New Orleans is a city in Louisana of the United States.

It was first owned by the French Creole who owned many African slaves, who were not allowed to gather. Fearing the corrupted pagan practices of the slaves of the West Indies, the Creole did not import slaves from there.

After the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, New Orleans belonged to the U.S. American legislators relaxed the French regulations and allowed the import of slaves from the West Indies. Subsequently, the slaves began pouring into New Orleans, around the same time of the 1791 slave revolt in Santo Domingo. The slaves were eagerly bonded with the grass-root religion of Voodoo, being snake worshippers and worshiping the Great Zombi. They were meeting around Bayou St. John and Lake Pontchartrain.

Because their practices caused fear among the white owners, in 1817 slave gatherings were havily regulated, and allowed only in Congo Square at Sunday afternoons. However this was only a simulation they did in the open, and continued to gather in private.

There were may Voodoo kings and queens but about 1830 Widow Paris emerged and ruled Voodoo in all New Orleans. After her death, other queens surfaced and by 1890 the cult was fragmented again.

New Orleans remained a traditional southern city, despite recent Californication.

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