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Rittersberg is a village-town in southern Bavaria.


It was built around Schloss Ritter (which was built in 1223) and has the layout of a fortres; it is enclosed by protective walls with a gate. Since the 1438 the wall has been a stone wall.

It has narrow, cobble-stoned streets and huddled, half-timbered buildings and a main square.

The nearest airport is that of Munich.

Sins of the Fathers[]


At the time Gabriel traveled to the castle, Rittersberg was suffering from strange weather phenomena in June, causing castle and surrounding area to have winter-style weather. No one knew why the weather was so strange. But it might have had something to with the Ritter curse.

It's also mentioned that the strange weather patterns were affecting places all around the world with strange unseasonable weather.

The Beast Within[]

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