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Toussaint Gervais is the caretaker of St. Louis Cemetery #1.


He works in the Cemetery for many years, and considers it the most beautiful landmark of New Orleans. He keeps the cemetery tidy, and looks out for the grievers.

Day 1, Gabriel Knight meets Toussaint as early as the first day, if he talked to his Grandmother Rebecca Knight about the Wright family, and she asks him to visit the family tomb (unlocking the cemetery as a location).

On Day 2, Toussaint tells Gabriel about Widow Paris and other marked tombs.

Behind the scenes[]

Toussaint is a very minor character and despite having a full featured character closeup, and interview interface, he doesn't say anything more that is relevant to Gabriel. Not surprisingly, he is absent from the Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers Novel.

Toussaint makes a cameo in Space Quest 6: The Spinal Frontier during the Stellar Sandiago's funeral.


Asked about "Marie Laveau", the new option "Other voodoo marked tombs" will open.

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