The Napolean House is a popular drinking establishment in New Orleans located on Chartres Street between Conti Street and St. Louis Street.


It is a famous establishment, and one of Gabriel Knight's favorite hangouts (as such its open to him from Day 1). He is friends with the bartender Stonewall King, and has seen other patrons for some years such as Sam Singleton and Markus. The two patrons have been playing chess in the establishment for twenty years, and Markus has never lost a game.

Day 1-2, Gabriel can visit and get general information about the location and day to day events from Stonewall King, and can learn a little about Sam and Markus chess feud.

On Day 3, Gabriel procurred a mold of a snake bracelet and has need of a jeweler, he interferes in Sam and Markus game, and after a pep talk and a little Voodoo interference (Gabriel giving Sam a bottle of lucky gamblin oil) Sam wins the first chess game in twenty years. Sam agrees to make the bracelet for Gabriel, and tells him to return the next day.

On Day 4, Gabriel returns picks up the bracelet, and Sam tells him Markus had promised that if Sam ever won they would travel the world, and that he planed to hold Markus to that promise, and will even go as far to make sure Markus spends his entire fortune on the trip. He leaves, and is not seen by Gabriel again.

The Napolean house is open for the duration of the rest of Gabriel's case, but has no other purpose than to just hange out and talk to Stonewall King for no good reason (as he is not knowledable most of the new topics that Gabriel can bring to him).


  • Stonewall King
  • Sam Singleton
  • Markus
  • Unhappy-looking man exploring the dangers of drinking alone. He sits at the end of the bar counter.
  • Boyfriend and girlfriend
  • Street drummer

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