Madame Lorelei is a fortune teller. She is a palm reader, crystal ball gazer and astrologer. She carries a boa constrictor on her. She seems flirty if not promiscious.

She appears in the Jackson Square on Day 3. Occasionally she stands up and dances. When Gabriel Knight makes advances to her while she dances, he gets her veil, in order to check whether her snake's scale is similar to the one found on the crime scene of Lake Pontchartrain. When Gabe returns the veil, she offers him a free palm reading. She is scared seeing his immediate future, and runs away.


Later Gabe finds her stupefied. When Gabe approaches her, she only warns him to tay away from Malia Gedde and vanishes.

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In the Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (novel), Mme Lorelei speaks in a fake Hungarian accent which turns into Wikipedia:Brooklyn accent when not paying attention. He snake is a brown python named Giselle.[1]

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