Philip Knight was the father of Gabriel Knight. An aspiring artist, he was killed in a car crash along with his wife when Gabriel was 8 years old.

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Images from Philip Knight's sketchbook

"Three Snakes and a Skull"

Born to Harrison Knight and Rebecca Knight, his mother could not have other children after him, so he was raised spoiled. He suffered from nightmares just like his father. He was driven to art, but his father was obsessed by the thought of having a "normal life". When he was just 8 years old, his father died. Philip pursued painting and he was lost in himself while creating.

He looked at plenty of girls, but none too seriously, until he met Margaret Templeton. They were married 2 weeks later. They had a son, Gabriel Knight, who had inherited many traits from him. His paintings were dark and disturbing images and could not support his family and resolved to Margaret's money.

Philip was scared of something while driving, and he swerved off the road. He was killed in the car crash with his wife, when his son was also 8 years old. They were interred in the St. Louis Cemetery #1.

Philip kept a sketchbook which he filled with hasty sketches. As the years passed, his sketches became more and more disturbing, angry and horrifying. His mother kept his paintings, but she hid them from young Gabriel.[1]

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