The famous Gedde family were desendants of Tetelo.


The Geddes descended from the Agris tribe of Africa and drew power from the Gedde Idol. They arrived to New Orleans around the early 1800's (when Voodoo related murders also occurred). They maintained a matrilineal dynasty although they did not marry. Marie Laveau, the most powerful voodoo queen, was their puppet. They were all buried in the tomb of St. Louis Cemetery #1.

The Gedde vamily established (starting with Marie Laveau) and supported (through the Voodoo Museum) the veneer of New Orleans Voodoo (fotune tellers and gris gris) in order to hide their practice of true African Voudoun in the darkest tradition.[1]

In 1993 their family owned hospitals, and in the background they secretly ruled the Voodoo cartel.

The lineage was extinct when Gabriel Knight broke the Idol, and Malia Gedde fell to her death.



Note: Only in the remake.

  • John
  • Alim
  • Bariji
  • Coice

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