GK3 Easter EggEdit

Typing in "Gabriel Knight 4" or "GK4" brings up an article on Ghosts in Sidney. [1]

Jane Jensen: There was supposed to be - at least in my mind. There was never a GK4 in development. The storyline was going to be about ghosts and probably would have been set in England or Scotland.[2]

Some other ideas for GK4 concepts involves witches in Scotland.

Jane Jensen has said they actually had two designs for GK4 one with ghosts and the other with witches. She thought about deciding on the version with witches if she was to make the next one.[3]

The original idea was ghosts (back when I did GK3). But more recently I'd gotten an idea that revolved around witches in Scotland. Unfortunately, there is unlikely to be a GK4.-Jane Jensen[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Technically Gabriel Knight 1 involved a ghost, who happened to be a witch as well...


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