The New Orleans Police Department (aka Police Station) is a the base of the police in New Orleans. It is located on Conti Street (between Royal Street and Chartres Street)

Background[edit | edit source]

Day 1, Gabriel visits the police station to get photographs from Mosely. He talks to the Desk Sergeant Frick, and learns that Mosely is gone to a crime scene. While waiting the Beignet Vendor shows up outside, and Franks exits to buy from the vendor. Franks runs to the door to request Franks gets hree beignets for himself, but tells Gabriel to stay where he is until he gets back. Then he returns to his desk.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Desk Sergeant Frick
  • Franks
  • Tony. His initial sprite is standing with his arms crossed occasionally putting his arms down (looking at him describes him as a 'uniformed officer'). He stands near Mosely's office (as if guarding it). He is gone by the end of the interview with Fricks. The same sprite is used on Day 3, during the interrogation of Crash, where he is reffered to as Tony.
  • Black-haired African-American woman (mostly walks around the office, sometimes goes over to the counter near Frick, and appears to organize some papers).
  • White male officer with ginger/light brown hair with buzz cut and possible goatee, also randomly walks around the office. He is usually initially seen on Day 1 coming in and walking over to "Tony", looking like they are talking, then walks away. Another set of sprites shows a white male officer (likely the same officer) with various animations such as handing paper (or paper bag?) to someone, holding out hand to open a door (and entering motions) to look behind him (possibly related to the beignet vendor scenes), and opening door, and going out animations.
  • Franklin Mosely
  • Gedde drummer
  • Crash

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