Girls are characters that appear outside the Police Station on Day 6 in Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers - 20th Anniversary Edition. Their exact purpose is unknown but they may be under the influence of the cartel.


Three nearly identical little girls playing playing jump rope outside the New Orleans Police Station (GK1HD), near the Drummer. There was something off about them.

Day 5, Gabriel greets them, they stare at him and say nothing. He thought that their parents told them not to talk to strangers. Sure enough they were not talking to Gabriel. He decided to let them get back to their jumping. They continued to stare at Gabriel while jumping rope. Gabriel decided not to bother them, and they were starting to freak him out.

Day 6, they continued to rope. Next to them was an abandoned car with a brutalized dead crow and Tire Iron behind it. Gabriel finds a crowbar near the crow, and breaks into Mosely's office. After making a run for it from zombified police officers, Gabriel gets on his bike and spots behind him that the girls were no longer playing jump rope, it lay on the ground on the curb. Behind the car two of the girls were near the dead crow. One was doing something with the crow, while one stood next to her, and they both were staring at Gabriel. Gabriel sped off on his bike, wondering what they were doing.

Behind the scenesEdit

They are based on characters that appear in a scene in the Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers Novel.

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