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Stephan Klingmann is a expert of mammalian behaviour in particular that of wolves.He works at the Munich Zoo and University of Munich as professor(with Micheal Hessel as a student)has adores the wolves under his care. He appears again later as a member of the hunt club.[1]


At one of his lectures he was confronted by Gar von Zell who introduced him to The Royal Bavarian Hunting Lodge and its philosophy after being impressed by Von Zells knowledge on wolves and title. Klingmann became obsessed with the philosophy and became weak to Von Zells plan.Von Zell did so to gain access and eventually abduct the wolves alongside Dorn in order for them to take the fall for the series of killings he had made around Munich(in paritcular the Bavarian National Forest).Von Zell exported the wolves to Taiwan to keep the police on a wild goose chase.Klingmann meets Gabriel in Chapter 1 of The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery where he explains his lifes work and Gabriel uses a recording of the conversation to trick Tomas the zoo animal feeder to allow him access to the wolves.Inside Klingmanns office Gabriel discovers he has a hunting license and is a member of The Royal Bavarian Hunting Lodge which he joins much to Kilngmanns suprise.Gabriel eventually tells a concerned Klingmann of the animals fate in Chapter 5.

Behind the scenes

The name Stephan Klingmann originates in the character glossary in the back of the The Beast Within: Official Player's Guide. The name may not actually be mentioned in the game's script itself. He is listed under Dr. Stephan Klingmann. In the game he goes by the title Doktor or Herr Docktor (german for "Doctor").


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