Gabriel Knight is the main protagonist of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition, the remake of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers.

He is voiced by Jason Victor.

Background[edit | edit source]

Gabriel is an unsuccessful author of the Blake Backlash novels, of which he has written at least three; Blake Backlash: The Barber's Revenge, Blake Backlash: Blood on the Mississippi, and To Hunt the Night: Blake Backlash. He had few readers, only one of which was apparently a woman from Wisconsin (Grace sarcastically believed it was his only reader).

He always had a thing for St. George (but never knew why), and had opened the bookstore St. George's Books in the hero's name. But it was having difficulties in the few years of its opening. He tried several things to advertise it, including allowing the newspaper to publish a local interest piece on the store (Hard Times for Small Bookshop). But it failed the garner the sympathy sales he was looking for. Other attempts at promos such as handing out key chains advertising the store also failed to catch on. Even the $20 gift certificate promotion didn't fair any better. During a Mardi Gras promotion someone left a mask inside of his shop.

In 1993, Grace Nakimura (GK1HD) gave her resume and applied for a temp summer job. Gabriel hired her though she was over qualified, but she was the only one who applied.

In Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (20th Anniversary Edition)[edit | edit source]

Day 1[edit | edit source]

Gabriel receives a box from his Gran with some of his father's things including his father's artbook. She also called asking him to visit, but he chooses to ignore the invite.

Gabriel visits the Police Station, Dixieland Drug Store and the Voodoo Museum after talking to Grace, and learning about them. He finds the Drug Store and Museum are closed until the following day.

He receives some information about the previous Voodoo Murders at the station, and learns that Mosely was out. He is able to learn about Lake Ponchetrain by over hearing some messages at Jackson Square. He finds Jackson Square Overlook is closed until the 21st, and the confessionals in the cathedral are occupied.

Mosely uncovers the body to let him examine it, leaving it uncovered throughout the whole time that Mosely discusses the crime with him. Malia Gedde shows up and the body is taken away. Gabriel finds a few clues that Mosely overlooked.

Day 2[edit | edit source]

Gabriel finds the Tap Dancer, Hot Dog Vender, and Artist in Jackson Square. The Artist loses his draft of the cathedral the moment Gabriel goes near to him, and he offers to help Gabriel if he can can find it for him. Gabriel gives a gift certificate to the Vendor who gives him a Doobie Dog in return.

Gabriel gives the Doobie Dog to the Tap Dancer, who follows his request to get draft through bars.

Gabriel visits the museum, and learns of Magentia Moonbeam from a flyer finds out that she is unavailable until the 22nd. Gabriel learns primarily about Marie Laveau and St. Louis Cemetery #1 from Dr. John.

Gabriel encounters Madame Cazaunoux in Dixieland Drug Store, and tries to learn about her from Grace. He also learns about the Lagniappe and that the mask is for sale, and given an offer of $100 (after looking at it). Willy refuses to lower his price, and raises it another $20 after Gabriel tries to haggle for it, raising it to $120. When Gabe asks him about the voodoo murders, he mutters the words "cabrit' sans cor", which Gabriel hears. When Gabriel asks him what that means, he says it's nothing and when he presses him about it, he acts like he never said those words at all.

At the end of the day he sneaks into speak to Malia after stealing Mosely's badge to get past the butler by posing himself as Detective Mosely. She says she doesn't mind snakes. After flirting with her however, she sees through Gabriel's disguise and kicks him out of her house.

Day 3[edit | edit source]

Gabriel learns from Grace that Mosely has sent him a message, saying that they have brought someone named Crash into custody, who seems to know about the Voodoo Murders and wants him to attend the interrogation.

As Gabriel makes is to the Police Station, Mosely demands his badge back, which Gabriel sheepishly gives. After giving a rather pathetic warning to Gabriel for stealing his badge, Mosely starts interrogating Crash, who seems too afraid to talk, saying that he was not even supposed to be there. Mosely cannot take much out of him and he'd be released in 24 hours. Gabriel learns from Mosely that the victims were members of the underworld. Before leaving, he sees a drummer that has set up in front of the police station.

Gabriel learns Madame Cazaunoux's adress and tries to pay her a visit. She does not want to speak to Gabriel about the Voodoo, saying that she's a good Catholic. Gabriel disguises himself as a priest and enters Cazaunoux's house. Gabriel learns from Cazaunoux that there was indeed a Voodoo cartel within New Orleans and they can hear you from anywhere. Gabriel also learns that Marie Laveau was actually a front to cover the real Voodoo queen. Madame Cazaunoux also gives him a snake bracelet and asks him to bless it. Gabriel uses this as an opportunity to make a mold of the bracelet.

Gabriel pays a visit to the Jackson Square and recieves the reconstructed vévé from the Artist, who claims to have gotten chills after drawing it. Gabriel also recieves a fortune reading from Madame Lorelei, who gets scared by the forces around Gabriel an runs away, leaving Gabriel shocked.

Gabriel attends the lecture about Voodoo given at the Tulane University by Professor Hartridge. He learns about Damballah, Ogoun Badagris and several Voodoo-related artifacts, including Fwet-Kash (ritualistic whip), Khu-Bha-San (ritualistic dagger; the one that Gabriel saw in his nightmare) and Sekey Madoulé, the small coffin that Gabriel saw at the Voodoo Museum. He also learns that "cabrit sans cor" is a Haitian term which literally means "goat without horns" but really stands for "human sacrifice". Additionally, he learns that the Voodoo Murders photo shows an ancient and extremely rare form of a voudoun ritual which was thought to be abandoned centuries ago.

Day 4[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of the day, Gabriel will see a man standing outside the shop, watching him. He does not respond when Gabriel tells him to go away. In addition to that, Gabriel asks Grace to research vévés, like the one he found around the most recent body. He also learns about a jeweler named Sam Springleton, who hangs out at the Napolean House (GK1HD) and asks for Wolfgang Ritter's number, who claims that he's a relative of his.

Gabe pays a visit to his Gran and asks her about the family history. Gabriel's grandfather's name was Harrison Knight and he was killed after being hit by a car at the business district at the age of 36. He was also a poet. His father was Phillip Knight and his mother was Margaret Templeton-Knight, who were both killed during a car crash, in which Phillip was seemingly scared by something, causing him to drive off-road and crash on a tree. Phillip was a painter while his mom, Margaret was coming from a wealthy Creole family. Similar to his father, Gabe was also 8 years old when he was orphaned. Gabe then heads to the attic and finds an old photograph of his grandad alongside two other men in front of a castle. He also finds a letter written to someone named Heinz Ritter in German. He notices the word Schattenjäger being repeated several times. When he questions his gran about what he found at the attic, she says that Heinz Ritter was Harrison's original name and that he changed it legally after moving to America. And according to her, Harrison had been repeating the word "Schattenjäger" during his dreams, though he'd never reveal what its meaning was. His grandad's original name makes Gabe think that Wolfgang Ritter may actually be a long lost relative after all. Rebecca then suggests Gabe to visit the family tomb at Saint Louis Cemetery #1.

Gabe listens to his Gran's advice and pays a visit to the family tomb. After greeting his grandad, dad and mom, a squirrel comes out of the corner of the tomb and knocks over a green vase, which was hiding a 20 dollar. Gabe takes it and walks away.

Later, Bruno appears at the bookstore, asking to buy Gabe's father's painting. Gabriel is not willing to sell it but he has to. He reluctantly agrees to sell the painting for a hundred dollars, much to Grace's dismay. After acquiring 120 dollars, he pays a visit to the Dixieland Drug Store and buys the crocodile mask, which gives a Master Gamblin' Oil as a bonus.

Gabe later visits Napolean House to meet Sam Springleton, who is stuck in a chess game with Markus. At first, Sam dismisses Gabe since he's busy with the game but Gabe gets his attention by offering him the Master Gamblin' Oil. He tells him that Markus is using it, which explains how he wins every game. Despite his initial reluctance, Sam takes the oil and continues the game, which he wins in the end. Sam offers Gabe a favour and Gabe gives him the bracelet mold he took from Madame Cazaunoux. Sam takes the mold and tells Gabe to meet him at the Napolean House in a few hours.

Gabriel gets irritated after he learns that the Voodoo Murders case was closed. Gabe pays a visit to Mosely and asks him to reopen the case. In order to reopen the case however, Gabe needs to prove that there's a legitimate cult in the city, that they're a threat and needs to get a lead on them.

Gabe pays a visit to the now-opened Jackson Square overlook and looks through one of the binoculars. Much to his surprise, he sees Crash talking to the drummer and then walking to the cathedral. As this arouses his suspicion, he follows Crash into the cathedral. Crash is not willing to talk, believing that Gabe is not any different than the police, so Gabe has to convince Crash that he knows a lot more than he thinks.

Gabe later goes back to the Napolean House and gets the new Snake Bracelet from Sam, who said that the metal didn't settle somehow, though thinks it's just because he's out of practice. Gabe shows Crash the bracelet, which then makes him talk. He says that the drummers act as agents of the cartel and they report anything that's goes on around the quarter through the use of their drums, with a code they have invented. He also says that the Voodoo cult runs everything in the city and the secret Hounfour is their headquarters, although he was never in it since he's just a runner. He states that he saw one meeting at the lake in which he witnessed people turning into animals, though Gabe dismisses it as nonsense. Finally, Crash mentions the Eyes of the Snake and Damballah, and then is choked to death by a seemingly supernatural force, leaving Gabriel to watch in horror. Gabriel then takes a copy of Crash's snake tattoo and leaves the area.

Near the end of the day, Gabe calls Wolgang Ritter, who warns him about the premonitions he had that Gabe's been in grave danger. He tells Gabe to leave New Orleans immediately and that Heinz/Harrison was his brother.

Day 5[edit | edit source]

Gabriel has recieved an overnight package from Germany, which contains a journal. He also gets a phone call from Professor Hartridge, who's excited about the discovery he made. He informs Gabe about the Agris tribe and the slave revolt in Santo Domingo back in 1791. The man outside the shop is still there and watcing Gabriel.

Gabriel goes to Hartridge's office and, much to his shock, finds him dead. He was killed in a similar fashion to Crash. Gabriel decides to take his notes but someone had ripped off the top page. Gabriel uses the pencil to reveal the drawings at the second page and takes it with him. When leaving the office, he notices the campus security.

Gabe later pays a visit to Magentia Moonbeam and learns more about St. John's Eve. Gabriel shows Magentia the voodoo code he took from Marie Laveau's tomb but first, Gabe has to prove himself by using the "Ask the Loa" machine. Gabe solves the machine puzzle and learns from Magentia that the code says "DJ conclave tonight bring fwet kash". Only the "conclave tonight bring" part makes sense and Gabe thinks that DJ might be an abbreviation for something or someone.

Gabriel then visits the voodoo museum and feels that something is off. The lights are off but the door was strangely left unlocked. When he tries to leave, the python, who was supposed to be in its cage, dangles from the ceiling and starts choking Gabriel. Gabe however manages to turn on the ventilator, which agitates the snake and drives it away. At that moment, Dr. John comes in, appearently less than worried about Gabe being almost killed and tells him that the museum was closed that day. Gabe then leaves, wondering whether Dr. John had left the door unlocked and the snake out of its cage on purpose or not.

Gabe returns to the bookshop. Grace notices the paleness on Gabe's face and sees something glittering on it. She takes it and puts it into the ashtray. Gabe looks at what Grace has collected from his face and sees that it's a snake scale, which oddly looks just like the one he found at the crime scene. He compares both scales and they make a perfect match. This means that the museum's snake was at the crime scene and Dr. John is far more involved than he is letting on.

Now having all the evidence he needs, Gabe pays another visit to Mosely. Before entering the police station, he sees three nearly identical girls rope skipping in front of the drummer and thinks that something doesn't feel right about them. He then enters Mosely's office and presents him the evidence he found. He shows the reconstructed vévé and Hartridge's notes to prove that there is a legitimate voodoo cult in the city, the 1810 article to show that they're a threat and the matching snake scales as a lead on them. Convinced, Mosely tells Gabriel to lay low and leaves the station.

At the end of the day, Gabriel calls Malia but cannot reach her.

Day 6[edit | edit source]

It's the St. John's Eve. Grace enters the shop and sees that someone has left a barely alive chicken and a symbol drawn in blood in the middle of the shop. Her scream awakes Gabriel. Grace tells him that they know where he lives now. Gabe tells Grace to get a coffee while he cleans the mess up. After Grace gives Gabriel the Rada code book, someone drops a letter on the mail slot. It's a letter from Mosely. In his letter, he says that he needs to go undergrond with this thing and that it runs wide and deep through the department and the city board. He also suggests Gabe to stay out of this since it's way too hot for a rookie to handle. Additionaly, he sent Gabe the key to his office in case he might need something from there.

Gabe goes to Jackson Square to finally learn what the drummer had been saying with his drum. He opens the Rada code book Grace gave him and starts translating. The drummer says that there's going to be a meeting that night at the Bayou St. John (GK1HD). He also notices that Madame Lorelei is back. He tries to talk to her but Lorelei, appearently possessed, warns Gabriel to stay away from Malia Gedde or pay with his life and runs away again, leaving Gabe shocked, confused and wondering how Lorelei knew about Malia in first place.

Gabriel then heads to the police station. He sees that the girls are still there and there's an abandoned car parked just outside the station with one tire removed. Behind the car, he sees a brutalized crow which was clearly not the result of an accident. He thinks it's a warning and takes the iron bar with him. He enters the station and tries to proceed to Mosely's office but Frick stops him and tells him that he has no business there. When he asks about seeing Mosely, Frick dismisses him by saying that there's no Detective Mosely on force. Remembering Mosely's letter, Gabe realizes that the police are not going to let him proceed, so he needs to find another way in. He heads out and moves to the alley to the left of the station. He uses the iron bar and breaks into Mosely's office, this time as a trespasser. Gabe uses the key that Mosely sent him to open the drawer on his desk and takes the tracker and two signal devices within. After taking the tracker and the signal devices, Gabe sees the police staff looking at him from behind the one way mirror with blank eyes. This scares Gabe to no end and he realizes that he has to make a run for it. Gabe runs out through the window, jumps on his bike and pedals to the metal. As he looks back, he sees that the girls are no longer skipping rope and looking at him with blank eyes with one of them doing something to the dead crow. Gabriel horrifically discovers that the police department is indeed at the Cartel's control and refuses to go back there ever again.

After the incident at the police station, Gabe pays a final visit to the museum and riggs the sekey madoulé with the signal device. After putting the device, Dr John tells Gabriel to leave since he has to close the museum for the preparations of St. John's Eve.

For the final task before attending the ceremony, Gabe needs to make sure that the coffin reaches its destination. He notices threre's a new message written on the tomb wall. This one reads: "DJ keep e?es on GK b?t do not har?" After putting the signal device into the sekey madoule and taking note of the new message, he leaves a message in voodoo code on Marie Laveau's tomb at the cemetery, telling "DJ" to bring sekey madoule.

Gabe then returns to the book shop and asks Grace to paint Crash's snake tattoo on his chest. Grace refuses at first but when Gabe asks her whether she's jealous or not, she relucatantly agrees.

Now to execute the plan, Gabe heads to Bayou St. John and turns on the tracker device. He gets signal, meaning that they are nearby. After navigating through the dark and gloomy swamp, Gabe finally finds the enterance to the ceremony. He takes out his coat and t-shirt, wears the crocodile mask and enters the ceremony. Gabe, under disguise is greeted by Dr John, or "Brother Eagle" who asks him about the "Great Serpent who crushes all beneath his coil" and the "Destroyer of Men", which he answers as "Damballah" and "Ogoun Badagris" respectively. After attending the ceremony, he notices a woman in leopard mask doing a snake dance. At this point, Gabriel sees his dream in form of the real life. When Gabriel removes the leopard mask, he reveals Malia's face from under it. When the other cultists chant the name "Tetelo", Tetelo appears and posesses Malia. Tetelo recognizes Gunter Ritter's blood in Gabriel and calls him "witch-hunter" but not without taunting him about the talisman. At the end, Gabriel tries to run but loses conciousness and is taken away.

Day 7[edit | edit source]

After the horrors of the last night, Gabriel was taken by Grace, who followed him to the ceremony, back to the bookstore. Gabriel finally awakes and thinks that he had another dream but Grace assures him that what he experienced was very much real. Gabriel remembers the name "Tetelo" (which was also mentioned in Gunter Ritter's journal) from the last night and that Malia became someone else. This time, he urges to call his great-uncle in Germany to learn about what's really happening around him.

Gabe calls Wolfgang and they engage in a long chat. Gabriel learns from Wolfgang that Schattenjäger means "shadow hunter" and his familiy, the Ritters have been Schattenjägers since the 13th century. He also learns that Tetelo is the primary Loa of the Gedde tribe, that she possesses female descendants of herself and became immensly powerful with the added power of the Ritter Talisman, which she stole from Gunter back in 1693. In order to fight Tetelo, Gabriel must retrieve the talisman, which is most likely buried with her either in New Orleans or in Tetelo's original African homeland.

Gabe starts his search in New Orleans first. He heads to the Gedde tomb and before entering, he hears sound of a breaking glass. As Gabriel enters, he only sees pitch darkness. He turns on his flashlight and notices that the middle drawer has a vévé on it rather than a name. There's also an ossuary next to the drawers, which are probably the men of the tribe. Five of the skulls have green gems in their eye sockets and there's a drawing of the sign of a cross at the bottom. Gabriel pushes the gems in the right order and the drawer in the middle opens. Gabriel opens the drawer and sees Mosely inside. Shocked, Gabriel drops his flashlight and is knocked out from behind. He regains conciousness after a while and looks at the drawer again, only to see that Mosely's body is gone. But there was Mosely's wallet inside, so he takes it with him and leaves the tomb.

Realizing what he's looking for is not in New Orleans, Gabe heads back to the bookstore. Grace tells him that Wolfgang called and said that he found what he was looking for and that Schloss Ritter was belonging to Gabriel now. Having settled his mind, Gabe decides to finally travel to Germany to learn more about his family's heritage and the talisman he's been seeking. Having no money to finance the flight, he charges Mosely's credit card, while feeling guilty doing so. Gabriel then says goodbye to Grace and heads to the airport.

Gabriel finally arrives at Schloss Ritter and is greeted by Gerde Hull (GK1HD). Wolfgang however was not there. Gabe learns from Gerde that the Ritters once have been a prosperous family but something happened during the late 17th century and the family had been in a decline since then. He also learns that Wolfgang had a child once, who died during the infancy. He thought he was the last remaining member of the Ritter line until he found out about his brother's grandson Gabriel.

Gabriel then enters the Ritter chapel adjacent to the main hall and sees the stained glass depicting St. George slaying the dragon. There are also six panels on the walls which appear to have a meaning. The first panel shows hands and water, the second one shows hair and knife, the third one shows chalice on the table with ocean waves in the background, the fourth one shows a knife and a few drops of blood, the fifth one shows someone kneeling and the last one shows a scroll. Gabe then asks Gerde about the meaning of the panels but she says that she has no idea what they mean since she was never in the chapel before.

Gabe then heads upstairs bedroom and takes a scroll from the wall, which is appearently a prayer to St. George. There's also a door next to the bed with a poem above it. According to Gerde, the poem says that only those who are pure of heart may pass through this door. Gabe then shows Gerde the scroll he found upstairs and she tells him that St. George was both the patron saint of England and the Ritter dynasty.

Now to initiate the ceremony, Gabe, following the first panel, washes his hands at the puddle in front of the upstairs window. Following the second panel, he cuts a piece of his hair and puts it inside the chamber pot he took from upstairs. Following the third panel, he pours salt from Gerde's salt shaker into the chamberpot. Following the fourth panel, he cuts a small part of his arm with the knife he found at the main hall. Following the fifth panel, he kneels in front of the altar and finally, following the sixth panel, he reads the scroll. After completing all steps, he hears a sound, thinking that something is happening, but in fact, it was Gerde who was cleaning the main hall. Gabriel feels utterly disappointed for having his hair cut and heads upstairs to end the day.

During the night, Gabe has another nightmare, but this time it's a different one. He dreams of a dragon who questions him about his initiation and that he has to burn away his past. There are only two facts that can redeem Gabriel of his cardinal sins, one is that he has Ritter blood and two, that only three women loved him purely. In order to become a Schattenjäger, Gabriel has to let go the greater part of himself. Gabe asks for purification and the dragon burns him. At that point, a sword appears in Gabriel's hand and he stabs the dragon with it, who then turns into his other, evil self. Gabriel then sees a key and his dream comes to an end.

Day 8[edit | edit source]

Gabriel finally wakes up and notices the key he saw in his dream is lying right on the storage ottoman in front of the bed. Gabriel takes the key and uses it on the door next to the bed, which leads him to the Schattenjäger library. Gabe enters the library and notices a jumbled up coat of arms on the wall. After restoring the coat of arms, Gabe sees the image of the Ritter talisman, which has a lion and a snake on it. Restoring the coat of arms opens a trophy room dedicated to the Schattenjägers. Inside the room, Gabe finds a book called People's Republic of Benin which tells about the Fon, Dahomey and the terrible Agris tribes who have inhabited the Benin area during earlier times. The book directs Gabriel to another book called The Primal Ones.

Gabe reads the Primal Ones and learns that compared to the northern tribes, the tribes of the western Africa were extremely xenophobic and violent. That part of Africa was called "the Red Basin" due to the high amount of wars, raidings and bloodshed and the area was notorious for having the most efficient warriors the world had ever seen. This book then directs Gabriel to the Ancient Roots of Africa, which will reveal why the area was inspiring such a violent behaviour.

According to the Ancient Roots of Africa, the ferocity of the Red Basin tribes can be dated back to their predecessors called the "Sun Worshippers", who were a powerful cult that ruled over the area during the Egyptian times between 4000-2000 BC. Little is known about the cult by the remnants of ruins far older and of a culture far more advanced than any that exists in Africa today. Gabe is then directed to the Sun Worshippers book to learn more about them.

According to the book, one of the earliest religious practices was sun worshipping. The African Sun God was known to be violent and terrible, and so became his worshippers. The cult practiced a particularly bloody form of ritual sacrifice and their homeland is still considered a sacred site of power. Gabe is then finally directed to the Ancient Digs of Africa.

This book states that one of the most fascinating archeological sites in Africa was The Snake Mound in People's Republic of Benin. Unlike the other snake mounds however, this one was made of two snake rings, a smaller one in the inner side and a larger one on the outer side, both appearently eating their tail. Gabe looks at the picture and notices the "wheel within a wheel" and realizes that Wolfgang most likely went there. Gabriel decides to follow Wolfgang to Benin and look for the answers there. However, the Ritter estate cannot afford the trip so Gabe has to charge Mosely's credit card once more.

Day 9[edit | edit source]

Gabriel finally arrives at the infamous Snake Mound, which he believes is holding the answers he's seeking. Gabe enters the mound from the south and finds a tile on the ground, as well as a statued mummy in the room. Gabe notices that the tile might be important and there are more tiles like this.

Gabe then proceeds to the next room and notices that there's a tile on the wall next to the snake mural with seven snakes on it. Gabe realizes that the amount of snakes symbolize the room numbers. Gabe also picks up a snake rod. As he walks through the rooms, he picks up more tiles and notices that two of the rooms have tiles attached to the walls, one with 7 snakes and one with 12 snakes. After walking through the outer ring and collecting 10 tiles, Gabriel starts putting them on the slots on the walls starting with the six snakes tile in the enterance room. After putting all the tiles, by referencing the "three snakes", Gabe heads to room with 3 snakes tile and inserts the snake rod to the hole in the middle of the tile. This triggers something and the mummies come alive. At this point, Gabe needs to head further while avoiding mummies at the same time.

After reaching Room 7, the one with the mural, Gabe is surrounded by three mummies. Right at this point, Wolgang Ritter drops from the ceiling and tells Gabriel to close the mural which keeps the mummies alive while he himself is distracting the mummies. Gabe notices another hole in place of the mural and inserts the snake rod there. Wolfgang, telling Gabe to stand back, enters the portal by rolling under it and then, the mural closes and deactivates the mummies.

Gabriel and Wolfgang enter the inner wheel which appears to be a temple through the mural. Gabriel wants to ask some questions to Wolfgang but he states that he'll answer them all when there's time, but now they have to get the talisman first. Gabriel notices a sacrificial table in the middle of the room with a trough on its lid. When Gabriel asks what the trough is for, Wolfgang states that it is probably used to place a human heart on it, which disgusts Gabriel to no end. The duo get two iron bars from the wall and place it into the holes on the lid to lift it but it doesn't even flinch. Realizing that the lid won't open by force, they have to place a heart on the trough instead. Wolfgang tells Gabriel to cut out the heart of the mummy in the room. As Gabriel was about to stab the mummy, Wolfgang cuts out his own heart and puts it on the trough. Gabriel runs to him but he's already dead. After putting his own heart, literally, the lid opens, revealing the talisman inside. Gabriel furiously lifts the lid and grabs the talisman while cursing at Tetelo that she will pay for this.

Meanwhile in New Orleans, Grace calls Gerde to hear about Gabriel but learns that he went to Africa without saying a word. At that moment, someone approaches the bookstore door and the door slams open, causing Grace to scream.

Day 10[edit | edit source]

After sending Wolfgang's body back to Germany, Gabriel, with the talisman in his hands, returns to New Orleans to finally settle the score with the Gedde Cartel and put an end to their atrocities since the time Tetelo stole the talisman. He however has no idea where the secret hounfour is located. But as the plane flies over the Jackson Square, its circular appearence gives Gabe an idea.

Gabe returns to the bookshop and, to his shock, finds that Grace is missing. He checks the desk and finds a note from Malia, saying that the cartel has kidnapped Grace and she asks Gabriel to leave the city and never return, stating that Tetelo is too powerful and she may make her harm Grace if Gabe does not listen. After reading the note, Gabe hears a sound coming from the back. As he cautiously moves, Mosely comes out Gabe's bedroom, startling Gabe, who thought he was dead. Gabe becomes irate and demands an explanation from Mosely for almost giving him a heart attack. Mosely explains that while he was investigating the Gedde Tomb, he heard someone coming and hid himself into the middle drawer. Then, thinking that Gabe was one of the cartel members, he knocked Gabe out in the darkness and ran away but left his wallet behind. Mosely then suggests Gabe to move to the bedroom, stating that someone might see them from the street.

Mosely and Gabe start to exchange what they have learned so far. According to Mosely, the cartel has practically been controlling everything in the city, from the mayor to some major judges, not to mention the police department. After presenting the evidence that Gabe found to his superiors, they still did not reopen the case and told him to stay out of this. This aroused Mosely's suspicion and he was forced to carry out the case in secret. Gabe then tells Mosely that he has the talisman and he may know where they took Grace. Then, the two make a plan. Gabe still has one of the trackes he took from Mosely's office. He gives the tracker device to Mosely and tells him to wait for the signal. The plan is; locate the hounfour, find a solid evidence for Mosely to take it to the right authorities, rescue Grace and get out.

Now to prove his theory, Gabe heads to the Jackson Square and from there, to the cathedral. Gabe remembers the knothole in the confessional booth and enters there. Gabe then inserts the snake rod into the knothole and the booth starts to descend, like an elevator. Before leaving, Gabe places the tracker and the rod for Mosely and hopes that he'll find them.

Finally, Gabe manages to enter the lion's den, the infamous Gedde Hounfour. As Gabe wanders around the hounfour, he realizes that it was constructed exactly like the Snake Mound in Benin. In Room 7, Gabe finds two cultist robes, a wolf mask and a boar mask. He takes the wolf mask for himself and the boar mask for Mosely. Then, he proceeds to the inner circle and sees the same kind of sacrificial table he saw back at Benin. There's also the tribe's poteau-mitan.

Gabe then enters Room 2 and notices that it's Malia's room. He hears a sound and hides as Malia comes into the room. Malia summons Tetelo and tells that she cannot carry on anymore and wants her to find someone else. Tetelo doesn't heed Malia's plea and tells her that this is her destiny before disappearing. Malia then leaves the room in tears and Gabriel proceeds on his quest. He enters Room 3 and sees Dr. John inside, appearently preparing himself for the ritual. Gabe sees a keycard at the other side of the door but he cannot reach it with Dr. John inside the room and realizes that he needs to lure him out somehow.

Gabe then proceeds to Room 4 and sees that it's an office, appearently where the Cult was planning their crimes. Gabe finds a black book which lists every single member of the Cult. This is exactly the evidence that Mosely wanted to take to the FBI. Now to lure Dr. John out of his room, Gabe heads to the inner circle and plays the "Brother Eagle" code on the drums. This causes Dr. John to leave his room and head to the circle. Gabe avoids encountering Dr. John which would otherwise be regretable and enters the now-empty room. He quickly grabs the keycard and gets out. After moving to the next corridor, Dr. John returns to his room.

Now with the keycard in his hands, Gabe decides to open the locked doors. Room 1 is a safe room which contains the entire wealth of the Cartel. Gabe grabs a lot of dirty money from the safe which he will later use to finance his book. Then he heads to Room 11 and finds out that it's an operation theatre. The room is filled with corpses and various human organs. It was appearently the place where the Cartel actually killed their victims and harvested their hearts. Gabriel finds nothing else and heads to Room 8, the final room which he hadn't discovered yet.

Gabe unlocks the door to Room 8 and finally finds Grace inside but unconcious. Gabe tries to wake her up but she does not wake up, making Gabe to use the talisman, which he believes may have still some power. After placing the Talisman on Grace's stomach, Grace finally wakes up, telling Gabe that she'd been hearing drums in her sleep, preventing her from waking up. After they exchange words, Mosely enters the room and the trio become reunited. Mosely tells Gabe that he saw him entering the room and went after him and that there was an activity outside, stating that the place will soon be swarming with the cultists. Gabe gives Mosely his costume and they put their costumes on. At that point, Dr John opens the door, asking the disguised duo what they're doing there. Gabe, altering his voice, says that he thought the room was empty. Dr John then tells them to go to the circle and takes Grace with him.

The ritual begins and Malia is once again being "ridden" by Tetelo, which foils that part of Gabe's plan. Dr John brings Grace into the circle and puts her on the sacrificial table. Before Malia/Tetelo was about to sacrifice her, Gabe blows his cover and flashes the talisman at Tetelo. Tetelo tells the other cultists to run and goes on to stab Grace but before doing so, Grace barely manages to avoid Tetelo's blade. Tetelo orders Dr John to kill Grace but at that point, Mosely draws his gun and shoots Dr John right through the heart, killing him. Dr John's blood was enough to open the sacrificial lid as the lid opens and exposes the Gedde Idol inside. Tetelo demands to have the talisman back and threatens Gabe to kill his friends if he won't. Gabe throws the talisman to Mosely and tells him to get Grace to safety and that the talisman will protect them. Tetelo advances on the now-unarmed Gabe and attemps to kill him. Gabe, however manages to reach the Gedde Idol and smashes it. With the idol destroyed, Tetelo's influence over Malia weakens and the place starts to fall apart. Malia falls into the opened crack but barely manages to hold the edge. Gabe is not eager to make the same mistake that Gunter did centuries ago and rushes at Malia. Malia, realizing that Gabriel did not betray her, thanks Gabriel but says that in order to banish Tetelo for good, she has to die as well. After the final goodbye, Malia lets go of her hand and falls into the lava.

In the end, Gabe is seen at the Jackson Square Overlook with Grace, watching the destruction of Jackson Square and the Hounfour underneath it. They then go on reflecting on things like how Tetelo stole the Ritter talisman to make her tribe more powerful while Gabriel's family had withered for centuries. Grace thinks that Gabriel has changed but a final remark from Gabe makes her realize that she was wrong.

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

Gabriel had a thing for St. George and Lions without knowing why. Though both were images from his past, and even themes that appeared in his nightmarish dreams. Many of these themes also appeared in his Father's artwork and his grandfather's poetry.

Gabriel bought an old painting, Let Sleeping Lions Lie, representing his interest in lions, for cheap at a yardsale and hung it up in his room. Little did he know that lions represented human nature in several ways. For one to go on the prowl in his love life, and later his hunt against evil things.

He bought a small knickknack dragon representing St. George's dragon which he kept inside a cabinet in the store.

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

While Gabriel's background is largely the same as in the original game (with some expansions to his background surrounding the store and his writing), there are several changes to appearance, characterization, events and locations he visits on each day of the game. This article contains a summary of his actions in the new game.

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