Wilhelm in 1925.

Wilhelm Ritter was a Schattenjäger living in Schloss Ritter.


He was the father of Wolfgang Ritter and Heinz Ritter. He took care of his sons in the early 20th century up to around mid-1920s. At some point after 1925, Heinz came to america, and changed his name to Harrison.

Day 1, Gabriel moves a clock from on top of a chest to a nearby chair in Rebecca Knight's attic. After fiddling with it, and its learning its secret (then turning the winding key), he opens it. Inside, he learns about Wilhelm Ritter from a photo hidden in a secret compartment. It showed Wilhelm with his sons Heinz and Wolfgang at Schloss Ritter in 1925. He also finds a letter (Clock Letter) addressed to his son Heinz, it was urgent and discussed the Schattenjägers.

The clock can be opened anywhere between Day 1 and Day 4. It must be opened by Day 4 in order to confirm Wolfgang's identity, and return a call to him. The official hintbook states it was opened on Day 1. The clock can also be opened on the chest, or moved over and opened on a nearby old parlor table.

Personality and traitsEdit

There is a sense of urgency in his handwriting and in the heavy use of a quill tip, bold strokes, and underlining.

Wilhelm is shown to wear dark or black clothing. In the original he seems to wear black priest-like shirt with a high neck collar. He parted his hair to one side. He doesn't appear to have a smile, but a determined look (perhaps even a hint of a frown).

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Behind the scenesEdit

In the Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (novel), his name is Karl Ritter.

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