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Vittorio Buchelli (aka Victorio Vuchelli)(properly "bu-kelli", pronounced as "bu-chelli" by Gabriel) is an Italian tourist. A somewhat irritable man who seems skeptical about the treasure. He claims to have arrived from Naples by train around the same time as Gabriel. Investigating the Couiza Train-station, however, reveals that there is no Naples route. He is a balding man with black hair and a beard, he wears very casual clothes. He claims to be a scholar and not a seeker of fortune when questioned by Wilkes.

When Gabriel searches his room later in the game he is reveals Buchelli to be a Catholic Priest, finding a ticket-stub which proves that Buchelli came on the Rome-train.

He later tries to bury Larry's manuscript after stealing/receiving it from Buthane.

Personality and traits[]

Vittorio Buchelli is a soft-spoken Italian who keeps to himself. Although he seems curious about the history of Rennes-le-Chateau, he's certainly not interested in making friends with anyone else on the tour group. Guarded and disdainful are the two words that come most readily to mind when considering his attitude.

Most suspiciously, he's the last of the tour group to arrive and he claims to have come in on a train that never existed.