Grace's appearance in the comic adaptation of The Temptation novella.

Grace Nakimura is a character that appears in the two Gabriel Knight novel adaptations. Her background, the order of events in those stories differ somewhat from the game's versions of the story.

Background[edit | edit source]

Grace was a 25 or 26 year old Japanese-American from a blue-blooded community in New Hampshire in the East, and grew up in New York, she has a Eastern American, New York accent. She came to New Orleans to experience the South. She was spending her summer break from school.

She was hired by Gabriel Knight (novels) as his shop manager. When she wasn't working she was taking classes such as tai chi and oil painting.

Sins of the Fathers[edit | edit source]

The Beast Within[edit | edit source]

The Temptation[edit | edit source]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

The difference between Grace and Gabriel's personality began with their accents, and that was only the first thing. The East/South thing seemed to extend deep into their subatomic cell structure. Grace was always in a hurry, always thought something ought to be done about something, and was at a loss to handle only one thing-free time.

Grace was smart, really smart. She was the kind of person who probably never gotten anything less than "A" in school in her entire life. She finish a crossword puzzle in about six minutes. She new many things about European history and geography and world events. She made others seem ignorant if they spoke to her for longer than thirty seconds.

She was extremely loyal to her parents, calling them daily. She was clean cut, and didn't drink or smoke. Nor did she ever date.

She wore gauzy skirts which showed a bit of her creamy leg.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

In GK1 novel it is said that she is 26 years old (as in the original game/GK1 Hintbook), although she also claims to be twenty-five. This would either place her birthday in 1967, or 1968.

In GK2 novel its said that she is 27 in 1995, which would also place her birthday about 1968, and would suggest that she was 25 in 1993 (26 in 1994).

The book suggests she was born American in New Hampshire rather than Japan (in contrast to the original game's backstory), and there is no indication that she is dating anyone else (the Mark Kobiyashi detail is not mentioned).

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