Madame A. Cazaunoux is an elderly, religious Creole woman. She lives at 345 Dauphine; her number is 555-1280.


Her family has been in New Orleans from France since 1750. Her great grandmother was an acolyte of Widow Paris and she knew that she was front puppet for the Tetelo, the real Voodoo Queen who ruled in New Orleans for 2 centuries. From her, she inherited a snake bracelet which she considers cursed.

She is religious but also supersticious with Voodoo and always thinks that someone put a spell on her. When she attended the last meeting of the Creole Grande Dames, she suspected that Mrs. Le Fevre put "Stomach Ache Powder" in her tea. When suffering from insomnia, she thought someone buried a "Sleep Not Bag" near her steps. Except from praying the rosarie, she also asked the opinion from Willy Walker, who provided her with more "proactive" means. She loves her small dog, Castro whom she tends at Cajun Critters Animal Clinic.

On Day 2 Gabriel Knight saw her visiting Dixieland Drug Store and told Grace to make a research about her whereabouts.

On Day 3 Gabe finds her address after convincing Melissa he is Castro's dance instructor. She disguises as "Father MacLaughlin" in order to visit her. When he explains he know the meaning of "cabrit sans cor", she reveals to him what she knows about the secret Hounfour. She shows Gabe the snake bracelet which he pretends to bless to remove its evil powers (actually he creates a clay mold of it).

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Madame Cazaunoux is French Creole--a proud heritage that she takes very seriously. She has a comfortable home, an excellent companion in her little dog, and her religious icons to keep her safe. Why, then, do her eyes dart nervously and her tiny hands grasp at each other so desparately? What is it that she fears and how mad has it driven her?[1]

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