Gerde has been working for Wolfgang for four years, since 1989.

Personality and traitsEdit

Gerde Hull is an older professional woman (perhaps in her mid-thirties) and is no-nonsense and straight to the point. She is fresh-faced and attractive. She is a bit stiff, but Gabriel thinks if she loosened up she could be a little minx.

She is dressed in modest and formal clothing. Her clothing includes a grey dress coat over an orange blouse and yellow and black floral skirt. She is wizened to the world, and somewhat cynical, but true believer of Wolfgang's duty. It is Wolfgang she truly loves.

She spends most of her time sitting at her desk concerned with the finances and paperwork of the castle, but also does some of the cleaning as well in some of the rooms. She does offer to make Gabriel a modest breakfast, but that is not really her main purpose at the castle. She has a plate of cold cuts as a snack, but she didn't put it out for Gabriel, but for her own lunch. She would not appreciate him messing with her lunch. But sooner or later he'd probably get to eat something similar.

She spends everyday going to Rittersberg to do shopping and to visit her friends.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Gerde Hull is aged in comparison to her original appearance, and more resembles her personality and attitude in The Beast Within (even the castle setting is more closely inspired by its appearance in GK2). In that game Gerde spends most of her time doing paperwork from a desk in the Great Hall, and in the 20th anniversary she is doing the same thing. She also seems to be far more wizened to the world, and in the know, and willing to 'cut corners' where they need to be cut. She knows that the credit card is not Gabriel's and she's willing to commit fraud to save Wolfgang.

Gerde appears to be in her mid-thirties as in The Beast Within, but the line that suggested she was 22 in the original game has been modified to simply state that she has worked for Wolfgang for the last four years (completely removing the part that stated she was eighteen when began working, and allowing for more ambigious age). Another one of the lines was modified from "young and attactive" to "fress-faced and attractive" to make her seem a bit older.

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