answer.

Use notebook on Prince James' car A1XJLP4X.QR1 I don't need to write down anythin' about Prince James' car. Look car A1XJLP44.QR1 That must be Prince James' car.

Look Larry's car A1XJY144.QR1 Larry's here.

Atop Tour Magdala

Talking to Arnaud A1FJ1A5O.PF1 GABE,Excuse me, Mr. Arnaud. A1FJ1A5O.PF2 ARNAUD,Hello, Mr. Knight. A1FJ1A5O.PF3 GABE,I've been meanin' to ask you somethin'. A1FJ1A5O.PF4 ARNAUD,And what is that? A1FJ1A5O.PF5 GABE,I've been meanin' to ask you about your association with the Priory of Sion. A1FJ1A5O.PF6 ARNAUD,Where did you hear such a thing? A1FJ1A5O.PF7 GABE,Prince James' men. See, I'm workin' for Prince James. I came here to see about the kidnappin' myself. A1FJ1A5O.PF8 ARNAUD,I see. Well. I'm not really surprised, though I would have expected more . . . polish from Prince James' agents. A1FJ1A5O.PF9 ARNAUD,C'est n'a pas d'importance. You will learn nothing from me. The Priory would never stoop to kidnapping a child. A1FJ1A5O.PFA GABE,And tell me, what sorts of things *would* the Priory stoop to? A1FJ1A5O.PFB ARNAUD,I have nothing to say to *you* about the Priory, Mr. Knight. But whatever you hear from Prince James, remember, it is *their* side of the story.

A1FJ1A31.6H1 GABE,The Priory *does* have issues with Prince James though, dunnit? *Political* issues? A1FJ1A31.6H2 ARNAUD,What could *you* understand about such matters? We have been working for *centuries* to get the bloodline on the throne of France. A1FJ1A31.6H3 ARNAUD,Do you know, we almost succeeded? Marie Antoinette was Desposyni, and she had a son who would have been king. A1FJ1A31.6H4 ARNAUD,But the damned revolution ruined everything! A1FJ1A31.6H5 GABE,Yeah. Revolutions can really fuck-up your long-term conspiracies. I take it the Priory doesn't like the idea of the Stewarts regainin' power? A1FJ1A31.6H6 ARNAUD,In Scotland, perhaps. Not in France! Not over the European Union! The Hapsburg-Lorraines are a *much* more critical line. Besides, we could hardly accept a *Scot* on the throne. A1FJ1A31.6H7 GABE,I see your point. Those bagpipes can get annoyin'.

A1FJ1A35.6H1 GABE,The Priory's tryin' to get official permission to excavate in the area, innin' that right? A1FJ1A35.6H2 ARNAUD,Yes. But so are the Freemasons. A1FJ1A35.6H3 ARNAUD,Naturally, we have an advantage, being French. A1FJ1A35.6H4 GABE,And what, exactly, are you plannin' to excavate? A1FJ1A35.6H5 ARNAUD,Far more learned ears than yours have been denied that knowledge. A1FJ1A35.6H6 GABE,Really? Includin' yours? Have they told *you* what it is? A1FJ1A35.6H7 ARNAUD,Really! Quel toupet!

A1FJ1A3N.6H1 GABE,Excelsior Montreaux, the owner of Château de Serres. Is he a Priory member, too? A1FJ1A3N.6H2 ARNAUD,Not at all. Why? A1FJ1A3N.6H3 GABE,Just wonderin'.

A1FJ1A4W.6H1 GABE,So there really *is* a treasure? A1FJ1A4W.6H2 ARNAUD,Beyond. Measure. A1FJ1A4W.6H3 GABE,So why don't you just go in and take it? A1FJ1A4W.6H4 ARNAUD,The Templars lived a long time ago . . . A1FJ1A4W.6H5 GABE,You don't know where it is! Do you? A1FJ1A4W.6H6 ARNAUD,There are certain disadvantages to keeping information in the hands of a chosen few. A1FJ1A4W.6H7 ARNAUD,When the French Revolution occurred, the abbé here was the guardian. He was forced to flee to Spain. His records were lost for decades. A1FJ1A4W.6H8 ARNAUD,Then Saunière rediscovered them. He was a greedy bastard. And he was tormented by the Great Secret. A1FJ1A4W.6H9 ARNAUD,He offered fragments of the documents for exorbitant sums. He fabricated and destroyed evidence and died without revealing what he knew. A1FJ1A4W.6HA GABE,That's why you've leaked information, innit? You hoped someone would solve the riddle *for* you. A1FJ1A4W.6HB ARNAUD,There is a season for everything. And the season for the unveiling is coming *very* soon. One way or another, the treasure *will* come to light. A1FJ1A4W.6HC GABE,What *is* it you're so determined to unveil? A1FJ1A4W.6HD ARNAUD,One day soon, you shall know. A1FJ6L4R.GB1 ARNAUD,Now excuse me, Mr. Knight. Oh -- and I *do* wish you luck in finding the infant.

Walk away and return during conversation A1FJBG22.NW1 GABE,I'll talk to you later. A1FJBG22.NW2 ARNAUD,As you wish. A1FJ6L3W.E01 ARNAUD,You have returned.

Look Arnaud A1FJ1A44.PF1 It's our best bud, your pal and mine, Mr. Priory of Sion.

Talk to Arnaud again A1FJ1A1B.GB1 Talkin' to the Abbé is like dancin' without a floor.

At Howard/Stiles site A0VJ5M39.291 ESTELLE,Good afternoon, Mr. Knight. A0VJ5M39.292 GABE,You need to slow down before you hit oil. A0VJ5M39.293 ESTELLE,I appreciate your concern. I'll be finishing up here soon. A0VJ5M39.294 GABE,Nothin', huh? A0VJ5M39.295 ESTELLE,No. Not a thing. A0VJ5M39.296 GABE,Does she really need money that badly? A0VJ5M39.297 ESTELLE,Lily's not the sort to live like ordinary people. She was raised to . . . to shine. You wouldn't understand. A0VJ5M39.298 ESTELLE,Now if you'll excuse me. (MISSING LINE: SEE BONUS)

Look Lady Howard: A0VJ8B44.411 What a great mound of turpitude. Talk to her: A0VJ8B39.411 She doesn't shut up that often. I'd hate to spoil the moment.

Talking to Grace at R25

If you didn't get the right answers A1LJ173F.S61 GABE,Can we talk about the case for a minute? A1LJ173F.S62 GRACE,Of course. A1LJ173F.S73 GABE,I've been thinkin' about the list of suspects. I haven't been able to pin down everyone yet -- particuarly Madeline, Buchelli, and that bean-head, Mosely. A1LJ173F.S74 GRACE,Yeah, that dining room conversation could have gone better. A1LJ173F.S75 GABE,But I have the feelin' that those three aren't involved in the kidnappin'. A1LJ173F.S76 GRACE,I agree. A1LJ173F.S77 GABE,Prince James and Larry are Freemasons and the Abbé's Priory. I *don't* think the Priory did it. There's just no reason for them to do somethin' so . . . alienatin'. A1LJ173F.S78 GRACE,Whoa! Big word. A1LJ173F.S79 GABE,Thanks. I know a couple.

If you caught Buchelli's priest outfit A1LJ173F.S61 GABE,Can we talk about the case for a minute? A1LJ173F.S62 GRACE,Of course. A1LJ173F.S63 GABE,I've been thinkin' about our list of suspects. Larry and Prince James are Freemasons. The Abbé is Priory. I think we can cross 'em off. A1LJ173F.S64 GRACE,Right. Buchelli is Vatican, Madeline is French Internal Secret Service, and Mosely is -- God help us -- CIA. A1LJ173F.S65 GABE,Yeah. Makes ya think about renouncin' your U.S. citizenship, dunnit? A1LJ173F.S66 GRACE,I've survived Gingrich, I can survive this. But *anyway*, it's starting to feel like the end of "Ten Little Indians". There's hardly anybody left. A1LJ173F.S67 GABE,There's still Emilio -- and the two British gals. A1LJ173F.S68 GRACE,Come on! They're harmless! Well . . . not exactly, *harmless*, from a sociological standpoint, but certainly not kidnappers.

A1LJ173F.S7A GRACE,So that leaves, who? Emilio? A1LJ173F.S7B GABE,Yeah -- he's an odd one. Always sneakin' around. Plus Lady Howard and Estelle. A1LJ173F.S7C GRACE,Pssah! A1LJ173F.S7D GABE,I know. But they're hidin' *somethin'*.

If you didn't dig up the manuscript yet A1LJ173Q.EK1 GABE,Where'd you say the manuscript might be again? A1LJ173Q.EK2 GRACE,I saw a moped parked by a big orange rock south of Blanchefort. I'm not sure if it's related to the manuscript or not. A1LJ173Q.EK3 GABE,Right.

Found the manuscript: A1LJ173Q.RY1 GABE,Hey, Gracie. I found the manuscript. Your instincts were spot on -- it was buried in a hole behind that orange rock. A1LJ173Q.RY2 GRACE,Great! Thank God you found it. A1LJ173Q.RY3 GABE,No kiddin'.

A1LJ173F.S69 GRACE, There's also Montreaux. I deciphered 'Le Serpent Rouge' and it showed a red serpent on the map -- with its tail wrapping right around Château de Serres. A1LJ173F.S6A GRACE,It really . . . well, it's pretty creepy. A1LJ173F.S6B GABE,I agree. He's our best suspect at the moment. I'll go check out Serres again. In the meantime, you keep an eye on Emilio, Lady Howard, and Estelle. A1LJ173F.S6C GRACE,All right. But be careful.

A1LJ175W.411 GABE,I need to decide what it is I *want* to have happen before I talk to her about it. A1LJ175W.412 GABE,I don't wanna screw up again.

A1LJ175X.411 GABE,You've made some progress with SIDNEY, you said? A1LJ175X.412 GRACE,Yeah, I did. *Several* times. A1LJ175X.413 GABE,Well, what'd you find out? A1LJ175X.414 GRACE,Lots of stuff you probably don't care about -- but it *did* help me find an entrance to an underground cave. I think Wilkes was onto it before he died. A1LJ175X.415 GABE,That *does* sound promisin'. Maybe we can go over it later. I have a few last things I wanna do first. A1LJ175X.416 GRACE,Sure.

Talk to Grace again A1LJ1739.411 I don't think either of us are inclined to do our usual schtick.

Look Grace A1LJ1744.411 Mosely's right, she *is* a babe. A1LJ1744.412 I really need to figure out what I'm gonna do.

At Serres: Enter if you're not ready yet A0WJFZ3H.VV1 Yeah, I *do* wanna go back in there, but there's a few things I need to take care of first.


He's coming! A0HJ6L3W.291 Uh-oh. It's 'Marceau'.

A1HJ4Y4P.S91 MARCEAU,The Château is closed, Mr. Knight! A1HJ4Y4P.S92 GABE,I noticed! Well I didn't see a buzzer down at the gate so I had to come up. I hate to bother y'all, but I'm leavin' the area today? And I *really* need to ask Mr. Montreaux just a few more teensy questions. A1HJ4Y4P.S93 GABE,*Please*? A1HJ4Y4P.S94 MARCEAU,Wait here. A1HJ4Y4P.S95 MONTREAUX,My apologies, Mr. Knight. It is a very bad day for visitors. A1HJ4Y4P.S96 GABE,Boy, I've had some of those! This is probably *really* inconvenient, but I'm leavin' France today? And I was hopin' to feature Serres in my article. You made quite an impression on me. A1HJ4Y4P.S97 MONTREAUX,Did I? A1HJ4Y4P.S98 GABE,Oh, yeah! What I was *really* hopin' was to snag a few more bottles of that Merlot? My editors won't let me give anythin' five stars unless they've tasted it, and boy, that Merlot deserves five stars. A1HJ4Y4P.S99 MONTREAUX,I applaud your taste. Of course I can get you more bottles. I'll have Marceau open the tasting room. A1HJ4Y4P.S9A GABE,Actually . . . A1HJ4Y4P.S9B GABE,I'm guessin' you guys have a wine cellar -- am I right? A1HJ4Y4P.S9C MONTREAUX,Yes. A1HJ4Y4P.S9D GABE,Could we go down *there* and get the wine? It'd make a much more romantic openin' for my article. I could just make it up but, as you said yourself, God is in the details. A1HJ4Y4P.S9E MONTREAUX,I don't believe I said that, but I couldn't agree more. I'll take you down myself.


A1HJ4Y4P.S9G GABRIEL,Wow! I knew this place would be great! A1HJ4Y4P.S9H GABRIEL,I was readin' about those Roman mines they had around here? Does this cellar attach to anythin' like that? A1HJ4Y4P.S9I MONTREAUX,Uh . . .no A1HJ4Y4P.S9J MONTREAUX,Here it is -- the '76 Merlot.. A1HJ4Y4P.S9K GABRIEL,I've been thinkin' about what you said? About how the breedin' of grapes is like the breedin' of people? A1HJ4Y4P.S9L MONTREAUX,That's not what I said. A1HJ4Y4P.S9M GABRIEL,Oh, it's a terrific analogy! Maybe even the angle on my new story. So would you say this Merlot is like, say, a "King" of wines? Or just a courtier? A1HJ4Y4P.S9N MONTREAUX,Be careful! A1HJ4Y4P.S9O GABRIEL,Look at that! God, am I an idiot! A1HJ4Y4P.S9P MONTREAUX,No, please. Don't bother, it's . . . A1HJ4Y4P.S9Q GABRIEL Aow! A1HJ4Y4P.S9R MONTREAUX,Oh my, you've cut yourself. A1HJ4Y4P.S9S GABRIEL,It's nothin'. A1HJ4Y4P.S9T MONTREAUX,You were asking about the wine . . . A1HJ4Y4P.S9U MONTREAUX,No . . . Not a Prince, our little Merlot. A1HJ4Y4P.S9V MONTREAUX,Then again, it's not exactly 'wine in a box', either. A1HJ4Y4P.S9W MONTREAUX,But yes. It's emminently drinkable. A1HJ4Y4P.S9X GABRIEL,Right. Gosh, look at the time. I have that flight to catch. I'll just . . . A1HJ4Y4P.S9Y GABRIEL,I'll . . . uh . . . thanks. See myself out. A1HJ4Y4P.S9Z MONTREAUX (LAUGHING HUMOROUSLY BUT DARKLY)

Snooping around Serres for the last time:

Leave house A0SJ6L3W.SA1 God!

Nervous at looking around: A0HJQF44.WY1 I feel like I'm being watched.

Try to open house door A0HJB44H.WY1 I *really* don't wanna go back in there.

Try to leave Serres A0HJFZ3H.WY1 This is probably my last chance to look around. I'll leave in a minute.

Look fountain A0HJQG44.WY1 I can almost see that filled with blood, like the end of Omega Man.

Look sign A0HJRO44.WY1 Funny. It doesn't say anythin' about *vampires* livin' here.

Try toget back in: A0HJB44H.WY1 I *really* don't wanna go back in there.

Look house A0HJQF44.WY1 I feel like I'm being watched.

Lok cellar door A0SJBU44.WY1 Montreaux's down there . . . lickin' my blood off the goddamn floor!

Look garage door: A0HJ3744.WY1 I wonder if there's any chance that door could be . . . well, I can always try.

Open garage door A0HJ3720.411 GABE Hey, it's *open*! A0HJ3720.412 GABE,Uh-oh.

Leave garage A1PJ6J22.SC1 Not yet! I wanna look around.

Look car in dark A1PJEP44.SC1 There's a car in here, but I can barely see it!

Look bats in dark A1PJG244.411 There's somethin' up there.

Look windows A1PJS444.411 I wonder why they've painted those windows black?

Look lightswitch A1PJG144.411 Looks like a light switch to me.

Turn light off A1PJG125.411 Why would I wanna turn the light *off*?

Look car in light A1PJEP44.411 A black sedan! I knew it!

Break in boxes A1PJS520.411 It would make too much noise!

Look boxes A1PJS544.411 They're storin' *somethin'* in here. Maybe supplies for the winery.

Look tools A1PJS644.411 Guess even vampires have to fix their car. Take tools A1PJS620.411 I don't think a screwdriver is gonna get me outta this!

Look bats A1HJ4Y4P.SE1 What's *up* there?

DAY 3 3PM-6PM END MOVIE A1HJ4Y4P.SE3 BARTENDER,. . . most sacred. After tonight the Adepts will converge in Cairo. A1HJ4Y4P.SE4 GABRIEL,Oh, shit! A1HJ4Y4P.SE5 BARTENDER,Voila! Monsieur Knight! What are you . . . A1HJ4Y4P.SE6 VAMPIRE_2,Look! It's the man from the train! A1HJ4Y4P.SE7 GABRIEL RECORD SOME GASPS OF FEAR AND SURPRISE FOR CHASE


Looking out the window... A1HD4Y4P.SF2 Where could he be?


Checking e-mail... A02DG458.3l2 'To mix blood distills gold'. Mixing blood to create the elixor of life, the philosopher's stone! A02DG458.3l3 Montreaux and his pals are into some weird blood cult thing. I think they're the vampires!

Check e-mail: A02DG40L.6R1 'To mix blood distills gold'. Mixing blood to create the elixor of life, the philosopher's stone! A02DG40L.6R2 Montreaux and his pals are into some weird blood cult thing. I think they're the vampires!

Match LSR print A02OX660.SJ1 Estelle! She was the one who left 'Le Serpent Rouge'?

Watch Emilio walking out A1ADA244.SP1 I wonder where he's going?

Knock R27 door A1ADBW4H.SI1 Hmmm. I think I'd rather just keep my eye on Emilio. I don't know what I'd say to him at the moment.

Talk to Emilio A1ADA21B.SP1 Maybe I should just follow him.

Knock R31 door after seeing Estelle downstairs A1AD9J4H.SO1 Hmmm. I'm not sure what I'd say if Lady Howard came to the door.

Follow Emilio: eavesdropping (Looks like there is a line missing...) A1HD4Y4P.SR2 EMILIO,Please! A1HD4Y4P.SR3 MESMI,The reverence is not for you. A1HD4Y4P.SR4 EMILIO,(SIGH) I know that. A1HD4Y4P.SR5 MESMI,*You* should not be here. You should not be anywhere near this place! A1HD4Y4P.SR6 EMILIO,They do not know I'm here. A1HD4Y4P.SR7 MESMI,You had better hope not! We have enough to worry about with the baby! A1HD4Y4P.SR8 EMILIO,Has there been any confirmation that he's the Kenosh Kania? A1HD4Y4P.SR9 MESMI,No. The signs are ambiguous. We won't know for certain until he's old enough to show his will. A1HD4Y4P.SRA EMILIO,But if *you* do not know, *they* cannot know either. A1HD4Y4P.SRB MESMI,I'm certain they do not. But they will take his blood anyway. And it may be enough. A1HD4Y4P.SRC EMILIO,Of course. We must stop them. A1HD4Y4P.SRD MESMI,How? You have been watching Mr. Knight? A1HD4Y4P.SRE EMILIO,Yes. You were right about his family. He has his own destiny to fulfill in all of this. And the girl has found the entrance to the temple. A1HD4Y4P.SRF MESMI,It may be too late. We're almost out of time. A1HD4Y4P.SRG EMILIO,Not until midnight. I have tried to prepare them as best I could, but it is almost . . . cruel to send him in. A1HD4Y4P.SRH MESMI,Do you foresee something? A1HD4Y4P.SRI EMILIO,I have told you, I will not foretell the outcome. But the forces arrayed below will be terrible. A1HD4Y4P.SRJ MESMI,He will not be sent alone. When can we start? A1HD4Y4P.SRK EMILIO,Give me time to speak with him. I will call you at the Villa. A1HD4Y4P.SRL MESMI,Very well. Til then. A1HD4Y4P.SRN GRACE,Oh my God. What is going *on*?

Talk to Simone A1ED1Y2J.PF1 GRACE,Hi, Simone. Have you seen Mr. Knight? A1ED1Y2J.PF2 SIMONE,No. Not this evening. Is he . . . missing, Mademoiselle? A1ED1Y2J.PF3 GRACE,Missing? Oh, no! I just . . . uh . . . didn't know if he'd gotten back yet. Thanks. A1ED1Y2J.PF4 GRACE,Oh, God.

Dining Room Chat with Mosely, Buchelli and Madeline A17D8839.291 MOSELY,Hi, Grace. A17D8839.292 GRACE,Hi. What are you guys doing? A17D8839.293 BUCHELLI,We hold the ecunmenical conference of spies. A17D8839.294 MADELINE,However, we already have *one* American present. A17D8839.295 GRACE,Not the one you want though, huh? Oh well. Can't win them all. A17D8839.296 MADELINE,Bit . . . A17D8839.297 MOSELY,Uh . . . Where *is* Gabe, by the way? Any . . . um . . . news? A17D8839.298 GRACE,I haven't heard from him. I'll let you know if I do. A17D8839.299 MOSELY,'Kay.

Talk trio A17D8839.6R1 I don't want to talk to them again right now.

Look Mosely/Madeline/Buchelli A17D8844.411 It's the three stooges. Curly, Moe, and Smutty.

Look Estelle A1ED5M44.411 Boy, Estelle looks exhausted!

Look Estelle's mug A1EDIZ44.411 It's just Estelle's coffee cup.

Think Estelle's water bottle A1WDBK0L.3L1 I wonder if Estelle's left anything *on* that bottle?

Look Estelle's water bottle A1WDBK44.3L1 It's an empty water bottle. I'm pretty sure it's Estelle's.

Take bottle before taking prints A1WDBK32.XT1 Hmmm. Maybe I'd better not touch it. Take bottle after taking prints A1WDBK32.XU1 I don't need the *bottle*.

Talk to Estelle

The right way A1ED5M0C.H91 GRACE,Estelle, I've been meaning to ask -- you didn't lose this, did you? A1ED5M0C.H92 ESTELLE,'Le Serpent Rouge!' What? A1ED5M0C.H93 ESTELLE,But *that's* not the one that . . . Where did you get it? A1ED5M0C.H94 GRACE,Don't you *know*? A1ED5M0C.H95 ESTELLE,Why should I? May I . . . may I see it again? A1ED5M0C.H96 GRACE,No! You left this riddle for me just like you left the book and all those notes . . . didn't you? A1ED5M0C.H97 ESTELLE,What on *earth* are you talking about? A1ED5M0C.H98 GRACE,Hmmm. A1ED5M0C.H99 ESTELLE,Look, *will* you show me your copy? We have a copy, too, you see, but we haven't made much headway. Yours looks quite different. *Please*, Grace. Please. A1ED5M0C.H9A GRACE,I'll think about it.

A1ED5M01.KE1 GRACE,I heard Lady Howard mention some Egyptian artifacts that were found here. A1ED5M01.KE2 ESTELLE,I don't know what you mean. A1ED5M01.I73 GRACE,Hmmm. All right. I'll show you my copy of 'Le Serpent Rouge' if you tell me. But it *better* be good. A1ED5M01.I74 ESTELLE,Come up to my room.

After talking about artefacts first: A1ED5M01.KE2 ESTELLE,I don't know what you mean.

A1ED5M0C.CI1 GRACE,If I show you my copy of 'Le Serpent Rouge,' will you tell me about the Egyptian artifacts? A1ED5M0C.CI2 ESTELLE,Follow me.

If you didn't get the print yet... A1ED5M1B.411 I *do* want to get more out of her, but . . . I'll need help making her talk.

If you failed... A1ED5M1B.QQ1 She *seems* to be telling the truth. Anyway, I don't think she's going to admit anything if I press her.

Estelle's Room A0MD6L3W.JS1 ESTELLE,Good. Lily's having a bath. She's been so distraught lately. She hasn't been in the mood to talk about the Mystery. A0MD6L3W.JS2 ESTELLE,Dr. Wen found these objects when he was digging here twenty years ago. He became convinced that the Rennes Mystery was deeply tied with Egyptology. A0MD6L3W.JS3 He believes there's a Seed of alien wisdom buried here, a Seed similar to that planted in Egypt. A0MD6L3W.JS4 GRACE,Huh. So where'd Dr. Wen find these artifacts, anyway? A0MD6L3W.JS5 ESTELLE,On the back of Mount Cardou, in a cave. He said it headed off into further caverns, but he never got the chance to explore them before his. . . accident. A0MD6L3W.JS6 GRACE,His accident? A0MD6L3W.JS7 ESTELLE,Yes! Didn't you know? A0MD6L3W.JS8 GRACE,Oh, *my*! A0MD6L3W.JS9 ESTELLE,That cave is on private land now. Not that it matters. It was just one of the many storage caves of the Atlanteans. A0MD6L3W.JSA ESTELLE,The Seed itself is the real treasure. *It* was placed based on cosmic alien logic. Unfortunately, Dr. Wen's latest calculations still seem to be a bit off. A0MD6L3W.JSB GRACE,I'm not surprised. That cosmic alien logic's a bitch. Can I . . . just look at the pictures, please? A0MD6L3W.JSC ESTELLE,Of course! I'm sorry. A0MD6L3W.JSD GRACE,What's *this*? A0MD6L3W.JSE ESTELLE,Dr. Wen never identified it. Odd, isn't it? A0MD6L3W.JSF GRACE,Can I borrow the photograph? I promise I'll get it back to you. A0MD6L3W.JSG ESTELLE,In exchange for 'Le Serpent Rouge?' A0MD6L3W.JSH GRACE,Deal. A0MD6L3W.JSI GRACE,I'd better go. Good luck, Estelle. A0MD6L3W.JSJ ESTELLE,Thank you. Of course, I wish you the same.

Knock R31 door after talking to Estelle A1AD9J4H.4E1 I don't think I'm going to learn anything new from Estelle.

Use glass on R31 door after talking to Estelle A1AD9J23.4E1 I already know who's in there.

Look Emilio after eavesdropping A1ADA244.SS1 I can't believe what I just overheard! I'm not even *sure* what I just overheard!

Talk to Emilio

A1ADA21B.SS1 I want to, believe me, but not here!

Look Emilio door A1ADBW44.SM1 Who *is* Emilio Baza? I think I'd better find out.

Use glass on Emilio's door A1ADBW23.SM1 I've overheard enough!

Meeting up with Emilio (MISSING LINES: CHECK BONUS) A1ADBW4H.GV1 GRACE,I think it's time we had a talk, Mr. Baza. A0KD6L3W.GV4 GRACE,You left that copy of 'Le Serpent Rouge' at the museum for me, didn't you? A0KD6L3W.GV5 EMILIO,Yes. A0KD6L3W.GV6 GRACE,And the little notes at the center of the circle and the arms of the hexagram . . . A0KD6L3W.GV7 EMILIO,Guilty as charged. A0KD6L3W.GV8 GRACE,I don't get it. If you wanted to help Gabriel and I, why didn't you just be open about it? A0KD6L3W.GV9 EMILIO,I must be very careful that . . . that certain people do not know I am here. A0KD6L3W.GVA GRACE,You're part of the Secret Brotherhood, aren't you? You and Mesmi? A0KD6L3W.GVD EMILIO,You are correct about Mesmi. He is with the Brotherhood. But I am not. I haven't been for some time. A0KD6L3W.GVE GRACE,And Montreaux . . . he's one of the others -- the ones who steal the blood? A0KD6L3W.GVF EMILIO,Yes. They call themselves 'Adepts of the Holy Blood', but they are vampires, pure and simple. A0KD6L3W.GVG GRACE,I don't understand. Why doesn't the Brotherhood just stop the vampires? A0KD6L3W.GVH EMILIO,If you are to understand what we're up against, you must know the whole story. Listen . . .


A1HD4Y4P.NU1 EMILIO,The Secret Brotherhood are the weavers of the bloodline. It is a process intricately linked to the stars. The birth of the Divine One, the one the Brotherhood calls the 'Kenosh Kania', can only happen during certain planetary alignments with the constellation Osiris. A1HD4Y4P.NU2 EMILIO,Just over two thousand years ago was the last such configuration. The Brotherhood was expecting something profound. A1HD4Y4P.NU3 EMILIO, They tried frantically to read the signs and omens. There were many branches of the bloodline even back then. One was the House of David and it was to this branch that the signs pointed. A1HD4Y4P.NU4 EMILIO,So the Brotherhood used their influence -- and a bit of magic -- to convince the current heir, Joseph, to marry his betrothed before the date proscribed by Jewish tradition. Mary conceived. A1HD4Y4P.NU5 EMILIO,The signs for the birth were auspicious. A conjunction of two planets -- Jupiter and Mercury, created a star, a certain sign of success. A1HD4Y4P.NU6 EMILIO,But the Jewish King, Herod, heard of the birth of a Davidic heir and threatened the infant's life. The Brotherhood took the family to Egypt, and the young god was reared there; tutored in the ways of the Infinite. A1HD4Y4P.NU7 GRACE,So Jesus was the Kenosh Kania? A1HD4Y4P.NU8 EMILIO,Oh, yes. He was what we had awaited, the open portal between Man and the Infinite, the One who could see the fabric of the universe and alter it at will. A1HD4Y4P.NU9 GRACE,Wow. A1HD4Y4P.NUA EMILIO,But he was also a Jew. Jesus insisted on studying the Torah, learning his heritage. And as he read the tales, he became convinced that he was the Jewish messiah. A1HD4Y4P.NUB EMILIO,From the Brotherhood's point of view, it was a limited ambition. And yet, who were we to tell the Divine One what he was or was not? A1HD4Y4P.NUC GRACE,What happened? A1HD4Y4P.NUD EMILIO,He returned to Jerusalem. A few of the Brotherhood went with him, to watch over him. What we didn't realize, perhaps because we were not Jews, was that Jesus intended to fulfill the prophecies. A1HD4Y4P.NUE EMILIO,All of them. A1HD4Y4P.NUF GRACE,What about the vampires? Where do they come in? A1HD4Y4P.NUG EMILIO,I will try to explain. You see, the Brotherhood collected blood samples for study and testing before they selected brides. There were certain . . . magical rites performed. There had always been rumors that some of these priests had dared imbibe the blood -- to steal power for themselves. A1HD4Y4P.NUH EMILIO,Of course, such things were taboo, and when these rumors surfaced among the initiates, they were harshly scolded. A1HD4Y4P.NUI EMILIO,But when Jesus was being reared in Egypt, there was a young initiate who envied his strange abilities. He began to whisper to his friends that to truly serve the Kenosh Kania, the priesthood ought *also* to be immortal, just like the Kenosh Kania himself. A1HD4Y4P.NUJ GRACE,Jesus was immortal? A1HD4Y4P.NUK EMILIO,In a sense. He could reweave the fabric of his body at will -- just as he could those of others. He could have healed his own wounds, but he chose to perform the sacrifice the prophecies demanded. It wouldn't have been much of a sacrifice had he rescinded. A1HD4Y4P.NUL GRACE,So what happened with the young initiate? A1HD4Y4P.NUM EMILIO,His name was Sinay. And one of the boys he persuaded was Ali, son of the Brotherhood's Head Master. A1HD4Y4P.NUN EMILIO,Ali wasn't a bad boy, but he loved Jesus and liked the idea of living with Him forever. Fortunately, he approached his father about it one night. When the head master heard of the heresy he exploded. Sinay and his followers were expelled. Only Ali remained, having repented his ignorance. A1HD4Y4P.NUO EMILIO,But Sinay and his followers didn't give up. Sinay grew bitter; he decided they would *steal* the blood. He kept eyes on the conclave but could never get close. A1HD4Y4P.NUP EMILIO,When Jesus left for Jerusalem, they managed to keep it secret from Sinay. He did not arrive in Israel until . . . A1HD4Y4P.NUQ EMILIO,Until it was too late. A1HD4Y4P.NUR GRACE,So Sinay's group -- the Adepts -- are still after the blood? A1HD4Y4P.NUS EMILIO,Even worse, they found it. Jesus had heirs -- two sons. That was the one thing he did agree to do for the Brotherhood's sake. A1HD4Y4P.NUT EMILIO,His son's were only human -- they'd missed the window of Osiris. But they survived to have descendants. A1HD4Y4P.NUU GRACE,Now the window is open again. A1HD4Y4P.NUV EMILIO,Yes. A1HD4Y4P.NUW GRACE,Is the baby -- Charlie -- the Kenosh Kania? A1HD4Y4P.NUX EMILIO,We do not know. It depends on how well the vine has been woven. It depends on many things. A1HD4Y4P.NUY EMILIO,Sadly, it may not matter. Where the Brotherhood has woven for 2000 years, the Adepts have tasted. The bloodline grew too broad for the Brotherhood to protect each descendent every minute. A1HD4Y4P.NUZ EMILIO,And as the vampires succeeded in stealing here and there, they grew in power and in corruption. They will resort to anything for the blood; blackmail, murder, even black magic. A1HD4Y4P.QY1 GRACE,They've been mixing the blood as you have, but in their own bodies. A1HD4Y4P.QY2 EMILIO,Exactly. And they've been doing it for so many generations that they have changed, physically. It is a result of the blood, but even more, the result of corruption. You see, the power they have, is stolen. It is not theirs. A1HD4Y4P.QY3 EMILIO,Even so, they are strong. The Brotherhood does not taste of the forbidden fruit. They're no match for the Adepts anymore. And the baby's blood may be enough to tip them over the threshold, even if he is not all we think he might be. A1HD4Y4P.QY4 GRACE,So what will happen if they take his blood? A1HD4Y4P.QY5 EMILIO,Montreaux will be King of the World -- Rex Mundi incarnate. A1HD4Y4P.QY6 GRACE,God! A1HD4Y4P.QY7 GRACE,It's Gabriel! Thank heaven. A1HD4Y4P.QY8 EMILIO,Thank heaven, indeed! We have quite nearly run out of time. May we meet in your room, Miss Nakimura?

DAY 3 9PM-MIDNIGHT A1HE4Y4P.TF1 GABE,. . . So they chased me for miles! Good thing I had the Harley. A1HE4Y4P.TF2 EMILIO,God is good. A1HE4Y4P.TF3 GABE,Yeah. Vanity works, too. A1HE4Y4P.TF4 MESMI,It's time we talked about the temple. We *must* reach the holy of holies before midnight. A1HE4Y4P.TF5 GABE,'The Temple'? A1HE4Y4P.TF6 GRACE,I've been trying to tell you. SIDNEY helped me find it. A1HE4Y4P.TF7 MESMI,There will be traps to keep out the uninitiated. A1HE4Y4P.TF8 EMILIO,He means, those who are not initiated into the mysteries. A1HE4Y4P.TF9 MOSELY,Gabe's read a lot of mysteries. Haven't ya, Bud? A1HE4Y4P.TFA EMILIO,No, my friend. The *hermetical* mysteries. This is why Mesmi must go with you. I would go, but I . . . I dare not risk it while the Adepts are down there. A1HE4Y4P.TFB GRACE,I'd like to go. A1HE4Y4P.TFC EMILIO,I was hoping you would stay here with me, Grace. We can use Mesmi's radio to stay in contact with the others. They may need some of your computer expertise. A1HE4Y4P.TFD GRACE,But . . . A1HE4Y4P.TFE MESMI,*Three*. Three is the number that will best protect the group. Myself, Gabriel, and . . . I believe Mr. Mosely is a trained police officer? A1HE4Y4P.TFF MOSELY,Hell yeah, I'll go! Gotta gun in my room. But . . . uh . . . there aren't really any vampires down there . . . Are there? A1HE4Y4P.TFG MESMI,A few. If I know Montreaux, he will admit only his most trusted allies tonight. For such a prize as the baby he might be challenged. *His* kind are not known for their loyalty. A1HE4Y4P.TFH MOSELY,Yikes. A1HE4Y4P.TFI GRACE,What about . . . the treasure? A1HE4Y4P.TFJ EMILIO,God willing, we must remove it to safer keeping. A1HE4Y4P.TFK GABE,Wait a minute -- this is about the *kid*. I'm not puttin' my butt on the line so you guys can get rich. A1HE4Y4P.TFL GRACE,It's not what you think. A1HE4Y4P.TFM MESMI,I assure you, the baby is the first priority for us all. A1HE4Y4P.TFN GABE,Hmmm. Just don't get too far ahead of me, bucko. Now let's see that map. (MISSING LINES: SEE BONUS)

ENTERING THE TEMPLE (In this section, the audio files are linked to the wrong speaker. It lists Mesmi saying “Where is this thing?” for example. Check the game: the subtitle colours are wrong.) A1HE4Y4P.TFQ MOSELY,Where is this thing? A1HE4Y4P.TFR MESMI,We are very close. A1HE4Y4P.TFS GABRIEL, She said it was...yep, she was right. A1HE4Y4P.TFT MOSELY,Whoa! A1HE4Y4P.TFU GABRIEL,Here goes nothin'. A1HE4Y4P.TFV MOSELY,Be careful! A1HE4Y4P.TFW GABE (YELLING AS HE FALLS DOWN HOLE)

Chessboard A1QE6L3W.292 MOSELY,Aeeeiiii! A1QE6L3W.293 MESMI,Aeeeiiii! A1QE6L3W.295 MOSELY,Was that really necessary? A1QE6L3W.296 GABE,Stop whinin'! Look at this place. A1QE6L3W.297 MESMI,Wait! Everything here could be a trap. A1QE6L3W.298 GABE,What -- you wanna lead? A1QE6L3W.299 MESMI,No. Just . . . be wary. Mosely and I will follow. A1QE6L3W.29A MOSELY,Sounds good to me. A1QE6L3W.29B GABE,Great.

Talk to Mosely/Mesmi A1QEGC1B.3L1 I don't think this is the time for gabbin'. Look Mosely A1QE1244.3L1 I don't look as out of place as he does . . . do I? Look Mesmi A1QEGC44.3L1 Why do I get the feelin' he knows a hell of a lot more about this than I do?

Look doors A1QEGA0L.TJ1 I have to get across that floor and over to one of those doors somehow.

Think at chessboard A1QEGA0L.TK1 I *think* I'd rather not do this. But it doesn't look like I have much choice.

Look chessboard A1QEGA44.TK1 Does that floor have 'trap' written all over it, or am I bein' paranoid?

Radio Grace A1QEGB62.TI1 GABE,We're in this big room. The floor reminds me of the floor in the church -- black and white tiles. Mean anythin' to you? A1QEGB62.TI2 GRACE,Yes! It's a chessboard!

A1QEGB62.TO1 GABE, Any more 'tidbits' on the chessboard thing? A1QEGB62.TO2 GRACE, Hmmm . . . How big is it? A1QEGB62.TO3 GABE ,I'm about the size of a playin' piece in relation to it. A1QEGB62.TO4 GRACE,Then maybe you should act like one.

A1QEGB62.TP1 GABE,You've got to have more hermetical wisdom than that. A1QEGB62.TP2 GRACE,I've been searching. The Templars brought the game back from the crusades and changed the pieces to match Western culture. A1QEGB62.TP3 GRACE,Maybe you should think like a KNIGHT -- a Knight Templar.

Go through door A1QEGD20.TS1 I have to get over there first. A1QEGD20.TS2 I can't from here!

Look doors A1QEGE0L.3L1 Those might have somethin' to do with the shapes on Grace's map.

Look pillars A1QERY44.411 Those pillars are *massive*. I wonder if they're hooked up to some kind of trap?

Talk to Mesmi about pillars A1QERY7M.291 GABE,Do these two pillars do somethin'? A1QERY7M.292 MESMI,They are Boaz and Jachin, pillars from the porch of the Temple of Solomon. They represent the pillar of fire and the pillar of smoke that followed the Israelites in the wilderness. A1QERY7M.293 GABE,Okay. But do they *do* anythin'? A1QERY7M.294 MESMI,I -- don't believe so.

Look pillars after talking to Mesmi A1QERY44.HL1 Boaz and Ja-KEEN. Mesmi thinks they're decorative.

Think at decorative porch A1QEW60L.3L1 I think someone took a lot of trouble to build this place. The question is, Why? Look porch A1QEW644.3L1 That thing looks familiar. Isn't there somethin' like that on the dollar bill?

Look exit A1QEW544.3L1 We're certainly not *leavin'* in that direction. That thing goes straight up!

Look lamp A1QEW744.3L1 That's awsome, but I think it's just a lamp.

Look sword tiles A1QEUJ44.PF1 There's a pattern of sword tiles on the board. Look skull tiles A1QEUK44.PF1 Some of the tiles have skulls on 'em. I don't think that's a *good* thing. Look cross tiles A1QEUL44.PF1 Two of the tiles in the front row have a cross-shape on them.

Agonizing death scream that will give you nightmares: A1QEGA63.TL1 Aeeeiiii!

Universal I Don't Have Time For That Now file A1SERM44.V51 I don't have time for that now!

Hit last sword at wrong tile A1QEGA63.TQ1 Somethin' tells me I could have planned that better.

Beat chessboard A1QEGA63.DD2 GABE,Hey, I got one open! A1QEGA63.DD3 MESMI,Excellent, Mr. Knight! Keep moving -- we'll be right behind you! A1QEGA63.DD4 MOSELY,Be careful, Bud!

Pendulum Room

A1RE6L3W.291 So much for safety in numbers. A1RE6L3W.292 And a pendulum. Wonderful.

Radio Grace A1REGB62.DL1 I *could* ask her what to do about a fifty-pound blade that's ready to slice me like a hunk of salami, but why should we both be scared shitless?

Look pendulum A1REGF44.Q81 Now I know why the Knights Templar were persecuted. They were sadists. (MISSING LINE: CHECK BONUS)

Run away A1REGG22.Q81 I'd love to, but I'd just have to do that chessboard thing over again.

Look door A1REGG44.Q81 That's the way I came in.

Look scale A1REGI0L.DL1 I can't see it that well from here. Think scale A1REGI44.DL1 I have a feelin' I'm s'posed to get over there. Yeah. Right.

Look exit A1REGQ44.Q81 That *might* be an exit, but it is *way* down there.

Look lamps A1REIK44.Q81 Charming lamps. It's nice to be able to see just how *fucked* you really are.

Look freemason symbol in wall A1REW644.Q81 It'd be handy if that's an exit but . . . I don't think it is.

Agonizing death scream #2 A1REGJ67.Q81 (SCREAM)

Land on platform and get locked in at the scales (MISSING LINE: CHECK BONUS) A1REGK63.Q82 I'm startin' to *really* hate this place.

Look table top A1REGO44.Q81 Gold ingots. I could just pick 'em up and try to go home, but I have a feelin' this room would be prepared to stop me.

Look scale A1REGP44.Q81 Looks like a weighted scale to me.

Radio Grace A1REGB62.TV1 GABE,Gracie? Can you give me a run down on the meanin' of the circle? A1REGB62.TV2 GRACE,It represents eternity, fertility, and perfection. A1REGB62.TV3 GABE,Uh . . . okay.

Look pendulum A1REGF44.TV1 I finally get why Poe is so scary.

Solve scale A1REGP69.TW1 Hey! A1REGP69.TW2 Works for me.


A1HE4Y4P.V81 GRACE,I don't hear anything -- just walking. A1HE4Y4P.V82 GRACE,There's something I've been wondering. I read about the vampires looking for the Wandering Jew. He exists, doesn't he? And it has something to do with the blood of Jesus? A1HE4Y4P.V83 EMILIO, Yes, Grace. A1HE4Y4P.V84 GRACE,But it's not the way the legends claim, is it? Jesus cursing someone to 'go on'. A1HE4Y4P.V85 EMILIO,No. A1HE4Y4P.V86 GRACE,The vampires didn't get the blood of Jesus, but someone else did. A1HE4Y4P.V87 EMILIO,Yes. Ali, the head master's son, was among those who accompanied Jesus back to Jerusalem. For three years he watched Jesus teach. It was, well, amazing. A1HE4Y4P.V88 EMILIO,But in the end, neither he nor his father could stop Jesus from his course. A1HE4Y4P.V89 EMILIO,The day of the crucifixion Ali's father was so ill with grief that he had to be carried from Golgotha. Only Ali was left to keep vigil. A1HE4Y4P.V8A, EMILIO,Ali could not believe it was ending. All the promise of the Kenosh Kania, all of the centuries of planning were being destroyed -- Jesus was *allowing* it be destroyed. A1HE4Y4P.V8B EMILIO,Something in him . . . rebelled. He remembered Sinay's words, and in his grief and rage he thought he might be able to *save* the blood, in himself. A1HE4Y4P.V8C EMILIO,He did not mean to become the Kenosh Kania! You must understand that. He simply could not watch that . . . *hope* spill into the ground. A1HE4Y4P.V8D EMILIO,So he drank it. A1HE4Y4P.V8F ABBE,Why hast thou forsaken me? A1HE4Y4P.V8H GRACE,Your fingertips are worn smooth! A1HE4Y4P.V8I GRACE,But . . . I don't get it! If you've got the power of the Kenosh Kania why didn't you stop the vampires a long time ago! A1HE4Y4P.V8J EMILIO,I promised my father I would not use the power. Never. Not for anything. It is not mine to use. A1HE4Y4P.V8K EMILIO,It was the only way I could live with what I had done. A1HE4Y4P.V8L GRACE,Never? Not for anything? A1HE4Y4P.V8M EMILIO,No, Grace. Not for anything. A1HE4Y4P.V8O GRACE,But that must be . . . That must be . . . A1HE4Y4P.V8P EMILIO,It is all right. There is work to be done. Do you hear anything now?

Solomon Room

A2IE6L3W.411 Damn it! Could we *stop* with the fallin' stuff already? A2IE6L3W.412 (SIGH)

Radio Grace A2IEGB62.VC1 GABE,Hey Gracie -- I've just entered a new area, and there's a statue of Solomon here. Ring any bells? A2IEGB62.VC2 GRACE,It's probably going to deal with the hexagram -- the seal of solomon. A2IEGB62.VC3 GRACE,Hexagrams represent duality: light and dark, good and evil, that kind of thing. A2IEGB62.VC4 GRACE,Hold on . . . A2IEGB62.VC5 GRACE,Right. Emilio says initiates are taught that duality is an *illusion*. So be careful -- things might not be what they appear. A2IEGB62.VC6 GABE,Great. Thanks. A2IEGB62.VC7 GABE,Boy. That was helpful.

Radio Grace again A2IEGB62.VD1 That was *so* helpful the first time -- I think I'd rather wing it.

Look Solomon statue A2IEHA44.EM1 King Solomon. I wonder what he's got to do with this place?

Look Solomon statue A2IEHA44.411 Grace says King Solomon is linked to the hexgram. Too bad he's not known for his *mercy* instead of his wisdom. I could use a break here.

Radio Grace for translation A2IEHB6D.291 GABE,Grace, I need a translation. I think it's Latin. "Pentum initiantibus sacrourum signi superesse licet." A2IEHB6D.292 GRACE,'Kay. Let me . . . It means "Beware! Only the initiates of the mysteries of the seal may survive." A2IEHB6D.293 GRACE,Is everything going okay? A2IEHB6D.294 GABE,Piece of cake.

Read text again A2IEHB44.EG1 It says 'Beware! Only initiates of the seal may survive.' (MISSING LINE: SEE BONUS)

Look exit A2IEV444.411 I definitely can't go back that way.

Look dark area A1TERM27.ER1 It's too dark to do anythin' in there.

Look Elige Unum bench A1TEHC44.VI1 More Latin.

A1TEHC6D.291 GABE,Gracie? What's 'Elige unum' mean? A1TEHC6D.292 GRACE,Emilio says it means 'choose one'.

Look bench again A1TEHC44.VJ1 'Choose one.' Funny, I don't think that's as simple as it sounds.

Look Elige Magistrum bench A1TEHD44.VI1 Morus Latinus. These Knights were well-eduated, weren't they?

A1TEHD6D.291 GABE,Grace? Can you translate 'Elige magistrum'? A1TEHD6D.292 GRACE,Hold on . . . Yup. It means 'choose a master'. A1TEHD6D.293 GABE,Thanks.

Look bench again A1TEHD44.VJ1 It means 'choose a master'. Hmmm. A1TEHD44.VJ2 Apparently Elvis is not an option.

Look other Elige Unum bench A1TEHF32.VH1 It says 'choose *one*'.

Take second glove A1TEHE32.EN1 I don't think I need more than one at a time.

Look remaining glove A1TEHG44.EN1 I hope I took the right one.

Look gold glove A1TEHE44.VG1 That one's pretty hip. I wonder if that's real gold?

Look leather glove A1TEHF44.VG1 Not exactly somethin' you'd wear to the opera. (MISSING LINE: CHECK BONUS)

Look glove bench A1TEHG44.VG1 Two gloves. I wonder what they're *for*?

Look fire basin A1TEHL44.VL1 I could be mistaken, but that sure looks a lot like fire.

Look fire basin after taking stone A1TEHL44.3L1 I think that *is* fire, but it didn't burn through that tough old glove. A1TEHL44.3L2 Warmed my fingers up, though.

Look water basin A1TEHM44.3L1 Hmmm. It *looks* like water. Smell water basin A1TEHM56.3L1 I don't smell anythin'.

Look at a stone A1TEHN44.3L1 There's a stone at the bottom.

Get stone A1TEHO6F.3L1 Got it!

Agonizing death scream #3 A1TEHN6E.3L1 (SCREAM)

Agonizing death scream #4: after taking the firestone with bare hands A1TEHO32.VM1 (SCREAM) A1TEHO32.VM2 Need I say it: that *didn't* work.

Think at sword-wielding master A1TEHH0L.3L1 I think . . . . I think I don't know *what* to think anymore. Look statue A1TEHH44.3L1 This guy looks . . . earthy. And dangerous.

Think axe-wielding statue A1TEHI44.3L1 I'm not sure which of these two I like the *least*. This one looks like he should be blockin' the Garden of Eden. Shake its hand A1TEHK7I.3L1

  • You* shake it!

Look its hand A1TEHK44.3L1 He needs a good manicure.

Look hands A1TEHJ44.3L1 Why do these outstretched hands look so . . . threatening?

Put stone in right hand A1TEHK6G.3L1 Well. That did *somethin'*.

Look Corporas bench A1TEHP44.VI1 Guess I gotta figure out what that says.

A1TEHP6D.291 GABE,Here's another one for you. "Agnosce Naturam Corporas Tui." A1TEHP6D.292 GRACE,I'm checking . . . It reads 'Identify the nature of your body.' Where *are* you? A1TEHP6D.293 GABE,Well it ain't Kansas. I'll buzz ya later.

Look bench again A1TEHP44.VJ1 It says . . . "Identify the nature of your body." A1TEHP44.VJ2 That's odd. I don't see any reproductions of Michelangelo's 'David' around here.

Look dial A1TEV844.3L1 It looks like I'm s'posed to point that thing at one of these two devices. A1TEV844.I52 Doesn't seem to do anythin' though.

Lookplatform A1TEV644.3L1 Looks like somethin' to step on. The question is, do I wanna step on it?

Step on platform A1TEV665.G01 All right. Here goes.

Step on left platform A1TEV765.291 Ugh! That's disgustin'!

Step on left platform again A1TEV765.6R1 (SHUDDER)

Step on right platform A1TEV665.291 Wow -- I need one of these at home!

Look platforms after using them A1TEV644.FR1 Those platforms tilt the mirrors down.

Look mirror A1TEHU44.FV1 I think it's a mirror, but it's tilted towards the ceilin'. Move mirror A1TEHU2D.3L1 I don't wanna break it. This place isn't exactly tolerant of mistakes.

Look right-side mirror after stepping on the tile A1TEHU44.3L1 That's gotta be one of the truest mirrors I've ever seen.

Look left-side mirror after stepping on it A1TEHV44.Q81 That thing is just plain evil!

A1TEHQ6D.291 GABE,Ready for another one? "Agnosce Naturam Mentis Tuae." A1TEHQ6D.292 GRACE,'Identify the nature of your mind.' Want any hints? A1TEHQ6D.293 GABE,Ah . . . no. Thank you.

Look bench again A1TEHQ44.VJ1 ,It means: "Identify the nature of your mind."

Look beast button A1TEHW44.VQ1 It's a stylized beast. After translating the bench text, this line is added: A1TEHW44.VR2 I know what you're thinkin'. You might even be right.

Look yin-yang button A1TEHX44.3L1 It's a ying yang symbol. The Templars must have picked that up in Asia.

Look sun button A1TEHY44.3L1 The sun. Okay.

Look Viam bench A1TEHR44.VI1 I'll have to find out what that says.

A1TEHR6D.291 GABE, I've got another one. "Elige viam." A1TEHR6D.292 GRACE,'Choose a path.' A1TEHR6D.293 GABE,Okey-dookey.

Look bench again A1TEHR44.VJ1 It says 'choose a path', but I don't *see* any paths.

Look panels A1TEHS44.WX1 There are panels on the walls, but I don't see any way to open 'em.

Solve Solomon puzzle A1TEHX6H.VT2 The doors are open!

The bridge:

A1UE6L3W.Q81 GABE,Gaaad! A1UE6L3W.Q82 MOSELY,There you are! Did you see that huge pendulum thingy? What was up with *that*? A1UE6L3W.Q83 MESMI,Thank you for preparing the way. We had little trouble. A1UE6L3W.Q84 GABE,Glad I could help. A1UE6L3W.Q85 GABE,I guess we have to pick one of those. A1UE6L3W.Q86 MESMI,We await your lead. A1UE6L3W.Q87 GABE,I don't mean to be rude, but I thought *you* were s'posed to be the expert. A1UE6L3W.Q88 MESMI,Never fear. We will be of use to you very shortly. A1UE6L3W.Q89 MOSELY,We're here for ya, Bud. A1UE6L3W.Q8A GABE,(SIGH)

Look Mosely A1UE1244.VX1 ,I'm gettin' a better appreciation for *Grace* as a sidekick. Talk to Mosely A1UE121B.VX1 What, like *he'd* know what to do?

Look Mesmi A1UEGC44.VX1 Remind me to tell Gracie how helpful this guy was. Talk to Mesmi A1UEGC1B.VX1 He told *me* to figure it out.

Look veil A1UEI144.Q81 Looks like a huge veil or curtain of some kind. Move veil A1UEI12D.VX1 I can't reach it from here.

Look panels A1UEI344.VX1 I could try to pry those open, but I have the feelin' the baby's just up ahead somewhere.

Look bridge A1UEI244.Q81 It's a bridge . . . right? Think bridge A1UEI20L.Q81 Well, it *looks* like the obvious choice. Why does that make me nervous?

Try bridge A1UEI222.Q81 GABE,I'm gonna try this one. A1UEI222.Q82 GABE,(SCREAMING) A1UEI222.Q83 MOSELY,Damn! That sucks!

Look funky bridge A1UEI444.VX1 Is there somethin' I'm missin' here? Think at funky bridge A1UEI40L.VX1 I think it's a *long* way down.

Try funky bridge A1UEI422.VX1 GABE,All right. Guess we'll try this funky one. A1UEI422.VX2 MESMI,Very well. We will . . . A1UEI422.VX3 GABE,No, no! *I'll* go first. I insist. A1UEI422.VX4 MESMI,Thank you, Mr. Knight.

Cross That Bridge Together A1UEI565.W02 MOSELY,Man! I *hate* that kind of thing. A1UEI565.W03 GABE,*You* hate it? I was the one who . . . Uh-oh. A1UEI565.W04 MESMI,I told you we would be useful! (MISSING LINES: SEE BONUS) A1UEI565.W07 MESMI,You must get through the veil and save the child. We will hold these three. A1UEI565.W08 GABE,Are you sure? A1UEI565.W09 MOSELY,No! A1UEI565.W0A ,Yes! Go on!

Through the veil:

A1VE6L3W.411 MONTREAUX,Curse you to Hell! I should have known you for a treacherous liar! A1VE6L3W.412 GABE,I'm a liar and you're a blood-suckin' vampire. Now that we've got that straight . . . A1VE6L3W.413 GABE,Give me the kid. A1VE6L3W.414 MONTREAUX,Stop! Or I'll rip him to pieces right now! A1VE6L3W.415 GABE,You . . . uh . . . you can't do that. You've gotta have time to savor a good vintage. A1VE6L3W.416 MONTREAUX,You ignorant dog! You piece of refuse! You have no idea who I am! I will shred your limbs and suck the marrow from your broken bones! A1VE6L3W.417 GABE,Yeah? Why don't you come out of there and give it your best shot -- old man. A1VE6L3W.418 MONTREAUX,Domini Inferi, Exaudite Precationem. By the power of Hermes and Solomon, I call upon the protector, Asmodeus, guardian of sacred treasure. A1VE6L3W.419 //DEMON,(SCREAMING DEMONIC ROAR) A1VE6L3W.41A GABE,*Not* good. A1VE6L3W.41B MONTREAUX,This one has come to steal the treasure! Kill him! A1VE6L3W.41C //DEMON,(ROAR OF RAGE) A1VE6L3W.41D GABE,Ooooh. Definitely not good.

Agonizing Death Gurgle A1VEI727.W31 (GURGLE)

Jump on coffin A1VEI83H.411 (GRUNT)

Radio Grace A1VEI662.291 GABE,Grace? Um . . .What can you tell me about fighting a demon? A1VEI662.292

  • What?* H - hold on.

A1VEI662.293 Demons are invulnerable except for one weak spot. The location varies. A1VEI662.294 Oh, and someone had to have conjured it up. If you can hurt it, you hurt the conjurer too. A1VEI662.295 Got ya. Better run. A1VEI662.296 Be careful!

Endgame sequence Killed the demon: A1HE4Y4P.V92 MONTREAUX,(SCREAM) A1HE4Y4P.V94 MONTREAUX ,It's holy blood! A1HE4Y4P.V95 MONTREAUX,No! No! It's holy blood! A1HE4Y4P.V97 MONTREAUX,Holy . . . . A1HE4Y4P.V99 MOSELY,Christ. Is he it? Is that the last of 'em?

A1HE4Y4P.V9A GABE I think so. A1HE4Y4P.V9B MESMI,You have done very well. We owe you more than we can ever repay. A1HE4Y4P.V9C GABE,Just . . . uh . . . just glad Charlie's okay. A1HE4Y4P.V9D MESMI,He is unmarked, praise God. A1HE4Y4P.V9E MOSELY,Un-frickin-believable. Those guys out there -- they were like . . . *vampires*! A1HE4Y4P.V9F GABE,Nooo! . . . What's he up to? A1HE4Y4P.V9G GABE,What is it? A1HE4Y4P.V9H MESMI,Raise the lid.

DAY 3 9PM-MIDNIGHT JESUS The other .YAK file lists Gabriel as soldier and Abbe as Jesus.

A1HE4Y4P.V9T GABE_ANCESTOR Can you forgive me? I did not know . . . May the gods have mercy, I did not know. A1HE4Y4P.V9U JESUS You are already forgiven. A1HE4Y4P.V9V GABE_ANCESTOR Please. Is there anything I can do? For . . . for your family, perhaps? A1HE4Y4P.V9W JESUS Yes. I will need a service from one of your descendants, if you will allow it. Will you be a servant for the light? A1HE4Y4P.V9X GABE_ANCESTOR Yes! Anything! A1HE4Y4P.V9Y JESUS Then raise the end of your sword to my lips. A1HE4Y4P.V9Z JESUS Carry the gold with you. It will protect you from evil. Now go in peace and love God.

DAY 3 9PM-MIDNIGHT Emilio and Grace say goodbye Considering GK4 may be a lifetime or more away, I've decided to put in one of the remarks in the YAK file that does not appear in the subtitles... but that makes the ending all the more bittersweet.

A1HE4Y4P.V9J GRACE,God, why doesn't he say something! A1HE4Y4P.V9K EMILIO,It is over. God be praised! Everyone is safe. A1HE4Y4P.V9LGRACE,They are? Are you sure? A1HE4Y4P.V9M GRACE,Where are you going? A1HE4Y4P.V9N EMILIO,To the Master. (GENTLE, REFERRING TO HER PREGNANCY) Good-bye, dear one. You must take very good care of yourself now. A1HE4Y4P.V9O GRACE,Good-bye. A1HE4Y4P.V9P EMILIO,Remember: When one path to your destiny is blocked another will appear. (Numbering suggests three missing lines...)

DAY 3 9PM-MIDNIGHT Gabe's found God

A1HE4Y4P.VA3 MOSELY,Was that . . . A1HE4Y4P.VA4 GABE,Don't say it. (BIG SIGH THEN MUTTERED EXCLAMATION) God. Come on.


A1HE4Y4P.2Y1 MADELINE,What is it? Something is wrong, yes? A1HE4Y4P.2Y2 BUCHELLI,None of us could sleep. A1HE4Y4P.2Y3 ABBE, I came over to see if anyone knew . . . I felt so strange tonight. A1HE4Y4P.2Y4 LADY_HOWARD,For heaven's sake, let the man speak! A1HE4Y4P.2Y5 GABRIEL,The baby is safe. A1HE4Y4P.2Y6 LADY_HOWARD,What baby? A1HE4Y4P.2Y7 ABBE,That is fabulous news, but who . . . A1HE4Y4P.2Y8 GABRIEL,Tell 'em, Mose. A1HE4Y4P.2Y9 MADELINE,Gabriel? A1HE4Y4P.2YA MADELINE,But where are you going? I have something to tell you. A1HE4Y4P.2YB GABRIEL,What? A1HE4Y4P.2YC MADELINE,All of the things I said before . . .about wanting to . . .know you, to be with you. You must think I only wanted information. It is not true. I was so worried about you tonight . . .It made me realize how much I meant it. A1HE4Y4P.2YD GABRIEL,Really? A1HE4Y4P.2YE MADELINE,Yes. A1HE4Y4P.2YF GABRIEL,Odd. I'm just startin' to realize how much I . . . didn't . . .mean it. Excuse me. A1HE4Y4P.2YG MADELINE,Gabriel! A1HE4Y4P.2YH GABRIEL,Gracie! Grace! A1HE4Y4P.2YI GABRIEL,Grace, you'll never believe . . . (Suggestion of a cut line here... it's not in the game files... aren't we curious?) A1HE4Y4P.2YK GABRIEL (LONG, MOURNFUL BREATH/ SIGH)

BONUS DOCUMENTS Files in here have been ordened by audio code, starting with all the A01 (telephones) lines. There are subdivisions after that: for the burgling scene, for Grace's SIDNEY and Le Serpent Rouge lines,for the files called A2H, and for the temple.

These .YAK files were meant to be included as an easter egg, but were cut for unknown reason. According to the OfficialEggs.DOC file, this egg was to be activated by clicling the flowers. Matching circus music also survived on the CDs.

CIRCUS Announce: Speaker, 149, GABRIEL,Starring: Emilio: Speaker, 149, GABRIEL,Emilio "The Hat Man" Baza Gabriel: Speaker, 149, GABRIEL,Gabriel "The Knight" Three Grace: Speaker, 149, GABRIEL,The Amazing Flexie Grace! Jean: Speaker, 149, GABRIEL,Jean "Spank Me" DesClerk

PHONE BOOTH This almost sounds like an additional puzzle in 1:10AM-12PM A01LIQ3S.WB1 Yeah, I should call 'im. But maybe I should get as far from the lobby door as I can. Wouldn't wanna be overheard.

SIDNEY Good old Gabe was apparently able to read e-mail. A02O0L2Z.QR1 That's Gracie's old mail. A02OXI2Z.QR1 What, I'm gonna send a letter to Gran sayin' I'm chasin' vampires? I think not. A02OXJ2Z.QR1 Why would I want to print that? A02OXL2Z.QR1 I'm not gonna reply to Grace's email.

Line deleted from SIDNEY, has no matching audio. Probably since fingerprints aren't available after you scanned them. I already put that fingerprint into SIDNEY.

More unavailable ones by Gabe: A02JX660.QR1 That's Gracie's fingerprint file. I don't wanna mess with it. A02OX660.QR1 That's Gracie's print. I don't wanna mess with it.

INSIDE TOUR MAGDALA Looking at Magdala's window seats and bookshelves was supposed to give different lines at 2:7-10 AM, but you just get Grace's standard there. A036ME44.PF1 Someone put a pile of money into this place -- with all these built in shelves and seats. A036MD44.PF1 Someone was a bibliophile. Of course, Gabriel could fill up this much shelf space with his paperback mysteries alone.

WILKES ROOM Unknown object in Wilkes' room A04LMX44.411 Empty, like his head.

Occurs apparently while searching R23 at 3:10-12. This doesn't appear in my game, but the line is referred to later on: A04N3344.411 Roxanne is right, I don't see any sign of p.j.'s. Not that I can imagine what kind of p.j.'s a man like Wilkes would wear.

I wonder what garment that would be... A04L3332.411 I don't think so. Wearin' Mosely's coat was bad enough. A0483344.411 Wilkes' clothes. He must shop at 'Big and Bulky'.

Room 23, at 3:10-12, search bed A04N7Y0Z.411 GABE I don't see anything unusual.

LARRY'S RESIDENCE Deleted from initial discussion with Larry: A0527G55.246 GABE,Was that true? A0527G55.247 LARRY,There's evidence that they did have some kind of sacred head, but it was more likely a kind of . . . political symbol.

Larry gets tired of Gabe... A05N6L3W.6R1 What is it now?

OUTSIDE HOTEL If you'd look at Madeline's van after seeing her chat with Arnaud... A07A8Z44.G81 Madeline's puttin' in some 'quality time' with the Abbé.

A07K5M44.LZ1 Hmmm. Maybe I'd better figure out where she's goin'.

A07OAH44.A01 Lady Howard, Estelle and Buthane are in those front rooms.

Spoken at 1:10-12, but the object is unknown. A07FUE32.411 Maybe I should say hello first.

More unfamiliarities Entrée to the irrepressible Lady Howard and Ms. Stiles' room. A078AU44.642 Well, *somebody's* got to do it.

Talking to Madeline: “Kinda steep, innit?” A074760S.6XA Knowledge has a price, Monsieur. Do you wish to find the treasure or not?

SERRES LIBRARY Some lines I never spotted in the library; with interesting Grace infos! A08B5144.411 I think that's the spot we were at this morning -- opposite Poussin's tomb. A08BBM1Q.551 You realize, Grace Anne Nakimura, that this is a *really* stupid idea. A08BMP44.411 Odds and ends.

MOSELY'S ROOM Follow-up on Gabe's comment on Mosely's bed: “Hi, I'm Mosely, wanna... uhhh... come back to my room?” A09L7Y44.QR2 Loser.

Also looks like you had to tell Grace to pick up the locator in Mosely's room: A0915A44.411 I wonder if that's the device Gabriel was telling me about?

Unused Mosely 1:12-2 conversation: probably used to give the Holy Grail more body. Unfortunately the audio files just have the regular sounds in them. A09C122E.I61 GABE,When I was knocked out on the train? I thought I heard one of the men say 'San Grael'. I think that means 'holy grail.' A09C122E.I62 MOSELY,Really? The kidnappers said *that*? A09C122E.I63 GABE,Yeah. Weird, huh? A09C122E.I64 MOSELY,Yeah.

“...Somebody might just beat you to it!” Hmmm... interesting! Theres no audio for these, but the lip-sync was programmed. GABE,I gotta do *somethin'*. Right now I can't even go out with other women without feelin' guilty 'cause Grace is always around. I'm goin' nuts. MOSELY,And you still haven't given in to temptation? God, you are afraid of commitment! Pathologically. GABE,Yeah, and thank you for pointin' that out.

Room 33, 1:12-2. I'm guessing that it's looking at Mose's floor after returning the passport. A099CJ4G.PF1 GABE Kojak would probably think it fell out of his pocket.

CEMETARY These look like they were intended in case the player used the shovel on the Sauniere grave. A0CLNF1O.2E1 Those cement slabs were no doubt poured to prevent that very thing. A0CLNH1O.1J1 Uh . . . give me a bulldozer, and I might have a shot at it.

These lines were apparently for looking at the old stone insert in the Sauniere grave. A0CLNI44.QR1 GABE,There's an older stone set in that cement. A0CLNI44.QS1 GRACE It's an old headstone.

Gabe says there's no-one home if you check the parsonage at 3:2AM A0C35G44.PF1 Arnaud's probably asleep.

Looking at Arnaud during phonecall A0CKEI44.HN1 Looks like the Abbé's anxious to relate the news to *somebody*. Probably not his mother.

Open the office window in 2:2-5. By then, the wood is swollen up again. A0CKEI20.HN1 He'd see me.

Gabe looking at the cemetery: A0CLN344.QR1 Unlike New Orleans they have inground graves here. 'Course, we're not exactly at sea level, are we?

Looks like you needed to tell Grace to hide behind the tomb at 3:6-9. A0CDA244.Q81 What is he *up* to? A0CDG61I.SQ1 I don't want Emilio to see me!

Look parsonage at 1:10-12 A0C45G44.PF1 GABE Looks like somebody's home.

Outtakes on the Arnaud Flag Pole scene. I always wondered why MacDougall (Simon Templeman, also does Prince James) does most of the talking while Mallory (Tom Kane, also Jesus) is so quiet. The answer: the lines were recorded! But they were cut. Not good enough? Who knows? A0CF6L18.P47 MALLORY We're Scots, God help ya. A0CF6L18.P4B MALLORY The baby. Prince James' baby. If you've harmed him... A0CF6L18.P4F MALLORY Is it now? Then why were the kidnappers followed to Couiza? A0CF6L18.P4J MALLORY Perhaps you were not informed! A0CF6L18.P4N MALLORY Arnaud: we'll be back tomorrow, and you'd better have an answer.

Looks like the hide section was supposed to be a little tougher! A0CFB044.MK1 GABE They've spotted me. I doubt they'll do anything while they know I'm watching.

ARNAUD'S OFFICE Ah, a chessboard! The Abbe must play! A0DPDK44.DT2 Funny. It reminds me of something.

AT L'HOMME MORT Struggling with the parchments. Line appeared at L'Homme Mort A0EO8L0L.QR1 I'll let Gracie worry about those parchments. If they're important, she'll figure 'em out.

There's quite a few lines that were cut at L'Homme Mort, with a sneaky reference to GK2.. A0ELP732.Q81 GABE; No thanks. I don't need any mud for *this* case. A0ELP744.Q81 GABE; Looks like mud to me. A0ELP744.QS1 GRACE; There must be an underground stream nearby. A0ELP044.411 GABE; Oh boy, do they have a *serious* gopher problem around here. Eat mud: A0ELP73X.QS1 GRACE,You want me to do what?!?

MUSEUM You were supposed to hear this when looking at the angel picture at the museum as Grace.. but somebody messed up. A0FLJN44.X41 'Asmodee'. Engraving from the library of Saunière. I wonder if 'Asmodee' is the name of the demon? A0FLJN44.X31 That's Asmodeus, demon guardian of lost treasure. A0FLJN44.X32 How interesting that Saunière pictured him like this -- chained by . . . what, heaven? The *church*?

This one follows Gabe's comment on the harp tapestry. Oh my! “I don't think I would want that between my legs, Looks dangerous. A0FLJG44.3L2 'Course, I've *got* somethin' dangerous between my legs already -- but I'm used to that.”

Gabe at the museum, possibly on postcards A0FOSY44.QR1 Those things aren't exactly flyin' out the door, now are they?

Other BMP files in the .BRN directories show a different price tag for the postcards. A0FLT244.QR1 GABE; I s'pose I could afford 'em. If I wanted one. Which I don't. A0FLT244.QS1 GRACE; Ten francs. What a deal.

POUSSIN'S TOMB Part of the Buthane lecture at Poussin's Tomb A0G66L3W.814 But the third painting, the Poussin, we know for certain. In fact, I have a copy with me.

SERRES OUTSIDE Gabe at Serres A0HKQC44.411 Looks like a little guest cottage. A0HJB451.411 That's not gonna get me into the house.

Grace on the Serres gate on day 3 A0HQFZ44.3L1 They've closed the gates.

SERRES BASEMENT Grace at Serres basement A0IB5X44.7P1 Those stairs are blocked at the ceiling, and I can't see any way to open them from down here.

Gracie takes a barrel A0IBXM32.Q81 I think they work just fine on the wall.

Leaving the Serres basement. I couldn't find object 53 though. A0IB530V.7B1 GRACE WHAT?!

EMILIO'S ROOM Cut from Emilio-Grace scene: Entering Emilio's room A0KD6L3W.GV1 EMILIO,I am so very glad you came. Won't you sit down, Miss Nakimura? A0KD6L3W.GV2 GRACE,No thank you. A0KD6L3W.GV3 EMILIO,Very well. And, between “You and Mesmi?” and “You are correct about Mesmi”, this once fitted: A0KD6L3W.GVB EMILIO,Do you mind if *I* sit, please? A0KD6L3W.GVC GRACE,No. I mean, yes. Sit.

L'FAUTEUIL DU DIABLE Grace gets the standard "I don't think that would accomplish anything" line if you make her use the notebook on the Armchair scratches A0NLSG4X.QS1 I already have a triangle shape in SIDNEY. A0NLSH4X.QS1 I don't think I need to write it down.

Checking the crime scene... A0NK2E44.411 I don't see any prints -- 'cept Mose's big ol' feet. A0NKSE44.411 It's just a log. I doubt it was involved in the crime. Looks like it would fall apart if you touched it. A0NQSE44.411 It's just a log. Grace spots the log... A0NQSE44.QS1 Dead wood. Now what does that remind me of? Oh yes, Gabriel's comments about *me* to Mosely. That's right.

A rock on the Devil's Armchair A0NLO044.Q81 GABE,There's a butt-load of rocks around here. It would be more surprisin' if one of 'em *didn't* look like somethin'. A0NLO044.QS1 GRACE,These rock look like Granite. The armchair, too.

Alternative crime scene version? Numbering at the end is different from the above, but to be honest they sound very similar. A0NK2K44.T01 GABE Knee prints, ofcourse! A0NK2K44.T02 GABE The assassins mustve made them kneel, and then... A0NK2K44.T03 MOSELY But there are no prints, there should be some sign of a struggle, or at least the footprints of the assailants. The victims just wouldn't kneel down and be cooperative. A0NK2K44.T05 MOSELY Huh Knight? What about the assailants?

TRAIN STATION Look at the high windows of the station. Not an object in the game. A0OLMF44.PF1 Wonder why they put the windows way up there? Maybe they figure if people actually *saw* the area, they'd get right back on the train.

Break into the ticket booth at Couiza station A0OLPC20.PF1 I don't think the help would appreciate that.

SERRES WINE TASTING ROOM Missing lines in talking to Montreaux: About the murder, after “there were two men...” A0PKAJ0A.413 GABE,Two!? A0PKAJ0A.414 MONTREAUX,Frightening, isn't it? But don't get the wrong impression of our little valley! The men probably brought the trouble with them. After “The juice of the forbidden fruit?” A0PKAJ2E.41B MONTREAUX,The fruit from the tree of knowledge! The fruit that bestows the gift of consciousness! It is this gift that the grail offers us! . . . Metaphorically speaking, that is. A0PKAJ2E.41C Well, hell. I'm just as lost as I can be.

OUTSIDE LARRY'S Looking more closely at Larry's alarm clock. There's a BMP with alternative clock face (that shows the snooze button) in the game files. A0QK3I4A.T91 I think that's the 'snooze' button. A0QK3I4A.TA1 I don't need to *set* the time.

Extra dialog with Larry: A0QK4K4H.291 LARRY,Mr. Knight. I'm afraid I don't have the luxury today of . . . A0QK4K4H.292 GABE,I'm not here about the Templars, actually. May I come in? A0QK4K4H.293 LARRY,Very well.

Talking more to Larry (Knock door at 2:2-5: he's not in there, and Gabe knows) A0QK4K4H.881 Any more "talkin'" would be counterproductive. Funny thing, though. I have the feelin' he was nervous *before* I showed up.

Open door to Larry's house. A0QKQM22.HC1 Wait a minute. Larry's up to somethin'.

Rocks? What rocks? A0QLO044.QS1 Hmmm. Maybe he's been doing some excavating.

Gabe while looking at Larry's house on day 3: A0QL8H44.1T1 It's the writer's retreat for Larry Chester aka Sir Laurence Sinclair.

Gabe says this, which I think is in... but I couldn't find it back. A0QLQQ44.3L1 It's a double-sashed window. Old, by the look of it.

At Larry's yard. The sound file doesn't correspond. A0Q36L3W.IC1 Someone's comin'.

Something outside Larry's house at 2AM A0Q3QT1K.A81 I wouldn't be able to see a thing. It's too dark.

Use coat hanger on window A0QKQR4A.DR1 That might work.

SERRES ATTIC Climb out the window overlooking the Serres courtyard in the attic A0RBRF50.K71 Climb out onto *what*? There's nothing out there!

BACK OF SERRES race, after pommes bleu: A0SBBU44.L11 I don't want to think about what happened down there. I'm not even *sure* what happened down there! A0SBBU20.L11 I'm *not* going back in there!

Grace about to climb Serres ivy: A0SBRQ3H.5Y1 Okay. I just hope I don't break my neck.

RENNES-LES-BAINS Extra Rennes-les-Bains banter between Gabriel and Mosely A0T77P1I.3A1 GABE,. . . It all comes down to really *knowin'* a person. A0T77P1I.3A2 MOSELY,So that's what you call it! A0T77P1I.361 MOSELY,Knight! That's no way to talk about Ken Williams!

Unknown Rennes-les-Bains lines by Gabe (Use dagger on table) A0TLOB6N.411 I'd have to be really drunk to do that. (Use dagger on dart board) A0TLOM6N.411 I wouldn't wanna dull the blade. I might be usin' it soon.

MANUSCRIPT HIDE-OUT Extra lines when following Larry at 3:2AM Hide behind rock again A0U3Q41K.3J1 I doubt Larry will be back tonight. A0U37G1B.411 He hasn't seen me yet. Maybe I should keep it that way. Caught by Larry A0U36L18.3J1 Uh-oh! I'd better get outta sight! A0U37G44.411 Larry, Larry quite contrary . . . Planting bulbs are we? A0U34944.C81 What's this? Gophers, perhaps? A0ULQ144.Q81 It's from the hole, remember? A0UL4944.CM1 That's where Larry stashed his manuscript. Not particularly *effective*, was it? A0ULQ444.3L1 Nice tree. A0UQ491O.411 I already dug up what was here.


GRACE It's too bad the only thing Estelle will find in that hole is humility.

A0V7CT44.QS2 GRACE She already has that in spades. Look hole again A0V7CT44.7D1 GRACE That's deeper than the hole I dug, but just as empty.

After chat with Estelle at 3:3-6PM: A0VJ5M39.299 GABE,Good luck.

A friendier goodbye to Estelle at 2:2-5 A0VK4V22.8O1 GABE,Well, guess I'll leave you to it. See ya. A0VK4V22.8O2 ESTELLE,Good-bye, Mr. Knight.

A0VQCT44.Q81 GABE,Estelle is diggin' herself a hole. In more ways than one.

SERRES PARKING LOT In Serres parking lot, these lines once appeared. A0WJ8H44.PF1 I'm tired of fartin' around. Besides I have the feelin' I'm runnin' out of time. A0WJ8H44.PF2 If I'm gonna catch Montreaux with his pants down, I'm gonna have to be ballsy about it. A0WJ8H44.PF3 Gee . . . I coulda worded all that better.

BLANCHFORT At Blanchfort missing lines: “Who has a copy of Le Serpent Rouge?” A0Z6E01I.OOB BUTHANE,She does.

“You're not trying to have your way with us, are you dear?” A0Z6E039.LO8 HOWARD,Of course, people are impossibly rude but what can you expect from the French?

Lines for the pillars at Blanchfort A0ZLQA44.QR1 GABE,Kinda Grecian for this area, aren't they? A0ZLQA44.QS1 GRACE,Those columns -- they look out of place. They must have added them later. Wonder why?

Occurs on Blanchfort at 2:7-10, but it doesn't: A0Z6E01B.6F1 That looks like a private conversation.

INVENTORY Looks like there was supposed to be a wine bottle or something in Gabe's inventory. A10KTF0L.PF1 You realize, of course, that I wouldn't know a bordeaux from a bordello.

In the game you can't “look” at the Arnaud tape in your inventory, but it does have a line: A10LD944.9R1 It's a tape of the good Abbé's conversation. Unfortunately, it's in French.

Glad to learn more information about the mysterious object... A10LF60L.R11 The Egyptian artifacts Dr. Wen found must have been a stash from the Adepts of the Holy Blood. This looks like something the bloodline weavers might have used in their blood-sampling rites.

I'm guessing this line could be about the spritzer, which doesn't have a look line in the inventory. A10LTH44.PF1 You don't suppose the Abbé will miss that, do ya?

A109A951.PF1 I might be able to do *somethin'* with that black fur, but that's not it.

Different wallet line... A10L2Y44.7M1 I got some cash converted at the Paris airport.

Unfamiliar Grace line. A10PCI0L.931 GRACE,I'm too tired to do any more tonight.

A102TU0L.PF1 I can put this in our suspect database on SIDNEY once Grace gets here. (PATRONIZING) She'll get a kick out of it.

Inventory lines that don't sound familiar. Gabe thinking at Prinnce James calling card: verb does not exist A104T70L.B61 (GABE) He probably has no idea what happened last night.

A109HE44.3L1 (GABE) 1:2-4 I think it's silver. Heavy sucker.

Maybe this one's about the leather glove, but Gabe puts that back as soon as he's done with it. A109HF44.VN1 Kinda worked like an oven mitt, dinnit?

A109HF44.VO1 It's a beat up old thing.

A109VX0L.MD1 Mosely's a sugar-hound, now that I think about it.

A1077H0L.BJ1 GRACE,Who would steal the manuscript from our room?

Curb your sarcasm, Gabe... A1093C0L.MM1 Good thing I have this black moustache. Many a time I've said, damn!, I wish I had a black moustache. So I'm real glad I have one now.

Possibly about making the costume? A109540L.MM1 I hope you have some idea what we're doin' with this stuff, because I haven't a clue.

After drawing the moustache: A1099344.CB1 That moustache will help disguise the face. Now *I* need one.

The book in the inventory had another title. The old bookstore, with old title, still has the BMP left in the BRN files. A109CQ44.PFA GRACE I found it in the hall, it's called Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

COUME SOURDE Extra lines to an unknown something at Coume Sourde A12L4H44.PF1 GABE,Plenty of trees, plenty of rocks. A12L4H44.QS1 GRACE,This valley has been clear-cut of trees. I bet there was a farm here once.

OUTSIDE MUSEUM Apparently Prince James' men should have followed a different route to the hotel.This takes place outside the museum. A13FB044.631 Guess they're not too happy about me taggin' along.

GK3 doesn't bother about the museum opening times: although they do close at five, they should be open on day 2 7-10AM.Either way, this takes place at that time, but it's not in the game. A136GS44.PF1 The museum doesn't open until noon today.

Looks like we were supposed to return Mose's items. Fortunately Gabe does that without us telling him. A1397C1H.2O1 GABE I'd better return the coat and passport first, before Mosely misses them. A1397C1H.2O2 GABE He's been known to get cranky about things like that.

We were supposed to watch how Wilkes rents his moped. A1396L3W.401 BIGOUT Here is your passport monsieur Wilkes, and your keys. A1396L3W.402 WILKES Thanks mate.

This might refer to the Mosely costume. A1395Z1I.E81 GABE I REALLY don't want to be seen like this.

Numbering suggests it's a follow-up remark. The location on this file and the previous two files seems to be off. A13L5C44.QS3 GABE All the bikes have been rented.

DINING ROOM Alternative Look Madeline line at 1:6-10PM A17F7644.GL1 Madeline doesn't look too thrilled about her dinner companions.

Alternative Look Coffee line A17LAY44.Q81 That coffee's the best damn thing about this hotel.

Something about cleaning up in the dining room? A17LJ12A.QR1 GABE, Right. Like I've got nothin' better to do. A17LJ12A.QS1 GRACE,They have *staff* for that kind of thing.

Something in the dining room. I guess food fight.(code check: look at the objects you can also clean up (see above). Probably left-over dinner plates) A17LJ144.QR1 GABE,God, Gracie'd *kill* me if I did that at home. Or Gerde. Or both. A17LJ144.QS1 GRACE,I wouldn't be a bit surprised if *Gabriel* did that.

Deleted file for Grace taking cream and sugar //,Can't think of any use for cream and sugar. Beside the obvious, that is.

Looking at the newspaper Mose is reading A1741244.5Z1 'The London Times'. He's obviously not a native.

A1766L4R.3T1 Well, it's almost nine o'clock. Maybe I should let Mosely know we're about to leave.

Alternative of talking to Mosely at 1:10-12: A174121B.5Z1 The guy's got his nose stuck in a newspaper. In body language that means 'buzz off.'

Alternative line of talking to Mosely again at 3:7-10: A1711239.JJ1 Are you *kidding*? It was painful enough the first time.

That's what the bridge game was about! Grace could use the celophane wrap from the deck to try to find (and fail) Baza's fingerprint! A17P6L3W.FQ2 ESTELLE YOU choose the deck, Mr Baza. A17P6L3W.FQ3 Lady Howard? HMPF! A17P6L3W.FQ4 EMILIO Thank you Ms Stiles. A17P6L3W.FQ5 EMILIO This one I think.

A17P6P44.411 GRACE There are clean napkins on the buffet table. A17PCW32.411 GRACE Not with my bare hands. A17PCW44.411 GRACE Emilio put that extra deck here,it's cellophane wrapped.

CHURCH The church also has several cuts. Here Grace talks about the floor reference to LSR: A18L3W0L.YQ1 Le Serpent Rouge says "The Mosaic tiles of the sacred place alternate black or white. And Jesus, like Asmodeus, observes their alignment." A18L3W0L.YQ2 They must be talking about the church floor!

The audio didn't survive of this Gabe lightbulb moment You know, I never thought about it before, but the hand positions on those angels are kind of interestin'. Let me see if I can work it out.

Or this apparent show of interest. A18L6Z44.ZN2 I wonder if all that stuff about her bein' the carrier of Jesus' bloodline could be true. . . . Nah!

Aw dear Gabe! He was on a roll but only Grace takes the credit! (this might be in the game, but I didn't find it in my SO.) A18LKY44.YG1 Curious. That grapevine motif reminds me of what Montreaux was ramblin' on about. A18LKY44.YG2 I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

Four in a row! Good going, Gabe! A18O1A44.411 I wonder if he *could* be involved with the kidnapping? Prince James' men sure thought so.

Also from the church A18L5Q44.BB1 GABE,'B.S.' Wonder what that stands for. No, don't say it. A18L5Q44.O21 GRACE,'B.S.' Bérenger Saunière? A18LKX44.QR1 GABE,They're Catholic Stations of the Cross. A18LKX44.QS1 GRACE,They're plaques showing the crucifixion story. I'll never understand this morbid fascinations Christian's have with it. A18LLA44.QR1 GABE,There's a tower on top of the altar. Okay. A18LLA44.Z61 That tower reminds me of Tour Magdala and Château de Blanchefort. A18LLA44.Z71 A tower on top of the altar? Now what do you suppose Saunière would have meant by *that*? A18L210L.ZR1 GRACE,I wonder if that 'living branch' coming out of the cross is a secret reference to the Desposyni -- Jesus' bloodline?

This line would probably have occurred, but if you click the church floor at Day 3 it shows as an object, but with no lines. A18LCJ44.911 The floor of the church is modeled like a giant chessboard!

WINEPRESS ROOM Eating wine in press A19B653J.411 I'm not sure I want to get that close.

Serres wine cellar, look closer at unknown object A19B8I5A.PF1 GRACE I can't see it too well from here.

HOTEL HALLWAY Knocking on Mosely's door at 1:10-12... A1A49C4H.HR1 Maybe he's in the shower or somethin'.

The Take icon doesn't appear on Mosely in the lobby. A1A91232.6G1 I can't get anythin' off him while he's movin'. His hip action alone could kill a man.

Deleted line: possibly thinking at Roxanne's cart A1A8CV0L.PF1 How 'bout those cleanin' products, huh?

Deleted lines spoken in the hotel hallway during the Mose/Candy puzzle A1A9VY44.Q81 Top o' the stairs to ya, Ma. A1A9VX44.Q81 Looks good enough to eat to me. The Mose-meister should be able to smell it at 100 paces.

Grace looks at Madeline's door after meeting Madeline. A1A62P44.PF1 Now I know why Gabriel's voice squeaked when he told me who was in this room last night.

Missing lines from Room Swap conversation: at the start: A1AC6L3W.JA1 HOWARD,Mr. Knight. at the end: A1AC6L3W.JA7 EMILIO,Oh. Hello, Mr. Knight.

Look at Emilio in the hallway... A1ALA244.PF1 Emilio's in room 27 now.

The EavesDropping section from Madeline at 2:2-5PM contained two audio files before the one included in the game. The matching audio files, text and translation follows. These texts were deciphered by YouTube member N0war and PackardGoose member Aquagoat. I cannot express my gratitude enough. A1AK2P23.HN1 Oui. Buthane à l'appareil. Deux hommes ont été tués près de Rennes-le-Château.Non. Je ne les connaisais pas. Yes. Buthane speaking. Two men were killed near Rennes-le-Château. No. I didn't know them. A1AK2P23.HN2 Je trouvait les corps avec mon groupe de touristes. Non, je n'ai pas pu rester. Mais j'y retourne des que je peux. I found the corpses with my tourist group. No, I couldn't stay.But I'll return as soon as I can.

Extra line after talking to Jean at 3:10-12PM A1AN6L3W.MC3 0 ROXANNE,Au revoir, Monsieur.

L'HERMITAGE Line from Grace when she enters the cave at L'Hermitage:(after she's done using the Locator) A1BL2X27.F61 This is it! The center of Magdalen's crown.

Something about the cave at L'Hermitage A1BLSM44.QR1 It doesn't go back very far. That's just as well, since I have no desire to go in there.

ROQUE NÈGRE Unused discussion between Gabe and Wilkes at Roque Negre A1CA3D39.8L1 GABE,Got a new spot, huh? A1CA3D39.8L2 WILKES,What're ya followin' me? A1CA3D39.8L3 GABE,Nope. Just saw the bike and wondered what was goin' on. A1CA3D39.8L4 WILKES,Nothin' that concerns *you*, mate. *That's* what's goin' on. A1CA3D39.8L5 GABE,Ooh. Oscar Wilde watch out.

Grace thinks at Roque Negre A1CLQ50L.YJ1 Let's see . . . There's a black rock and a white rock. That might have something to do with the Cathar notion of duality. Between good and evil lies . . . something. A1CLQ50L.YJ2 Then again, they could just be black and white rocks.

SUPPLY CLOSET In the supply closet section, some lines of dialogue were split and re-attached, presumably to allow the flirt with Roxanne to happen before the Wilkes conversation. A large number of YAK files show deleted s because of that. One line was deleted, that was supposed to be used early on in the conversation: A1DNBI2F.0L3 GABE,What's up this mornin'? I saw you talkin' to Jean.

And the laundry basket was supposed to be an object. A1DNO40Z.411 Roxanne obviously has some 'hidden treasure', but it's not buried in the laundry bin! A1DNO444.411 Everyone's dirty bedsheets. Now *there's* a lovely picture.

LOBBY If you try to take Wilkes's fingerprint while Emilio's there, you have to wait until he goes away: A1EK0259.SQ2 No doubt he *will*. The guy gets around.

After you run out of Talk topics, you can't Chat with Simone. But there are lines for Grace talking to her: A1EL1Y39.I31 GRACE,How are you this evening, Simone? A1EL1Y39.I32 SIMONE,Very well. And yourself, Mademoiselle? A1EL1Y39.I33 GRACE,Oh, just peachy.

A1EL1Y39.I41 GRACE,Anything new, Simone? A1EL1Y39.I42 SIMONE,No, Miss. Not that I can think of. A1EL1Y39.I43 GRACE,Ah, well. Never mind.

There's a line for Simone if she catches Gabe sneaking, which he doesn't have to do by then: A1EL401I.I21 SIMONE,Oui, Monsieur Knight?

There's a line if you try to make Grace use the bell while Jean is washing windows, but it's not used A1EL841Y.Y71 I'm sure he'll be back in a minute.

There's a line for Jean if Grace is caught sneaking with buzzers: A1EL401I.MO1 JEAN,What can I do for you, Mademoiselle?

There were supposed to be magazines in the lounge. A1ELWB44.Z51 GRACE,Magazines. Nothing that looks interesting, though. A1ELWB44.Q81 GABE,They're outdated. And in French.

Grace was supposed to read the register: A1EL9144.QS1 It's a list of the people staying at the hotel. Not including *me*, of course.

About following Mosely to steal passport A1EC8Y44.3L1 I hope he doesn't notice me followin' him like this.

This has no audio file. It was to be found in the lobby.

  • Handin'* it to him won't do any good.

SPEAKER,UNKNOWN //,Uh -- that's my room. And it's empty at the moment.

The dining room was once also an object: A1EL8344.6P1 GABE,Dinin' room. A1EL8344.7E1 GABE,Looks like the dinin' room's in through there.

At the end of the bridge game conversation, the following happened. Unfortunately the audio for these files are the same as the Emilio/Buchelli conversation. A1EP6L3W.EVG HOWARD,Very well. I expect we *can* get a table cleared and some cards? A1EP6L3W.EVH JEAN,Certainement, Madame.

This doesn't happen. After you take Buchelli's print s Grace when Gabe got it earlier, she'll let you take and scan it, then she says “I already have it.” A1EP0259.NS1 That's Buchelli's glass, and Gabriel already took his print.

Simone would quirk this: A1EP401I.HW1 Can I help you, Mademoiselle?

Apparently Prince James was supposed to be in the lobby after talking to Grace. A1E7A239.RV1 Not while Prince James is here! A1E7FX44.411 It's Prince James!

The Lady Howard/Estelle map was supposed to be an object. A1E9OQ44.411 It's a map.

ON TOP OF TOUR MAGDALA There was apparently a cigarette box to be found atop Tour Magdala. Gabe definitely has lines for it: A1FLDM44.2D1 Never heard of that brand. Must be French. A1FLDM44.A21 Gee, that brand name looks familiar. I guess the good Abbé spends a lot of time up here. A1FLDM44.A22 Either that or he smokes *really* fast. It doesn't have the same object number, but these Grace lines may refer to the carton: A1FL2O44.PF1 Nice. Somebody should clean up this place. A1FL2O2A.2X1 I wasn't talkin' about *me*.

BINK VIDEOS AND DINING ROOM MEETING Looks like there were supposed to be sound files to Gabe's 3:2AM nightmare... A1H34Y4P.4P4 GABE,(MOANS) A1H34Y4P.4PD GABE,Grace. A1H34Y4P.4PK GABE,Wha . . . ? A1H34Y4P.4PP, GABE,It's all right.

Gabriel's Live Forever dream was apparently initially voiced by Arnaud and Montreaux,as can be seen in the Day2.YAK file 443,Speaker, 494, ABBE,Live... 49Speaker, 505, ABBE,Be a god.. 51Speaker, 593, ABBE,Live forever... 74Speaker, 80 MONTREAUX,Don't you want to live... 87Speaker, 90 MONTREAUX,...forever? Also, considering the E1H YAK files for this section: there are lip sync directions for the sirens, signalling that they were initially to be seen.

“Now let's see that map:” was followed by the following. Poor Gracie! A1HE4Y4P.TFO GRACE,Here. The first shape I put on was the circle, then the tilted square . . . (Next in line should be the TFP file, but it's not there anymore. Did Gabe say something nasty? Place your bets people!)

These were supposed to be in the introduction. These audio files are played over the GK3 trailer: that is, only the first three, and only the first line of the first file. A1HL4Y4P.1U1 EMILIO,Once upon a time the Aztecs believed, not that the gods had *granted* life to man but that man had stolen it. Had stolen it and was on a kind of 'get away spree' until the gods caught up and took it back. A1HL4Y4P.1U2 EMILIO,Prometheus stole the Eternal Flame and Alberich stole the ring. A1HL4Y4P.1U3 EMILIO,I'm only saying this is not a *new* story. No, it's not a *new* story at all. A1HL4Y4P.1U4 EMILIO,Something's buried out there. And I think I know where. (NOTE: The file says Emilio is the speaker, but it's definitely Grace saying this) A1HL4Y4P.1U5 GABE,Yeah, but *what*? What's the secret of Rennes-le-Château?

Apparently Wilkes had his musical moment too. This occurs in the 2:5-10PM closing vid, after Grace says “Quit it! Knock it off!” A1HP4Y4P.LYF WILKES,(HUMMING 'LITTLE CHINA GIRL')

Three outtakes from the Dining Room Meeting. A1HJ4Y4P.4X2 GABE Great, we've got that settled. A1HJ4Y4P.TDM BUCHELLI Certamente no! A1HJ4Y4P.TDN GABE Then WHY were you given this assignment, Miss Buthane?

Different line from Emilio's clarification: A1HE4Y40.V8B EMILIO Something in him rebelled. He remembered Sinai's words. And in his grief and rage he thought he might be able to save the blood in himself.

OUTSIDE COUIZA STATION Two unfamiliar taxi-driver-related lines: A1J2AW6I.PZ1 God! Chill out! Bet you carry a gun on the freeway, too! A1JKAW44.Q81 Does this guy have a cush life or what?

ROOM 25 Operate bathroom door at 1:6-10 A1LFBJ20.MP1 Yeah. I'm sure that would be a blast, but I'd get my face bashed in.

Looking at the R25 bed... A1LS7Y44.UD1 Gracie gets the bed. Sometimes bein' a man just sucks.

Open R25 door at 1:6-10 A1LFDC20.F21 I'll be back.

Upon entering Room 25 at 2:2-5 A1LK6L3W.4M1 GABE,Hey, Gracie. A1LK6L3W.4M2 GRACE,Yeah?

Think at the R25 bed on Day 3, as Grace A1LV7Y0L.QS1 I *really* don't want to think about it.

Gabe in Room 25 2:10-12... A1L8GV44.411 I get the weirdest damn dreams when I'm on a case!

Discussing the Chadrel picure at 1:6-10... A1LF442V.291 GABE,Hey, Grace. What's this picture doin' here? A1LF442V.292 GRACE,It's for good luck.

Trying to make Grace enter the bathroom while Gabe is in there. Of course, Gabe doesn´t take a bath during the course of the game. Not even on Saturday. A1LLBJ20.UB1 I can't. *He's* is in there.

Dear Gabe had an alarm clock in his room! A1LLCA32.411 GABE They'd charge me for it. A1LLCA44.411 GABE No phones, but they provide an alarm clock, my my. Am I getting a whiff of the 21st century? A1LLDC44.PF1 GABE It's the door to the hall. A1LQCA3L.411 GABE I won't need it tonight. A1LSCA3L.FA1 GABE I know I'm on a case, but we don't have to get sadistic! A1LSCA3L.PM1 GABE I already set it for 2AM.

The Read line for this file is set in Room 25, but the object “Holy Grail Book” is never there. A1L6CQ58.PF1 GRACE Definitely, but I think I'll wait and take it on the tour with me.

Different poem commentary A1L8F244.PF2 GABE Weird poem, too.

Another alternative line, cut because of accent slip: A1LF4444.PF1 GABE That's the Tibetan lama Grace has been talking to. He runs a training camp for Shadowhunters.

ORANGE ROCK Looks like Gabe was initially able to visit Orange Rock after Grace took up the manuscript. A1MJFU44.RZ1 This must be where Gracie found the manuscript.

A1MJFU44.RZ2 There's nothin' in there now.

THE SITE Grace overlooking the valley from The Site. A1N7FN0L.3L1 From here I have a really great view of Château de Blanchefort and Tour Magdala. A1N7FN0L.3L2 Or do *they* have a great view of *this* spot? A1N7FO0L.3L1 Tour Magdala . . . I wonder if that could be one of the 'rooks' the riddle talks about? And the tower at Blanchefort must be the other. A1N7FO0L.3L2 But what's the *third*? A1N7FO0L.7Y2 And Château de Serres overlooks the back of Cardou -- it's the *third* rook. A1N7SR44.3L1 The summit of Mount Cardou is up there.

MOPED RENTAL SHOP Follow-up to It's A Moped Rental Shop A1WH3N44.PF2 They're closed at the moment.

“Looks like an accident waiting to happen... kinda like my life.” A1WLK344.XG1 See now, that accident hasn't happened yet, but my life . . . that's *really* fucked up.

Unknown sheet of paper on the counter at the moped rental A1W93Z44.XR1 There's a sheet of paper on the counter.

This deals with Mosely's costume. Initially the player was supposed to put the coat and passport back himself (see also the un-YAKked files below), so those items would stay in the inventory after using it.This refers to using passport on Bigout. A1W95S0P.L61 I already *did* that.

“That's Mosely's bike, Gabriel wrote down the license plate number.” A1WL1G44.XP2 I'm not sure *why*, but he did.

The bike doesn't appear at the moped shop on 2:5-10. Nevertheless Grace has this line: A1WPB742.411 I don't have the keys. Besides, I won't be able to see much in the dark.

OUTSIDE CHURCH Look at tape in situ at 1:2-4: A1YLX144.PF1 I put that tape on the hole. We'll see if it works.

The museum cannot be seen from outside the church. A1YLKA44.X91 That's the museum over there. A1YLKA44.Y51 There's another big building over there. I'll have to go check it out. A1YLKA44.Y61 That's the Saunière museum.

Unknown object around the church... supposed to be a statue? A1YLKH44.Q81 Mary Magdalen. Either she's the church's namesake, or the builder had a thing for fallen women. A1YLKH44.QS1 St. Mary Magdalen. The church is named after her.

No, they won't translate that line in the game. Cruel, isn't it? The ecclasiastical translation is This Place Is In Awe, but Terribilis is more often translated to “terrible”. A1YLK958.Y01 It means 'terrible is this place'. Pretty weird, for a church.

The cat was supposed to stay, or at least come back, after the moustache puzzle. It also had an Easter Egg that still is referred to in the Official_Egg.doc, and the music is also still there, hidden in the Ambient barn. There were lines for it too! Gabe: A1YLX244.KR1 That cat *really* hates me. Ah, well. Sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. A1YLX27O.6R1 He's not havin' any of it.

Grace: A1YLX27O.Z51 That cat doesn't look real excited about strangers. Must have run into Gabriel a few times. A1YLX244.Z51 Looks like a stray to me.

A1YLK744.Y11 That must be the church all these signs are referring to.

OUTSIDE TOUR MAGDALA Gabe on Tour Magdala A20L9E44.411 Très medieval. Line from Grace after she says “it's not as small as Rittersburg”: A20LO144.QS2 Sometimes I *really* miss New York.

MAP A21A2V44.PF1 It's Lady Howard and Estelle.

Apparently you could click around while following someone: A21LR562.BH1 I wanna see where they're goin' first.

WILKES DEATH SCENE A relative lot of lines were cut from Wilkes' death scene, but not the one about the p.j.'s. It also shows one of the bigger questions I had regarding the game: when was Wilkes killed and didn't Mosely/Gabe notice anything? A22L0P44.411 They even folded the collar back so it wouldn't get any blood on it. Follow up on “Poor bastard” A22L3D44.3D2 I wonder if Wilkes was already here when I ran into Mosely last night? A22L6K44.411 There's somethin' in the pocket. A22L050L.411 The killers aren't leavin' any prints. I wonder if they really . . . float, or is my imagination doin' a header? A22L0544.411 I don't see any footprints.

ORANGE ROCK Rocks? A27LO044.QR1 GABE,Those things look sharp! A27LO044.QS1 GRACE,Looks like somebody *very* large had a tantrum.

BLANCHEFORT PARKING LOT Look Lady Howard and Estelle while they're riding around A28AE044.PF1 Now there's an arrangement you don't see every day.

Gabe “looks” at Madeline while she is driving around: A2897644.411 It's Madeline. I wonder where she's goin'?

LADY HOWARD SITE PARKING LOT Upon entering the Howard/Stiles parking lot at 3:7-10: A2B16L3W.291 I think this is where Gabriel saw Estelle, but there's no one here now.

UNIVERSAL LOCATION Showing the tape around doesn't provoke anything but “I don't think I wanna show that to him/her/them”. A2FL8X3U.PF1 I can't let anybody know I've made this tape! A2FL123U.PF1 He already knows too much about this case. A2FL173U.PF1 I oughtta be able to handle this one on my own.

A2FLW227.Z51 GRACE I know I am *this* close to getting it. A2FLW227.3L1 GABE Let's start over, shall we?

Unfound line from the infamous Cat Hair Moustache A2FL5S0P.MW1

  • I've* got a disguise, but I still need to do somethin' to that passport

Copying a license plate again will only get “I already got that one” A2FOK44X.4K1 I already have the license plate number, and I don't need the tire tread.

This line is apparently one of the Universialities.I never heard it though. A2FL8S27.ND1 I don't have anythin' else to say on the subject.

Gabe will always say “If anyone sees me in this, I'll have to leave town immediately”,but this one's fun too. A2FL5S0P.IU1 Yeah, but not *here*. I can't let anyone actually see me in this getup.

Unknown Mosely spot lines: A2F9DB44.PF1 Hey, it's Mosely. A2F9DB44.PF2 Looks like he's on that beat to crap bike.

ROOM 25 BATHROOM Two cute toothbrush lines from our dynamic duo, these are to be said on Day 3 about the regular toothbrush beside the toothpaste, but that doesn't have any verbs. A2JQVJ44.Q81 GABE,Those toothbrushes look frighteningly domestic lyin' there together. A2JWVJ44.QS1 GRACE,I *could* dunk his toothbrush in the toilet, but that would be immature. Well-deserved, but immature.

Toothbrushes aren't in the bathroom until day 2, and after that Gabe makes his usual long black hair remark. A2J8VJ44.Q81 Thank God Gracie brought my stuff. A man can only live so long without a toothbrush.

AUDIO TEASER The audio teaser was published on the GK3 website and can be foud on, among others, the Wayback Treasure page by yours truly. But I don't think it can be accessed through the game. A2PLWG27.411 Are you up for a little mystery? A taste of the paranormal, perhaps? Don't turn on your television and watch one of those skimpy UFO documentaries. Join me, Gabriel Knight, in a *real* enigma. A2PLWG27.412 You see, it all started when Grace and I were invited to the home of a prince in exile? You know the type, European noble family, ousted at some point by politics and progress? A2PLWG27.413 Seems this guy has a problem -- his family's bein' -- well, *fed* upon, by somethin' that has a taste for blue blood. We were s'posed to just keep an eye out but, sure 'nough, his son was kidnapped the first night we were there. A2PLWG27.414 So we end up chasin' the bad guys to a place called Rennes-le-Chateau. Now I'm not gonna go into details, but this town is *weird*. There was this local priest who got stinkin' rich some time back? Now treasure hunters scour the place tryin' to learn his secret. A2PLWG27.415 No one knows for sure what the priest found. Some say gold, some the grail, some say it was 'secrets'. But *you'll* figure it out. If you've got the . . . uh . . . guts to stick with it. Rennes-le-Chateau is a real place, you know. There's parchments, riddles, a treasure map . . . A2PLWG27.416 . . . conspiracies, secret societies, ancient bloodlines . . . What can I say. Grace and I never do anythin' *simple*. A2PLWG27.417 Thing is, we need you're help on this one. So run on out and pick us up, will ya? You'll know it when you see it: "Gabriel Knight: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned." We should be in stores now. A2PLWG27.418 See ya in 3D land. Oh, and play it with the lights *out*.

BURGLING SCENES All the lines that Gabe was supposed to find while burgling the city at 2:10-12.

While burgling, Gabe might open the dumbwaiter, but he'll say “You know somethin'? It's just like the dumbwaiter in our room.” A0A84X1L.8U1 It'd take too long to climb in. I'd be half-way there and the maid would show up. A0A80920.8U1 Yup. It's just like the dumb waiter in our room.

Gabe won't pick up the cigarette box A0D8A605.H61 There wouldn't be any prints on it now but my own.

Looking at the rooms while burglaring only gets you "The maid's in there". A0486144.8U1 This must be Wilkes' room.

There was supposed to be a letter in the Howard/Stiles room, from Dr Wen to Lady Howard. Pictures of it are still on the disk. Think at letter: A0M8E60L.PF1 He mentions three documents, but there're only two here. They must have one with 'em. Take letter A0M8E632.PF1 I can't see why Grace or I would need the letter. It's not *that* interestin'. Look letter A0M8E644.PF1 It's from a Dr. Wen -- he must be their mentor or somethin'.

No audio file accompanies this one. It appears in the YAK of A0M8U344.PF1 I thought it was rather strange that two paintings shared a remark, considering somebody obviously went through a lot of trouble making them. I wonder if the person who wrote this deleted line to Dennis Miller Bunker's Pool is also the one who wrote the deleted line to the azure harp. //,That painting is a cow's wet dream.

This line probably goes for searching Lady Howard's clothes A0M84C0Z.PF1 But . . . I would have to *touch* 'em. Look at peignoirs: A0M84C44.PF1 Really *big* peignoirs. Geez, *Wilkes* could fit into those.

Another H/S bed line, possibly in case the player enters R31 before R27. Doesn't occur though. A0M87Y44.IO1 One bed. Isn't *that* cozy?

Madeline's room suffered some cuts... such as: Opening the closet A0J8WP44.PF1 Too bad. I was hopin' for somethin' kinky.

Madeline doesn't have a suitcase (gun case aside), but it has lines: A0J89D44.PF1 Madeline's suitcase. A0J89D20.PF1 She's already unpacked.

Uhm? Madeline's room: break in through balcony doors. Not possible. A0J80T20.0Q1 Not a bad idea, but she'd see me.

Madeline has a hairbrush in her bathroom... A2NLVS0L.PF1 Was it Prince Charles that said he wanted to come back as some woman's hairbrush? No, that was . . . uh, nevermind. A2NLVS44.PF1 Hmmm. A hundred strokes a night, no doubt.

These are cut from Emilio's room section: A0K8WQ44.301 Somethin' tells me I'm not gonna find the lost treasure of the Templars in there. A0K8WS44.3L1 Nope. Not a bauble in sight. A0K86F44.511 I wouldn't have thought Emilio was the born-again type. A0K86V44.PF1 There's just one more outfit in here. I wish I could pack that light.

A sari in Emilio's room! A0K81144.PF1 Looks like one of those Indian sari outfits. A0K81132.PF1 Can you see me in a sari? I think not. A0K81132.PF2 I need to have at least four or five different dead things on my body at once, or I just don't feel dressed.

A0J86144.PF1 This is Madeline's room. A0J8BJ44.CQ1 The maid's in there. A0K86144.PF1 This is Emilio Baza's room. A0M86144.PF1 This is the room Lady Howard and Estelle are stayin' in. A0A86144.AR1 I think this is Buchelli's room.

Three burgle tosses. Two don't correspond with the game (Gabe won't pick up the cigarettes and the fingerprint is on the handle), and the third... Who slipped there? A0D83M05.6Y1 GABE If there were any prints on that pack, they're gone now. A0M86244.PF1 Yup, there's a print on the glass. Lady Howard must've been touching her own reflection. A0M8A805.PF1 It's a tube of... yup... preparation H. Great.

Burgling... A1A89I20.QH1 GABE The cart's in the way.

LE SERPENT ROUGE: GRACE AND SIDNEY Quite a few SIDNEY lines were cut. Either that or I don't recognize them. A lot of the files end on a higher number, suggesting there were more cut lines that didn't even make it to the game disk.

A02O2F2Z.4L3 A circle! Now we're getting somewhere! A02O2T0L.AU1 AUDIO NOT ON DISK I'm not sure *what* that means. Perhaps the connection is to the sun or even just 'light'. A02O3H2Z.7F3 Cool! A02O3H2Z.101 Hmmm. I think that's the right shape, but I'm not sure it's in the right place. A02O3H2Z.863 Hmmm. A02O3H2Z.951 I may need to do that for a later verse, but I don't think it will help me solve this one. A02O3H2Z.GK2 It's just like the shape on Wilkes' seismic map! A02O3H2Z.J22 Well. Guess I'll just have to wait. A02O3H2Z.R83 I'll mark them. A02O3H2Z.R84 And now I need to mark the site itself, but I think I already have. It's at the center of the holy of holies! No audio: I already put that fingerprint into SIDNEY. A02OX660.3L1 I don't know whose print that is! No audio: Shoot! Whoever's print that is, we don't have them in the data base yet. I guess I'll try again later, when we've got more prints. No audio: I'm not sure whose prints are whose. A02O5F2Z.9H2 I'm not surprised. I haven't hooked SIDNEY up to any art resources yet. A02O7L3U.6R1 I already read in that tape. A02O9H7Z.411 I think that's right. I don't want to unlink it. A02O247L.PF1 I can't *believe* my mother! This is the second time she's had some guy I don't even know writting to me! A02O247L.PF2 One day she's going to send a serial killer my way -- *then* she'll be happy! A02O2458.PF3 Ugh! Mother! A02O1V44.PF1 Oh, God! A02O5744.PF1 God, I wish I could talk to him face to face. A02OBT0L.BD1 AUDIO NOT ON DISK The point of that arm falls in the Le Bec mountain range. A02OCG0L.BD1 AUDIO NOT ON DISK Two of the hexagram's arms fall within the boundaries of the temple. A02OCG0L.BD2 AUDIO NOT ON DISK I wonder what they signify? Maybe I should go check them out. A02OCL2Z.JL2 I've solved Gemini and Cancer! A02OE10L.BD1 AUDIO NOT ON DISK The point of that arm falls on the back of Mt. Cardou. A02OFC0L.R41 AUDIO NOT ON DISK The temple is a long rectangle broken into fourths, but they make up only three sections. Could that be 'the three which are the four' in Scorpio? A02OFC0L.R51 AUDIO NOT ON DISK The diagram shows the three divisions of the temple. I marked them on the map. A02OFR2Z.PF2 Hmmm. A02OFS5S.PF2 No. I don't think that's it. A02OFT2Z.RO4 Hmmm. This isn't working. A02O4G3R.6R1 I already put that fingerprint into SIDNEY. A02O4G5Q.RI4 Aha! A02O4G5Q.SK1 I'm not sure whose prints are whose. A02O2R0L.A71 AUDIO CODE NOT ON DISK Knights, Pawns, Queens, Rooks . . . they're all mentioned in 'Le Serpent Rouge!' The '64 stones' must be a chessboard! A02O0I27.GT1 Hmmm. I'm not sure about that. A02OF70L.3L1 AUDIO NOT ON DISK Well, if the Secret Brotherhood exists, they're no doubt in Rennes-le-Château this week. Everybody *else* is. A02O4G3R.6R1 I already put that fingerprint into SIDNEY. A02O4G5Q.RI4 Aha! A02O4G5Q.SK1 I'm not sure whose prints are whose. A2HOB90L.EY1 Solomon was married to a Pharaoh's daughter!

It is possible to solve Ophiuchus before you've completed Libra, but Grace doesn't say these lines if you do. A02O6L4R.RP1 I think that takes care of Scorpio. And I've already solved Ophiuchus -- it's talking about the 'Et in Arcadia' anagram! A02OCB2Z.L42 Good -- I think I'll need that later. One of the verses near the end mentions 'Et in Arcadia Ego.'

Without matching YAK-files: A02OEU3W.6K2 GRACE Three St Anthony's? Uh oh. Which one would it be?

Line from Scorpio, without YAK. A10L7M58.413 Here then is the first of the three knights' towers, the rooks, on the cirquit of the divine horseman of the abyss. A10L0V0L.IM1 16 forms the center and the center forms sixteen. It must be referring to rows on the grid, but which two rows? The rest of this must be trying to tell us.

TEMPLE The temple chessboard: apparently there were words over the doors, Gabe needed to choose one of the exits and the words were a hint. Look text: A1QEV544.PF1 There's somethin' written above the doors, but I have no idea what it says.

Talk to Mesmi about text: A1QEV57M.291 GABE,Those words at the other end of the hall . . . A1QEV57M.292 MESMI,It says 'As above, so below'. A1QEV57M.293 GABE,Meanin' . . . ? A1QEV57M.294 MESMI,Usually it refers to astrology. But in this case it might be referring to the temple layout being like . . . A1QEV57M.295 GABE,Like the map maybe? A1QEV57M.296 MESMI,Perhaps.

Look text again: A1QEV544.FI1 'As above, so below'. I still think it's about the map.

More door selection lines A1QEGD20.TT1 I don't see any handle! I have the feelin' if it was gonna open, it would have already. I'll have to try a different door. A1QEGD44.TT1 I hope I'm at the right one. A1QEGD44.TS1 Somethin' tells me I have to pick one of those. A1QEGE44.3L1 There're some geometric shapes on the doors. I'm guessin' I have to pick one.

This line was also removed. You can pick any tile on the first row as starting point. A1QEUL0L.PF1 I'm guessin' those are startin' points. I wish I knew more about chess -- the positionin' of those squares might tell me somethin'.

Look chessboard after talking to Grace A1QEGA44.TJ1 Grace says the floor is a chessboard. If so, I have a feelin' this isn't gonna be a nice, friendy match.

This sounds funnier than “I don't have time for that now!” A1QERM27.PD1 Uh . . . I'm a little *busy* here!

Some pendulum hints: clicking the spinning disks will make you jump on it. A1REGF0L.Q81 (think pendulum) I think it looks *really* sharp. A1REGF64.Q81 (something about the exit) Yeah. That's the general idea. A1REYA44.Q81 (look disk) It's not movin' too fast, but I guess that's rather moot with a pendulum in the scenario. A1REYB0L.Q81 (think symbol) I don't know what they *mean*, but watchin' where they intersect with the pendulum might help. A1REYB44.Q81 Some of those tiles have shapes on 'em.

When Gabe lands on the scale, just before he says “I 'm starting to really hate this place”, he should've said: A1REGK63.Q81 Uh-oh.

After translating the Latin text, Gabe'll say: “It says, Beware, only initiates of the Seal may survive.” A2IEHB44.EG2 Guess that means it's gonna start gettin' difficult.

About the temple's leather glove: A1TEHF44.VG2 It looks like buffalo hide or somethin'. Tough old leather.

Think at the hands of the Master A1TEHJ0L.3L1 Those hands are stuck out there in a *purposeful* way. I don't think they're lookin' for alms.

Initially after looking at “Identifythe nature of your body” bench, Gabe'd say: A1TEHP44.EU2 Well, I gave it my best shot.

In Solomon room: A1TEV854.VP1 I don't *hear* anythin'.

Some text over the door to the Solomon room? A2IEHB44.411 There's somethin' written over the door.

After crossing the bridge: “I told you we would be useful...” A1UEI565.W05 MOSELY,Right. Useful. You bet. A1UEI565.W06 GABE,I'm ready if you are.

Are you ready for it? THE MYSTERIOUS ROOM 2 A large section of the final timeblock has been deleted. You can still see it should've been between the Pendulum Room (Sanctuary room 1) and Solomon Riddle (Sanctuary room 3). I'm guessing it should have been a maze that ties in with the 4 elements. There is no artwork of it left on the disk, but the numbering suggests it was Temple Room 2. Or 3. It has references to the Titanic, Gabriel Knight 1: Sins Of The Fathers, and Grace's mother.

A1SE6L3W.411 So much for leavin' the way I came in.

A1SE6L3W.V61 Damn it! I thought for sure the exit would be . . . A1SE6L3W.V62 Oh, shit!

A1SE6L18.EE1 I think the air just ran out.

A1SEH50L.411 Looks like a prop from "Titanic."

A1SEH51A.UV1 It's water. A1SEH51A.UW1 I wouldn't wanna flood the place.

A1SEH62D.411 Yeah, but I don't think pushin' on it's gonna help.

A1SEH76I.411 I know that worked before, but that shaft's a wee bit small, doncha think?

A1SEH81A.UR1 That can't be right. A1SEH81A.US1 That's not gonna work any better unless I figure out what's wrong.

A1SEH362.UH1 GABE,Grace? I'm in some kinda maze. Got any ideas? A1SEH362.UH2 GRACE,'Le Serpent Rouge' talked about a labyrinth, but not how to solve it. Just try to get your bearings. Lemme know if you run into anything more specific. A1SEH362.UH3 GABE,Will do.

A1SEH362.V01 I'd better make sure I know the layout of this place before I bug Grace again. A1SEH362.V02 Wouldn't want her to think I'm nervous or anythin'.

A1SEH362.V11 GABE,Grace? I think I've got a handle on this place. It's square-shaped and in each corner is a kind of . . . well, some kind of vent or spigot or somethin'. A1SEH362.V12 GRACE,Hmmm. I can help you with the square part. The square represents quaternities -- groups of four. As in the four seasons, the four elements, and four points of the compass. A1SEH362.V13 GRACE,Have you found a way out yet? A1SEH362.V14 GABE,No. A1SEH362.V15 GRACE,Then I'd say your exit has something to do with those four corners. A1SEH362.V16 GABE,Uh-huh. Right. I'll keep tryin'.

A1SEH362.V21 I don't think Gracie's *got* any better advice.

A1SEH544.UJ1 Okay. I'll bite. What does it do? A1SEH544.UL1 It turns on the water.

A1SEH644.UY1 It's either a dragon playing with blocks or some kind of mechanism. A1SEH644.UZ1 It's a nifty, medieval spark-producer. Like somethin' from Ghengis Khan's smokin' room.

A1SEH744.EB1 Looks like a grated shaft. A1SEH744.411 It's an air shaft -- like the ones in the pyramids.

A1SEH844.UQ1 Looks like a spigot to me.

A1SEUM44.UO1 It's a symbol of some sort, but I'm not sure what it means. A1SEUM44.UO2 If I'm s'posed to cut off more of my hair, you can *forget* it.

A1SEUM44.UP1 That must be the symbol for air.

A1SEUN44.411 More symbols. I think this is the center of the maze.

A1SEUO44.411 Now that's definitely a sign for fire. Even I know that much.

A1SEUS44.UL1 I'm thinkin' that means 'water'. A1SEUS44.411 A bunch of wavy lines. Could be anythin'.

A1SEUV44.UQ1 A range of mountains perhaps? A1SEUV44.411 There's oil in the vase so I guess that could be . . . land? Earth? A1SEUX0L.DN1 This has somethin' to do with gettin' out of this maze, but I'm not sure what. A1SEUX44.UQ1 It's an old-fashioned vase. You know, from the days before refridgerators. A1SEUX44.411 That vase has oil in it.

A1SEUY6L.291 (SIGH) I guess I have to try it. A1SEUY6L.UM1 Okay. That was interestin'. Pointless, but interestin'. A1SEUY6L.UN1 The water just puts it out. That can't be right. A1SEUY6L.UX1 That *should* work, but it's so suffocatin' down here -- the fire won't stay lit.

A1SEUY6L.V41 Wow! It worked! A1SEUY6L.V42 Uh . . . I think it's time to find a way out. *Now*.

A1SEUY44.UY1 Looks like a pull-chain to me, but knowin' how this place is rigged, there's no tellin' *what* it'll do. A1SEUY44.UZ1 It's a pull-chain for 'Barnie the Lighter' over there.

A1SEV00L.411 Reminds me of Grace's mother. A1SEV02D.UJ1 I don't see anythin' that looks 'pushable'. Besides, he might bite.

A1SEV11A.E11 It's cranked up as far as it'll go. A1SEV11A.UO1 It's fresh air! God, that feels good about now!

A1SEV22D.411 I don't think battin' those around will do any good. A1SEV32D.411 It *might* move, but I don't see how.

A1SEV044.UJ1 Cute little fella. A1SEV044.UL1 I need one of those for my bathroom at Schloss Ritter.

A1SEV244.EB1 That's obviously not there for decorative purposes. A1SEV244.411 Wind chimes.

A1SEV344.411 That black stone must mark the center of the maze.

The Equally Mysterious Room E1Z Loosely named by yours truly after the name of the YAK files these scripts are in, these seem to take place in Tour Magdala. It sounds like a very long, nasty staircase to a lookout point. Gabe's text: A1ZLG244.QR1 Whoa! Don't make me look up like that. I'll lose my balance. A1ZLMG44.QR1

  • Now* they put in a railin'.

A1ZLMH44.QR1 Good thing I'm not afraid of heights. A1ZLMI44.QR1 Can't see much from this one. A1ZLMJ44.QR1 Boy, you could really look up someone's skirt on a staircase like this.

Grace's text: A1Z6MJ44.PF1 This staircase is like something from 'Jane Eyre'. A1ZLG244.QS1 Hope there aren't any resident pigeons. A1ZLMG44.QS1 I could have used one of those on the way up. A1ZLMH44.QS1 That's quite a drop out there. A1ZLMI44.QS1 There's just shrubs and stuff out there. A1ZLMJ44.QS1 If Saunière had so much money, why didn't he put in an elevator?

THE ALSO VERY MYSTERIOUS ROOM A16 Apparently the A16 files direct to some place with nothing but signs

A16L6C44.C21 GABE,Le Bec. Must be a mountain range down there. A16L6C44.QS1 GRACE,The Le Bec mountains are to the south. A16L8R44.Q81 GABE L'Hermitage, Thataway A16LC944.QR1 GABE,I don't think I need to go down there. A16LC944.1N1 The rear of Mt. Cardou is down that road. A16LC944.7H1 The sign's pointing to the backside of Mt. Cardou. A16LC944.7H2 No reasons to go back there at the moment.

THE DIFFERENT VERSION OF CAT-HAIR-MOUSTACHE Cat Hair Moustache received strong negative criticism, even from yours truly. I had problems with taunting that poor lonely kitty with the spritzer. Thankfully, there are enough hints in the extracts to discover what the puzzle was... and thanks to ADB we know why it was dropped: A crow uses black fibers from a rug to build a nest. Gabriel was supposed to find the spray gun at Arnaud's, which he had to attach to the hose near the museum, which he had to use to spray down the nest. In short, animal cruelty. According to ADB, the puzze was dropped because they couldn't get the water spray animation to work well.

I chose this awkward way of presenting the puzzle since it represents how I discovered it, slowly, finding ever new unknown objects in Rennes-le-Château, discovering how they linked... but it wasn't until the last day of work on this script that I found the line that made it all clear: “I need those black fibers.”It was beautiful.

After the Re-visit section, for which I copied the Audio File section of the GK3.log file and checked every single audio file for its presence in the script, I found a large number of A2H files that turn out to come from this section. They are now embedded with the script.

Apparently there's an awkward tree out in RlC A1XL4H44.QR1 GABE,These French people put trees in the weirdest damn places. A13L4H44.QS1 GRACE,The tree is a symbol of life. In this case, however, it's more likely a symbol of indifference to motorized vehicles.

There are blocks around the tree: A1XLLT44.QR1 GABE,Speed bumps for squirels. A1XLLT44.QS1 GRACE,I think those are for cars. Weird.

And what's more: there's a nest in the tree! A2H55244.CS1 GABE There's a bird's nest up there. A2H95232.CW1 GABE I can't get it. It's too high. A2H95257.L91 GABE OH That's not gonna work. A2H95257.OD1 GABE I think I've had enough of that. A2H95257.SU1 GABE It's not gonna work as is, I can't aim the water flow. A2H95D0L.1X1 GABE That gun-attachment should help. A2H95D0L.CW1 GABE Hmmm... I might be able to make use of that hose, now that I think about it. A2H95D3B.411 GABE That should help. A2H95D44.OD1 GABE That hose was useful. A2H95D44.SU1 GABE I ought to be able to use that hose on the bird's nest. A2H9CP44.5O1 GABE He's using fibers from that black rug to line his nest. I could use some of those. A2H9D644.PF1 GABE Yup, I knocked it down all-right. A2HH5232.PF1 GABE What would I want with a bird's nest? Even if I could get up there. A2HH5D44.PF1 GABE A garden hose, pretty high tech. A2HHCP44.PF1 GABE Looks like a male crow building its nest. Expecting company, maybe. A2HHCP44.QS1 GRACE Is it just me or does he look cranky? A2HL5244.QS1 GRACE It's a bird's nest. Looks kinda damp. A2HL5D25.QS1 GRACE Ah, and what would I do with it, exactly? A2HL5D25.QS2 GRACE I doubt Rennes-le-Chateau has a Wet T-shirt night.

A13L4H3H.CW1 GABE,*CLIMB*? I haven't done that since I was six or seven. A13L4H3H.CW2 GABE,Besides, that bird would probably peck me to death before I could get up there. A13L4H44.3L1 GABE,Nice tree. You could almost hang some bulbs on it and make it a stoplight.

Climb another tree: gets the standard line though. A1XL4H3H.QR1 And why would I want to do that, exactly?

What black rug? This one: A2H51L44.PF1 GABE,It's a black rug. A2H51L44.QS1 GRACE,Someone's airing their rug.

Looks like there was something involving the hose at the museum... A10LTD0L.PF1 Now if only somethin' was on fire. A10LTD44.PF1 There's a hose by the museum that I might be able to use. Assumin' I had somethin' to use it *for*. A10LTW0L.PF1 I suspect there was a *reason* I was able to put that spray gun on the hose. A10LTW44.PF1 There's a hose with a spray gun near the museum.

Without audio: Hmmm. I might be able to make use of that hose, now that I think about it. That should help. I can't get up there. That's not gonna work.

A1395D1S.B11 GABE I don't wanna wind it up yet.; A1395D1S.OD1 GABE I suppose I should put it back.

A2H55232.031 GABE That bird would kill me if I touched it again. A2H55244.031 GABE Well I don't think I hurt it any.

Wait! Ive found it! It's the Alternative Puzzle That Was To Go In Place Of Cat Hair Moustache! A139520L.CW1 I wish I could get that nest down. I need some of those black fibers. A0C98K44.6R1 The Abbé left his *spray gun* behind. A0C98K44.AK1 I'll bring it back. Probably. A0C98K32.AK1 I don't need the rest of it. A0C98K44.BK1 That lady left her spray bottle out. A13L5D44.QS1 GRACE,It's a garden hose. Odd. I don't see any plants around here. Maybe it's for the tree.

A2H None of the audio files starting with A2H seem to have been used. The bulk appear to come from the Serpent Rouge puzzle. These are listed in the chapter on LSR and SIDNEY above. The ones on the Moustache puzzle appear in that chapter.

A2HLD144.QR1 GABE That's the closet. A2HLD144.QS1 GRACE It's just the closet. A2HLGX20.QS1 GRACE I put everything in the closet. A2HLMO44.411 GABE Real men don't use closets.

I have absolutely no idea where in the game I might find these. Do you? “Gideons” refers possibly to US bible makers. A2H8MP44.PF1 GABE,Apparently they don't have the Gideons in France. A2H8MQ44.PF1 GABE,Doesn't anybody unpack around here? A2H8NM44.PF1 GABE,Not even a hotel pen in there.

Madeline's room? A2H84C44.PF1 GABE,That's where the map was sittin'.

These may refer to the tour about to start (and therefore as spokenby Grace at 2:7-10AM), but they don't appear in the game. A2H68X1B.3T1 I can talk to them on the tour. A2H68X44.3T1 Well, they're ready to go. I'd better get it together.

These were apparently other texts for Marceau: the audio files that are referred to, all sound like the regular “pale, but cute” and “Maybe it's the ponytail”. A0PBBA44.411 (That audio file isn't there, but this line is in the un-YAKked A2H file A2HBBA44.411, so you can play it) He's kinda cute. In a dark sort of way. A0PKBA44.411 (check A2HKBA44.411) He strikes me as the tall, dark, and quiet type.

A2H68X1B.3T1 I can talk to them on the tour.

Audio Code Deciphering It was really helpful in making this document, when I finally found out how the file codes work. I put it at the bottom here, for your interest, and so I don't forget all about it in a year. -Every audio file starts with A, its matching YAK-file usually starts with E. -The 2nd and 3rd numbers/letters show which location it is used in. -The 4th number/letter shows in which timeblock it is used. -The 5th and 6th number/letters indicate the object the line is about. Interestingly, similar objects have the same code: eg the bed in Mosely's room has the same number as the bed in Wilkes' room -The 7th and 8th number indicate the verb: what icon is clicked in order to hear the line? The number 44 is the one used most: it means “look”.

This list shows what audio codes match which location.

A01 Hotel Telephone Room A02 SIDNEY A03 Inside Tour Magdala A04 Room 23 (Wilkes) A05 At Larry Chester A06 unused A07 Outside hotel A08 Serres library A09 Room 33 (Mosely) A0A With Roxanne during 2:10-12,and Room 21 (Buchelli) A0B Le Bec (SW Arm) A0C Cemetery A0D Church office A0E L'Homme Mort A0F Museum A0G Poussin's Tomb A0H Serres courtyard A0I Serres basement A0J Room 29 (Madeline) A0K Room 27 (Emilio) A0L Between Blanchfort and Larry Chester A0M Room 31 (Howard/Stiles) A0N The Devil's Armchair A0O Couiza Train Station A0P Serres wine tasting room A0Q Outside Larry Chester's A0R Serres attic A0S Back of Serres A0T At Rennes-les-Bains A0U Larry's dig site A0V Lady Howard/Estelle site A0W Serres parking lot A0X Rennes-les-Bains parking lot A0Y Hotel kitchen A0Z Blanchfort A10 Inventory A11 Armchair Parking Lot A12 Coume Sourde A13 Outside museum A14 unused A15 NE Arm A16 The Mysterious Room A16 A17 Hotel Dining room A18 Church A19 Serres wine cellar A1A Hotel Hallway A1B L'Hermitage A1C Roque Negre A1D Hotel supply closet A1E Hotel lobby A1F Atop Tour Magdala A1G In a dumbwaiter A1H BINK Video Files and Dining Room Revelation A1I Armchair Car Stash A1J Outside Couiza Train Station A1K Unused A1L Room 25 A1M Orange rock A1N The Site A1O Villa Bethania A1P Serres garage A1Q Temple Porch: Chessboard A1R Temple Sanctuary: Spinning Disk/Scales A1S Temple Sanctuary: The Mysterious Room 2 (not in game) A1T Temple Sanctuary: Solomon Puzzle A1U Temple Sanctuary: Bridge A1V Temple Holy of Holies A1W Moped Rental Shop A1X Outside Villa Bethania A1Y Outside church A1Z The Equally Mysterious Room E1Z A20 Outside Tour Magdala A21 Map A22 Wilkes dead A23 unused A24 unused A25 Coume Sourde parking lot A26 L'Homme Mort parking lot A27 Orange Rock parking lot A28 Blanchfort Parking Lot A29 L'Hermitage parking lot A2A Unused A2B Outside Lady Howard/Estelle site A2C Unused A2D Unused A2E Unused A2F Use inventory item in real world, also finger print search screen, chicken. A2G Hints A2H Various lines. A2H files didn't make it into the game. A2I Temple Sanctuary: Solomon Statue A2J R25 bathroom A2K R23 bathroom (Wilkes) A2L R21 bathroom (Buchelli) A2M R27 bathroom (Emilio) A2N R29 bathroom (Buthane) A2O R31 bathroom (Howard/Stiles) A2P Teaser (not in game)

TimeBlock Indicator 1 3:7-10AM 2 1:2-4PM and 1:4-6PM 3 3:2AM 4 1:10AM-12PM 5 day 3 6 2:7-10AM 7 3:12-3PM 8 2:10AM-12PM 9 1:2-4PM A 1:4-6PM + Taxi driver B 2:12-2PM C 1:12-2PM D 3:6-9PM E 3:9PM-midnight F 1:6-10PM H 1:10AM-12PM and 1:12-2PM J 3:3-6PM K 2:2-5PM L Any timeblock N 3:10AM-12PM O SIDNEY P 2:5-10PM Q 3:7-10AM or 3:12-3PM S Unknown V Unknown W Unknown

There are WAY too many objects to list them all. If a line is unclear I use Ctrl-F to find a line with the same object name. This was very useful for finding out what happens at which character's hotel room door.

In the ODT version I made a nice table of all the verbs you can find. Here, it’s going to be a lot trickier: the tables didn’t get converted well. So I’ll have to re-pen each and every one of them, since I’m not going to get used to Word before the trial period runs out. 01 TOPIC Egyptian Artefacts 02 Grace 04 TOPIC Wilkes’ machine 05 take print 07 TOPIC Le Serpent Rouge 08 TOPIC Other guestrooms 09 knock down 0A TOPIC dead men 0B TOPIC Roque Nègre 0C TOPIC Le Serpent Rouge, to Estelle at 3:6-9PM 0E TOPIC manuscript 0F TOPIC diaper service 0G TOPIC Roque Blanc 0H TOPIC Moped 0I TOPIC Two men with a trunk 0J TOPIC church 0L think 0M trace angels 0O reply to mail 0P use passport on a costume item 0Q TOPIC Mosely / Montreaux 0S TOPIC tour group 0T TOPIC Madeline 0U use marker on reservation list 0V go upstairs 0W drink 0Y TOPIC vampires 0Z search 10 TOPIC bloodline 11 TOPIC Lady Howard 13 leave dialogue 14 Break into Serres Garage (Gabriel) 15 chat with Emilio at Poussin’s Tomb 16 TOPIC Saunière 17 TOPIC Magdalen statue 18 TOPIC Get caught by Roxanne / Overhear Arnaud on phone / open trunk, hear baby 19 sit 1A open / turn 1B talk 1C TOPIC car polish 1D turn library head too far 1F Wilkes’ machine 1G TOPIC sunrise line 1H Only used in bonus files 1I Reaction if protagonist comes close 1J buzz – press library desk knob 1K hide 1L forward onto dumbwaiter platform / into SW cave 1M TOPIC food 1O use shovel 1Q go downstairs 1R use phone 1W Handshake start 1X upon entering Room 25 at 2:2-5PM 1Y use lobby bell 20 open 22 leave town / to map / go to Mount Cardou / Enter Hermitage cave 23 use glass on door 25 operate 27 sit down / talk / use locator 28 TOPIC baby 29 sit down / eat food 2A clean up 2B Grace break into Serres garage 2C use binocs 2D move / push 2E TOPIC Holy Grail 2F TOPIC Wilkes 2J TOPIC Gabriel 2K put parchments back 2L TOPIC other trains 2N TOPIC Schattenjäger 2O Use SIDNEY 2R Use payphone 2S Coil hose (original Moustache puzzle) 2T use track rubbing 2V close 2W TOPIC handshake 2Y use alarm 2Z Gabe’s SIDNEY dead ends / Grace opens Suspects folder 31 TOPIC throne 32 take 33 use locator 34 TOPIC introduce 35 TOPIC excavate 36 TOPIC Rennes-le-Château 37 TOPIC viticulture / grapevine motif 39 chat 3A Talk to Wilkes / Arnaud again at 2:2-5PM 3B shoot 3C use Gabe’s wallet 3D sneak 3E use Grace’s notebook 3F TOPIC case 3Hclimb 3I break 3J eat grapes 3N talk to Arnaud again / TOPIC Montreaux 3P play bridge 3Q TOPIC manuscript 3S call James 3T talk to sleeping Gabe 3W upon entering a room 3X eat 3Z use fur with costume parts 40 overhear 42 steal car 43 use syrup 44 look 46 use coat 47 record 49 TOPIC unicorn 4A use coat hanger on hole 4D link to suspect / put map back 4E tie up 4G use passport 4H knock 4I TOPIC Howard/Stiles spot 4M TOPIC blood drive 4N use marker 4P TOPIC check in 4R TOPIC introduction video, 2:7-10 dining room video. 4V TOPIC no idea 4W TOPIC treasure 4X use Gabe’s notebook 4Y TOPIC envelope 50 climb out window 51 use inventory item on person 52 TOPIC Arnaud 53 TOPIC Naples train 55 TOPIC Templars 56 smell 57 use spray gun 58 read 59 take print 5A examine Montreaux painting 5D TOPIC flirt 5E translate tape 5F print 5H TOPIC press 5I TOPIC Prince James’ men 5J feel 5K TOPIC Magdalen 5L TOPIC passport 5N TOPIC bike 5O TOPIC Priory of Sion 5Q match analysis 5S unknown, but it’s on SIDNEY 5T TOPIC negotiations 5U TOPIC Freemason property 5V TOPIC Priory property 5W TOPIC Gabriel and Grace 5X TOPIC SIDNEY 60 Match LSR print 62 enter Larry’s garden at 1:6-10PM or 3:2AM, and hints 63 die at chessboard / beat chessboard / jump to scale 65 step on mirror platform 67 die at Pendulum / take stone from basin 69 solve scale 6D translate bench 6E die at basin 6G put stone in hand 6H open doors at Solomon 6I unknown 6L unknown, related to Mysterious Room 2 6N use dagger 6P break in 6R church pamphlet 6S use Grace’s wallet 6T do confession 6Ycompare to Teniers painting 6Z compare to Poussin painting 75 use locator 76 use inventory item on something 7B make outfit 7H TOPIC wakeup call 7I shake hand 7K give candy 7M TOPIC pillars 7N TOPIC pamphlets 7O pet cat 7P use spritzer 7Q unknown 7V call Mosely at murder scene 7W follow 7X scan into SIDNEY 7Y TOPIC Freemasons 80 use ID on Serres

Behind the scenesEdit

GABRIEL KNIGHT 3: BLOOD OF THE SACRED, BLOOD OF THE DAMNED SCRIPT reompiled by Bonny Ploeg from the .YAK files using BarnBrowser, NotePad and OpenOffice.

...And the script... I mean, you can bench press the script... -Tim Curry on GK3

DISCLAIMER: This document won't be truly “complete” unless I can get my hands on an original retail copy of GK3. All I have is Sierra Originals.

Version 0.00 Introduction Slightly Revised At Version 1:00

This document represents my fondness of Gabriel Knight 3: Blood Of The Sacred, Blood Of The Damned (to be referred to as GK3 in the remainder of the document). It contains some 9500 words and was made in about a month time, using the magnificent Barn Browser, NotePad to read the .YAK files,and, since I'm working on a laptop that only has a trial version of Word, OpenOffice. This document was made by opening each individual .YAK file, of which there are 7,339 on the disk. Several of these contain the same information more than once. For instance, the line “Not right now, thanks”, which Gabriel utters every time you want to make him have a seat, was programmed one .YAK-file for each individual occurrence. I opened every single .YAK-file, determined its contents where possible, and ordened the s and audio number it contained into this script. It was a massive, but enjoyable and grateful work. It has not yet ended, though. There is a huge number of lines of which I haven't been able to determine where in the game they can be found. These are compiled in “Other”, the chapter at the bottom of this document. There are also several lines of which I am not sure if, and where, they can be found, but I put them where I estimate they would be. Then there are lines which don't occur in some versions of the game. The only GK3-copy in my possession is the Sierra Originals-release. This far I have found one object that is not in it, while it was in the initial release of the game: One of Gabriel's books was to be found in the Rennes-le-Château bookstore, prompting Gabe to say: “Hey, is that guy famous or something?” This line turns out not to be on my disk. Because I copied the literal .YAK file s, any spelling error that occurs in the file, occurs in this work. I decided not to change this, since it's not without its charm. Any spelling or grammar errors I make may be addressed. And please do: the author is not a native speaker.

This document is built into several sections. First come all lines Gabriel says: first the common lines, then inventory, then Room 25 and SIDNEY common lines, then the rest of the hotel, then the rest of Rennes-le-Château, and then the rest of the area. After that come Grace's files. Grace has additional chapters for Le Serpent Rouge and the Church Pamphlet, but misses the chapters about Rennes-les-Bains (in the 3:12-3 timeblock section) and Mosely's room (in 3:7-10), since she can only access these rooms in the designated timeblock. After that comes the hour-by-hour script. It is as chronological as possible, but with exceptions for the short-cuts I took. There's still more entertainment after that: the BONUS section indicates many, many lines that didn't make it into the game. Most of them still have an audio file. Several don't, but since the lip-sync is also put in the .YAK files, it appears that the sound files exist or have existed at one point: they just didn't come with the game.

At the bottom of this file you can find a manual that should help you decipher how you can extract the appearance information of every single audio or YAK file.

This document aims to answer a large number of questions for Gabriel Knight fans. What about the Sanctuary Room 2? What is Grace's middle name? One puzzle was replaced in favour of the Cat Hair Moustache, but what did it look like? Is Jean gay? What happens after GK3? Did Grace get pregnant? Is there something I missed? And it will conjure up many other questions. Why were some lines cut? Why were large game sections cut? How did the Cat Hair Puzzle make it? What was Room 2 supposed to look like?

Version 1:00 Gabriel Knight 4 Campaign forum member and GK3 writer ADB gave us a very nice insight into what happened to the Moustache puzzle. This section is updated, with the information, and the occasional sound file related to it. Forum member Jedicho (creator of GK3 The Movie) directed me towards six .BIK files that appeared on the initial Gabriel Knight release (not on mine), that are corrupted and cannot be played with a Bink player. These files are unknown and seem to follow up in numbering: suggesting that two are from the first day, two are extra visions Gabe has of the crime scene, and two films after the unicorn escapes the garden. I corrected several errors that were created when I accidentally had Overwrite on. Guh. I'd join FaceBook just to become a friend of “Get Rid Of The Insert Button” group. Many lines were in the wrong place. I have corrected a good deal of those errors, most importantly the discussion with Jean which turned out to be in the game after all. Ordened the bonus files by location (the first three letters of the file). The dragon images I found that are unused, are not dragon images. I'm Dutch and got confused by the name DRK, suggesting draak, which is Dutch for dragon. It looks most like an off-colour Asmodeus.

I managed to crack most of the audio file code: the file names harbour location, timeblock, object and verb . It enabled me to discover a group of unknown lines went unused altogether: another room besides A1S and A1Z, namely room A16. This information came in handy in deciphering where a line is supposed to go. A code manual is at the bottom of this script, but I didn’t include all the objects. That is just TOO much. I used the gk3.log file to discover all the names of all the audio files on the game, looking for audio files without matching .YAK document. Gabriel Knight 3 has 6686 sound files on its disks. Only a score or so went un-YAKked, but much of that is interesting: Mallory outtakes, an alarm clock in R25, fingerprint puzzle in the dining room and a lot of the Original Moustache Puzzle lines.

In a dreaded moment of stupidity, I closed the temporary Notepad file I used to put in the lines prior to moving those to the correct location, without saving. After that smart move, I decided to do the same thing I explained above: used the list of audio files to check on lines that are now missing in the script. I found five more audio files that way.

CREDITS My eternal thanks and deepest gratitude goes to: Braddabug – Creator of Barn Browser, Inspirator ADB – GK3 writer, donator of inside stories Jedicho – Creator of GK3 The Movie, donator of BIK information Rudy – Owner of SierraChest, creator of GK3 Youtube Walkthrough Collector - getting GK3 to run properly on new systems. Jules - informing me of a line N0war – deciphering Madeline's French Aquagoat – deciphering Madeline's French

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