Markus (aka Marcus) is an African-American old man and customer at the Napolean House (GK1HD).


He has been playing chess with Sam Springleton for twenty years. Gabriel has seen them for a while during his visits to Napolean house.

On Day 4, Gabriel reads an ad in the newspaper and needing a jeweler, decides to visit the Napolean house (opening its location on the map). He sees Markus playing chess against the jeweler Sam Springleton. Gabriel discusses Sam and Markus with Stonewall King (GK1HD) and learns more about their chess gaming. Gabriel helps Sam to win the game. Later that day Sam returns the favor and makes the Snake Bracelet for Gabriel. Markus having lost the game is forced to take Sam around the world on his money.

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Other than most of his events moved to day 4, much of Markus role has not changed between the old games and the novels.

This character is listed as Markus on hotspot selection and most of the dialogue (as in the original game) but is also called Marcus by various characters.

The equivalent character in the novel is also named Marcus.

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