Grace Nakimura is the deuteragonist of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition, the remake of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers.


Grace Nakimura was from 103 Clinton, New York and a recent graduate from university. She had received her Masters in History and the Classics. Her parents wanted her to continue onto her PHD, but she needed a break.

In 1993, after reading about New Orleans (New Orleans Guidebook and others) and wanting to take the time to visit. Grace Nakimura gave her resume to Gabriel Knight (GK1HD) and applied for a temp summer job at St. George's Books (GK1HD). She started her job at St. Georges in April 1993.

Her objective was to work in New Orleans at a publishing job. Gabriel hired her though she was over qualified, but she was the only one who applied.

During her time in New Orleans she was also taking a few courses through the New Orleans School for New Yorkers including Evening Art Classes in oil painting and continuing her Tai Chi training (which she had been studying for the previous decade).

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Grace wears simple blouse, tight-fitting blue jeans and wedge sandals.

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While Grace's role has changed little from the original, her appearance has been simplified and updated doing away with the skirt, instead wearing jeans. Some of her lines have been changed to reflect new puzzles, and changes to the daily events. She also appears in changed or added cutscenes replacing certain material from the first game. This article gives a summary of her actions on each day, and how she compares to the original.

Some of her backstory was removed or truncated. Missing is much about her parents, and Mark Kobiyashi, and it's implied she was born and raised in the United States her entire life. She has been given a few new scripted lines, and some of the classic lines were modified.

This material might have been removed, to fit with her characterization of protecting her private life due to the fact that Gabriel is always flurting with her, and she may not be too open to exposing her details, family life or 'love life' with Gabriel who is just shy of committing sexual harassment with an underling. Another indication that she's not open to discussing her private life is that she won't give her age when asked.

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