Starnberger See is a lake located in southern Bavaria in the rural district of Starnberg,south of Munich.It is the fifth largest freshwater lake in terms of area and, due to its great average depth, the second largest in terms of water volume in Germany.When he was arrested in 1886,Ludwig was held at Berg Castle on the shores of the lake.His body was found on the 13th of June on the shore where the Votivkapelle(memorial Chapel) is now located,his body found exactly where the Memorial Cross is located.Grace meets Josef Dallmeier at the shore of the lake in front of the chapel where he gives her insight into Ludwig II and Paul Gowden.Later on Grace brings a lily given to her by Father Getz to the lake shore and after dropping it into the lake briefly sees a vision of Ludwig's face in the water.

  • Grace arrives at the lake
  • Grace at the memorial chapel
  • The votivkapelle
  • Grace at the lake shore
  • Grace peering at the memorial cross on the lake
  • Starnberger lake shore
  • Ludwig II's face visible in the lake
  • The real Votivkapelle from the lake
  • The real Votivkapelle
  • The votivkapelle courtyard
  • Up close photo of the Votivkapelle
  • The column at the chapels courtyard
  • Archway inside the chapel
  • Interior of the chapel
  • View of the lake from the chapel
  • The cross that marks where Ludwigs body was found
  • Map of Sternberg See LAke
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