The Royal Bavarian Hunting Lodge is a hunting club located in Munich, Germany. It was founded in 1970 by Baron Friedrich Von Glower. Its membership is very exclusive and requires its members to have noble German lineage, to have experience in hunting, and to be invited personally by the founder. The club members abide by a philosophy, a form of hedonism that von Glower says he believes can restore a human's base animal instincts. The lodge has two buildings used by members for hunting trips: one on the outskirts of the Bavarian National Forest and the other in Alfdorf. Regular hunting trips are held monthly. The lodge located in Munich is looked after the secretary Xaver and members are allowed unlimited access to all three buildings whenever they wish.

Using black market dealer Grossberg, the club regularly obtains exotic animals, such as tigers, lions, antelope, and other species not indigenous to Europe, to hunt on their trips. Trophies of these are held in the club's basement.

Later, it is revealed that von Glower also used the club as a means of selecting new beta werewolves.

Each member has their own interpretation of the philosophy usually related to their career. Known members include:

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