Herr 'Otto Preiss is a lawyer who is a member of The Royal Bavarian Hunting Lodge in The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery with a weakness for women which he states is an obsession.


He brings the philosophy of the hunting club into his sexual pleasures.In Chapter 3 he talks to Gabriel abou his background and his distaste on the murders.He divulges the fact that Baron Von Zell has been originally Von Glowers favourite member but has since gone out of favour as despite always been the most competitive ever since the last major hunting trip a year ago where they had a good freindship he has gotten more agitated .He also reveals that Von Zell labelled Von Glower as "weak" five to six weeks ago and that as a banker he is willing to help out his friends and that Preiss himself was too kind not to take advantage of Von Zell's friendship.He also states that he has heard of the "The Black Wolf" before.He reveals that Hennerman despite being suggested for promotion as a politician is fact washed up and marked for early retirement.Hennerman reveals that Preisse flaunts his perversion so much so that his losing work

  • Preiss meets Gabriel for the first time

Behind the scenesEdit

His name Otto Preiss originates in the character glossary in the back of the The Beast Within: Official Player's Guide.

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