Tetelo (Eliza) was a slave of Master Crodwell. She later became a demonic entity.


Tetelo descended from the violent African tribe of the Agris and was a slave in Charleston. Her Master Crodwell apparently abused her sexually. She seemed more brilliant and civilized than most of the townsfolk. She was christened as "Eliza" but secretly maintained the traditions of the voodoo practice being a priestess and her coven slew crew members on a certain slaving expedition to Africa.. The Schattenjäger Gunter Ritter who came to investigate in 1896, soon fell in love with her. She wished to know more about the stranger and his land, and the two fell in love. Because of their budding relationship, Crodwell disliked the stranger.

During one of the rituals, Tetelo attempted to kill gunter, but his Talisman brought her back to her senses. Gunter's men captured the tribe members, while both of them were divided between their duties and feelings; Tetelo asked for her evil father' spirit to release her from her duty and live a new life with Gunter.

The voodoo practitioners were put to burn at the stake (despite Gunter's protests). During the execution Tetelo invoked the African gods of her tribe to curse the colonists. Meanwhile Gunther attempted to use the Talisman to protect her; the combined forces made Tetelo a supernatural creature of evil, who took the Talisman from Gunter.

She then led her people to steal a ship and they returned to their African homeland. The loss of the Talisman marked a period of decline for the Schatenjägers, while Tetelo used it for her own ends. With it she organized the slave revolt in Haiti. When she died, the Talisman was buried with her in the ancient snake mound of the People's Republic of Benin. Her descendants became the powerful Gedde family who came to New Orleans around the 1800's.

As a loa now, Tetelo continued to control the Gedde family, by possessing the matriarch or communicating with her. Tetelo was apparently destroyed or exorcised when Gabriel Knight destroyed the idol.

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Tetelo's involvement in the remake is largely the same, with very few if any script changes. For any information that might be different see Malia Gedde (GK1HD). For screenshots and general information see Tetelo (GK1HD).

As a rule Eliza is usually treated as Tetelo's human counterpart (with Tetelo being her original native name). But Tetelo as a name became more to refer to the name of the demonic Loa she transformed into in death.

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