The Gedde Hounfour (aka Voodoo Hounfour) is a location in Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers - 20th Anniversary Edition. It can only be visited during Day 10 and it's the final location to visit during the game.


The secret Gedde Hounfour is located right under the Jackson Square. It was allegedly built sometime after the arrival of the Gedde tribe to New Orleans in early 19th century. While it is unknown how it was built under the ground, it was designed exactly like the Snake Mound in Benin. The hounfour also appears to be highly technological and the outer ring is decorated with an expensive carpet. Though the place is no less creepy. The hounfour contains 12 rooms in total with Room 6 being the only known enterance (though there are most likely more enterances) to the hounfour. Whereas the outer circle gives access to the rooms, the inner circle has a sacrificial table similar to the one in the original Snake Mound, a poteau-mitan and a pit of fire. The table is located at the very center of the hounfour and it houses the infamous Gedde Idol, which is seemingly the source of power of the Gedde's and the hounfour was likely built around it.


Outer HallwayEdit

Each section makes up a circular Hallway:

  • Pedestal (some with Art, some empty)
  • Art (x2 or x3)
  • Light (x4)
  • Hallway (basic description)
  • Keypad (near Door)
  • Sign (with number of snakes (1-12) leading to outer rooms.
  • Archways to Hallways leading to center ring at odd intervals: 1 Snake, 3 Snakes, 7 Snakes, 5 Snakes, 9 Snakes, and 11 Snakes.

Hallways (central spokes)Edit

  • Hallway (basic description)
  • Panel
  • Lights (x2)

Inner RingEdit

  • Room
  • Poteau-mitan
  • Drums (x2)
  • Fire Pit
  • Stone Table
  • Trough
  • Exit to Hallway (x6)

Final Battle and After DestructionEdit

Vault (1 Snake)Edit

  • Gold Bars (x4)
  • Bags of Money (x2)
  • Stacks of Bills (x4)

Mallia's Bedroom (2 Snakes)Edit

  • Screen
  • Door
  • Veve
  • Candles (x2)
  • Shrine
  • Vase
  • Rug
  • Bed
  • Beside Table
  • Pedestal

Dr. John's Ritual Room (3 Snakes)Edit

  • Keycard
  • Altar
  • Machete

Business Office (4 Snakes)Edit

  • Office
  • Painting (Malia's mother)
  • Desk (x4)
  • Chair (x4)
  • Whiteboard (calculus equations)
  • Inbox (x3)
  • Record Book
  • Computer (x4)

Business Office (5 Snakes)Edit

  • Office
  • Painting (Loa)
  • Inbox (x2)
  • Computer (x4)
  • Chair (x4)
  • Desk (x4)

Elevator Lobby Room (6 Snakes)Edit

  • Room
  • Elevator
  • Keypad
  • Voodoo Art

Supply Room (7 Snakes)Edit

  • Wolf Mask
  • Boar Mask
  • Robes

Grace's Bedroom (8 Snakes)Edit

  • Bed (purple )
  • Voodoo Art
  • Lamp
  • Light

Bedroom (9 Snakes)Edit

  • Bathroom
  • Lamp
  • Light
  • Bed
  • Voodoo Art

Ritual Animal Cages Room (10 Snakes)Edit

  • Room
  • Tree
  • Rats and Spiders
  • Goat (x2)
  • Chickens
  • Snakes
  • Python

Laboratory (11 Snakes)Edit

  • Body Parts
  • Jars
  • Counter
  • Tools (x2)
  • Trash Bin
  • Bodies
  • Lights
  • Table
  • Dead Body

Bedroom (12 Snakes)Edit

  • Bed (red)
  • Lamp
  • Voodoo Art
  • Bathroom

Outer HallwayEdit

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