Sam Springleton is a customer of Napolean House.


He is a jeweler who had retired, but had recently gotten back into business again, and advertises his work in the New Orleans Times. Gabriel knows of him and sees him all the time in the Napolean House.[1] He currently offers new work from the Napolean House. Gabriel read one of his ads on June 21, 1993.

Day 4, Gabriel reads Sam Springleton's ad in the paper, and learns that he hangs out at Napolean House. Gabriel heads is able to help Sam win a game against Markus (GK1HD) by giving him some lucky voodoo oil. Sam beats Markus, and Markus runs out angry. Sam heads to the bar, and sits on a stool enjoying himself. Gabriel hands the mold of the Snake Bracelet for the Jeweler to make for him. He tells him to check back in a few hours. When Gabriel returns on the same day. Sam hands him the finished bracelet, and tells Gabriel he's about to travel the world with Markus.

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Strangely although the ad says he is an active business, his lines still suggest he is retired as Sam Singleton was in the original game. Marcus/Markus still refers to him as Singleton. This appears to be a continuity error. Or it could be a joke, suggesting that Sam is 'single'.

All the events concerning Marc/kus and Sam occur on the same day in 20th Anniversary version of Gabriel Knight, in the original the events occurred over the course of a couple of days. Requiring Gabriel to return the following day to get the bracelet.

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