The Gabriel Knight: Day One Demo (aka 'Gabriel Knight Demo', or 'day one playable demo') was an early playable demo offered for Gabriel Knight 1 on Sierra's Sneak Peeks cd-rom.

Background[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]


Psychological suspense and horror merge in this Neo-Gothic tale of a writer who finds himself doubling as a supernatural investigator. Bizarre nightmare sequences, voodoo, authentic New Orleans settings and an advanced icon interface take this "graphic novel"-style adventure in a whole new direction.

Content[edit | edit source]

The demo game offers fully animated title sequence that leads to the title screen. Showing the letters of Gabriel's name appearing on screen one at a time. No Sierra logo in this version. It also includes intro sequence short of the credits. The last 'sequence' of Gabriel waking up bugs out and plays a bit fast.

Then a playable demo of the first day, with many of the locations blocked off. It allows one to solve the puzzles leading to end of the day.

The game's subtitle "Sins of the Fathers" only appears at the end of the demo, and on the Sneek Peaks flash page.

The file and demo were part of Sierra's Sneak Peeks no.1 from 1993 and the disc -dating 1993-08-26- and info are still available on the web.archive -march 2021- https://archive.org/details/SierraSneakPeeks1993

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