Professor Hartridge (aka Dr. Hartridge, or simply Hartridge) is a lecturer at the Tulane University.


Born in 1958 to a Protestant missionary, he grew up in Africa. Although an agnostic, he is fascinated by belief systems. He obtained a doctorate at Syracuse in Religious Studies. He is a tenured professor at Tulane and a fellow at Cambridge. He traveled much, mainly in Africa, and has gathered a lot of artifacts. He doesn't practice sex very often.

On Day 3 Times Picayune announces his lecture at Tulane on "African Religions". Gabriel Knight slept through his lecture. Gabriel follows the professor back to his Office, where the professor explains to him the meaning of the phase "Cabrit sans cor". He is interested in the reconstructed veve found near the victims, and he concludes that the Voodoo Murders are real.

On the beginning of Day 5 he calls Gabe to announce him that he made some discoveries linking the veve with the Agris tribe and mentions Damballah and Ogoun Badagris. But when Gabe arrives at Tulane he find him dead by supernatural causes. However he salvages a note from his desk.

Character and traitsEdit

Professor Hartridge does not suffer fools gladly. That makes life tedious since, in his opinion, most people are fools. He grew up in Africa, and its study is one joy in his life. He is not likely to expend his breath, however, discussing it with someone of Gabriel's ilk. Still, if the man's interest can be stirred, he might have some genuine jewels of wisdom to dispense. He is, after all, a dedicated teacher.[1]

He is rather quick to point out that he is a heterosexual man.

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