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Day 1, Gabriel learns from Grace and messages left for him that his Gran, Rebecca Knight wants him to stop by her house to visit, and to look through her attic through his Granddad's things. He chooses to visit her the same day. She hugs him when he enters, and they have a discussion about Gabriel's past, and his family. After they discuss his mother Margerat Templeton Knight, she recommends he goes and visits St. Louis Cemetery #1 (opening the location on his map). Going upstairs he finds a clock sitting on a chest. He examines the clock and discovers a secret mechanism for opening a compartment inside of it. Inside is a letter from Wilhelm Ritter and a picture of Ritter family, 1925.

He moves the clock over to one of Grandma's old parlor tables sitting next to an old upholstered rocker (between the chest and the chair), and opens the chest examining the contents inside (but doesn't find anything he is interested in, but does take note of the letters between his Gran and his grandfather). He also finds his father's old Sketchbook sitting on the chair.

He takes the sketchbook, which proves useful later in the day while Gabriel is examining the crime scene at Lake Pontchartrain.

Day 2, Gabriel can visit but doesn't have much new to discuss with Gran, and there is little she knows on the new subjects he is researching at that point.

Day 3,

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