Hartridge is a professor at Tulane University (GK1HD).


He is often found standing around his podium in the Lecture Hall for hours, even after his lectures end.

On Day 3, the New Orleans Times anannounces his lecture at Tulane on "African Religions". Gabriel Knight slept through his lecture. The professor remained at his podium organizing his notes and papers. After introducing himself to the professor and asking questions, the professor explains to him the meaning of the phrase "Cabrit sans cor". He is interested in the reconstructed veve found near the victims, and he concludes that the Voodoo Murders are real.

On Day 5, Hartridge calls to tell he has finished researching the veve, and asks him to meet him in his office. Gabriel finds him dead at his desk. Gabriel finds notes on desk, but page is ripped out. Using a pencil he is able to make notes appear from impression.

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While there is little change to the character as far as conversations go, the location of the interview is changed in the 20th anniversary edition, this effects some of his physical actions, and descriptions. There is no way to find him in his office alive, and by the time you get to visit his office, he's already dead.

Although he appears to be somewhat physically younger than his counterpart in the original game (or at least less wrinkled, and not having defined loose 'jowls'), he dresses in pretty much the same clothing style.

There is an additional puzzle in the remake surrounding Hartridge's destroyed notes, requiring Gabriel to use a pencil to recover the notes from the impressions on the next page. This is inspired by similar events in the novel.

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