Day 4, finally visiting his Gran at her insistance (she had been wanting him to stop by from at least Day 1, but he kept putting it off), he discovers the clock on a small parlor table in the attic. After discovering the key in the nearby chest, and finding the secret compartment inside the clock, he finds the photo inside of the clock, and learns about Wilhelm Ritter the father of Heinz and Wolfgang Ritter. He confirms identity of Heinz as his grandfather Harrison, and that Wolfgang is his uncle, and decides to return Wolfgang's calls.

Other than some timings of events in the game of when Gabriel discovers the clock letter and photo, and some alternate imagery in the photo itself concerning the appearance of Schloss Ritter in 1925, there is very little difference in the actual backstories between both versions of the games. There are some other cosmetic differences as far as Wilhelm's hair style, and the tailoring style of his clothes.

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He wore dark button-up shirt with open collar. He parted his hair down the middle. He had a warm smile.

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