The Snake Mound is a location in Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers - 20th Anniversary Edition. It is located in People's Republic of Benin, 50 miles north of the capital city. Gabriel visits the Snake Mound on Day 9.


The Snake Mound in Benin is a double snake mound consisting an outer circle and an inner circle. Whereas the outer circle was used as a burial mound, the inner circle was used as a temple to the African Sun God. The original purpose of why the mound was built is unknown but it is believed to be due to an urgent need of spiritual worship.

The Snake Mound, alongside the Gedde Idol were from a culture that was far older and far more advanced than any other culture in Africa and is probably even older than the humanity itself. While the origin of the place is a mystery, it was used as the main temple by the Sun Worshippers, a bloodthirsty and barbaric tribe from Benin area and predecessors of the Fons, Dahomeys and the Agris tribes. It was where the Agris tribe (ancestors of the Gedde's) found the Gedde Idol, which soon became the source of power of the Gedde's.


Outside Snake MoundEdit

  • Snake Mound
  • Hill
  • Jeep
  • Sky

Snake MoundEdit

Outer RingEdit

  • Vine
  • Mummy
  • Tile (many scattered throught)
  • Torch
  • Slot
  • Cave Painting
  • Mural (mural room)
  • Snake Rod (Snake Rod room)
  • Entrance (Entrance room)

Inner RingEdit

  • Mummy
  • Through
  • Sacrificial Table
  • Bars
  • Lid

Outer RingEdit


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