Times Picayune is a newspaper of New Orleans. Every morning a new issue arrived at St. George's Books stores and Gabriel Knight used to read the top news and his horoscope.

Reading the newspaper grants one point every time. It also unlocks locations and new informations.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • 18 June, 1993: The front page has an article about the Voodoo Murders. The article says that the victims are all identified as members of the underworld. "The general public of New Orleans is in no danger." Police claim the "so-called voodoo trappings" found at the crime scenes are fake -- a scare tactic -- and that the murders are not associated with any genuine partitioners.
    • Horoscope for Aquarius: Potential storms ahead. Proceed with caution and do not get involved with anything new at this time.

  • 19 June, 1993: A front page article describes the most recent of the Voodoo Murders. Gabriel scans it, but learns nothing new. The article reiterates that the Voodoo aspect of the crimes is faked. Gabriel shivers. It looked real enough to him!
    • Elsewhere, there's an article about the history of Jackson Square. Called "La Plaza d'Armas" under French rule, it was used for executions: firing squads, hangings even impalement and breaking on the wheel. Yikes! Of course, these days it's mostly a hangout for tourists, street musicians, and local artists.
    • Horoscope for Aquarius: Chances of a dark star rising on this day. Do not trust your instincts.

  • 20 June, 1993: Gabriel scans over an uninteresting front page.

  • 21 June, 1993: Gabriel's eye is immediately drawn to an article about the Voodoo Murders. He scans it quickly. [It] says that the police have learned that the murders were the result of an underworld cartel war, and that the war is over.
    • Horoscope for Aquarius: Death walks close to you today. Resist temptation lest His eye fall on you, too.

  • 22 June, 1993: Disgusted with the state of the Voodoo Murders case, Gabriel turns right to his horoscope.
    • Horoscope for Aquarius: The shadow upon you is no longer reversible.

  • 23 June, 1993: Gabriel finds an article on St. John's Eve. It discusses the day's Catholic roots and its adoption by Voodoo devotees. In the early to mid 1800's, St. John's Eve was celebrated with elaborate Voodoo gatherings at Lake Pontchartrain, Bayou St. John, and other sites outside the city. These days, the day is commemorated commercially in some of the local shops and a few churches still hold a St. John Eve mass.
    • Horoscope for Aquarius: Today you will either die, or your life will change forever.

  • 24 June, 1993: There's nothing about the Voodoo Murders case in the papers today.
    • Gabriel finds a humorous tidbit under the "Life is stranger than Fiction" column. Apparently, there were reports of ghosts in the Bayou St. John last night. Various people called the newspaper with stories about hearing strange noises and seeing weird lights over the swamp. Some folks claim it's the ghost of Marie Laveau. The paper relates it to similar 'delusions' that crop up every Halloween.
    • Horoscope for Aquarius: Wise is the warrior who knows when to fight and when to get the hell out of Dodge.

  • 25 June, 1993: - No paper, because Gabriel is out of town -
  • 26 June, 1993: - No paper, because Gabriel is out of town -
  • 27 June, 1993: - No paper, because Gabriel is out of town -

  • 28 June, 1993: The weather service is baffled by the series of bizarre storms that rocked the south yesterday. Twenty died and over a hundred were injured. The storms only accentuate the bad luck that seems to have gripped the south. The crime rate for the past three days has peaked to unprecedented levels, and there have been fifty reports of food poisoning in New Orleans alone. In other words, keep your heads down, folks, and pray that August will return us to sanity.
    • Horoscope for Aquarius: Gird thyself with mercy, arm thyself with righteousness. The final hour awaits.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The New Orleans Times appears in the 20th Anniversary remake.

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